THe TRaNSiT oF VeNuS...

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The combined energies of the Sun & Venus during the eclipse has altered the earth's orbit and the tilt of the axis of rotation. This is the beginning of the shift from an unstable equilibrium which may lead to pole reversal in a few months. The markets are going to get hammered if the polar ice caps melt as a result. Lord have mercy.....

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Did Obama take credit for the transit of venus yet?

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Silly, everyone knows Al Gore invented it and Romney is claiming he did.

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I would like to see Venus transit through Uranus!

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I was hoping it would be a Transit of Anus

All those assholes running and ruining this world to be sent to Planet Anus exclusively meant for such assholes where they can screw and bugger each other

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before i begin:

i'd like to write a few words for a friend and inspiration.  as preface to these comments i'd like to say something that weighs heavily on my heart: what the fuck is wrong with some of you?  are we really supposed to shed one group of thuggish reactionaries and exchange them for an even thuggier version?  is janus, or anyone else for that matter, beholden to some goddam orthodoxy; am i to rigidly adhere to some nebulous stricture of what is and what is not verboten culturally, institutionally, eclesiatically, governmentally, militarily, economically, morally, infinitum?  i say no.  i won't have any of it.  if you think you have some imutable truth tucked in your bonnet, well, my friend, all i can say is, go rot in hell.  you're your enemies more evil twin.  we are only mediating experience.  we're fumbling around with the fundaments of the universe.  we're just as hapless and ignorant as our kin back in sumaria and babylon...we're just tryin to make the best of this life.  and all of you who're willing to cast everything aside, to destroy and raze everything of merit because it was associate with someone, something or some idea that you loathe, well, again, rot in hell.  you're just like the fuckin mullahs who blew up the buddahs; you're just like the gangsters that brought down the towers; you're evil personified, and you reckon yourself Right before all.  would you then take a pick ax to michael angelo's david because it was commissioned by Rome?  you probably would.  go form a super-zealous commune of people just like you, who believe everything you believe, who look like you, act like you, think like you and want to be around you...go ye therefore and starve to death, fascists!

and it is in that spirit that i set to eulogize Christopher Hitchins, a great man (often wrong, but great nonetheless):

oh, Hitch, we hardly knew ye!  what a sport!  i often see a copy of vanity fair, pause over it, and i feel the cavity and am sickened at the cause.  oh Lord, receive him with mercy -- it is as You said: "...they know not what they do."  Hitch, i've taken so much from you, and i intended to pay it all back.  goddam, son; why'd you have to go and catch the cancer?  did you know, Hitch, that my silence started in deference to and in mourning for you?  i really don't know what to say; but i feel i must say something.  first, i guess i should apologize for my, i am indeed sorry.  you should know that i was working to take you up on that always open "any time/any place" challenge -- do know that i would've whipped you into froth.  but if anyone could've give ole janus a run, it's you, mi amigo.  it should serve as some soalce to know that you were 'the man' of letters; you were the chosen one of your generation -- that much is clear.  you may feel well satisfied with everything, but i am haunted by your loss -- such epic greatness.  an inspired polemicist is rare indeed; there will never be another "Hitch".  fare thee well, olde friend.

peace on earth,



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I am not sure if people have even read your post before giving you a down arrow.  Not sure where you were going in your second paragraph but the first was spot on.  People to lazy or stupid to comprehend what your were saying in the first paragraph, just down arrowing you out of spite and jealousy.

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I think there are a lot of tl;dr types on ZH these days.  Even if the words pour over them, they're unlikely to glean much from them.  Many skip articles to get straight to the comments so they can say something snarky.  Not much wisdom gets acquired that way.  Too bad -- they could surely use it.

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Think of the site as a city. You just have to let people do what they want and find your preferred space for enjoyment. Snarking the news feed is actually a kind of sport ;-)

I am pleased with the interaction under my posts and I have always encouraged any kind of thoughtful contribution even when it veers slightly off topic.

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I like the comparison to a city; that does put a few things in context.

Your pages are enjoyable to visit not just because of your art but because of the way you interact with the people who contribute there.  And many times the contributors bring a lot to the table.

Nice neighborhood.

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they are cowards who hide behind 'votes'.

janus is like a roaring lion, stalking about the pages of ZH, seeking whom he may devour.

i like down votes; it gives me hope that someday some hater will emerge to challenge me -- and then i eviscerate him, he has to seek counseling for years, and quivers as he warns his friends not to trifle with janus.  

these people and their ideas need to be exposed.  they cannot hide forever.  i will coax them out and destroy them.



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Janus, Good screed! I am honered to give you a up arrow!

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thanks, my man!

it just goes to show that most function at the level of emotion rather than reason and thought.  

what fools these mortals be!,


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You know you are always welcome to post your manic meanderings in my threads ;-)

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ha, ha, Venus, the godess of spluge, in the face, as the 1% spluge in the face of the 99%, and we take it. ha, ha, ha!

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Eclipse cycle completing yesterday, Venus occlusion today...for what it's worth, the Mayan calendar was based upon cycles of eclipse and the cycles of Venus...momentous times may be upon us, momentarily.

In a few minutes the sun and moon will be sharing the sky for a while, here in the "Near East" favorite time.  May be the last time we get to enjoy them before the clouds of war and destruction close in...

the sionists have to make their move now, this month, or the game is up. We live in interesting times....may we continue to!

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I actually watched it.  Makeshift telescope with some camera lenses turned into a projector.

Quite nice actually.


Too bad my great grandchildren will not see it, but my son did.

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I let my five year old sleep. I saw it eight years ago and it wasn´t that fucking epic...

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in 2017, as Barry the First begins his third term, michelleupagus* was heard to say, "let them eat McNuggets"



*the Venus of DC

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dat was outta dis

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Transit of Venus....

Is that the title of Anais Nin's sequel to Delta of Venus?   LOL

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Banksters hold paper backed by contracts. During the revolution contracts won't be worth anything. Its an illusion. What they do have is massive debt. Your rendering is true.

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But if you turn it just right, it's a happy face!

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Thanks, WB. Didn't know that the transit was happening. Took my #12 welding shade and looked through binoculars. Spectacular view here in AK. Size wise, your art is pretty accurate.

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So will this transit of Venus cause the Euro to go up or down?   

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@..Up or down?"
in relation to what?

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I have a humble request:

Open up the night-life here at ZH.  You and i used to have so much fun late into the night; and, seein how this was such an eerily spooky day in the markets (it was like you could hear the gouls moaning from deep within the bowels of the fed...that's how eerily spooky it was).  anyway, with the venus sic transit gloria and all, i'm thinkin it's story-time...time to pretend (but it'll all be true).

ps. i have an idea that involves you (and janus) may be interested.



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I am standing by at my operating position as always,

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okay, i've been hatchin a biggie.  let me lay it down for ya:

remember a couple days ago when i told you i decided what i'm gonna do next?  were you by chance curious what that may be?  well, it involves you.  so, janus has decided to be the rock-star of global markets.  you know, if, say, mick jagger were to pursue the mastery of markets.  don't get me wrong, i'll wear the brooks brothers and whatnot -- but the flavor will be decidedly rock and roll.  somethin like this -- (yes, i'm aware it's a bit cheezy; but i think that's the point).  or possibly this -- -- sorry, janus likes the apologies.

so, where does WildBill fit in? prominently, if you must know.  

janus has not disgusied the fact that hunter thompson was/is a significant influence...again, no fuckin apologies.  and so it is, the torch must be toted into that dark abyss, "The Future".  if you think about the nature of gonzo journalizm and from there extrapolate, you end up with something called BanziJournaliZm.  what, some may ask, is the precise nature of gonzo journaliZm; and pray tell, how would one extrapolate anything from whatever it is?  gonzo is personality injected into the events of contemporary history; and from there we say, what is next?  well, i'll tell you.

BanZiJournaliZm will be the alteration of contemporary history through the participation of the black swan himself -- janus, the rock-star of markets.  oh yeah, it's dangerous.  but, remember that antiquity has yeilded no truer axiom than this: fortune favors the bold!  all we need are appropriate events...maybe like the revival of these OWS rallies in ny-ny or here in boston even (boston cops are much better, btw).  basically, i intend to spread mayhem (no property damage or violence...just words, constitutionally protected speech -- but, i'll tell ya, i don't think the constitution saw ole janus comin; else they may have qualified the 'right') and then report on the collateral effects.  nothing like this has ever been attempted; are you prepared to make history?  are you ready to become part of existential merry-making?  are you ready to be the change?

i think your whole life has been a preperation for this.

and from the book of Acts, "...and all the wise men of Mars stood at the gate, awaiting something new."

let's give them something new; let's shake up the fucking world

i'll know what my part will be; you'll decide yours -- and that's as it should be: egalitarianism above all else.

think about it.

i'm gonna fight em all/

a seven nation army couldn't hold me back,

...and i'm talkin to myself at night because i can't forget/

back and forth through my mind like a cigarette,



okay, now it's story time


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Start writing...why dosnt you start with Corzine and Dimon.

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oh, my brother, you know i'll be a writin.  for now, just think this proposal through.  

all we need is an event.  it must be must be in the 'now'. 

BTW, that's AWESOME about max and stacy!

sorry i neglected 'the story' the time i finished my lil diatribe & eulogy i was out of gas -- it happens to janus, believe it or not...i'm starting to think you aren't likewise afflicted -- as coach used to say, 'you've got a goddam motor, son!'

but, whatever happens, you have to admit that BanZaiJournaliZm is a cool name for a genre of journaliZm.

now it's time to start reading and slaughterin bulls.

here's a cool lil number to set the tone:

janus has a quick hand/

he'll look around the room he won't tell ya his plan/

he's got a rolled cigarette hangin out his mouth/

he's a cowboy kid,


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JanusJournaliZm has a certain ring to it, too.  Wlth illustrations by VisualCombat.


Missed the prose and the music.

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the song is that which encapsulates
what passed and was nearly missed by all.
it is like bread that never spoils but
in many cases is not recognized as a food.

janus's picture

alright, just give me a link to some music without lyrics (can't cross-harmonize...nobody's perfect) and i'll set to makin something special...janus never shrinks from duty; especially not the fun kinds of duty.  but this time, i won't listen to van morrison for inspiration -- he so fuckin talented that he governs the melodies in your head for days after a good listenin.  

speaking of which, here's a great and forgotten van morrison piece...probably because it's about a transvestite, homosexual, pedophilic predator.  crazy that people would want to turn away from such subject matter.  no matter, it's one of the most beautiful songs of the modern era -- madam george:

van the man!

down the cypress avenue/

with a childlike vision sweeping into view,


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Looks like the magic of fertilization is just about to start.

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Blythe Masters starring in "The Trannies from Venus"....

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it is overcast and raining here, all
i got was this song.

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0.001%: Big Dipper

99.999%: Uranus

Big Dipper calling Uranus. Do you read me?

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I met these guys working at an observatory on Tololo, Chile. This is a great site for data on the sun along with today's Venus transit.

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... and next we have the transit of Uranus?

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Keep your venus away from me.

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That planet is positively hermaphroditical

If you delve into the mythology, it stands for fertility, love, sex. Sounds good on the surface, but it turns out to be exclusively the homo kind. And the venereal collection that follows...i rest my case. Hard to tell if it is an effect of degeneration or a naturally inherent disposition of Uebermut. 

That Austin Powers vid somebody else posted might fit here

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Would make a decent vinyl label,
0.01% - 99.999% @ 33.3rpm (Banzai7 Recordings)

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I did a Euro $1.33 when it dropped in 2010. My how long this crisis has been dragging. It somes back every three months like clockwork. Each time is more desperate.

The same thing happens when you have a shiity position in chess. You might escape once or twice, but then you are stuck. That's the Euro. A shitty chess position. And a decent player knows that the end is coming. I think that is Draghis psychology right now.

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it's a long marathon, wb7. we haven't reached the first bridge yet - no refreshments for you until the next mile!

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Sic transita mundi, or something.