BeYoND THe EuRo ZoNe,,,

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Bankstas and Hos, votin' time is here...









Happy Zero Hedge Father's Day to my Dad and all you other Dads out there...


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Thanks for the gracious well-wishing.  

But i've got to confess that the die has been cast...i've initiated contact with those film students; and, well, it's only a matter of salesmanship and persuasiveness from here.  which is to say, it's all but actualized at this point.

it would've been mighty cool to march under some ZH press passes (and, BTW, a lil bird tells me that, if ZH were to apply for said passes they would be expeditiously approved).  and, WildBill, media credentials and cameras and whatnot have a way of attracting the more attractive members of the fairer sex.  

you won't make a lot of money, but, well i'll let robbie robertson explain it all to ya...listen carefully as he introduces lenny hawkins.

more than sinatra?  you fuckin know it!


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Just when I thought vacation on the beach with Mrs. and Little Questions could not get better, along comes Mr. B7illiant.

Thank you.



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WB7 : do one on the red baron with Merkel....

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WB7 - You had me at

We don't need another Zero...
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Ok, Greece, drop da bomb, let's get it over with and move on..........

For a change of pace, Let's talk about resilience:



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Bwahaha! Awsome.

That euro midget Merker reminded me of the crazy stomach creature from Total Recall. your mind.

Fuck me! There is a new one starring Colin Farrell as Quaid, fucking Colin Farrel!!.I give up, Hollywood has gone beyond full retard.

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behind the scene, people create problems then try to sell a solution.

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Who run bartertown?


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"MasterBlankfein runs Eurotown."

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I look at WilliamBanzai's as always brilliant offerings, and I get the feeling that we have well and truly entered some kind of surreal zone without understanding that a new and ugly paradigm awaits us at the other end.

There is hardly a politician that is willing to speak the truth, stand for the truth and defend the truth.

Major players are all connected to Goldman Sachs. Democracy no longer provides for processes for resolving the current mess. The masters of out system will not allow for the destruction of any debt.

All I can see is a gradual destruction of living standrads and rights at best.

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"Major players are all aligned with Goldman Sachs."

This is not an exaggeration by any means. Here we are again, at the edge of the brink, and their fingerprints are everywhere.

Meanwhile that shithead Blankfein is in the middle of a publicity campaign.  

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Rally warning continues...

SPX bullish daily chart strengthened further on Friday & more rally expected.

DOW initial target approx 13,170 & more upside after that.


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First I laugh like hell - Ms Supertan fits into the Road Warrior world really well, as does the fat boy of Pasok. Then I start to worry: why does Road Warrior fit the present Euro situation so well.

Oh shit...

Greece imports (buys from outside its' borders) how much of their energy/fuel needs? Damn near all of it.

At least the Troika Wheel of Farce has finally, FINALLY made it clear how the decision making process has been working - I just KNEW there was a process at work, just couldn't figure out what it was. Thanks a bunch, WB!

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Two countries enter, one country leaves (my bet is Germany).

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Europe-The Final Countdown, the beginning decade of the orgy of debt


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Bravo !

But where's the iPAD?

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You should give that IMF logo more airplay. Funny stuff!

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Have you read the Illuminatus! Trilogy Mr Banzai?

Things like this, given enough exposure could change things for the better.

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Bloody hilarious. There is no less worthy a wench to man the IMF hand car.


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Just when I think you're done....

old naughty's picture

WB's never done.

He might take a "rest" occasionally.

Thanks for sharing.

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thank you for that. and that.
where does one sign in? again
i have seen it before and resolved
to see it no more, there is the place
where fantasy and fiction be hold and
parting is such sweet sorrow

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blindman, not to be nosy, but are you blind, as in visually? I notice your posts are copied from another editor that puts in carriage returns, and I might expect this from a speech to text translator. I'm sorry if I'm leaping to conclusions here, but I always thought you were actually blind, mainly because of the dark glasses on your avatar.

Blind people can many times see what people who can "see" miss, but it has to be difficult to navigate websites with text to speech converters when the websites are loaded with all sorts of various content.

blindman's picture

thanks for the information but that
isn't the problem, i'm not converting
to or from speech. as someone suggested
it might be explorer or some incompatibility
issue somewhere in the machines, it
seems to crop up every so often,
windows 7.

geekgrrl's picture

Sorry for leaping to conclusions, blindman.

I've had a lot of problems with windows 7 but I'm forced to use it for work. If it's your personal computer, I'd suggest Ubuntu linux. Microsoft products are among the worst-written software in the world, and they have guaranteed back-doors to you know who.

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Maybe it's just us. And We are all there is.

New_Meat's picture

he's "blindman" and, really, there is nothing to see here.  Not for him, he can't see!

move along.

- Ned

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is it just me? or does this site,
zerohedge, just not tolerate functioning
comment navigation, per se? is the data mining
the thing? william, what does sac say cause he
does not respond to me. not that anyone seems to
be concerned but it has become impossible to
respond to thread comments, one would conclude,
by design. it makes perfect sense in alliance to
a certain logic of dubious integrity, not the logic,
but the milieux.

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"Listen up, maggot. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else."

blindman's picture

is that your studied opinion and the result
of long hours of introspection or are you
just looking for a place to lay eggs,
(suggesting a topic for discussion and
exposition?) seriously.

tiger's picture

This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time. What would you wish you'd done before you died? Act maggot!

New_Meat's picture

"... is it just me?"


The universe does not think that you are special.  Sac, in particular, is way to busy buffing his nails to respond.

- Ned

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I don't know what you mean.