Top 10 Warning Signs of a Global Endgame

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What a difference a year has made!  About this time last year, the dollar seemed on the brink of disaster amid the debt ceiling debate at U.S. Congress.  U.S. CDS spiked 430% in three months, and S&P downgraded the U.S. sovereign debt credit rating for the first time in history.  At the time, Euro crisis looked could be contained, and China's growth story was largely intact to still fuel the world GDP.  So it was of little surprise that the dollar collapse was ranked as the top global risk last year (See Table Below) by consultancy Oxford Analytica that could put the world into a tailspin.  

Now, one year later, while conflicts within and with the Middle East region are still among the top global risks, the paradigm has definitively shifted to China and Europe (See Table and Chart Below). Among the top 10 global risks this year, we see 'Sharp Slowdown in China' as the most clear and present danger to the world.      

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Data Source: Oxford Analytica, July 1, 2012



Graphic Source: Oxford Analytica, July 1, 2012


With the simultaneous slowdown in U.S. and Europe, China has become a major market for business and corporations to rely on for revenue and growth.  However, economic data coming out of China has gone from bad to worse as Europe's crisis seriously hurt China's heavy export-reliant economy. Chinese manufacturing indexes slipped to 48.4 in June, a seven-month lows, as overseas orders dropped (See Chart Below), while Chinese Yuan also had its biggest quarterly decline in 7 years.  


This current economic downshift in China has generated a long rippling effect on many countries and corporations around the world.  For example, China is a key growth market for Nike, and the company's shares suffered their biggest decline since December 2008 last Friday as profits declined due to slow demand in China.  

With China's consumer price index rising only 3% YoY in May, the slowest in 17 months, some believe  Beijing may launch another stimulus program to stabilize growth.  But since China has bad inflation problem, and honestly, the country probably has run out of things to build after its massive 4-trillion-yuan stimulus package post 2008 financial crisis, small and incremental easing measures are most likely in the next 3 to 5 years.  The main concern for China is the lack of data and transparency as to the health of its regional banks, and local governments.  So assuming no major blowup, China most likely would still go through a cool-down period, which also means a few lean years ahead for the rest of the world.    


Within the past year or so, Euro crisis has evolved into a full-blown sovereign debt crisis that could potentially cause yet another global banking and economic chaos.  In contrast, since the U.S. is the first wave of the 2008 financial crisis, America is largely on the mend, albeit at a snail's pace.  However, with stubbornly high unemployment rate and low job creation dragging down consumer sentiment and spending, 'U.S. Deflationary Trap' as emerged as the No. 9 global risk.  But for now, we see a cycle of slow or no growth as a more likely scenario for the U.S., rather than a prolonged 'deflation trap'.       

Investor's funds flow out of Europe and risky assets seeking the safety of U.S. Treasury has propped up the Dollar, while keeping the U.S. borrowing cost low, despite Fed's two rounds of quantitative easing and national debt topping the $15-trillion mark.  Nevertheless, the latest CBO report estimates that the U.S. public debt could reach 200% GDP in 25 years if current tax and spending policies are extended.  By comparison, the essentially bankrupt Greece debt load is forecast to just top 160% this year.  And don't forget, the debt ceiling debate could take place again this year.  That suggests it could be just a matter of time that dollar demise would top the global risk chart again.    


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Corporatism Is Not Capitalism: 7 Things About The Monolithic Predator Corporations That Dominate Our Economy That Every American Should Know



#1 Corporations not only completely dominate the U.S. economy, they also completely dominate the global economy as well.  A newly released University of Zurich study examined more than 43,000 major multinational corporations.  The study discovered a vast web of interlocking ownerships that is controlled by a "core" of 1,318 giant corporations.

But that "core" itself is controlled by a "super-entity" of 147 monolithic corporations that are very, very tightly knit.  As a recent article in NewScientist noted, these 147 corporations control approximately 40 percent of all the wealth in the entire network....

When the team further untangled the web of ownership, it found much of it tracked back to a "super-entity" of 147 even more tightly knit companies - all of their ownership was held by other members of the super-entity - that controlled 40 percent of the total wealth in the network. "In effect, less than 1 percent of the companies were able to control 40 percent of the entire network," says Glattfelder. Most were financial institutions. The top 20 included Barclays Bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and The Goldman Sachs Group.

Unsurprisingly, the "super-entity" of 147 corporations is dominated by international banks and large financial institutions.  For example, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America are all in the top 25.

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That article is a great display of the cognitive dissonance that shows up on these boards daily.

Corporatism is the absolute telos of Capitalism.

The naivete is astounding.

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Do you think free enterprise and capitalism are the same thing?

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Just ten, why not hundred, thousand, how many warning signs do you need. Stop that clock ticking please, my house of cards is almost finished and the vibration of that damn clock might just collapse it.

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I can't see Fukushima on that top 10 chart. The big corporate gift that will keep on giving for generations.



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How about the white elephant in the room that is the US?

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Read slowly with slightly different intonations all 10 are equally believable. Bring it on world. And BTFD.

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Read slowly with slightly different intonations all 10 are equally believable. Bring it on world. And BTFD.

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Ummm which one of the list above happens?  How a little bit of ALL of the above.  Conceivably if something major happens the other items could take advantage of the situation as focus is taken away.

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And don't forget the record surplus of crude. And record high pump prices so consumers will only use as much as necessary. The surplus is stored for war...

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Well, zero for ten last year.

For this year:

  - Russian Authoritarianism - haven't they had that for a couple thousand years

  - Pakistan collapse - who could tell unless  someone steals the nukes

  - South China Sea conflict - already been going on for many years

  - North Korea - that would be South Korea's problem

  - Cartels capture Mexican state - that happened a long time ago, in US banking cartel captured the state, drug

            dealers are better rulers


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best analysis on the subject :D

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Show me the money Germany, Merkel says NEIN!! so better load up on treasuries, Marc Faber said on CNBC to buy good quality Spain equiteis and also German equities. I think the big part of that move is over.

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Spot on. "And we shall see." If China's growth slows to "a meager 4 percent" the global economy will "absolutely feel like a depression." The fact of the matter is however the USA sinks or swims on its own recovery. I think John Robert's decision on healthcare will go down in history as one of the gutsiest decisions in history...besides being one of the most significant decisions in history as well. I'm a big supporter! Will it be what breaks us through to a recovery? Don't know. Should the President and Candidate Romney wish to debate (how about a multitude? say "5 days straight?") i offer my services..."to provide that backdrop of dynamism" as is my wont (or is it lot?) in life. Indeed...I...disabledvet hereby offer my services! Let's get this party started! (for the record i have no private health insurance whatsover. though some claim i should. or is it life insurance?)

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Top ten warning signs of 2013 in no particular order


  1. China whipsaws from an inflationary cycle to deflationary. China's rich demand everything American
  2. US dollar is king and hyperinflationists finally admit it
  3. Gold sub $1000
  4. Silver sub $15
  5. US manufacturing renaissance led by the Mid West 
  6. Buy American campaign (grass roots, not government driven)
  7. Australian economy in deepest recession since great depression
  8. Expanded Dictatorial leadership in Europe. EU steals the role from the US as global agitator 
  9. US political shake up (scandals and possibly suicides)
  10. M.E. wars end on protests
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10.M.E. wars end on protests back in the real world...

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Manufacturing making a comeback in the midwest? Maybe midwest Asia or Africa. As long as labor is cheaper in other places the American elites will be doing their manufacturing there.


China's rich start snorting coke end of story!

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US manufacturing renaissance led by the Mid West

Awesome!  I'll be laughing about that one all night.  Thanks!

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Don't wet yourself. The fact is that for many machine builders, the US, after a multi decade hiatus, is once again the fastest growing market. It's to my advantage that people find this hard to believe. 

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China's rich demand everything American...


Thats funny.

ozziindaus's picture

Man I'm getting so many laughs, I may take this show on the road. 

If you haven't already noticed the pattern, China is the new Japan and as we've seen so many times before, it's America's culture, or perception of, that always stands resilient. 

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Top one reason we are fucked: The Fed is in Charge

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the top one reason you americans are fucked, is 'cause you're all letting yourselves get fucked! when will you all take to the streets and take your country back? please give me at least one days' notice, so i can re-subscribe to CNN! i'll be rootin' for you guys! 

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There's nothing wrong with the U.S.A. that 100,000 feet of strong

rope couldn't cure.

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11) A socialist muslim is elected president of the US and spends $7 for every $1 increase in GDP amounting to a 50% increase in debt in less than 4 years.

Wait - that could happen again in 2012! We're doomed.

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By any chance are you looking in the mirror?

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He's not a Muslim but I sure wish he was a Socialist.  We'd be better off.  Instead he's a corporate puppet, just like the rest of them.

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Obama IS an ARABIC, lying sack of shit douchebag of the highest (read: lowest) order.

He IS a Muslim! He is a cry baby cunt, that cannot stand on his own two feet.

He is not a real man to boot. Real men don't make excuses, or blame others.


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Marxist, socialist, and Islamist are working together to get rid of capitalism and the U.S.

Can it be any more obvious?


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Wait, I thought it was the Jews. Didn't Jews invent socialism? And banking? Now they are working with Islamists?

Protocols of the Elders of Zion needs an update.


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No money is flowing into Treasuries.  That's a f*cking lie.  The buyer is the Chairsatan known as Ben Shalom Bernanke.

Tyler, link to this guy from Canada's articles.

The US is buying it's own debt & hiding it = End Game approacheth.

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no need to go to some guys website for this info---- its right on the FRED st louis fed website- 60-70% of treasuries are being bought now by the FED- up from 20 % two years ago. Chinese have left the building. There is only one buyer left for usa debt- the fed! Gov spends a dollar- needs to borrow 55 cents, so treasury issues a bond for 55cents and the fed buys 70% of it by printing a fed note for 40 cents. so we have arrived where 40 cents of every dollar the gov spends is now purely printed. It is the magical perpetual money machine, until it isnt. 

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What I get from these forecasts is there are no reliable forecasts at all.  I was around when Oxford Analytica started in Oxford.  The people involved were charming and bright but had no better clue than the man on the street about what was going to happen and this was born out by subsequent events.  The only forecasting team that has had some success for awhile was Pierre Wack's "Group (Environmental) Panning' at Shell International Petroleum Company joint HQ in London and even they wound up becoming purveyors of pscychoanalytic Jungian pablum in the end.  

Most of these forecasting or "scenario building" groups get paid big bucks to make decision makers feel like they are making good decisions.  They are really no better than the astrologers of the acient world and the middle ages.  The "complex adaptive system" that is our world has too many feedback loops and complex interactions for anyone to be able to predict anything out more than a few a days (much like the weather forecasts) and even that is problematic.  The "experts" are not changing this reality by talking about "scenarios" and suggesting we monitor paths to different scenarios.  Thats like talking about the entrails of different sacrificed animals.  Still its nice work if you can get it and people have always paid fortune tellers well out of fear or greed or just plain human desire to feel in control.  Heck I've played that game myself a time or two but I never fooled "myself" that I had a true crystal ball.  All you can do is elucidate the issues and even then you get suprised half the time when you get blind sided by issues you had not even imagined.

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You miss the point of forecasting----

which is to get your 'forecast' to be the most popular and excepted thereby influencing the outcome of human behavior. first off, the get paid, and second off to create situations where you get better information which is then actionable ( insider info ). 


by forecasting 'succesfully' you are not succesfully predicting the future, you are succesfully getting people to change their behavior based on your 'forecasts' and thus to put others, and oneself, in a position to make a lot of money off their behavior. 


this is the essense of wall street 'forecasting' as a business. 

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Yes, and it's been shown over and over that experts in a particular field are even worse at forecasting the future of that field than a random person.

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Generally I'd agree, but let me predict this. Human nature doesn't change. Technology has improved but wisdom hasn't. This civilisation will end in the same manner as the Roman and previous civilisations did. How is will play out is unclear, given the vastly different population from all the other collapses, but it sure wont be pretty.

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So is it global endgame or are we saved? I can't tell from one headline to the next.

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i just blame bush , right. tell me o' massa who do i blame?

obama is king

obama gave us free healthcare no one can afford

obama is god...

yup, blame bush

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Fuck Yeah! That fucking Muslim Obama appointed Chief Justice Roberts, the guy who wrote the SCOTUS majority opinion upholding ObamaCare.




you poor bastards better divest yourselves of any remaining illusions regarding now meaningless and corrupted partisan or ideological beliefs.



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As long as it gets the Repubtards to come out and vote for Romney this November then all is right is the world.

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Romney is essentially the same as Obama.  I'm voting for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian with an actual platform.  To me, "wasting my vote" means voting for someone I oppose.  Doing so is like beating yourself up twice, in the event that your lesser of two evils choice wins.

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No, we have saved the global endgame for the next headline. Got it straight?

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Just when you think 'the end' is nigh, TPTB come up with some other scheme to kick the can further down the road.  The schemes are numerous and get more ridiculous as they come down the pike. 

I am more than ready to see this thing implode.  It can't come fast enough for me.


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cartels taking over mexican state?!

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bullish for organ theft.

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How about little green men land their space ship on earth (as a global risk) !

This Oxford forecast is propaganda (disguised at intellectual material) for furthering conning the sheeple.






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you had to make it personal didn't ya...