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Wielding electrons instead of swords to rape and pillage is much lighter work.

Technology is a beautiful thing.

Different time, same game.

Gotta remember that those occasional outbursts of liberty are outliers and not the norm. Just the way it is.

For every Gandhi there are 10,000 pepper-spray cops. Human nature.


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There are better uses for this spigot, such as giving Angela Merkel a Doppelbock enema.

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What's not show in the drain ...  all the liquidity moving to the pockets of the billionaires and to Southeast Asia.

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"Goldman Sachs Back Office"!!! I love that one, must print on t-shirts!

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Good stuff.

That mess could pose serious problems for migrating wildlife..Is it the post domino apocolypse? Hey, have you made any works about contaigon and moral hazard protectiongear? Seem to me this guy is just waiting to comment on it.

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Hi Bill,


thanks for all your impressions...sometimes words ca't fill the bill as a picture can.


Quite sure I will get junked by the "you can't convince the convinced crowd" but nothing has changed in a thousand years, just the players,  you still have the elite and religion ruling over and over ( just a little tug and pull from time to time when such things as the Magna Carta, French Reveloution, Constitution and such get in the way for a period).

To move to more recent recongizable history of the last 300 years, from Louis 15 and 16, and across Europe with the cousins and inter marriage that maintained the wealth of the KINGS DOLLAR and religion.  Unless your had favor, you had nothing.  Unless you were with the church, you had nothing.  All across Europe, then the UK, and finally the New World, these same influenced marched in and demanded you be a slave or die. 

The steady stomping of the freedoms and laws to assure rights, underminded the both the elite and the churches.  The French Reveloution and American Reveloutions had both of these forces seek shelter from the angry crowds.  But like all things cyclical, they have crawled back into the lives of the complaicent human sprit and replaced what you know is wrong with what you are told is right.

To end badly is written, the no comprimise attitude prevales, the power of the elite is everywhere, and religion has made cowards of strong men.  The elite rob of financial freedoms, the church of liberty and abolish 'do unto others as they would do unto you' with deny and conform or be an outcast.  Since when does religion have the right to finance the changing of a constitution of a state, or counrty by the many, in favor of dogma by the few?   The elite and religeon are hand in hand as always to the same dollar at a time, one ignored commandment at a time.

 Beware, there is little room at the top, and the bones of many have been made into roads.  Where you think you are in the relm of things is not where you really are.

Nothing changes until it is destroyed, has been the history of the human race, why different this time?  Hope?  SURE, but it will not come on this current course, and the current choices are no answer.



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I have often considered that what we are seeing is inherent to human nature. If you look at the history of civilization, there is nothing civilized about it. Every apparent advance in civilized man is accompanied by previously unfathomable atrocities and abominations.

Why do we say history repeats itself? Is this some immutable law of nature? No. It is human nature.

This does not mean that all humans are bad. It just means those who want to follow a different path are struggling against the tide. And the idea of being a Jermiah Johnson is really no longer feasible.

If this is the case, we each face an existential crisis. The same sense of helplessness boiled over the last time fascism dominated Europe. What we have now certainly has the same potential to become sinister. The world is run by people who clearly think the ends justify any means. All we need now is for the right maniac to step up to the plate.

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Bingo Mr williambanzai7!  We all exibit those immutable traits of greed, wrath, sloth, envy, pride, lust, deception, and gluttony.  Our political leaders, bankers, corporate titans, criminals, and sociopaths tend to exhibit all of these traits with greater frequency than the rest of us.  Since they lead us - history rhymes.

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In their case there is definitely a strong dose of the psychopath, which is an extreme manifestation of the little tyrant in all of our brains ;-)

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 And the idea of being a Jermiah Johnson is really no longer feasible.


But the idea of being a Tyler Durden maybe is ...

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In awe of your ability to produce the quantity of masterpieces that you do.  

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sorry to be a bitch, but I got a few problems with your schematic drawing, but no your

sense of humour. The money flows to the PIIGS then it turns around and goes straight back

to German banks.

I think you'll see a few of the following soon, on the pipeline:

The UK and US will fund the ECB (maybe not Germany) to keep

the charade going.

If not, there may be a blockage in Germany at the next election, with a taxpayer revolt.

Lastly, the money to Greece (not the money routed back through to German banks) has

slowed to a trickle (only emergency money, e.g. for cancer drugs).


If capitalism was allowed to flow, it would have been the rest of the world feeding

the US, UK , then Germany , France and Holland. That's what irks me

about the Germans crowing that they're bankrolling the continent. That's only

because capitalism has been cancelled. The "hardest workers" produce

the most twisted EU banks, that screwed up, and should have died.

THey funded Irish banks and Spanish banks. anyway, we know this stuff.


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I put the siphon to the German Banks and the direct line to the City to cover that idea. I dont have the patience to run more pipes all over the place ;-)

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That picture depicts something so tragic so it hurts for someone who likes Europe. Too bad it is also true. 

Great work as always though.



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I don't want onyone to think I don't like Europe. I love Europe. But I hate the shit at the top in Europe and the US as well. It's the same old shit everywhere you go.

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How did we allow the central bankers take over our lives and welfare. By sitting on our hands I guess.


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The genre of facism we now face is called the Global Systemically Important Financial Institution. How the fuck we allowed that cabal of resource missallocators and financial parasites to hijack everything is the question that needs to be asked over and over.

Once again, the imperative, this time in Spain, is to rescue the banks that fucked up. I really don't get it. Actually, I do get it and it just pisses me off that they keep getting away with it.

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Back in ye olde days the bankers algo was, "borrow at 3 loan at 4 and be on the links by 5."  It didn't take a lot of brains and sure enough the business didn't attract people with a lot of brains.  Then as the years went by they got cocky.  

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Jonny, what can you make out of this...

Airplane - Trailer

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Both thumbs up on the visual commentary. Been enjoying it almost every day -

btw - Really loved the one a while back with the parody of Gingrich being carried away by the crow; would anyone happen to have that URL ( or WB? ) Much thanks for everything.


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"The Raven" - Tales of Mystery and Imagination

The Alan Parsons Project

The clock struck midnight
And through my sleeping
I heard a tapping at my door
I looked but nothing
Lay in the darkness
And so I turned inside once more

To my amazement
There stood a raven
Whose shadow hung above my door
Then through the silence
It spoke the one word
That I shall hear for evermore

Thus quoth the raven, nevermore

And still the raven
remains in my room
No matter how much I implore
No words can soothe him
No prayer remove him
And I must hear for evermore

Quoth the raven, nevermore
Thus quoth the raven, nevermore

Quoth the raven, nevermore
Thus quoth the raven, nevermore

Nevermore, nevermore, nevermore, never
Nevermore, nevermore, never
Nevermore, nevermore, never



If only it were so.

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That bird would have 2 be the size of a 787 to go airborne with that fat ass.

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Man that's some plumbing.

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Plumbers make more per hour then I know why!

Thnx wb.

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As often with William Banzai 7 art, such great hilarious details worth taking time to find ...

Like in the above ... the loading up of the lorry freight truck for ISDA, ha!


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Ditto that. I'm workin' on a couple of theories:

A. WB never, ever sleeps

B. WB is actually a consortium of three guys working 8 hour shifts - sort of a mad tag team deal...

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The daughter of Bill, Hillary and Senator grahm has been looking into a career in journalism with the NBC/G.E. networks.

snarc: tax code can fix the repeal of Glass Steagall.

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In either case above, if the young ladies just put on black fishnet nylons, platform heels, a horizontal striped tube top and a tight, black leather miniskirt, they will fit right in.  

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You may as well have posted a picture of a toilet...

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I was thinking of a giant keg of beer...

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I was looking for the "EU Employees Must Wipe Butt Before Returning To Work" sign.

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Shouldn't the sign be in every Wall Street washroom saying 'Avoid Your Own contagion, JUMP you Fuckers'!?


Great work as alway Banzai!

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WKRP "As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly" Thanksgiving