GReeCe: WiDe DeBT LoaD...

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The Greeks have a terrible load
Their system's about to implode
Should they get a new truck
Or decide, What The Fuck
And watch German Banksters explode

The Limerick King




These sharks have an ominous smile
We know that it's loaded with guile
They're playing pretend
That fiat won't end
And debt they continue to pile

The Limerick King




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That woman third from the left reminds me of the Red Priestess from Game of Thrones...

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when you're young/

you get sad/

and you get high/

awwww man!/

young gal done me bad/

so i went and done ya wrong/

and i got high-high-high/

awwww man i got HIGH!


let's chat for a bit about politics and religion.  america loves to blend these bastards, and the witch's brew is as caustic as the day is long.  

the presidency has become little more than an entitlement; think of it as a gift to loyal groups.  well, no group is more loyal than the multifarious morman.  let me tell you all a bit of Truth: romney is gonna win.  it's been decided already.  obama is in the process of sacrifice -- like a lamb to the slaughter.  doubt me all ya want, bitchez!  i saw this all unfolding early on.  and, generally speaking, i keep rather mum regarding politics and other meaningless bric-a-brac.  

the long and short of it is: mormanism is the most laughably idiotic 'faith' to ever foil human potential.  tis little more than a baroque bathos -- a blending of barbary and banality.  a cruel and hopeless spectacle.  so i'm considering converting.

i mean, all the bull-shit aside (doctrine and whatnot), this whole polygamy thing rocks!  perhaps they'll yeild a few of those blue-eyed platinum blonde babes they hide up in salt lake to good ole janus.  yup, call me brigham young, bitchez.  perhaps they'll overlook my vices and high-spirited high-jinks.  what's a lil fun among us latter day saints?

ahhh, amorica, such is your 'democracy'.

maybe i'll start my own religion.  i'll call us 'solomites'.  yup, we'll dedicate the whole shebang to solomon, the wisest man who evah lived.  why so wise? well, bitchez, if you'd accumulated 700 wives and 300 concubines, i'd reckon you among the wisest of all time, too.  that's 1000 pieces of pussy all under one roof!  in-fuckin-credible.  

there were some interesting things about solomon that most like to ignore.  let's start with the fact that his mother was none other than bethsheba.  yup, the bathing beauty herself.  the adulterous affair that cost israel many of its finest youth.  lil lemuel.  solomon also favored sorcery.  yup, you read that right.  the man was a devotee of molech and baael.  who'd ya say?  nothin really, just the demon god that demanded the sacrifice of first born infants and such.  no biggie. 

anyway, if you were evah wondering why The Temple was so grand and epic, it's because it was the world's largest brothel...structured to service the 'needs' of a single client -- solomon the wise.  

in my Father's House there are many mansions,


the motion of her tiny hands/

and the quiver of the bones below/

are the signs of a girl who loves/

who'll teach you everything you need to know/

i can't explain it/

i feel it often...

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you're way behind...


"maybe i'll start my own religion."


we could plan a murder, or start a religion


My religion will be called Mammonism after the God Mammon that I invented. I and my people will be Mammon's Chosen Ones in The Book that we write. All other peoples of the earth will pay a tribute to me/us called interest...some of the heathens refer to it as usury.


Oh wait!  Fuck...I guess I'm behind too.


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right, well, that promise to abstain didn't quite survive the cocktail-hour.  i saw the ole clock hit 555; and, well, i had to chat with mrs. janus about making hasty oaths and whatnot.  she's a good girl.  bless her heart.

before i begin, i'd like to share some works of a true master...gram parsons:

(yup, the greivous angel is back, bitchez)

(oh Lord grant me vision/ oh Lord grant me speed)

(ain't no place for a po boy like me)

(notice that white suit gram's toolin around in?  well, i'm not really a 'collector'; but some day i must own that awesome thing)

the scientists say/

it'll all wash away/

but we don't believe anymore/

cause we've got our recruits/

and our green mo-hair suits...

okay, enough of that.


some may ask, 'janus, did you not learn a fuckin thing in the military?'  why, hell yes i did.  first lesson was a real stinger.  young men, and for that matter nations, must be broken down before they can be rebuilt.  you need to raze the whole goddam mess to its foundations, anchor some sturdy pillars, and then set to BUILD.  janus is, at his core, a Builder.  you taught me well, it's time to start employin those lessons.

you also taught me about human psych.  now, janus is no limp-wristed fool...i didn't study psych to 'help' or 'cure'; nor do i give a squirt of piss for 'therapy'.  no, janus studied psych so that he may build a mighty weapon.  i don't shrink egos; i fucking crush them...with lusty contempt, bitchez.  

janus also learned a thing or two about drugs there in service to uncle sam.  hell, my unit went from guarding coca fields in columbia (that'd be Plan Columbia) to guarding poppy fields in afganistan (that's be operation fast and furious...oops, i mean enduring freedom).  so, we made the full circuit.  maybe you should call ole janus the speed-ball.  and as shitty as i feel right now, i could really go for one.  hell, chop me up a big, nasty white rail and stand the fuck back.  a lil pep in the step is sometimes called for; but, sigh, there will be no hard drugs for janus for a while.

and that reminds me of something.  it touches on this whole 'law of unintended consequences'.  these goddam 'designer drugs'...bath salts and the like...are fuckin pernicous.  they're a plauge; and they are a result of this inane war on drugs.  you see, every now and again, folks like janus crave a good coke happens.  and when the itch makes itself known, you've no recourse but to scratch.  

janus belives in the law...he thinks that the rule of law is THE CORNERSTONE of civil society.  but fuck all that; law or no law, when janus wants a taste, a taste he shall have.  all the same, i sometimes try to synthesize opposing forces, and mingle a lil magik.

not long ago, i discovered that one can purchase coca leaves online, and legally.  awesome, thought i.  this is how it works: you take a big ole wad of coca leaves, shove em in your maw, get em all salived up, add some baking soda (or any alkaline), and, voila! a mild coke a decent sized bump.  really, not a bad way to pass an afternoon.  

so i thought, 'awesome! now i can be all legal AND high'.  well, the perfect is, it seems, often the enemy of the good.  janus made it 36 years without a cavity; and now i've got this pit on two of my teeth right where the coca sat.  mutha fucker!  it was my first brush with mortality.  i realized that i would some day die. and i'd always rather realize other things.

my point is: next time you want a coke buzz, go and grab yourself a gram...fuck a bunch of short cuts.

you take sally/

and i'll take sue/

there ain't no differnce/

between the two/

cocaine...said it's runnin all round my brain,


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How come Harper is the only one looking out behind him.  I didn't think Canadian politics were that vicious ...

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Remember when the POTUS commanded the respect of the world such that they stood closest to the podium after the host nation leader.?

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the loathing of the US began with our self-rightousness after 9-11- about the time  "Neocon Iraqi Freedom" kicked off

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"Who's" the man standing next to Obummer.

Is he signalling the size of numbnuts brain or has he measured the Hope and Change.


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I don't know, but Merkel looks like she is gonna smack Mr Doughnut on the back of his head.

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did y'all know hollywood made a movie bout janus?

how many of you know what it means to be hated...i mean really, really hated?

you know that guy who can pick up any chic? i'm him, on crack.

learning to hate is a vital step along the way to LOVE.  don't take janus's word for it; just ask Christ, 'in order to love Me, you must hate your mother, father, brothers & one family, two will be against think I came to bring peace? I bring a sword!'

and, behold, 'light did but enter the world, but men preferred the darkness instead'.

and, again, 'unless a grain of wheat dies, it dies unto itself; but if it dies, it bringeth forth much fruit...' selah.

janus has a few things to say to hollywood.  and tom cruise is gonna owe janus're welcome, tom.

janus has seen something of late: women and children, young and old, rich and poor, agile and lame, the bookish and the not-so-bright...all, to a one, walkin about in a malaise, petitioning the heavans, and all with a single question burnished in their bosom (he he he...janus said bosom): what was tolstoy tryin to say in war and peace?

well, fret no more, good people of planet earth; i shall quiet the rumblings in your soul.  you see, tolstoy was basically attempting to demonstrate that 'greatness' is less an individual attribute than a process of time itself.  great men are made by great times, are molded by adversity and are inextricably wedded to their epoch.  

napoleon was just such.

now, tommy boy, here's your pitch:

the greatest epic on film should be about my buddy, napoleon bonaparte; and there is but one actor who can pull of the intensity and fire that radiated from within him.  tom is also at the perfect point in his career -- as he can move with verve from the young artillary leiutenant...unto the greatest general of the modern age, unto the first counsel days, and then his nadir, the triumphant return to GLORY, and, sadly, his apogee.

what's her name, that chic from johnny depp's alice in wonderland, yes, that one, helen something or the other; she shall play josephine.  ryan phillippe shall play one of napoleon's brothers.  and luke wilson the other (i think luke is due a role like this).  oh, and napoleon's mother was very important.  i'm thinkin helen mirren; or maybe angelica houston.

anyway, you boyZ out west can fill in the gaps.  janus would love to write the script, but i've got bigger fish to FRY...whales even.  (i would, however, like to do some of the dialog.) 

so, there ya go...done and done.  we can now wrap this up in a nice lil package -- ready, just in time, for delivery to the american people and those film fans in the world beyond.

on another note.  believe it or not, a three-day drunk is not all it's cracked up to be.  goddam demon rum.  and now it's hot as fuckin hell outside.  so i can't even go and exercize this funk from out my system...i've got to just stew in these alcoholic toxins...and, what's worse, i made the fool mistake of promising the misses that i wouldn't drink tonight.  awww shit.

the salt of mirth,



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self important gibberish

janus's picture

can't you do bettah?

i mean to say, i gave you three posts and you can't say anything but 'self important gibberish'?

self-important?  you better believe it, nobody loves me like i do, bitch.

i want your hate.

they say i'm cocky/

and i say what/

it ain't braggin mutha fucker if you back it up,



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 Is that "Tricky Dick" reincarnated, at the podium?

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Bonz if I may...

Bernanke and Geithner as Calvin and Hobbes playing "Calvinball"

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The Obomber pic is great. I love that one, but his hair is going to get chalkier the more tired & overworked he gets, and closer we get to the election.

I recall Clintons hair changed interday depending on the audience.

Old tactics die hard.

Contagion Band - green arrow.

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maybe he's actually a cadaver that has a voice module implanted to sync up to the teleprompter

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CA, the next day BHO works will be the first.  Seriously, that guy has led a totally manufactured, synthetic, and parasitic existance his entire life.  I'd think his face muscles would cramp from that completely fake smile he wears all the time.

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You voted for Obama to prove you weren't a racist? Good. Now vote for somebody else, to prove you're not stupid !.  Tee-Shirts/ Bumper Stickers?, anything. He needs to go away.

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Actually, his hair is getting bleached out with all the time on the golf course. 

williambanzai7's picture

Yes, pretty soon he will look like Bill Crosby.

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Bill...have you seen those European semi-trucks with the murals painted on the side to give a visual of something very different...aquarium, cases stacked from the ceiling, etc.

Maybe they should paint them with stacks of Euros end to end and some slogan like "Fresh Euros to save your ATM day".   That should calm nerves and make the algos go nuts.

williambanzai7's picture

Yes, I have. They have different versions in Hong Kong with animae style art.

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Hi Bill....voted for your today and you jumped to 3rd place.  Now if only politics were that easy we might have a real person to vote for this November.

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I didnt realize that TD was included in the image of "People we admire" - Thanks WB!


Sir Peter said: ‘I’ve chosen people I admire, great people and some who are dear friends. I had a very long list of people who I wanted to go in but couldn’t fit everyone in. I think that shows how strong British culture is and its legacy over the last six decades.’

Read more:

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Dude, you got  no respect for our important leaders.

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The Title of this post lead me to believe it would feature a picture of Evangelos Venizelos's rear end...

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tamboo- keep up the good fight

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President Doughnut!  Your Doughnutness!  Mister Doughnut!  Or even - President Onut or Onuts

WALLST8MY8BALL's picture

Mr. Presidoughnut! Ich Ben Ein Berliner!

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There you go! Cracked me up.

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Check out van Rompuy and Putin. Looks like vR is trying to project a thought into P's brain pan:

van Rompuy (muttering a bit too loudly): You vill sell us gas at a discount price ... You vill sell us gas at a discount price ...

Putin (farting loudly): You can have that for free!

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Yes, that Greek debt load certainly looks unstable, but once they get on the German autobahn it must be covered with a TARP -- as per Timothy Franz Geithner's strictures.

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"If you just push that turd in the punchbowl aside, there's plenty for everyone."

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Germany is right...'Shut up US/England your debt load is 8%, ours is 3%....clean up your own bankrupt trashy ghetto'

williambanzai7's picture

Please accept our sincere apology for Mr Doughnuts behavior. Unfortunately we have no control over him and his posse.

The people who control him are the same people controlling your politicians.

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Nixon said "I am not a Crueller!"

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Awesome as always.

I do believe it's the first time I've ever seen WTF in such a fine poetic light.

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OMG, incompetence!  WB nails it again!    Thank goodness I didn't have any liquids to spit!

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Im thinking he's gonna save that for the Beach party pics after the summit.

williambanzai7's picture

Maybe we should just start calling him Mr Doughnut...

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But really; the crucially important thing is to do everything possible to ensure that we are soon calling him, Mr. Ex-President ! That's the important thing.