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China's Devaluation is Just the Beginning of Systemic Risk

China’s devaluation will be just the tip of the iceberg as every fiat currency in the world derives a portion of its value based on where the US Dollar trades. What’s happening in China will be rippling throughout the system taking down entire countries/ currencies/ and stock markets.

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Shanghai Opens Below 3,000 As Animal Spirits Leave The Building: Longest Margin Debt Drop In 6 Months

At this point it is practically impossible to track all the Chinese market breakages, which like connected vessels appear at the most random of places, and the moment one hole is patched up, another immediately takes its place.

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Hedge Fund Which Predicted The Subprime Crisis Expects Massive Yuan Devaluation In 2016

Today, another Texas-based hedge fund manager who just like Kyle Bass correctly predicted, and profited from, the subprime crisis, Corriente Advisors' Mark Hart, has not only reiterated Kyle Bass CNY devaluation call, but has gone as far as quantifying by how much the Chinese currency will have to fall. Cited by Bloomberg, Hart has said that "China should weaken its currency by more than 50 percent this year."

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Equities Soar, Oil Back Over $30 On Hopes For More Stimulus Following Disturbing Chinese Data

Last night's Chinese data deluge can only be classified with one word: bad. So if bad news was again bad news as many claim, both commodities (read oil), and US equity futures should be tumbling right now... but just the opposite is happening and in fact both Brent and WTI have already jumped over $30 this morning. This happens even as the IEA said this morning that global oil markets could “drown in oversupply,”  And yet this morning both commodities, global stocks and futures soaring? Simple: the following Bloomberg headline summarizes it: "Brent Rallies More Than $1 as China GDP Spurs Stimulus Bets," and where Brent goes, so goes risk, and the S&P.

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Yuan Slides After Quadruple Whammy China Data Miss: GDP Both Matches And Misses


The quadriga struck at 2100ET with Industrial Production +5.9% (MISS vs +6.0% YoY expectations), Retail Sales +11.1% (MISS vs +11.3% YoY expectations), Fixed Asset Investment +10.0% (MISS vs +10.2% YoY expectations), and then the big kahuna, Q4 GDP growth +6.8% (MISS vs +6.9% YoY expectations) and 2015 GDP growth of 6.9% was weakest sicne 1990. China, US equities were higher going in but faded quickly on the miss only to be rescued higher again. Offshore Yuan is fading.

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Offshore Yuan Weaker, Margin Debt Tumbles Ahead Of Key Chinese Data

While all eyes will be glued to the data avalanche unleashed by China's 'official' data creators in an hour, offshore Yuan is fading modestly, giving back half of the regulatory shift gains. PBOC injects another CNY155 billion (clearly reflecting last night's spike in 1mth HIBOR) and holds the Yuan fix 'steady' for the 8th day. Finally on the somewhat bright side following the CSRC shief's resignation, Shanghai margin debt has dropped for the 12th day in a row - the longest streak in 4 months.

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Equity Futures Rise After Oil Rebounds From 12 Year Lows; US Markets Closed

With the US closed today for Martin Luther King Holiday, global risk tone has once again been set entirely by oil, which opened sharply lower at fresh 12 year lows on fears of an Iran oil glut, but has steadily rebounded on the latest OPEC comments, and at last check both WTI and Brent were unchanged trading in the low $29's on muted volume. With Asian markets mixed, European shares swung between gains and losses, while the yen weakened as China stepped up efforts to curb foreign speculation against its currency. Crude oil rose from a 12-year low after the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries forecast a decline in supplies from rival producers.

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Japan's Nikkei Closes Below 17,000 As Hong Kong Money-Markets 'Break' Again

With Hong Kong Dollar spot little changed (but pressing the weaker end of its peg band) and 12-month forwards suggesting notable weakness/depegging to come, it appears that the Hong Kong interbank lending debacle is far from over. While overnight money appears stable, 1-week Yuan HIBOR is up 370bps at 11.90%, and 1-month and 3-Month HKD HIBOR just snapped higher ( to Jan 2013 highs and July 2010 highs respectively). It appears comments from Hong Kong Monetray Authority's Norman Chan that it's just a matter of time before outflow of funds lead to the local currency hitting the low end of the peg sparked heavy medium-term demand for liquidity. Offshore Yuan is crepping back weaker (as is crude) after an early bounce but NKY ended below 17,000 - for the first time since September.

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China Stocks, Credit Risk Worsen Despite "Short-Squeezed" Yuan Strength

On the heels of new reserve ratio regulations and the biggest strengthening in the Yuan fix in 4 weeks, offshore Yuan has strengthened notably (despite Chinese default/devaluation risk surging in the CDS markets). Chinese stocks are weaker in the early going but corporate bond yields continue to slide to new record lows as the "last bubble standing" stands ignorant of the risks around it.

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JPM Explains How Crude Carnage Creates $75 Billion SWF "Contagion" For Equities

"Assuming selling in accordance to the average allocation of FX Reserve Managers and SWF across asset classes, we estimate that the sales of bonds by oil producing countries will increase from -$45bn in 2015 to -$110bn in 2016 and that the sales of public equities will increase from -$10bn in 2015 to -$75bn in 2016."

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When Omnipotence Fails: JPMorgan Warns Upside Uncompelling As Central Bank Put Wanes

It would be hard for a year to start any worse than 2016 has... "Prices are oversold and sentiment hasn’t been this despondent in a long time (even Aug/Sept wasn’t this palpably negative) but any bounce will not be particularly impressive and in a lot of ways that is the main problem as the upside just isn’t compelling enough to make a major stand...as Western central banks attempted to mollify sentiment with dovish rhetoric but to no avail."

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Pro-China Party Falls As Taiwan Elects First Female President In "Historic" Landslide Election

"Why has public opinion changed so much? How did our party misread public opinion? We failed. The Nationalist Party lost the elections. We didn't work hard enough."

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