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3 young teen girls were tearing greeting cards in half and putting them back on the shelves for kicks.  Dear mom,,, 82,,,, said maybe you girls should just look at them and not touch them and she was told promplty to mind her own Fing business,,,,,,, any hope for when SHTF????   14 year olds behaving like that.......... seeds,  lead,  land,  and water.  A few lead poisoning delivery  systems as well.  Hope seems to have faded long ago.  One spark,,,,,  big fire.  Soon.

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A friend from Sacramento called today.  He was at a chain pharmacy when he noticed a big pit bull sitting down behind the counter where the pharmacists and techs work.  He asked them what the deal was with the dog back there.  It seems they are having trouble with young adults, mostly Hispanic running in and jumping the counter, grabbing bottles of pills and then running back out of the store and onto the street.  They take off a layer of clothes and are unidentifiable -- if anyone is even caught.

Our friend asked if they were worried about liability with the dog biting anyone.  The pharmacist replied "Not yet".

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its funny because its true

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People do not want pain hence the addiction to pain killers as well as the endless infusions of debt into the system by politicians trying to muffle and muzzle the pain of the free market.

The victory of Monti will be short lived and the Nurenberg of the free market will find him to be a clown with sneakers trying to climb Mt Everest as one of the earlier contributors wrote. Great turn of phrase.

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BTW, the Germans are no fools. There is much more going on here than meets the eye.

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Setting up to show the German voters that France and the PIIGS will never live up to commitments, and that remaining in the Euro will drag Germany into endless yet hopeless money-printing to save French and PIIGS banks?  Hyperinflation is inevitable -- unless Germany drops the Euro and goes back to the Deutsche Mark, regardless of the short term export and German Bank pain.  

Chancellor Merkel needs to convince German voters they are on a burning platform, and that jumping off into unknown water is less worse than staying on the platform and surely burning alive.    

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Watching the Greek farce should have convinced a lot of people already!

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More Equity Rally Expected.

Any traders predicting a multi month equity rally apart from me ?

As of today I am.

Last week was the turning point.

Significant equity upside expected this year according to my analysis.

However the SPX big picture remains very bearish and unfortunately this will not change.

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banzai , i must disagree. 


the 'hyper' debasement is not the cause of the riot. if we suddenly stop printing money, there will also be a riot. you are conflating the spark with the powder keg. 

the powder keg is that we have a whole world full of society's that have grown unchecked for 50 years. major superpowers and developed countries of all stripes save russia have gone totally growth crazy and debt crazy, promises have been made, savings have been placed in paper form inside 'banks', promises have been made, organization have been created with employees that must continue to run on inertia rather than on supplying a demand for a service from a sustainable individual or sustainable organzation. 


the WEB that was built up, the social/economic/poliical web that we call our world and all of the things built into it that cannot continue to go on----the control system that has perpetuated this web in order to gorge itself on borrowed or stolen savings and taxes and fees--------


all of this is the cause. it's not the money. MONEY DOESN'T EXIST. it's just the place holder for all the human behavior and expectations. PEOPLE , RELATIONSHIPS AND EXPECTATIONS are the cause.


i'm not merely being a 'LINGUIST'. George orwell is a big thinker on the topic of how langague is used to control and create impressions of society. propoganda if you will'. I am pointing out the language of the truth of how things are. people who say the problem is just 'money' are themselves usually just misunderstanding or pushing propoganda ----- creating a false impression that MORE money , or NO MORE MONEY is the solution. neither is the 'solution'. there is no salvation. 

I am shiva, the destoyer.

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of course, you are mostly, and uniquely correct,


which incidently, makes all Economists redundant as they merely masturbate, especially Krugman and Roubini et al,


as money is the human expression of integrity, nobility and divinity.


And, today, humanity has devolved and more resembles a mass of rats caught in flooding sewers.


Today, Humanity has lost it's humanity, reason and intellect.


The American "leadership" are so scared (for themselves) they are killing anything that moves: Fear is the ruling emotion of Global "leadership" and this fear together with the massive incompetence of Policy, directed by the totally failed and corrupt bankers, civilization in the Year 2012 will experience total collapse.


Keep you head and remain cool to survive. Mileage will Vary.


Good Luck to all life forms.



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In Europe you already have young disaffected people ready to riot.

All you have to do is expand that lot by squeezing the middle class savings wealth as we have done.

The sliver of obscene wealth sitting at the top of the European pyramid has plenty to worry about.

I don't see some startling economic restructuring turn around pulling them through. Not with China running flat and ready to undercut everyone else. They are going to have to sell an awful lot of olives and cheese to pay back all those debts.

Money does not exist, but you need it to put the bread on the table. And the more difficult that becomes the dodgier it gets on the street. How dodgy? We shall see.

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Riots and revolutions that we had did not change the system - of exploitation, generating powerlessness, and mindless dependancy. The structures changed, the underlying foundation remained.

Bakunin and P-J Proudhon are long forgotten.

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It is genetically built into human civilization. Just take a look at out closest cousins the chimpanzees.

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Bill Livingston makes that very point:

"Have Fun at Work", ISBN 0-937063-05-3, by William L. Livingston, F.E.S. Books


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"Mr. Reagan will raise taxes, and so will I. He won't tell you. I just did."

I am Mondale, the destroyer. You have been warned.

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William Banzai 7 is sometimes at his best with clever use of historical materials.

Maybe all along it was - as said in ZH articles months ago - that the German banks and insurers and pension funds are as vulnerable to collapse here as much as the GIIPS countries, the lender as well as the borrower.

But maybe too, the euro-farce has, as Jim Sinclair and others have hinted, been all along just a very strange devious game ... to distract the world from the core USA 'reserve currency' Ponzi ... which would indeed explain why the US swap lines etc. are used via the back door for euro-land and elsewhere.

EU staff themselves are puzzled as to why the euro-game goes on like it does ... No doubt more installments of this farce will be televised ... more fodder for WB7's creativity on the way.

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I don't think this problem is compartmentalized. The entire global financial system has exchanged precious bodily fluids and is infected with the same financial STDs. There is one big pile of debt and there is no one to bail it all out. So the only viable alternative is hyper currency debasement which will surely lead to an epic riot.

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any special measures/advice on how to face/see through this "epic" event sir banzai?

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I don't spend to much time thinking about it. If you are in an urban area and things get really sick, you are fucked. If you are on a farm maybe you will last longer. But not much. The world is too small.

I have no idea how things will play out. All I know is people much smarter about this stuff are genuinely worried and that is a real cause for concern because we have a paralyzed/captive State.

What we need is another crisis that really scares the pants of everyone. Enough to shake the crony monkeys out of the trees. Wishful thinking.

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Crony monkeys won't fall from trees until sheeples challenge their own religious beliefs.  When the questions become "What am I doing on this planet?  Am I just this physical body?  What is time?" - then the rickety (financial, political) systems will sway and topple.  Our most powerful energies are stolen/stored in the churches/mosques/synagogues waiting to be reclaimed - or not.

Fukushima did not do it (yet) because death from radiation is slow and easy to dismiss.

I wonder what crisis will awaken the slumbering sheeple?

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I agree with the Buckaroo's analysis:  Merkel publicly mentioned about ending naked swaps, then she was in a conference with the central banksters and she dropped that tact.

Meanwhile the US Treasury is so enamored with naked swaps, they won't even broach the subject of ever ending them??????

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Naked swaps may at some level serve a useful purpose. But I just think what we have now is rampant speculation that is for the benefit of the financial industrial complex and no one else.

I really went full circle on derivatives. Initially I thought they were the lubrication of globalized commerce. But we have moved way beyond that. They are now designed to pay Bob Diamond, Jamie D, Lloyd Blankfein and others obscene bonus wealth when the rest of the economy is bleeding.

And every time another major fraud like this Libor situation comes up, there is one word you always hear. It starts with a D.

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It was always about France and Germany and the extent of their debt exposure .  Merkel may be a seasoned mountain climber but she is teethered to clowns in sneakers.

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"Merkel may be an experienced mountain climber but she is tethered to clowns with sneakers. "

Beautiful phrase. Worth framing.