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The American way...


Beware of this financial snake
He lies for the money he'll make
His venom is pure
There isn't a cure
Your life he is willing to take

The Limerick King









This coaster was such a fun ride
But Neo-Keynes morons have lied
When we get to the end
Of "Let's Play Pretend"
We'll see that our system has died

The Limerick King



This donkey is under some stress

He's wishing Frau Merkel weighed less

He can't bear the weight

Will death be his fate?

The voters may well decide "Yes"


The Limerick King





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We have to assume Tsukato is made up.

Really, a Japanese guy giving his ZH account to a Chinese guy. 

Hmm... Sounds like psyops nonesense.

williambanzai7's picture

More like a bored 13 year old who just finished servicing his jerky.


YHC-FTSE's picture

Superb job mate. Dimonhead is one for the covers, and Madoffington is as provocative as a Voltaire classic. 


Took a break from the madness and went to the cinema yesterday to see "A Royal Affair" (En Kongelig Affaere), a Danish costume drama set during the height of the Enlightenment. It seems we're living through an economic enlightenment right now, and if there is a lesson in the film, the dirty tricks and suppression of freedom from TPTB will only intensify as we approach crunch time. 

williambanzai7's picture

It's hardwired into the human DNA. Power corrupts absolutely.

malikai's picture

It's the natural order of power.

Grand Supercycle's picture

Rally warning continues...

SPX & EURUSD bullish daily charts dominate further.

As mentioned, shorts will be slaughtered next week.

Tsukato's picture

Hello everyone, my name is Cheng, Liang. I am using my friend's account to ask you a question. I see most of you talk like very strong gentlemen. You talk about guns, gold, being very angry, and call each other bitches. My friend Tsukato lived in america and he said its all bullshit. He said american boys are very weak, and cryingbabies. Last weekend we saw a very big laowai. He must take steroids because he was too big. My friend noticed he had a baby's face. He said- that guy is a bitch like all americans. Go punch him as hard as you can, and he will cry. I said, he is much, much, bigger than me. He said-trust me. So, I did, and Tsukato was right! Big surprise! This giant man cried like a baby in front of everyone! His fatass girlfriend defended him, but I laid her out too! Unbelievable! Those hero, soldier movies are just bullshit! You boys are much too funny! HAHAHA!!! Your days are numbered, I'd guess. Do any of you have sexy, blond daughters I can fuck for money?

saturn's picture

i cant be bothered now. call me after the apocalypse!

williambanzai7's picture

What's the matter, yours all used up?

Tsukato's picture

You betcha! The bitches just can't get enough of Cheng Liang, and I have fucked them all into mincemeat! HAHAHA!!!! My testes are forged of solid gold bitches!

bunnyswanson's picture

Americans can be defined by the quick response to tragedies.

It would seem that for the country of China to prostitute their labor force so corporate owners and their top shareholders can live the life of a rock star. 

The US govt and US media are separate animals and are not the reflection of the citizens.  For decades, the cost of living has gone up and the wages have not, requiring both parents to work.  This of course had an impact of the children, whose parents were tired and distracted a good deal of the time. 

But corporate America is in China now.  We see on TV how that is going. Suicides, strikes and demonstrations, hangings and executions. 

Globalization has turned the US into a loading dock of exports and China into a factory. 

We saw what happened in Tianamen Square.  We understand. 

Tsukato's picture

Tianamen Square? I once met 3 village girls there, and fucked them good for 15 kwai each. They went crazy for Cheng Liang! I'm very hairy too ;)

Yen Cross's picture

Slush! I love to paint " Ghost Cities"



Tsukato's picture

Guay city? I cannot understand. They call me Gorilla Cheng Liang. I am very hairy like an ape, which is lucky, and my chinpon is like a dirty sausage swinging between my legs. Are you very horney american crybabies?

Yen Cross's picture

  A giggle. it's happy hour @ the " Bearded clam"<>

Element's picture

Here's a cracker. 

Daniel Klaidman, of Newsweek, yet another wretched war-mongering KIKE within the neo-con aligned MSM, supposedly an objective and dispassionate investigative 'journalist', is instead engaging in making pro-drone strike propaganda videos, that blatantly lie and promote routine mass-murder via remote-control against people, with no recourse but to be blown to bits. 

And then of course the remaining traumatised family members will spend the next 5 to 10 years training to take revenge on the USSA for this (so it's best to kill those too if at all possible).

Daniel Klaidman, you are nothing but a propagandist for war-criminals and murderers and given your dodgy ethnicity and media profile this is hardly very surprising, now is it Daniel?

You fascist vermin, I foresee your future, and it's dangling rather uncomfortably by the neck you unforgivable maggot parasitising the world.



Arnold Ziffel's picture

Green Gold creation in the lab:!


Yen Cross's picture

 Rupert Murdoch shuts down "Fox News" comments? WTF? Rupert you are a JOKE! I'm a Republican.

  Faupax News is loosing add. space as we speak!

Element's picture

He's been getting slammed hard recently in the UK over media-ownership and whether he's fit to even be an owner.

Remember a few years back Tyler predicted that within 5 years the MSM would have lost all cred and collapsed?

That process is happening.

Yen Cross's picture

Element you are a "natural Born" brainiac" !   Nice Job.


His son "James",  is probably hanging out with "Sir Branson" in the Caribbean.

Element's picture

Birds of a feather flock together.  Branson has an even bigger ego and sense of inevitable self-importance than Bill Clinton.

Jena's picture

Earl Scheib $99.95!  I nearly miss those ads -- back in the day when you knew what you were being sold and by whom.

Yen Cross's picture

Jena you have great Spirit!  100$ paint jobs are (all) , they are " cracked"  up to be!

Jena's picture

YC!  I know, I got one once!  Nice color, bad idea!  But it didn't crack and peel for a few years and by then I was in a rust-proof climate!

New_Meat's picture

evidently, the place holder don't need no stinkin' anythin' given Our Dear President's recent dictat.

- Ned

Rockfish's picture

Wb7 you are one of the few (and i mean less than a handful) that stays on point. I commend you for your efforts. 

The Bankers/Financial  and I don't mean your local savings and loan are the reason for our pain.  

orangegeek's picture

Cute kitty in the sofa.  Don't gnaw on kitty.

Yen Cross's picture

 Banzai-7 you made my week! I really thought about this, as you have every " conceivable", angle covered. This tune is what " Helicopter Ben" must be falling asleep "to/too", every night.  That helicopter scene from " Apocalypse Now " is timeless!    " Ride of the Valkyries"

  Here is the visual.

CURWAR2012's picture

I am going through too many soaked clothes peeing in my pants with this stuff, must stop logging in at work!! LOL, LOL

W10321303's picture

And he will have GHWB change you oil for FREE!


newsguy68's picture

hahhaha great pics guys... here is a important story that needs to get out...very good read

Arrrr's picture

Too bad us normal humans can't use img tags in our comments like williambanzaiiiii 

resurger's picture

The BM painting is so fucking nice ...


williambanzai7's picture

I have been meaning to do that for some time. Bernie, and some other assorted sleaze ball outsiders like Gupta and Stanford, is paying for Wall Streets collective sins.

More misdirection.

resurger's picture

It would be really amazing if you make for all those sleazy bastards ... Gupta, Jon et al.

just a small note, the face texture was losing quality when you were layering or it was like that ... either way, Job well done WB7

williambanzai7's picture

I adjusted the color tone and then used a brush filter to get that effect. Then I used the eraser to hand adjust the opacity on the cheeks etc.

But his bone structure is really very similar to GWs. The hair as well.

resurger's picture

Am bit rusty on PS, havent done anything since ages

I recommend putting those types of pix in frames, it will look so fucking A

Me & Yellocake we used to put those frames for our friends, so it will look good for those sleazy balls

MaxPower's picture

No need to frame them. They've done more than enough to be prosecuted legitimately!

WALLST8MY8BALL's picture

Maddoff Stanford Gupta and Nadel. A Mount Ripmore Postcard! - can you feel it WB7?

boogerbently's picture

"We will NOT deport our future democratic voters" !!!

Could it BE any more obvious.


Immigration status is a UNILATERAL executive decision, now ?

SAT 800's picture

We will not deport the 13 million illegal aliens who are keeping wages down to make more Billions for our Corporate Owners. Despite the fact, that  Illegal means, "against the law"; and we took an oath to enforce the laws of country. If you don't un-elect this pimple you'll have nobody to blaim but yourself.

williambanzai7's picture

We do what we want to get votes. Impossible to view it any other way five months before an election.

SAT 800's picture

Whooah. The Debt Coaster is too true to be funny. Is that a valid objection? I guess not. I feel a little queasy, tho.

williambanzai7's picture

That is an example of something I imagined and then went and found the pieces to make it happen.

WALLST8MY8BALL's picture

I notice that if you take the first letter of the words going up the debt coaster - you have LESS. Interesting. More or less.

WALLST8MY8BALL's picture

Val Doonican  "Delaneys Donkey"


Now Delaney had a donkey that everyone admired
Temporarily lazy and permanently tired
A leg at every corner balancing his head
And a tail to let you know which end he wanted to be fed
Riley slyly said we`ve underrated it, why not train it, then they took a rag
They rubbed it, scrubbed it, they oiled and embrocated it
Got it at the post and when the starter dropped the flag
There was Riley pushin` it, shovin` it, shushin` it
Hogan, Logan and everyone in town
Lined up, attackin` it and shovin` it and smackin` it
They might as well have tried to push the Town Hall down
The donkey was eyein` them, openly defyin` them
Winkin`, blinkin` and twistin` out of place
Riley reversin` it, everybody cursin` it
The day Delaney`s donkey ran the halfmile race

The muscles of the mighty never known to flinch
They couldn`t move the donkey a quarter of an inch
Delaney lay exhausted, hangin` round his throat
With a grip just like a Scotsman on the five pound note
Starter, Carter, he lined up with the rest of them
When it saw them, it was willin` then
It raced up, braced up, ready for the best of them
They started off to cheer it but it changed its mind again
And there was Riley pushin` it, shovin` it, shushin` it
Hogan, Logan and Mary Ann Macgraw
She started pokin` it an` grabbin` it an` chokin` it
It kicked her in the bustle and it laughed hee-hah
The whigs and conservatives, the radical superlatives
Liberals and tories, they hurried to the place
Stood there in unity, helpin` the community
The day Delaney`s donkey ran the halfmile race

The crowd began to cheer it, then Rafferty, the judge
He came up to assist them, but still it wouldn`t budge