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Warren Pollock Warns Of Emergency Drug Shortage As EMTs Told To Go To "Alternate Protocols"

Warren Pollock reports on a rather troubling development which we can only attribute to various cost cutting measures by near-bankrupt states, as anything beyond that would be far too macabre even for us. It appears that "several drugs are in severe shortfall, drugs used to treat emergency patients that might be transported by ambulance to emergency rooms, the drugs include heart attack drugs, epinephrine, lidocain, as well as drugs used to treat shock and other conditions. These emergency care drugs are now in shortfall with alternate protocols going out to emergency services in various parts of the nation. This means that if you need emergency services, the drugs you rely upon to save your life may not be there." As WEP asks, "where have these drugs gone? It isunrealistic to suggest that a whole variety of emergency treatment drugs would go missing from the inventory all at the same time, and areas around the country all at the same time." Pollock highlights the states of TN, PA and CA may have already seen the incorporation of the "alternative protocol." Once again, we hope this is merely an interim shortage and not a widespread effort to impair the traditional operation of emergency technicians across the country.


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Warren Pollock Sues UBS

Regular Zero Hedge guest Warren Pollock has taken UBS to court. An issue of contention is Pollock's question of just who it is that UBS has responsibility to: the market, its clients, or themselves. While the natural progression would be in the order presented, Pollock's claim is that it has become inverted, not only at UBS, with all banks caring exclusively about their own wealth and success first, above any secondary concerns they may have regarding proper treatment of markets or clients. This will be an interesting case to follow.


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Warren Pollock On Paul Volcker, Brown Brothers Harriman And Other Topics

The always informative Warren Pollock has put together a very useful clip on former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker (who, as we discussed recently, had some scathing words for not only the existing TBTF infrastructure, but for Goldman Sachs itself). Recommended watching.



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China's USD Exit - An Instruction Manual

Insightful commentary from Warren Pollock on how China is quietly getting the hell out of dodge.


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The Great Reset

A very informative series of presentations by Warren Pollock. As Warren says, a comprehensive political, economic and social forecast.


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