ZH Evening Wrap Up 6/1/12

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I like this. Might be useful were I to be unable to access newsflow for a day. Let's say I was hit by a truck or something and had to go to the hospital and get fixed up? Well then, that evening, once I return home, I could just have a look at the news wrap and it would be almost like I was never not there!

Love it!

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Wrap Up

1.) Greece fell off the cliff. Greek banks are €21 billion away from a complete banking collapse.
2.) The PIGS flue contagion spread to Spain.
3.) Governments backstopped banks and told them to liquidate assets.
4.) Global Markets got flooded.
5.) Contagion spread..
6.) Argentina running inflation at 23%+ imposed capital controls and said they won't revalue again.  Really.  Promiss not to ____ __ _____ ______ too.

This weekend either they’ll “print,” “bail” and “backstop” or Monday we’ll re-define global contagion (free-fall).


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I'm guessing a thingamajig is something that you wear on your head that is huge and dayglow hunter's orange so the drones won't accidently confuse you for a militant here in the United States.

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I've got your "thimagig" right here Debt Brother.

I call it GOLD in the vault.