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Help Prevent Tyranny by Educating People

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The Punch Line: "Crash Test - Bracing For Breakup"

And now it is time for our favorite monthly chart-only newsletter, The PunchLine by Abe Gulkowitz, who unlike the momentum chasing crowd which has an attention span measured in inverse significant digits, and has a brokerage account (but endless monopoly money) that is even smaller courtesy of always being on the receiving end of a market which actually needs commission payments on both sides of those candle charts, sees well behind the headlines designed to sucker in the feeble minded twitter-traders, and presents it all with gorgeous, chartific clarity. And the only thing better than the insight of his hand-picked charts is the focus of his narrative, which speaks volumes without actually speaking volumes: "European banks are dumping government debt, deposits are draining from south European banks and a looming recession is aggravating the pain, fuelling doubts about the survival of the single currency in the European zone. Between the bookends of economic data points, rating agency actions, and political developments - - market gyrations are seriously affected by policy directions. A key consideration for any 2012 forecast is the impact of public policy on risk premiums and business confidence. Persistent fears of major policy missteps could come to a head at any time regarding the U.S. fiscal nightmare and Europe’s responses to the sovereign and banking crisis. One now needs to believe that the policy environment – both in the US and Europe – could serve as significant headwinds to growth in 2012."


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The Eurozone Turns Down Chinese Money And Quid Pro Quo

China has a list of demands. German industry refuses to cede ground. People shudder at becoming dependent on money from the communist regime. Clearly, the debt crisis isn’t deep enough yet.


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Goldman Previews Today's "Anti-Chinese Currency Manipulation" Bill

Today, at around 5:30 pm, the Senate will pass currency legislation squarely targeting alleged Chinese "currency manipulation" (which as a reminder is pegged to the USD, which begs the question just who is manipulating their currency). And while the PBOC pegged the USDCNY at a new all time low last night in what appears to be an attempt to placate US lawmakers, it may have been premature. As Goldman explains the likelihood of anything real happening as a result of this legislation, which will not pass Congress in its current form, is virtually negligible. That said, here is what the Senate in theory is attempting to achieve: "The bill would impose new penalties on countries whose currencies are found to be "misaligned," including tariffs on goods imported from those countries and an eventual WTO complaint. Like previous legislative efforts on this front, the likelihood of enactment seems low. House passage of the Senate bill seems unlikely, though it is clearly possible that the House could pass its own version of the currency bill instead." Bottom line: much ado about nothing, although China will probably not be too happy either way.


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