Wall Street Journal

The Permian Boom Is Coming To An End

"The pressure on shale drillers to throttle back on their aggressive drilling continues to crop up in new places, and there are growing signs that the Permian is slowing down..."

Evergreen College Punishes 80 Students For Menacing Protests That Shut Down Campus

After standing idly by as radical cultural Marxists forced biology professor Bret Weinstein into hiding, the Evergreen State College administration has decided to penalize 80 students for their involvement with disruptive protests earlier this year that transformed the sleepy state school into a symbol of leftist repression.

YouTube "Tweaks" Its Search Algos After Las Vegas Conspiracy Theories Go Viral

In Silicon Valley's ongoing crusade to make sure that you only consume the "right" news, YouTube has joined the likes of Facebook and Twitter in saying that it will promote more "authoritative sources in search results" going forward...All of which begs the question of who gets to determine who is an "authoritative source?"

Turkey Arrests US Embassy Employee

In a move that looks suspiciously like retaliation, Turkish police on Wednesday arrested a local employee of the US embassy in Istanbul and charged him with espionage and trying to overthrow the government.