Top U.S. Government Officials Admit that Our Government Has Repeatedly Protected Drug Smugglers

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From a 60 Minutes special with Mike Wallace reporting:

Watch the first 3 minute and 20 second segment of the following video:

And see this and this.

It's not just the U.S. Empires commonly fund their covert operations with drugs.

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Wow! Awesome collection. Paul calling Bush Pere and Reagan drug runners. Of course, this also explains why Obama is supporting the military coup in Honduras. They have been cooperating with the CIA drug operations. Wow.

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An old vietnam vet cargo handler told me he found body bags stuffed with heroin on the planes returning the dead to the US during Viet Nam. His officers knew it, so there was nothing to report.

He told me this in 1980. No wonder I've been a cynic for decades, huh?

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Ya Right!, what are you going to tell us next, that the ATF has been selling weapons to drug dealers?


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and in other news, water is still wet and fire is still hot!

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another excellent Alternative Views interview with Pete Brewton

The Mafia, CIA, and George Bush Pt. 1/11

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Zombie Apocalypse Fuel

Methylamine converts to a nearly equal weight of methamphetamine. If you haven't lost everything, you aren't done yet.


April 2012 USA Feds seize 5700 pounds methylamine at LAX


January 2012 Mexico authorities seize 194 tons methylamine originating from China


December 2011 Mexico authorities seize 675 tons methylamine originating from China


In an unrelated story, Neil Bush is baaack


These are some badass cops sticking their necks out. The 100+ beheaded corpses on the side of the road & hanging from bridges in US-Mexico border cities are only the beginning of… Eric Holder's Zombie Apocalypse.


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So it's coming from China, but I still need to show ID at an American pharmacy to buy cold medicine?

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They "seized" it all and gave it to approved meth labs.

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Was it all destined for Walter White and Jesse?

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I doubt it, they didn't stop it all. Only about 1 billion tons in the first half. Ask Joaquin Guzman Loera. He's definitely on the board for this project.


Consider for a moment what this amount of rat poisin is going to do to America this summer and leading up to our election. We should issue coyote hunting permits and pay bounties. In the end we are going to pay for every gram in law enforcement, incarceration, hospitals, long term zombie care and another decimated crop of youth.


Maybe I should have said 'Eric Holder, starring in Zombie Apocalypse 2012'. This will either make him a hero or a goat, and even if he's a hero we may not find out for 30 years.

Get rid of the Pharma monopoly and do what Ron Paul said and we might be able to deflate the illegal drug bubble sufficiently to cripple the supply chain for this chemical warfare. Otherwise its open season on Americans.

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You didn't see anything.

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This such baloney. The western governments would never be involved in the cocaine/maryjane/heroin business as a means to offset massive trade deficits, fund black programs, or provide support for repressive regimes to help big businesses.

Next you will tell stories about how the CIA few coke from the Illipongo airbase to Mena Arkansas when Clinton was Governor, or that Berry Seal who admitted flying the drugs and weapons worked for the CIA and his work was coordinated by Oliver North, or that Air Amercia transported drugs via helicopter for the Humong and delivered the drugs to American troops, or that England ran massive agricultural programs in India to grow poppies and shipped heroin to China to offset trade imballances and when the Chinese Qing Dynasty tried to rid his country of the drugs England sent in its navy to attack and defeat the Chinese (twice). Or that all this has been well documented in numerous books by UC Berkeley professor Peter Dale Scott, or that Author Gary Webb provided impressive detail and verification of how law enforcement was corrupt and complicit in the drug trade and published his work in his book Dark Alliance, or how the documentary Cocaine Cowboys interviews big time drug smuglers and when they make large cash donations to the republican party they receive letters from Howard Baker, or that you can see the interview here

This to total nonsense. I do not believe any of it.

In fact, here is proof that none of this Mena Arkansas busines ever happened

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It has and it does happen, and it's because of the high amounts of liquid money and political ideology.

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let me guess, you name is Buck and you're here to Fuck?  Right.

(Cue Kill Bill scene).

/must be new here./

but calling yourself buck /dick/ is cute.

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Looks like the batteries in your sarcasm detector need changin.

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yep, Ron Paul nailed it, the "war on Drugs" is a sham by the gov

an unknown whistleblower

'Presidential Secrets'--Former CIA Operative Chip Tatum Speaks

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Here is a plan.

The US could buy all the opium grown in Afganistan at a cost that would be substantially less then what the US spends on interdiction.

The US could then "deep six" the crop.

The problem is the US is unprepared to deal with all the junkies that would be "Jonesing".

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I guess it makes sense to document it, but ... you call this news ?

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Youre a fool. Where there is demand there is supply, always.There is no 'solution' to drug abuse beyond education. Opium heroin barbituates have been used and abused as long as there have been humans. I choose not to shoot heroin not because its 'illegal', but rather I dont shoot heroin because I know, cognitively and first hand, what it can and will do to a person. Your being as myopic as someone who says the solution to the Democrats are Republicans. Think!

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Yes i am, but that doesnt make me wrong, or you not a fool.

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Considering this conspiracy has been floating around the airwaves for at least 30 years, surprised that you need to headline it ... would think this would just get added to the 900 links you routinely put in your stories ... er, sorry ... postings.

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 Apparently for some,

making "drug war" connections between the extension of the Afghan "withdrawal" to 2024, the expansion of the Pentagon in Colombia, the ongoing turmoil in Mexico, the incarceration of millions in the US, ...

is an unworthy enterprise because:

 it is all just a "conspiracy" theory "floating around" for "30 years". (The sub-text being that if it is labeled a "conspiracy" it can be dismissed, and if "floating around" it has no factual basis, and if around "30 years" just old news when in the words of a notable politician "we should be looking forward not backward".

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To paraphrase Kissinger, just because this is a conspiracy doesn't mean that this isn't a conspiracy.

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The US Government grows marijuana and distributes it through a program managed by the University of Mississippi.

Clinton closed the program to new applicants at the height of the AIDS crisis (too many new applicants).

The program still exhists and there are only a few patients left.

The point is, Barry could reopen the program by the stroke of a pen.

Obama is LYING (no surprise!) when he says he can do nothing about mj.

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And also, because the DEA sets the schedules for what substances are controlled, the President can order the head of DEA to remove a substance from the schedules. The head of DEA could possibly remove substances unilaterally. The DEA adds new substances to the schedules fairly regularly. No need for Congress to pass new laws to add substances, so obviously there is no need for congressional approval to remove substances. They delegated the power to the executive with CSA (like so many others).

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Speaking of the DEA:

Michele Leonhart, Titan Corp criminals control DEA - Try to Frame Venezuela Hugo Chavez for their OWN Skyway Communications DC-9 Captured  In Mexico With 5.5 tons of Cocaine In  2006 !

Two San Diego corporations were instrumental in a mammoth operation that supplied more than 30 American aircraft to the Sinaloa Cartel, two of which were busted in the Yucatan, one carrying more than 5.5 tons of cocaine, the other 4 tons.  

These guys got caught with more than 10 tons of cocaine, and suffered no legal recriminations. Zero. Zip. Either somebody taught them how to walk on water, or they’ve got immunity.
They don’t get much bigger than San Diego defense contractor Titan Corporation, today a division of L3, one of America’s largest defense contractors. 

And there’s also Argyll Equities LLC, a shady Texas “investment bank” transplanted to La Jolla, California,  a city whose La Mesa Resort has hosted top Mobsters and Mafia conclaves for decades.
Both companies sit in plain sight in San Diego. Bringing down either one would be a feather in the cap of any ambitious DEA Special Agent...

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One name comes to mind. GARY WEBB. Found with two bullet wounds to the head. Ruled a suicide. Broke the CIA Cocaine story for the San Jose Mercury News.

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Add this name: Marine Corp Veteran Colonel Sabow

Colonel Sabow stood up to these organized criminal ring(s) that are operating under color of law since at least WW2, probably predating the British Opium Wars.



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The CIA has been working with drug dealers since the Vietnam War.

None of this is even debateable.

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Since WWII - the Chinese Nationalists, Golden Traingle drug lords and all predate Vietnam

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The intelligence services are highly compartmentalized. Perfect to run ops like this with noone asking questions. The brass are culpable but most of the rank & file are out of the loop. This is much bigger than any government, its on the scale of a major religion. Or a global hegemony.

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Marijuana Oil Helps 3-Year-Old Son Beat Cancer


Forbidden Fruits: Whatever Medicinal Foods The F.D.A. Forbids

Nov 28, 2009 ... They are illegal now by F.D.A. decree. The highest source of B17 (cancer killing laetrile), the bitter almond tree, was banned from the U.S. in 1995...

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Jews Created Opium Trade - Hong Kong and The Sassoon Opium ...


The Synagogue of Satan 1821-1875. Thus, the Opium Wars begin with the British Army once again fighting as mercenaries for Rothschild interests. They attack cities and blockade ports.


The Spoils of War: Afghanistan's Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade
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It took 10 years to finincially break Russia and they left with their tails dragging It will take us longer but the results are the same. When you see American solgers walking thru opium poppy fields on their way to fight the supposedly terrorists knowing that the crop will for the most part end up on American streets. The terrorists that we should be fighting reside in WA DC they get fat our men and women die and are crippled for life making money for the war fat cats, It is time we started to take care of America and get out of the 90 some countrys we have military in.  

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Don't believe it for a minute. KGB agent Anatoliy Golitsyn defected to the USA and published 2 very interesting books outlining the fake collapse of the Soviet Union (1984) and the gradual conversion of Europe into a ESSU (1995). Its all playing out as he said it would.

Worth your time to read his books. The way a pack of monkeys beats a mammoth is to wear it down, to outsmart it. All tactics are temporary, nothing lasts. Empires may come and go but the power isn't change hands. All thats changing is their grip.

Our communities have to stop expecting the government & msm to educate or help them. Its not in their best interests.

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That is what those men and women signed up for.  

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I know they are deceived.  I know they are ill-used and thrown away when they are used up, but give me a break.  This has been going on for 10 years now and you would think the patriotic bullshit would have run a little thin by now, even to green boys.  If those kids haven't gotten the picture, those who love them certainly must have.  I know you can't always make an 18-year-old do as you would have them, but they are being led astray.  There was a beautiful young man here, only 19 years old, come back without his legs or his left arm.  I can't imagine a woman will have him now, and don't tell me that I'm mistaken on this.  That part of his life is over before it is even well begun unless the disability check can stretch to pay a working girl.  The young man who just won the Medal of Honor actually said on television that it was for nothing.  

The schools let the recruiters in, apparently their federal aid is dependent on it.  The recruiters paint it all glorious to impressionable kids, but it is what they sign on for nevertheless. They know bad things can happen, but being kids they never once believe it can happen to them.  

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BCCI is alive and well.

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it never died, just transformed a bit

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Based on 2003 figures, drug trafficking constitutes "the third biggest global commodity in cash terms after oil and the arms trade." (The Independent, 29 February 2004).

The IMF estimated global money laundering to be between 590 billion and 1.5 trillion dollars a year, representing 2-5 percent of global GDP. (Asian Banker, 15 August 2003).



The "drug prohibition" expenditures for the huge prison and arms industries should be added to give a fuller picture of the economic impact.

Afghanistan and Colombia are the two largest drug producing economies in the world, which feed a global criminal economy. These countries have heavily militarized authoritarian governments propped up by the U.S. The drug trade is protected. The CIA has played a central role in the development of both the Latin American and Asian drug triangles.

The drug traders and trade routes (e.g. Kosovo, Turkey, and Israel are also allied with and supported by the U.S.

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I'm just wondering if the CIA is now officially part of the "Choom Gang"?

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Why should it come as a surprise that the CIA is one of the biggest drug cartels in the world? To the white trash American Idol watching idiotcracy of the US I guess but they can't pay attention to anything. As long as they get their meth....

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the biggest gangland criminal racket in every nation is Govt

why are we surprised at any of this?

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Despite your attempt to categorize every government in the world as the same,

they are NOT the same.

Some are markedly worse than others.

Assuming you are a US citizen, you should be attending to the faults of YOUR government instead of berating what you deem to be the alleged faults of OTHER governments.

It may also well be argued that were the faults of the US government lessened, the faults of many other sheikhdoms, dictatorships, and oligarchies propped up by the US government would also be lessened.

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HA HA!  I click on this story, and as I was getting ready to read it, I glanced to the left, and who did I see but a grinning Barry Coke-head Soetoro!  How perfectly apropos...

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These are my favorite postings on ZH, when people bitch about the ads they see on the margins. Hey dumbfucks, those ads are tailored to your browser history. But please, don't ever stop making these posts, they make my day each time I see them.

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I make sure ZH sends me a regular supply of Asian and Russian hotties.  Give them a little click-lovin' and they keep coming back for more.

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If you did not score big $$ in vietnam as Pres Johnson did (see what his construction co did in nam) or the drug / money laudering side were a jerk. jerk one out.