BaiL OuT MaGNiFiCo!!

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sign sign everywhere a sign

Banzai remix materiaL?

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Absolutely love your Bankia/Guernica - utter brilliance

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That was a great laugh WB, but those nude pics are just horrorific, ... and why is it we get Merkel's horrendous ... glands ... but not the nubile Japanese ones?

Please explain.

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Those are well known paintings.

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really how shameful can it be to borrow 500 billion dollars

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The first one was a very welcome Sunday evening respite from you usual stuff. Just beautiful bodies in beautiful costumes making beautiful art.


Think I'll go to bed early instead of fretting over a bunch of numbers from different parts of the world.

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"California is not Spain"


Same primary language, claro?

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BettySoo & Randy Weeks "Still Small Voice"
Still Small Voice
from Heat Sin Water Skin by BettySoo
"I was a lost and ragged soul
No pathway clear for walking
I was a lost and ragged soul
Only shame following behind
I was a lost and ragged soul
No sight for the seeing
That still small voice it came to me
That still small voice is light. " b.soo
here the unified particle theory. (light and photons
explained differently)
why it is wrong and why it is right
by Miles Mathis
my one stop shopping contribution.

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this just in..
Jonathan Richman/John Cale Interviewed - Vincent Van Gogh Live
"the man loved color" ...j.r.

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Ancient Korean Traditional Music - Hwang Byeonggi - Kayagum Sanjo Variation (Filmed in 1966)

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Somehow this all seems familiar, as in the problem in Greece that is not solved, just forestalled with talk and hollow promises.

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As a foreigner living in a U.S.-friendly country, I think those that hate the U.S. have never lived in the U.S. Midwest, as I have, at a young age, when I realized that they, the Heartland, were losing their country to the money-center politico-banking-interests. The U.S. is the bread-basket to much of the world; the greatest farming nation on the planet. If the U.S. "money-changers" were thrown out of the "temple", the farmers would take control of the U.S. and Midwest values would once again reign supreme. Hard work and sacrifice; community values and ethics would once again dominate the Amercian landscape, and sanity would prevail. The MSM would be humbled to American values of family, hard work, and sacrifice. Just a thought before all you turds write my wonderful American friends off forever.

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"Midwest values would once again reign supreme."


Speaking as a former shit flinger(literally, as I was a dairy farmhand on a family farm earlier in my life), non-urban dweller, and native U.S. Midwesterner aka Rust Belt I'm sorry to report that IMHO those values are dead and gone, never to be resurrected.


The death of the Rust Belt played a big part in the murder of those values...The majority here are now just as venal as the rest.

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btw...Does this signal a top on U.S. Mammon and venality? Yes I know this goes to charity, or so it says.



Buffett lunch sells for record $3,456,789 

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- An anonymous bidder is paying a record $3,456,789 to have lunch with legendary investor Warren Buffett, according to the charity that benefits from the auction.


Buffet gave the last 'winner' a job...was that 'winner' concerned with charity or angling for a personal payoff?


Both the 2011 and 2010 auctions were won by Ted Weschler, a former managing partner of Peninsula Capital Advisors. Buffett hired Weschler in September after sitting down for their multi-million-dollar meal last summer.


So who is the most venal in a transaction such as this, Buffet, the Charity, or the bidder?

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Well stated see it exactly as it is.

And I might add, there are a lot of Asians, Euros etc. that hold the same values and contempt for the "money changers"...still, we need to let it burn, we'll all be fine without them...really, we will.

It's cleansing.

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I think it is safe to say that in most instances, it is unfair to blame the ordinary people of a country for the shit strewn about by their ruling class. Ordinary people are too busy worrying about putting bread on their table and have little time for shit flinging.

The shit flingers of the world are typically urban dwellers, just like in feudal times. But once again, not all urban dwellers are shit flingers.

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when you look at the 'collateral civilian casualties' of war. one side of the apologists say that american kills far fewer innocent people than the roman empire, the other side says that , it is unacceptable to kill innocent people but that the u.s. military as any imperial military--is going to have acceptable collateral damage that should not be sufficient to call for 'ending the war. 

when are civilian killings sufficient to call for ending a war. where is that number? and considering our military runs propoganda and psy-ops---we don't even know what the real numbers and affects are. So the answer is that when We see other countries doing the sort of thing we do----like blaming Syria for killing it's own civilians and demanding an end to it in the public presses-----than we apply one standard , but when we see the U.S. doing it , we apply another standard. 

Does the rest of the world hold the innocent american civilian blameless??? I don't think so. And I don't think we are blameless. I think when you look at the realities of how the civilian population operates , it is just 'going with the flow' rather than 'following orders. But this is still pretty close. When a civilian population allows the leadership to hijack the warmachine of the state, and then does their daily jobs which contribute to the functioning of the state economy at large which--itself is the foundation for the state war production supplying the war machine at the frontlines----than you have a linkage between the cvilians and war machine. that linkage is in many ways the evidence you need for making a moral judgement. 

and that moral judgement is that the civilians have an obligation to overthrow and take control and then deccelerate if not fully STOP the warmachine and political engines which are driving these unjust ways of operating. 

At the very least, you could have an expectation that it is morally incumbent upon the underlings to STOP cooperating and Proactively help undermine/sabotage/disrupt the general social stability of the society in which they are operating. 

SHIT should be flung at the system. but there are many ways of flinging this shit. 


without those sheeply doing their daily thing, and especially without the sheeple who are just 'following orders', FAR fewer of the plans and actions of the demons controlling the system could be carried out.

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Well, in the Midwest you do have a lot of farmers.  They have to sling a lot o' shit.  Good shit; puts bread on the table.

That image of Nude Merkel lounging? All I could think was Thighranosaurous Rex.  Yeesh!


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That is a very famous painting called Goya's nude. The thunder thigh body job was a Banzai7 Earl Sheib special;-)

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LOL Earl Scheib: "In by 9, out by 5 - $99.95!"

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I thought it was an undoctored photograph.

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Well done! "Shit Flingers" lol  

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Wow! the news roundabout is masterpiece. Congratz.

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Illinois is NOT, wait...damn it!!!

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"California is not Spain"

well the climate's similar, they both grow oranges by the truckload, they both love pissing money away on green energy and the suicide spending socialists have bankrupted both 'States' ...and they both speak Spanish!

Thanks B  :)

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Another masterpiece. Too many choices.

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Bodas de sangre (Saura) with Antonio Gades and Cristina Hoyos, a real favorite is mine, is what this post reminds me of:


“Passion, it lies in all of us, sleeping,…waiting…and though unwanted…unbidden…it will stir…open its jaws and howl.”


Joss Whedon

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Spot on. And the last one nearly made me cry. What is happening to the world as we know it?




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Spot on. And the last one nearly made me cry. What is happening to the world as we know it?

 Uh....getting ready to witness the greatest debacle the world has ever known. Why? UB ready...right?

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MaGNiFiCo WB7!!
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simply fab' Banzai

in the interests of 'fairness' (killer Ap that word) can your Euro viewers have some horrific images on California and the Orange State collapsing in lefty (progressives) debt?

..we like to know our Yanky brothers are sharing our pain, the pain of sharing that vandal of nations, wrecker of economies and civil society, that most barberous of all relics: democratic Govt

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No Doubt mobs in the streets and mothers forced to have a baby she was forced to have by a man she didn't know and no food to feed it so the banks can be free of debt, is an idea you can get your smilling face around.

No doubt also, that you would replace democratic government with theology....say Iran for example.

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Is it FROB or FROG? I propose the latter now that France is the latest contributor to the easy solution to the problems: Have Germany write a blank cheque for all past and future profligacy in all the other Eurozone States. Fixed.

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Pointing out the disaster that is the U.S. government is always a good thing.

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every Govt is a disaster, let's not wave any national flags about, they're all complete shit the world over