Wall Street Journal

Jim Rogers Tells ETF-Holders "The Next Bear Will Be Horrendous"

"Janet Yellen will tell you we're never going to have a bear market again because she's smarter than the markets... the next bear market will be horrendous, the worst in your lifetime, in your financial experience. ... a lot of people are going to find that, oh my God, I own an ETF and they collapsed. It went down more than anything else..."

Softbank Agrees To Block Kalanick From Returning As Uber's CEO

Travis Kalanick’s hopes to someday return as Uber’s CEO have just been dashed. Japanese conglomerate Softbank has struck an agreement with Uber’s shareholders to block Travis Kalanick from being reinstated as the top executive of the perennially cash-burning ride-hailing company.

US To Restrict Russian Military Flights Over American Territory

The US is preparing to announce restrictions to Russian military flights over American territory under the Treaty on Open Skies in the latest sign of strain in U.S.-Russia relations: "Open Skies is part of a gradual breakdown in relations."