THe DuKe oF MoRoN HaZaRD GoES To WaSHiNGToN...

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Jamie is playfully prancing
With tophat and tails he is dancing
This Kleptogarch fool
Desires to rule
His power and wealth he's enhancing

The Limerick King











Jamie is way out in space
Some losses he needs to erase
He's losing control
He's in a black hole
Then gone without leaving a trace

The Limerick King



Kleptocrats thought they could fly
By printing their way to the sky
But wings made of paper
Were part of the caper
Their system of greed will now die

The Limerick King








Jamie's a two-stepping tapper
A modern day self-absorbed flapper
The shows almost done
His bank lost a ton
His stock will be soon in the crapper

The Limerick King



The spark from a JPM whale
Ignited a terrible tale
Humanity's fall
Proved once and fall all
The world was not Too Big Too Fail

The Limerick King





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And speaking of Jamie Dimon (yes, he IS mentioned below),

The Abomination of the Obama Nation 

--- No excuse left not to vote Green ---

This year it was announced that “progressives” met at the Netroots Nation.

Well, whatever those limousine neoliberals wish to call themselves, progressives they ain’t! ! !

One of the main speakers there was Wall Street revisionist stooge, Van Jones, who appears to have his head permanently affixed up his butt.

Jones has lately been claiming that “we” (always love those self-appointed who claim to speak for the rest of us) never pressured President Obama enough, never protested enough, etc., etc.

Negative on that bullcrap, Van Jones!  (Yours truly, alone, protested directly to the White House over a thousand times, in calls, letters, emails, and various protests.)

Jones also prattles on about cap-and-trade; either Jones is a complete idiot who still doesn’t comprehend that Wall Street scam, or he’s even more of a turncoat than he appears?

Whomever Jones really speaks for – Wall Street, the DLC, Jamie Dimon, etc., he speaks for very few Americans today!

Obama of the collateral death by drones!

Obama of torture and preemptive arrests of protesters!

Obama of the War on Whistleblowers!

Obama the silent on Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Florida (AND Honduras AND Bahrain)!

Obama who has kowtowed to the Wall Street banksters at every opportunity!

Obama and his attacks on due process and habeas corpus!

Obama who has continued to offshore America through more “free trade” agreements and the Trans-Pacific Partnership!

There is no “lesser” bullcrap anymore!

The most nauseating sight was to watch those “business union” members in Wisconsin cheer Bill Clinton – Clinton who did to Arkansas what Walker is doing to Wisconsin!

Union members my butt!

They wouldn’t know of the sacrifices of the McNamara brothers and Alexander Berkman; the Ludlow Massacre, the Haymarket Massacre or the many women who died so needlessly and horribly in textile sweatshop conflagrations in early 20th century America!

They wouldn’t know why National Guard armories were strategically positioned around the nation to violently respond to labor strikes!

Only the most ignorant, the most uneducated, or the most amoral, would ever refer to Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as democrats or progressives --- they are Wall Street stooges through and through.

Why vote for the lesser when we can vote for the best?

Dr. Jill Stein for president in 2012!

THINK. . . . and vote Green!

[Note to whiners who always bring up future Supreme Court choices – you might want to take a close look at Kagan’s and Sotomayor’s record since they’ve been on the bench --- your argument no long washes.]


DollarMenu's picture

Thanks WB7.

Your artistic talent is perfectly matched to your caustic wit.

I really enjoyed the annotated distortions.

I don't know how you accomplish so much so quickly.

You are an essential component of the ZH experience.

Nobody For President's picture

I figured you would be working this, but Oh My God - beyond the beyond.

Just kudos to you and Limerick King for outing this POS DImon, who, along with Corizine and most of the members of the Senate Finance Committee, should be in jail.

JPM has given substantial amounts of money to the members of the committee, so it is just theater - but theater that shows how fundamentaly corrupt the system of 'regulation' and 'banking' has become.

Good on you!

Element's picture

Had to share; snipped from thetrader News that Matters post:

“What we have been able to do over the last 3-1/2 years, after a decade in which we had been moving in the wrong direction, is to begin to point towards a trajectory where here in this country, everybody is getting a fair shot,”


- Teleprompter in Chief


So why are you still here then?

monopoly's picture

I have one question? When does this good soul sleep. Amazing William. 

Havana White's picture

Keepin' the faith, baby!

malikai's picture

Save the whales!

rosiescenario's picture

Great as always WB...just watched a few minutes of this dog and pony show....the our reps asking the questions are clueless so they have no idea if they are being lied to or not......not that anyof this bread and circus counts anyway.

NotApplicable's picture

All of these are awesome! Well, except for Blythe looks kinda hot...

You should contact the Daily Show and try to become a contributor for them. There's a few million kids that need to see these that don't hang out here, or watch RT.

GCT's picture

Thanks WB7 it is always good to get a good laugh in the face of financial armageddon.  I now have to clean my monitor after seeing dimon blowing water out of his ass!  But well worth the laughs!

Never One Roach's picture

"In the presence of randomness, regular patterns of profits can only be mirages."

gookempucky's picture

The BEST OF THE BESTEST------WB way beyond the twighlight zone.


Dimon, Krugman and Obama are on the 1st hole waiting for the 3some playing in front of them to move along ( playing really crappy)---all 3 decide they have had enough of the sloooowwwww play and start bitchin---Obama hops into the cart and gets the golf police----whats the problem ? these guys need to be kicked off the course, 2 hours and we havent even reached the 3rd hole dammit!!!!

Oh heck guys those are the firemen that lost their eyesite while fighting our clubhouse fire last year--they have special privledges.

Obama says--my gosh thats terrible--I will sign a law that gives all blind firemen the All American Hero Medal.

Krugman says--what a tragedy--I'll write a book in Braille about economics and donate the proceeds to the firemans Dart championships..

Dimon says---what the FUCK MAN-CANT THEY PLAY AT NIGHT !!!!!!!!

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WB, what's the significance of July 10th being circled on the calendar?

williambanzai7's picture

That's the the day FrankenBarneyStein was signed into law...Hardy har har...two full years of pure horse shit

Lumberjack's picture

You forgot about Dodd, former Senator from CT. who now works in Hollyweed.


Academi Bought by Xe, formerly Blackwater


ACADEMI maintains headquarters in Arlington, VA., a 7,000-acre flagship training facility in Moyock, NC, training facilities in Salem, CT, and San Diego, CA, and a 10-acre forward operating base in Kabul, Afghanistan.

williambanzai7's picture

That useless piec of shit is now a copyright fascist... HEIL SOPA!

The Big Ching-aso's picture



Ok, it's time to consider selling a coffee table book ala Seinfeld.  Just in time for X-mas.

williambanzai7's picture


This canary for Too Big Too Fail
Is coughing and starting to flail
It's starting to choke
From derivative smoke
That spews from huge London Whale

The Limerick King

El Viejo's picture

Is it Friday already????

Heck with Banzai every day is Friday!

Lumberjack's picture

Banzai, here you go again ruining a perfectly shitty day!

williambanzai7's picture


Jamie has donned a disguise
While spinning a web made of lies
This web-headed fool
Wants a big bonus pool
So his bets are an outrageous size

The Limerick King

Fix It Again Timmy's picture

For anyone who finds themselves coming up before a Senate Investigative Committee, it's "playing with kids" time. 

TrainWreck1's picture

Excellent. Most excellent.


falak pema's picture

too funny to be real, too real to be funny. I'm adazed by the gaze of WB7; its a multiple fantasy that floats into reality like a butterfly, light as a rainbow coloured feather, defies gravity and transmutes matter into philosophy, like water into wine. Along the derivative corridor I feel like in death row in Huntsville, ready for the chair. In shock and awe of the never ending staircase to hill of sodom and cliff beyond into gomorra free fall.

I've been places and seen things but this is a new dimension of the absurd made real. Please, I'm ready now for the lethal injection. Masterpiece of final curtain, the silent scream into oblivion, i'm a true groupie of jamie dimon's rock & time bomb clock band. 

LeisureSmith's picture

Save the whale gets me every time!!Oh how i love laughing at Jamie Dimon.

Truly terrific.

williambanzai7's picture

It's a Banzai7 icon just like Debt Brother

mess nonster's picture

I recently heard that all the whales were radioactive. Well anyway it is goo to see Jamie coming up for air.

Golden monkey's picture

Stacked 100$ bills? Need a dam good printer man. Exposure can come to you all of a sudden, before the great kiss.

Vendetta's picture

WTCs in the background is a nice, very appropriate metaphorical touch.

Lord Blankcheck's picture

Building 7 still standing too

saturn's picture

fdic made me chuckle,

derivative kimono made me choke

chunga's picture

Taking a break from the PC today.

Just started it up to check ZH and glad I did. Thanks Banzai!

Peter Pan's picture

Jamie Dimon and men of his ilk would reveal a lot more information if they were placed in a jail cell with some brute weighing 250 pounds who also has romantic tendencies, than any two hours before congress would.


Gringo Viejo's picture

Thanks for giving "Scotty" some play. Well captioned verbally.

Wakanda's picture

Cap'n - she won't take it anymore!

diogeneslaertius's picture

all variables will henceforth be quantified in Gazillions


-the mgmt.

Wakanda's picture

In the sodomy frontier there must be a dividing line indicating "with or without lube".