HeadLiNe UGaNDa...

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Where's Idi Amin when you need 'im?

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"Uganda would not want to be Spain" should be their reply.

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Uganda is so lovely this time of year

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Good on you Uganda!

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hahahhahahha    perfect, I have been thinking this for a while now.

Rock on Uganda.

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I laughed at the combination of images when I woke up. What a combination.

But they deserve it. I thought the Uganda remark over the weekend really was revealing of the kind of characters at the top. Now they are really shitting in the urinal because $100 Billion was barely good enough to buy them 5 days relief.

Meanwhile, they are doing their damnedest to fill the airwaves with football news.

And BTW, they don't have the 100 Billion...

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pack your bags sunshine, were going on a loverly holiday to UGANDA




is this real life?

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Suggest that you sound like John Wayne and walk like him too, they cut the heads off guys they they think might be doing un-Christian things ( as recently revealed by US preacher in their country), and they don't bother to ask questions either.

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panem et circenses like a motherfucker right


again it seems quite plausible to me that domination through deception has been the world order for centuries


the first king or government which, rather than being in command of its faculties, had to Borrow to finance - i think on that day that bankers and merchants took over


well "a merchant has no country"


and we are all Chinese now - but at least the perpetual debt motion machine they have constructed is raping us all and every day is a new wonderland and miasma of junk information right? XD


but seriously, 5 days-at-a-time is the recipe for perpetual pimping


and if you raise people like biological androids, who get their consciousness through a tube, it seems possible to just keep people distracted and confused en masse long enough to generationally smooth out the real variables


they built an Economic Black Hole machine that can swallow entire nation’s GDP’s in a single bite


fear of the $4Q Economic Deathstar will keep the local system lords in line





But somewhere out there, a rag-tag band of misfits, some kind of organic Rebel Alliance is emerging…


Humanity is redsicovering its roots like a European digging up greek Architecture ...



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Uganda has friendly competent people that try to help you so Spain is not Uganda.

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usually associated with real relief

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The smell is getting stronger, and it's not coming from Uganda.


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ESM satellite, funny.

Will no doubt meet the same fate as Skylab, or the Mars Climate Orbiter (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_Climate_Orbiter)

"We calculated assets using Zimbabwe dollars and debts using the Peso."

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"I knew Jack Uganda,  and you're not Jack Uganda"    (anonymous political homily)

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Germany lost its African colonies after WW I.  So if it took over Spain it would it be getting one back?

"Oh Fra Merkel, I just had an idea! We could get an African colony, have a place to send our Turks also.  After all they'd fit right in with the North Africans already there.  I wonder if you could grow bananas in Southern Spain?

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Another priceless piece from WB7 LOL!!!

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The real elephant in the room ain't Europe but the US...

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supplying elephant sized poop for the rest


Shouldn't that be red ink ? Period style ? With a Dimon Head Tampon sitting in the puddle ?

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We must frequent the same bar, Bill.

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No, its worse than Uganda. 

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Those have to be Blankfein's ears . . .

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Back in school, one of the worst insults was to call someone "assface". Went along with shithead, dickwad, fudgepacker, dipshit, etc. All still apply, especially to the .0001%, attesting to psychopathic-man's eternal nature.

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I always confuse 49 with 94, does that make me dyslexic?

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I assure you 49 s much closer to 120, you'd never mistake it for 94.

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Not shit for brains, more likely, Butthead goes on a European Vacation gets sent into orbit due to Unforseen circumstances. Must have been to Brussels, Ha!

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Ahh .... I get it ..... Shit for brains.  I love it.

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 “FROB =  a frob is any random small thing; an object that you can comfortably hold in one hand"...---catb.org/jargon/html/F/frob.html

I'm smarter today than I was yesterday.