One Hour with Golden Jackass Jim Willie

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from thevictoryreport:

This week I had the opportunity to talk with the one and only Jim Willie of Forgive the less than stellar audio. Jim's message is important and worth any struggle you might confront in order to listen.


In Part One:

Jim talks about life prior to GoldenJackass, zero percent interest rates, interest rate swaps, derivatives, the deep trigger, US dollar, and Fort Knox and COMEX gold and silver.



In Part Two:

Jim discusses the characteristics and rational for a continued gold and silver bull market, and concludes with his ideas for bringing criminal banksters to justice.


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Jim B's picture

Nerver gas in Fort Knox, He kind of lost my interest at that point! LOL


Zombie attack! 

JOYFUL's picture

what did yu expect them to put in there to replace the missing gold>


2 cents's picture

Why can't the paper gold manipulations go on forever?

Yesterday 515 TONS of paper gold were sold in 4 hrs to drive the price down......yet no physical was available at the LME!

It seems it doesn't matter if the exchanges have physical metal or not.....the miners will supply it.

As long as brain-dead miners continue to sell gold and silver to the exchanges at paper prices, this travesty will continue.....

FinkPloyd's picture

Anyone has a link for the SWIFT boycott jim talks about?? cant find any info.

RobotTrader's picture

Sorry, but anyone following Jim Willie's predictions have had their accounts basically wiped out.



- Gold and silver have cratered the last 9 months, many junior mining stocks down 70% from their highs

- Retail stocks, REITs, hospitality stocks have soared

- U.S. Dollar has just had the biggest rally in years.

- Crude oil has just experienced the longest conscutive weekly collapse in 13 years

- The CRB Index has been totally decimated

- And most of all, the U.S. Treasury market is still in the midst of the biggest financial bubble in world history, interest rates now at 60-year lows and money raised to finance infinite deficits with ease.

And most of all, nothing has changed.  Four years after the biggest financial collapse in 50 years,

- PigMen are still in charge, getting richer and richer

- Bernanke now has 100% control of all stock, currency, and commodity markets world wide via jawboing.

- Fractional reserve banking is still in place, no sign of a gold-backed currency anywhere.

- Deriviative markets are getting exponentially bigger, not smaller

- Any and all financial calamities after 2008 have been successfully "rescued" by TPTB

- And the sheep are still clueless about "ZIRP" or "LTRO" or "Troika".  They are still enamored with Kim Kardashian, NASCAR, America's Got Talent, NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup, and how many billions of Twitter followers that Justin Beber has.

- And the "Resilient Consumer" is even more resilient than ever.

Nothing has changed.

Absolutely nothing.


JOYFUL's picture

...Nothing has changed. Absolutely nothing.

yur right.

traders fold, strong hands hold.

nothing has changed, absolultely nothin...

except that yu get more shrill, and we get more thrill!

"resilient consumer"?!?!?

Yu talkin bout Mr. Gumby? Sorry Bot boy - Gumby done bin sliced n diced up in the bread line for the thousanth time - even Pokey knows it time to go!


skepticCarl's picture

Look Trader, something has changed. We no longer socialize with friendly and happy people, family and friends.  We hunker in front of our computer screens and curse everyday at Bernanke, Geithner, Drahgi, and a host of people who are completely unkown to normal American society.

RobotTrader's picture

Talk about the "King of Hype"

Wasn't this the guy who was predicting the outright collapse in the U.S. Dollar and Treasuries and Hyperinflation?

Wow, what a blown call.

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

Thanks, RT. The timing of your comments is instructive. You tend to pipe up more frequently as an upswing is finishing.  While your silence during downswings also speaks volumes.  Thanks again for the datapoints.

Frozen IcQb's picture

A collapse in the U.S. Dollar and Treasuries does not happen overnight. Having said that, I don't think it will collapse but it will lose significant value as it takes a few years to build the parabola. Study Weimar, Zimbabwe, Hungary and Yugoslavia.  As confidence in the currency collapses, momentum builds and velocity of money accelerates.

disabledvet's picture

the dollar collapse call looks pretty good.

JOYFUL's picture

yu auditioning to replace M$B at the top of the Komedic Klown list? ...

blown call?

call home sucka....

Jimmies bin in thé zone more times than yu been outta it!....

that sorta says it all.


thanks for comin out!

tony bonn's picture

this interview is as good as any willie has done in the past 2 months.....he is perhaps one of the most important commentators on the scene today.....i loved the slip about the murder of kellerman....

things are still heating up, but they will go ballistic....god help us all

dick cheneys ghost's picture

I do like Jim Willie and i wish his views were discussed more on ZeroHedge.



Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

I love Jim Willies stuff but.......Justice for bankers ????

Too funny.

Ps...Fuck you little weasel timmy g .

blindman's picture

rehypothecation is a competitive advantage
and suicide, ironic, but i guess it is all
built into the fiat money system. and we have
these techniques to "compete" resulting in total
destruction in price discovery or stability or
08 June 2012
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Monkey Shines

“What happened yesterday in the gold market was very interesting. One full hour before Bernanke's testimony, the bullion banks started selling. Over the next 4 hours, the bullion banks sold the equivalent of 515 metric tons of paper gold. This was in just 4 hours, and again, the selling started one hour before Bernanke’s testimony...

The real question here is, how could an entity begin selling such a massive amount of paper gold when there hadn't been any news? (starting to sell before Bernanke's testimony)...
The bullion banks are ringing the register at both ends, while trying to extricate themselves from their short positions in the paper market. They are attempting to do this before transparency comes in to the market. They do not want a situation where the aggressive hedge funds actually get evidence that these bullion banks are naked short.
and then we have wash trades by machines and people to
make prices whatever is desirable for the king fish
of the empire.
Keiser Report: With Pierre Jovanovic on JP Morgan and the Vatican Bank
Posted on June 9, 2012 by stacyherbert| 28 Comments

"We discuss ‘wash trades,’ debt crises and the speculation on JP Morgan’s growing debt problem in London. In the second half of the show Max talks to Pierre Jovanovic of about JP Morgan .."
so we have markets of piranha and barracuda and wonder
why no one will go fishing in the stagnant water?

Uchtdorf's picture

OK, I get it. The bullion banks were selling, and selling big. Who then was buying all that gold?

JOYFUL's picture

so sorry....

yu don't git it...

the bullion banks sold leased AU...aka paper on a roll...

the slant eyes forced the big banks outta their positions...aka walk that

5500 tons of non previous metal...that's a lot of precious goin east.

step 1...listen to the phreakin interview.

step w ...comment on same.

blindman's picture

i don't know and i don't think it was gold
but was just contracts for gold perhaps in
wash trade like arrangements where the result is
just to manipulate the spot price?

narnia's picture

Previous metals will collapse in price when credit markets explode & banks experience liquidity lock ups & runs, just like everything else.

RafterManFMJ's picture

I do hope you are right. I'm ready for 10 more ounces if it goes to 1400, and if it goes to 1000, another 30 ounces as well as whatever 10K will buy me in silver.  Now, back into the special closet for you, Narnia.

WmMcK's picture

That's why I keep only curren(t/cy) metals.

Remember, Madame Bovary knew the price of everything but the value of nothing.

The price of gold measured with a crooked stick (fiat) means little to me now. One ounce of gold currently costs 56 oz of silver. At < 53 I'm starting to trade back, at 48 more heavily. Maybe get some cheap platinum, too.

Right now it's silver that's at the greatest discount to value.
I'll buy whatever I can find and hold until the ratios change.

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

Please expand on "previous metals" Fucktard.

narnia's picture

Gold is a commodity which happens to be mostly held by central banks. Maybe it will have a barter or fiat based arbitrary premium some day, maybe it won't. It won't be worthless. If you think it has any other super qualities, you need to reevaluate your kool aid consumption.

JOYFUL's picture

gold is a commodity which happens to be pretty much outta stock at central banks right bout now, mr silly...

which is why they done invented all the pretty pieces o paper to replace it's absence in their vaults...

narnia huh?CS Lewis woulda bin ashamed of yu assumin one of his titles...

his fabulations were always moralistic diatribes designed to provoke pondering....yurs are jus silly.

I retract my previous conjecture as to yur bein possibly  an idiot savant: I'm goin with jus idjut now.

narnia's picture

Governments & central banks own the majority of non jewelry & industrial gold in circulation. sorry if facts arent convenient for you.

There are three types of gold bugs. One group profits from the trade of metals (ever wonder why they sell, hmm?). One group of central bankers who pray people consider gold valuable in case they need a recapitalization. The third, well, they're just a bunch of pawns. I'm guessing you're in the third category.

JOYFUL's picture

there are three types of anti-gold shills who post here:

one is a paid correspondent of the moneypower, tasked with dissuading the proles from taking measures to protect themselves from destitution...

another is the miserable soul who, when given the chance to step up and buy some protection from penury for themselves, simply chokes, and stays stuck in paper...

the third is simply the type of troll who has suffered too many personal defeats in life to even bear the thought of others being lucky enough to have taken the steps necessary to make their future more secure.

I suspect yu to be that rare combination of all three....

but I don't really give a rat's as who yu be, Chumly/>-

nuthin in yur glove.

JOYFUL's picture

the guy is spot on[maybe one o those "idiot savant" types tho]

... previous metals be metals which once were precious, and then, due to the machinations of certain moneychangin millenialists, became just pieces o paper, which got hypothecated to hell....

they gonna blow up good soon...

real good!

WmMcK's picture

My "precious" is previous only after boating accidents.

JOYFUL's picture

At long last....the Golden Jackass on ZH

my favourite four legged friend, on my favourite site...

it's a knockout punch

to the rats who eat lunch

everyday on our tab.

they'll run back to the lab

for solutions to grab

but the cupboard be bare -

Jim Willie was there.