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ZH Evening Wrap Up 6/20/12

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Some headlines from today

- Obama manages campaign funds like the U.S. economy, spending more than he takes in to let Romney close cash gap -- you know, other people's money & such

- U.K. government tries to hip check executives, apparently unfamiliar with shareholders ability to remove the board if they don't like the way the company is run -- if they just nationalize their firms it would be all taken care of

- China lowers requirements in order to attract foreign institutional investors

- Merkel's party pushes back on notion of relaxing Greece's bailout terms -- say they have wasted enough time already with the elections... sooo no new bailout negotiations?

- Rochester, New York shows that our youth isn't deteriorating -- definitely more entitlements & less discipline is needed for these poor, poor children... *On a serious note: our core is rotting, and those of you who care need to make a stand before it's too far gone


On a long enough timeline

- Commodities crumble as stocks only stumble

- The fundamental flaw in the fed's thinking... sans the fact that they believe they can influence the individual in the first place

- Bernanke, Phd, "thinks" a lot about the economy

- LCH hikes italian bond margins... must.not.short.anything.ever

- Drum roll please.... zzzz ... Fed extends twist $267bn through end of 2012, Hatzius confuzzled

- Just the facts on the JPM beached whale unwind rumor... but, but they said on tv


If you're too lazy to read the news, you can listen to it here


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