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before i roll-out part 3, let me go ahead and give away the punch-line:

nobody hates you, faggots (at least not in my generation, nor the ones succeding) oh-so desperately hate yourselves.  no pill or persuasion can soothe or salve; tis your own cross to bear...what, with the nail-stains and thorn-crowns, you'd think you prissy-boys would willingly assume the burden; insofar as it's vogue and whatnot.  really, no one i know, nor have known in quite a while, wishes you ill.  we're all pretty much cool with the fact that you bump butts with othah the fuck what?  we accept it; why can't you?  we don't need the parades...we don't parade for pussy (even though we'd love to), and it's because it's ancillary to our manhood.  figure out what manhood means apart from sexuality, and then you won't need parades or pomp of any sort...nor the approval of momma, nor daddy, nor sister...nor fuckin nobody.

ALL 'special groups': stop celebrating your difference -- identify with and fall in love with your similarity.  all Man is One.

"behold, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you."

and that's all i'll say bout that...and on with the story:

so there were two good situations that smoldered up from the foul pit of sodomy...the first came forth from taxi-stand no. 11 here in xxxxxx.  it was the night of the celtic loss to miami...pity.  and since i didn't yet know the score, i figured i'd ask these two bright-eyed lads bedecked with sparkling green shirts.  celtics fans, no fuckin doubt.

doubt on, bitchez.  twernt so...they'd just returned from a gay-prided parade -- and, suffice it to say, they were mighty proud of said occasion...wanted to share and whatnot.  janus was still healin from his last queer encounter.  and so the radio was duly kicked-up a few notches.  but, like i've said before, janus hasn't any 'gay-dar'...which is why i engaged them in sport-talk from the outset.

'what was the final score'.

'what did you say'? inquire the proudly gay.

'who won?'

'we all WON!!!'  exclaimed the dark-haired and carefully couiffed one on the left.

'what the fuck are you talking about'? (which is ususally a question aimed at janus; so, for once, he felt good bein able to blast it at others)

...eventually we discovered that we were reading differnt pages of the paper...they mired in the style section and janus steady in sports.  

again, the music was turned a bit louder as janus ignored questions meant, he felt, to antagonize...

a couple stray comments were cast janus's way in the course of our travel to waltham -- the city of restaurants (or so they say).  but i ignored them, along with the el salvadorian tryptic of cafes we passed while coastin through moody street.  

a feeling that was unmistakable kept creepin up my spine...i've felt it before, and i know what to call it.  but, for the sake of polity and whatnot, let's just be friendly and call it disgust.

and then, like a bolt from the blue, the radio ( ), at frequency post meridian 92.5, streaks forth with this bit of brotherly-binding brilliance! (perhaps the most perverse video ever legally recorded)

janus sez, 'you bitchez are gonna fuckin love this' (no shit, word for word).

i cranked it and they giggled.

then i proceeded to sing they were bubblin over with giggles.

so, twas 'tainted love' that bound these otherwise irreconcileable bruthas together...we shook hands at the end with glad entusiasm and thanked each other for the betterment of an otherwise dismal 15 minute drive.  and, by the way, thank you, soft cell, for your impossibly wierd brillance.  that song, tainted love, has attended janus-fuckin more than a few dozen times.  and it was always a blithe motivation unto something i cannot describe.

so, back to my son and his stuff with school:

there i was, confronted with all the reps of all the alphabet acronyms and school administrators and specially-selected teachers and city attorneys and psychologists and the whole fuckin lot...all of america's paradigm of perniciousness.  little did they know that i rode a roaring lucifer (again, my car's name) into their lot.  i parked all erect and very least two spaces.  it's a mutha fuckin road-master, for God's Sake.  buick, bitchez!

there were more than a dozen opposed...and there, all humble like, was lil janus, his wife, his son and GOD.

i guess i don't have to tell you that i swayed the entire for one -- the principal.  now, i'd carefully selected her as prey for me and those whose favor i would soon curry.  not only because her adopted children seemed more like badges of borguise acceptability than objects of love; and it wasn't because she seemed to be affecting the 15 year old boy style of slacker/sappy-loner;  all groups, and especially predators (like humans), demand a satisfying feeding.  and fed they were.  she made me do it...again, i felt i owed it to her.

you bitchez think i have dexterity and facility with words written?  well, i do...but it's nothing compared to my extemporaneous speaking.  as i've said, i have a presence.  i'm looking forward to a mass-demonstration.

nonetheless, and lest we again digress, i'll move along:

the janus family won all hearings...a gentle slap on the wrist and nothing more.  as was proper.  the lil bastard (my first-born) should have known better.  i felt like poppin him upside his pointed lil head.  stupid lil bitch...but i love him...and, though it's only been 22 hours, i miss him dearly.

at this point if feels like mentioning the second queer encounter would be superflous...and so it probably would.  i guess i'll conlcude by saying that all's good with janus if all's good with you, gay mafia.  i have no quarell with ya.  but, if you want one, i'll always be your mutha fuckin huckleberry:

the following not directed at any group, per se...but, it applies to all groups, per se.

my democracy only goes so far,



janus's picture

before i go and grill the flesh of the better-off bovine...let me introduce you to janus.

now, janus was instructed, from a VERY early age, to avoid the camera no matter what...but i'm done with all that advice.

here is a clip of janus talkin shit back at his alabama acreage...all proper-like (don't feel sorry for the squirell i shot...he was beggin for a 38 bullet):

you're welcome, bitchez.

long live the squirrel.

that's how i roll, bitchez.

enjoy whilst i grill,

the American

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Part 2 -- the second installment of my gay-mafia story...

okay, last we were discussin, janus's son was bein prevailed upon by deviants and demagogues.  they are a most unhappy lot, and therefore not terribly agile in the arena of argument.

but before i get to the hearings and whatnot, let me elaborate upon a few more expansive ideas:

queer-boy, your insecurities are not the obligation of the broader culture.  do you suppose, fag-man, that somehow, if-just-if, america accepts your 'life-choices' as valid and equal to their own that you will somehow be absolved of your innermost frailty?  if that is your hope, tis but a dyin ember in the bonfire of our collective vanity.  watch it smolder, observe its amber and ephemeral flicker as janus takes a leak on its irrelevance.

tis fair to say that janus has read a bit of freud...and i don't want to hurt your feelings.  so, i will keep this as superficial as possible.  again, janus wants to be friends with the are, generally speaking, a special-sort; and i bear you no malice.

furthermore, why do you insist on making your sexuality THE center-piece of your identity?  why, pray tell, is everthing that you are bound up in your homo-erotic ideation?  really, it underscores and exacerbates the insecurities that weigh heavy-like on your ego, id and superego.  

oh, and lest we omit the over-arching premise...know you not that 'acceptance' in the status quo is but kryptonite to the erortic compulsion?  in other words, you know (as does janus) that deviance is at the heart of your abberant attractions.  if, let us assume, you were looked upon with total acceptance by any and all, what would become of the 'this is so wrong, so do it i must' specific-gravity that radiates, pulses and lures from the nexus of your 'attractions'.  

no, we won't get into daddy and momma issues for now; but know this, gay-mafia, janus will extract them from the gaping ass-hole of your collective anxiety if needs be...fair warning.

now, back to the story:

a lil music first, if you please: (yup, that'n again)  (yup, janus is The American...learn it, BitcheZ) (yup, janus has it ALL till the revolution comes) (all the soldiers'll be alright, it'll be okay; may of cost a million men, but we got a million more)

and, just to make it an even five: (let's be/ let's be LOVE...where we be heaven)

in case you bitchez are curious...janus just cracked the crown of his 6th beer (and he don't feel heaven)

so, in all fairness, proceedeth then with #6  (ahhhh, glistening...just waitin for the band to come....well, mutha fuckers, the BAND has come -- their name is portugal. the man.  viddy well, lil sheep.)

oh, if you were curious, janus has come to seperate the sheep from the goats -- guess which side i'm on and what mutton i want.

janus defers to God in all-ways.  

part 3 up comming:

Requiem aeternam dona ets, Domine,
et lux perpetua luceat ets.
Te decet hymnus, Deus, in Sion,
et tibi reddetur votum in Jerusalem.
Exaudi orationem meam,
ad te omnis caro veniet. 
Requiem aeternam dona ets, Domine,
et lux perpetua luceat ets,


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(janus started on this last night after many, many beers -- didn't have enough time to finish, as i had to ride to logan and see them back to bama for the summer...i'll miss them.  in all my travails, i must concede that i've been very blessed in the children department; janus's 3 sons are da shit!  daddy loves you dearly, boyz.  anway, it's an awesome story that happens to be true)


so, janus has been livin out an experiment.  kinda makin art out of life...or, if you prefer, 'LIVIN' is my canvas and i spread a mighty-wide brush across it.  somethin like this:

this next song is a song of personal and political activism...and it was written for YOU...

let's begin again/

begin the begin...

janus thinks you need some more REM as remedy and all...

(a mean idea to call my own/ a hundred million birds fly/ singer sing me a given/ singer sing me a song/ standing on the shoulders of giants...leaves me cold.  a mean idea to call my own)

okay, Red.  the next song is for you, you crimson beauty from my youth...hangin strong in Lenox Hill.  PLEASE don't go back to "rockville"...janus is a-commin to ny-ny; just you hold still.  (do you remember how we swore to this song, Red?)

remember dis, Red?

janus knows you remember dis.

oh, i KNOW you remembah dis:

and dis:

you know, Xxxxxxx, back it the day:

misssssss ya, baby.

yes, i was tryin to corrupt you...that's how i roll.  too bad you're a good girl:


speakin of pilin the detritus...detritus and the flotsam and jetsam to boot.  the following is but a single layer in the alluvia of my humble experience:

here's how things go when you set to tryin somethin new (movin to a new area and all):

new things and different folk come out from nowhere and overwhelm ya.  well, they lay their best effort over ya; and, just like when you were taking your first, tiny steps -- you were puttin one foot in front of the other --  such was your first taste of life; you've gotta learn that life-goin-forward is a fight...and if you pretend otherwise, you'll fall afowl of those who understand this ever-prevelant axiom: "do for thyself before others come and do ya."  it is the silver rule; learn it or be boiled over by the Almighty wise.

so anyway, before i indulge you curious bitchez in some super-awesome story-tellin, i think i should issue some praise (so here it goes): Mark Cuban.  i saw your advise on bloomberg today...thank God someone has the nuts to tell the simple truth to the simple man.  they don't need extrapolated hypothicating...they need somthing to see them through, and at this point, it's cash.  TD and other faithful souls will, God willing, send the alarm when cash is about to fail (janus hopes he's among them); but, for the time being, cash is truly King.  long on cash for the now and now.  things are bout to get crazy.  avail yourselves of all easy exits.  bernak, you have made it so. even so, beware cash-wave will crash, ride the tube through, and before it crashes onto a golden beach, convert.  simple-like.  eaaaassssyyyy. 

where was i?  oh, yeah...michael stipe.  did i mention that proust is my favorite novelist?  i probably should cause some fags out there may misunderstand what's to come.  

i don't get into the business of explaining myself too often; but i feel i've bullied the queer too much of late.  and i mean to make amends.  so, sodomites, here's my fuckin apology:

right, so, last we'd discussed these 'disadvantaged folk' (whose median incomed exceeds that of the average american by, like, an additional zero), i was all sour over one of their ambassador's ill-advised advances in spite and my stern rebuke.  i didn't want to over-ride his will...i felt i owed it to him.

so, let's review:

1) janus moves to a hyper-gay province of america...thinkin these people are just like the earnest folk on that great ABC comedy, Modern Family.  oh, happy day!  they are nothing but poop-factory pokers who just so happen to merrily count among their ranks some of janus's favorite artist(e)s.  i don't need to name names...genius is just strewn with the faculty of fags.  they really have contributed a disproportionate share to Truth & Beauty...but i digress.  the reality is they are a tad 'different'.  and God bless em for it.  different is good.  up to a point, i should say.

2) that point would be where we are now, at #2.  when these well-kept and fastidious folk start making raunchy advances at naive cab-drivers; well, that's when the whole dynamic is contorted into something altogether unpleaseant thing that nobody wants.

3) what nobody wants: ickiness from ginger-headed queers out on a flight-of-fancy, you know: BC grads with nothing better to do than unmask their blush-making sexual abberations in front of regular-folk.  tain't cool, mcgee.

so, since then i've had two redeeming encounters with queer-folk (i'll get to the relevant facts later).  and the second one made up for the first titanic collision janus suffered; just by accidentially spillin up against the iceberg that shall henceforth be know as 'the gay mafia',  janus learned that some human terrain can be all thorns and thistles... to put it another way, BE THE FUCK WARE, not speak its name above a wisper (the gay-mafia is real, and they mean business).    

sometimes, my brothers, life can be frown-making...and as things would have it,  janus just happened to trip backward into this hyperventilating hornet's nest of hysteria -- the gay mafia (GLAD), and for some strange reason the vigilant jew (ADL).  no hyperbole here... i've done more than danced with this melancholy lot -- we've done the tango and the two-step.  make no mistake, they are dangerous dancers (who insist on leading); they are out for blood; they are subtle; they are serruptitious; they are cagy; all the same, they are no match for janus...allow me to explain:

have you ever seen the move "office space"

know the scene '(if thus and such happens) i'm gonna set the building of fire'?  the famous milton line?

well, so does my eldest son...and he thinks it's clever, as does his ole man.  and inspite of this seemingly safe majority, some dissenters don't seem to 'get it'.  shame on them for their lack of humor and the sense thereof.

but, believe it or not, the cops are the ones who ended up getting it (God bless the boyz in blue; at least in this case)...sadly though, my son's activist-lesbian principal didn't find much mirth in the whole matter.  and if it was my son's expulsion she wanted, she should have never let ole janus speak in his defense.

no shit, zhealots, i'm lucky this didn't make it on the news...and mark zuckerberg is lucky he doesn't live in boston any longer.  and, btw, i think zuckerberg is a latent homo...not that there's anything wrong with that.  i'll get to that later; cause it matters.

so, as preface to the following i'll say the following...cause it's totally germaine to the story at hand:  i only allowed my son to create a facebook account with the understanding that his page and comments would only be seen by his most intimate friends.  and that was that.

now, in spite of my instructions, young mark zuckerberg goes off on a tantrum and defaults everyone's account to some sort of orgy-like open status.  thank you, caligula!  you mutha-fuckin reprobate.  you gonna open up my son's wrestlin videos to any BC grad with a mouse and an internet connection.  you deviant fucker, zuckernuts!  goddam you.  

but this is only the beginning.  sissyberg had to go and tattle on my first-born for something so innocent as the following:

(now, be a good sport and all, he and his friends used to quote this movie the way janus and his friends quoted all manner of cinema)

i may not have the exact words right, but his comment on facebook went something like this: "gay-pride day at (high school's name), gonna set the building on fire..."

all in good fun, right?

well, apparantly, some lesbian principals in mass. take a dim view of such witty tomfoolery.  i know, i was taken aback, too.  they need to be more broadminded, thinks janus.  and if you aren't a lil limp-dick like zuckerbust, you'll agree.  

as you already know, common sense and a deft logician will always prevail in such grim circumstances.  

(this is the end of part 1...janus will now post it and proceed with part, the 2nd)

rollin through these hills/

...ain't a man in life who like to be alone/

been a while since i seen my lady smile/

have i been? have i been a way sooo long/

i am tired, i am tired,



janus's picture


awesome reel today.  i've copied a few of those for my permanant Banzai-File.

know what, WildBill?  janus is right-now sippin from his WB7 Hangin-Liberty mug (that one that was temporarily confiscated); which can only mean one thing -- janus is feelin frisky.

but janus is also mighty-sad.  a great man has passed...a true american hero, and, may i add, a personal hero too.

here's to you, Sherrif Taylor!  janus agrees...what america needs most is a new sherriff:

luv ya, Andy!  God Bless yer soul...happy trails, brutha griffith.

the sherriff is dead, long live the new sherriff:

things a-gonna be different now that rango's in town,


PS i think it's story time -- be back a bit later


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 Is that first pic, "Billie Jean King",wearing Google Goggles?

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Waaayy OT:  But, WB7,  are / is there any concern regarding the U.K. handing the keys to H.K. to China?


Pretty sure someone with your penchant for truth in satire would place you on any and all "watch" lists.


Come on out to California!..  We can fraud up some finances with the best of em..

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Mary Poppins???

Is nothing sacred???

Cross comment from Rolling Stone:

Well, one attorney did mention "..their culture had gone astray..."  (Astray???)

Wonder where he's been the last 2,000 years?

One has to go back to the 1700s to notice that the oldest corporation in existence (and still is), the City of London Corporation, bought out their monarchy in a slick S.I.L.O. real estate deal (referred to back then as a "perpetually renewable"), thus ensuring the future status of the City as a global speculation capitol.

Add fixing the LIBOR rates to unlimited unregistered trusts to hide ownership and wealth, unlimited number of investors permitted per hedge fund, unlimited access to the DTCC's Stock Borrow Program (SBP --- for naked short selling), unlimited number of commodity futures contracts and unlimited number of credit default swaps --- as in those infamous "naked swaps."

Not much else left to be fixed, as we've already learned of all that financial fixing which took place among the so-called rating agencies of S&P, Moody's and Fitch.

But for some peculiar reason, so much of their resources are directed at destroying Bradley Manning and Wikileaks and Wikileaks' Julian Assange?

Read more:

And about that extradition, please hear former FBI SAC and whistleblower, Colleen Rowley,

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Horror-show rabbitting there, WB7!

For today's lunch hour project, I thought I'd brush up on my Nadsat slang invented by the late, great author (of course) of A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess.


Nadsat slang:
Slooshy my slovos and blub, my dear little malchicks and devotchkas! Why it’s enough to drive a chelloveck bezoomney! The useless millicents are too busy chasing petty prestoopniks to bother with these nadmenny, crasting bratchneys stuffing their carmans with great heaping gobs of the lewdies’ pretty polly.

But each nochy as I lay my gulliver on my podooshka, my droogs, I sneet a choodessny sneety full of generous lashings of the old Ultra-violence - of hordes of stomping sabogs, tolchocking the sharries and yarblockos; and hundreds of rookers skvatting these crasters by their shiyars and punchi-punching their zoobies down their lying gorlos and dragging them off to the deep, dark stripey-hole ... well ... I can sneet, can’t I?

Hear my words and weep, my dear little boys and girls! Why it’s enough to drive a man crazy! The useless police are too busy chasing petty criminals to bother with these arrogant, thieving bastards stuffing their pockets with great heaping gobs of the people’s money.

But each night as I lay my head on my pillow, my friends, I dream a wonderful dream full of generous lashings of the old Ultra-violence - of hordes of stomping shoes, hitting the buttocks and testicles; and hundreds of hands grabbing these thieves by their necks and punching their teeth down their lying throats and dragging them off to the deep, dark prison ... well ... I can dream, can’t I?

Sounds much better in Nadsat, I’d say.

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Almost thirty years ago, give or take, Canada borrowed $75 Million dollars from Japan and gave it to India for humanitarian purposes.

India took the money and instead of feeding the poor or providing medical help or clean water, sewage or shelter used the money to bolster its nuclear program.

I read this and anger filled my soul.  Not due to the humanitarian aid, the nuclear part the money was used for.

I went to the local newspaper and tried to purchase a small ad in the classified section, but it was refused.  There was no libel involved or nasty words, just a declaration, "I, a Canadian citizen and resident of Manitoba will no longer be responsible for any future debt incurred by the federal, provincial, municipal or local governments."

It took me hours, but the newspaper finally caved in and published it.

The next day my picture was on the front page of the competitor daily paper and I was branded a tax rebel.  They interviewed my on the radio, asked me if I was scared of an audit or going to jail.

People on the street shook my hand and said it was time someone did something.  Politicians rolled their eyes when I was introduced,  as I was judged to be a wacko radical.

In the end, I knew what it was like to stand alone, and thought to myself, why?

I think of the courage it took for the 56 men who declared Independence from Britain so many years ago, look at what is happening today and know in my heart the men who signed the Declaration of Independence were a different breed than what is living under the protection of their efforts today.

Remember the sacrifices made and try to live up to what the Spirit of Independence really means......

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As mentioned earlier, further equity upside and USDX weakness expected this year according to my analysis.

Bartanist's picture

Was trying to figure out what the image in the eye (someone earlier said skull and and scream). Can't imaging WB7 to miss an opportunity to use such an obvious attention item. The Luciferian One Eye/All Seeing Eye was obvious... odd how you can see it everywhere (especially in the entertainment industry) when looking for it.

ebworthen's picture



Christine Lagarde on with Maria "G6" Bartiromo doing some propaganda PR fluff piece about how safe the banks and everyone's deposits are. problems theft or manipulation at all...

Why am I paying my mortgage again?  Hmmm....


otto skorzeny's picture

what do you know Mark Kirk is one of the senators that want to give the old yid "survivors"$ to live out their golden years. the same Israel/AIPAC cabal (the Chicago outfit's Pritzkers and Crowns- of General Dynamics fame)-that have their  hand so far up Obummer's ass also have their hand up Kirk's. the guy had a major stroke and he can continue to come up with bullshit like this. Last night Joe Queer-nan was sitting in for Kudblow and he and a few other Hebes (one of whom wrote a book on it)were gushing over Israel's "amazing free market economy"-no thanks to 3 billion in US "foreign aid" that pays for a hell of alot. I wanted to puke.

Cortez the Killer's picture

Shamir was an accomplished Arab killer

He will be missed

otto skorzeny's picture

judging by your screen name i see you are a big supporter of genocides. without "big daddy USA" and all of the stolen/bought military technologies - the "Israeli state" does not exist

Cortez the Killer's picture

without govt. support, protection and handouts, neither do you

otto skorzeny's picture

really? when the citizens of the US start to receive cradle-to-grave health insurance- as does every israeli citizen-and israel sends us billions in foreign aid-then your argument won't ring hollow. until then- Israel is no better than a hood ho with 10 chilluns sucking on the teat of the US private industry taxpayer(me)

wagthetails's picture

I still can't believe this story isn't as big as it should be.  Sadly, bankers have gained the same immunity as polticians.  the muppets are just so immune to thier fraud, that no one is suprised the point of not caring.  This is insane, or maybe I'm the insane one and this is a minor victimless crime. 

williambanzai7's picture

This is the proverbial skein that unravels the dress. I am sure our esteemed government does not want to rock the Wall Street boat, but the English situation may or may not defer to that consideration.

In the mean time, our TBTF friends know someone has them by the balls, but who? For this reason they will have to hedge their bets in Washington and maintain a very low profile.

onebir's picture

The UK political situation is equally (almost?) bought and paid for - certainly on the incumbent (Tory) side.

But now Diamond's blamed Tucker - presumbly outraged that his generous offer to forgo his well-deserved bonus was rejected - Tucker may blame King.  And people who worked with Merv say he's very vindictive. (In fact this & his 'confidence in his own abilities'* are frequently cited reasons for the 'ed' in 'worked'.)

So the could very well be a proverbial skein.  Let's hope it's a long one.

Unfortunately the blame is unlikely to fall in the right places: the UK situation could have been addressed much more with fiscal policy if the previous administration hadn't been such ****ing spendthrifts. A major enabler of this spending, was none other than Ed Balls - current Shadow Chancellor - in his capacity as special adviser at HMT in the early 00's...

This is clear from the fossil record of successive increases in UK Budget revenue forecasts - which enabled increased spending 'while remaining within the fiscal rules' so trumpeted by Gordon Brown - during Ed Balls' period as special adviser - to the point that their credibility became quite laughable. But as Tyler repeatedly comments, Excel (and pointed questioning) are anathema to the MSM...


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Merwin Poppins! All time classic!!

Diplodicus Rex's picture

Outstanding. I'll be showing that one to my grandkids when explaining to them about the "Great Reset" when I'm older.

LeisureSmith's picture

Is there now a case for a two-headed western diamond under a Blackrock?

centerline's picture

Just goes to prove so far that there still isn't any other criminal enterprise quite like white collar financial crime.  These folks should be in prison for racketeering among so many other charges.  How about subject to massive class-action lawsuits?


williambanzai7's picture

Don't worry, huge Class Actions are in the works, but the shareholders wind up paying for the skunks.

onebir's picture

But where's the class actions for the Big Riggin' (aka QE)...?

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Williiam Banzai 7,

I had this vision of Tom Cruz Katie Holmes Scientology dance of divorce being tied to the Lie-bor issue with a little help from Frank Zappa's Joe's Garaage - the songs "Just a token of my extreme" , and "Sy Borg" come to mind there.

Anyway happy 4th O July

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How could Katie (what a smokin' bod) ever couple with that fruity scientologist, Cruise????


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I wonder if another part of this story involves the word "Iceland"?

Funny how this breaks out just after some more arrests of Icelandic bankers and their politician pets.

It's all fun and games, until someone loses their immunity from prosecution.

sgt_doom's picture

Iceland was a pretty straight forward bankster ripoff --- set up foreign holding companies, lend to them to steal money for themselves.

This is a bit more subtle, me thinks?

sgt_doom's picture

Iceland was a pretty straight forward bankster ripoff --- set up foreign holding companies, lend to them to steal money for themselves.

This is a bit more subtle, me thinks?

TerraHertz's picture

The idea that two giant scams in the global banking business, in approximately the same timescale, would be ENTIRELY unrelated, is suspect. Especially when they both pivot on lending interest rates.

Speaking of losing immunity...

French police raid home of former president Nicolas Sarkozy
03 July, 2012, 19:12

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He's just slipping off into the sunset on some bahamas island now, like all the rest.

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"Throw a banker under a bus" LOL!    Can I's be driver?

I'm lovin the way his wikipedia entry has already updated his "Status" at Barclays LOL! 

100 million mortgage payers "Like This"


How ironic, the "Diamond" must have felt he was even further from the touch of enforcement by coming to the casino city from tokyo.

I just hope no ones told him to go quietly or if they did he feels so bitter at being sacrificed he still spills beans.... 


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"told him to go quietly..."

Someone sent him a picture of himself hanging from Blackfriar's bridge.

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Probably just as many would-be savers, never mind the tax payers who end up holding the bag one way or another.  Some mortgage holders may have benefited.

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Watching scoundrels scurry under rocks and lawyer up is wicked good fun!

Popcorn and very cold beverages ready for the shit show.

Thanks WB7!

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Corzine + Corrosion = Corrozine

Used in a sentence:

" The financial markets are rapidly deteriorating due to the incredible fraud and manipulation seen in the markets today, and is believed that Corrozine is systemic throughout the industry".


Nice work William

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Half a libor, half a libor, half a libor onward; regulators to the right of us, regulators to the left of us, regulators in front of us, volley'd and thundered; all in the valley of financial death rode the Barclay's six-hundred! 

Lol, with canons like that the light brigade would have strolled into Gallipoli. But Barclays, ah Barclays, Barclay's bangers and beanstalks never end! 

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Meh, enough to Shaka Zulu!

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At least in this case the top three have resigned.  The US should have seen some of that.  Then throw the bastards in jail and take away their ill gotten wealth.