It's Official: NY Fed President Bill Dudley To Retire Mid-2018

The New York Fed today confirmed a weekend report that president Bill Dudley intends to retire from his position in mid-2018 to ensure that a successor is in place well before the end of his term. Dudley’s term ends in January of 2019 when he reaches the 10 year policy-limit in the role.

NY Fed President Bill Dudley Retiring

Late on Saturday evening, CNBC's Steve Liesman reported that Fed vice chairman Bill Dudley, a former Goldman managing director and chief economist, not to mention a key figure in "the unprecedented government response to the financial crisis", is expected to announce his retirement as soon as next week. 

Why Today's Big Fed Risk Is A "Dovish Surprise": One Trader Explains

"There’s much greater potential for rates to fall than rise in reaction to the Fed decision and statement on Wednesday... While an anticlimactic Fed decision may be a reasonable base case, it’s rare to approach such a meeting where the potential market reaction is so largely skewed in one direction."

Previewing Today's Fed Policy Decision

While normally Wednesday's Fed meeting would be the week's biggest market-moving event, this time - smack in the middle of the busiest earnings week of the year - it may not even make the top three...

Trump To Make Fed Chair Announcement On Thursday: Politico

According to Politico, "look for an announcement on Thursday, though plans are not totally set yet." While Jerome Powell is still the most likely pick, Trump could surprise, and Politico adds that if Trump changes his mind, "Kevin Warsh is more likely than John Taylor."

Trump Will Own The Next Fed But "All Their Models Are In Ruins"

"Trump will own the Fed... meaning, whatever the president wants monetary policy to be, he’ll get. In other words, Donald Trump will be able to shape the Fed’s majority. But the tricky part is figuring out how he plans to shape it..."