ZH Evening Wrap Up 6/11/12

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Nice video roundup.

European date format...thought I had loaded a video from November 6th for a minute ;-)

QE3 getting loaded into the FED cannon, probably late (closer to election) since the unicorn and rainbow half-life of a taxpayer debt infusion to gambling bankers (including restricting access to the cash you supposedly earned and nebulously have a claim to) is shrinking geometrically.

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Don't be surprised to see a huge bounce back rally tomorrow. We've seen this show a thousand times and with no "news" tonight, /ES is bright solid green and we'll all get back to making up reasons why the Spanish bailout saved Europe on tomorrow's rally. Such odd times we live in.

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You forgot to add "thanks to the totality of the media this is all a surprise" as well. I know I never any of this coming. Thanks for sharing!

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Green, Green, Green, Reheheheheheheheddd.

Wall Street III

Algos Never Sleep.