“Disaster Made In Japan”: Whitewash v. Reality, Still

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On July 5, Japan brought its first nuclear reactor back on line, after having been nuclear-power free for two months. Its 50 functional reactors had been taken off line for maintenance but were not restarted due to a groundswell of opposition. The trailblazer is reactor number 3 at the Oi power plant owned by Kansai Electric Power Co. After stress-testing the reactor, which had been idle for over 15 months, the government had declared it safe and had given permission for the restart. It’s expected to reach capacity in a few days. Oi reactor number 4 is scheduled to start generating power later in July. The reactors will bring some relief to Osaka and surrounding areas that might otherwise get hit by a 15% power shortfall this summer.

Alas, an old pattern came to light: KEPCO concealed from the government some of its studies on faults near the Oi power plant. Scientists were ignored though they argued that a fault ran between reactor 1 and 2, and that it and two other nearby faults could be connected during an earthquake and produce far greater shaking than the government had estimated in its stress tests, raising the risk of another major nuclear disaster. And they claimed that the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) hadn’t properly investigated the fault lines. Under pressure, NISA called for more studies on the faults near Oi and other power plants. But that was it.

And if there were an accident, the escape route would be “a winding, cliff-hugging road often closed by snow in winter or clogged by summer beachgoers”; and radioactivity could contaminate Lake Biwa which supplies drinking water to more than 14 million people.

Ironically, on the day that Oi started generating electricity again, the Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission submitted its report on the Fukushima disaster to the Japanese Diet—and it’s a doozy.

The accident “was a profoundly manmade disaster - that could and should have been foreseen and prevented,” wrote Chairman Kiyoshi Kurokawa (88-page summary of the 641-page report). The report found a “multitude of errors and willful negligence” that left the power plant unprepared for the earthquake and tsunami. It blamed the “ingrained conventions of Japanese culture,” such as “our reflexive obedience, our reluctance to question authority, our devotion to ‘sticking with the program’, our groupism, and our insularity.” The report laments that “nuclear power became an unstoppable force, immune to scrutiny by civil society,” where regulators and promoters were one and the same.

A “tightly knit elite with enormous financial resources” and “the collective mindset of Japanese bureaucracy” conspired “to resist regulatory pressure and cover up small-scale accidents.” A mindset that led to the “disaster made in Japan.” In 2006, for example, the government updated its standards for earthquake resistance, but when TEPCO refused to bring its power plant into compliance with seismic upgrades, NISA did nothing [Read.... A Revolt, the Quiet Japanese Way].

The report warned that reactor number one may have been severely damaged by the earthquake itself—that the shaking broke some pipes and caused a loss of cooling—before the arrival of the tsunami. TEPCO’s whitewash has so far insisted that reactors had proven their earthquake resistance, and that it was the collapse of the power supply to the cooling system that had caused the accident. And so the report cast even more doubt on the safety of the Oi reactors.

There have been critical voices in Japan, among them Koide Hiroaki, a nuclear scientist, who for forty years has been pointing out the flaws in the nuclear power industry. For that, he was condemned to remaining a lowly assistant professor his entire career, toiling without much recognition at Kyoto University’s Research Reactor Institute.

But when the Fukushima reactors melted down, he became an instant media darling, and his new book, “The Lie of Nuclear Power,” became a bestseller. He was even asked to address the Diet. In his presentation, he spelled out how nuclear policymakers decided to deal with the possibility of catastrophic accidents: they labeled that possibility an “inappropriate assumption” and therefore considered nuclear power plants "safe under any circumstance whatsoever.”

So, as the Oi stress tests and safety declarations show, the same tricks are still being played, but they don’t work as well anymore. What has changed is that the nuclear power industry and its regulators are no longer the omnipotent entity but are on the defensive, struggling to stay relevant in face of popular opposition and protests. And Friday night, another protest against the restart of the Oi reactors erupted outside the official residence of Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda—150,000 people, Japan’s largest demonstration in 50 years! Video of the protest: polite Japanese venting their anger.

And here's something ... lighter. And cynical. And in a deeper sense, very truthful.... Nuclear Contamination As Seen By Japanese Humor (mostly visuals).

To compensate for the loss of nuclear power generation, Japan has feverishly ramped up alternatives, largely fossil fuels—just as a new worldwide Cold War has broken out, this time between the US and China. Over oil. Read.... “The New Cold War” by Marin Katusa.

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imho, the older leaders in gov and industry, engrained in their cultural ways of doing things, will be the undoing of Japan for the new generation(s).


If the SHTF, just import some folks from Tepco. They should glow in the dark at least as good as those chem lights do, but they don't quit until they're dead. No electricity required. Either that, or render down some Washington and Wall Street pork for lamp oil. Bullish on innovation for After The Fiat.

monad's picture

They don't quit glowing after they're dead, but they do quit bathing. Dip 'em in polyethylene for extended use.

d edwards's picture

I assume that by SHTF you mean when the sushi hits the fan. :-D

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This is a truly valuable post and point of view.


Zero Govt's picture

the nuclear industry has been an economic disaster from its bastard (State subsidised) birth

it is an environmental disaster because it is a public-private project, all P-P's in any field are managed like clown shows

it goes without saying only a public-private nuclear plant would be sighted in BOTH an earthquake and tsunami zone... and be passed by Govt Regulators as a great idea/local'

the jokes on us, the laughs will never stop until we bin this total tragedy called Govt

Winston of Oceania's picture

I would also lay some blame on the folks in the US Gub'ment, where do you suppose we get the REST of the nuclear fuel for our bombs...

robertocarlos's picture

Fuck it! Those west coast raspberries look good.

printmoremoney's picture

What 9.0 Earthquake?

This vid from a Japanese man caught in his car when the Tsunami actually hits shows business as usual and then his car starts floating away. His location is 1 mile inland from Sendai, which is 24 miles from the Epicenter of the supposed "largest earthquake in Japanese history" but not a SINGLE BIT OF EARTHQUAKE DAMAGE is visible??? Folks, a 9.0 would have FLATTENED everything for hundreds of miles in all directions before the Tsunami even hit the shore.

Think about it....



Vlad Tepid's picture

Sendai is 130 km, which is 81 miles, from the epicenter you contemptible fucking idiot.  You or your ilk have cut and pasted this bullshit so many times I'm done refuting it, but suffice it to say that you know nothing about earthquakes and have likely never been in one if you think a 9.0 fathoms under the ocean would flatten every building for hundreds of miles.  Just shut the fuck up.  And I'll give you a nickel from Kyle Bass himself if you can find someone besides Jim "Freelance" Stone repeating this crap - two if the person has any credentials.

printmoremoney's picture

Nice FLAME, but I don't agree that is what ZH is about. Maybe a little science is in order, verses emotional displays. I do my own research. I am a little skeptical about other people's credentials, these days. It seems the more they have, the bigger the lies.

For the Science Buffs

A USGS Shake Map from March 11-18,2011 is within this independent report linked below. According to the referenced USGS Shake Map, which is computer model of the surface activity from Seismic Wave activity, Sendai is an area the USGS says received "Severe Shaking" and "Moderate to Heavy Damage" of man-made environments. The video does not collaborate the data. There is ZERO damage shown.


As the video shows, no such damage is visible 25 minutes after the first P-Waves were recorded by Seismic Stations on land. P-Waves travel at the speed of sound and are the first seismic waves to register an Earthquake event.


According to this Wiki reference, the Tohoku Earthquake registered 9.0 and released the equivalent of 480 Megatons of energy. This places Tohoku as one of the largest energy releases in recorded history. For reference, the Hiroshima nuclear device released 15,000 kilotons of energy (15,000 tons of dynamite-TNT). Keep in mind that one (1)megaton is equal to 1,000,000 tons of TNT. So, the Tohoku Earthquake is in the history books as having released the equivalent of 480,000,000 tons of TNT.

Under the heading, Richter Magnitudes at the link, regarding 9.0 event/effects, I quote: 
"Devastating in areas several thousand kilometres across." The Epicenter has been placed as 40km off shore. Even Tokyo is well within this range of the Epicenter. The lack of physical damage on the coast line and inland areas contradicts the Richter measurement scale.


My simple common sense tells me that at least a few windows might be broken, or maybe a trash can knocked over from such a release of energy. Maybe at least one crack in the drywall of the buildings shown would be expected. But the scene in the video shows people just sitting at an intersection waiting for the light to turn green and then they float away to die in a flood. It is all on camera.

Element's picture

Who do you think you're kidding?  You haven't done any real research into the observed effects, at all.

There are scores of videos online showing extensive damage and severe ground movements.

So let me guess, you've searched for these videos using English language search strings, and got not much back?

I'll just put aside the fact that looking at YouTube video does not constitute formal accredited 'research' (... so let's not hear any more facetious nonsense from you about accreditation, or credentials, eh).

Did you search for Japanese-language search strings and terms, perchance?

Curiously most of the very best and most detailed and eye-opening tsunami and earthquake footage was captured by Japanese people, and placed online by them, many months after the event (long after Jim Stone had fabricated his mega-wall-o'-bullshit tale). 

And even more curiously, almost all of their video titles and descriptions were written in Japanese, and don't contain words like;

"Japan + earthquake + damage"

So English speaking American internet experts, such as yourself, have not seen them.

But don't let that get in the way of your informal version of what constitutes seismic 'expertise' and structural damage 'research'.

Element's picture

Add this comment to the list Vlad.  I wrote it because I knew these ignoramuses would try to get this crap up at zh, ... again ... and yet again.


Those who maximise the bullshit are just as bad as those who minimise the truth of Fukushima.

Jim Stone is not even either, he's simply a half-baked fool who insists on exemplifying the saying;  "A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing".  And if he's on s private mission to pseudo-'blame' Israel, he could at least consider using what we actually know to be verified and known to be materially factual. 

I mean, there's rather a lot of that non-fiction evidence stuff out there, without having to resort to creating pathetically stupid flights of fancy and calling it iron-clad.

Transformer's picture

I don't believe/disbelieve this story.  However I am curious about it, and when ever it comes up,  it seems ALWAYS, trolls jump in and begin name calling.  Jim Stone's story is indeed pretty far out there, but let's hear some argument on the merits and not just because the story is too fantastic to believe.  And then of course, it probably comes out later that the story does have some validity.  Virtually everything denied by the mainstream, seems to be true these days.

I have lived through several earthquakes, in So Cal, and having done so, the prospect of a 9.0 is truly mind boggling.  That would be more than 100 times as bad as the quakes I have experienced.  I lived in Northridge in '94, 5 blocks from the epicenter.  Wikipedia--"The earthquake had a "strong" moment magnitude of 6.7, but the ground acceleration was one of the highest ever instrumentally recorded in an urban area in North America,[2] measuring 1.7 g (16.7 m/s2)[3] with strong ground motion felt as far away as Las Vegas, Nevada, about 220 miles (360 km) from the epicenter"  All kinds of structures came down or were messed up for miles around.

Now think about 100 times worse.  That would be 100 times worse at the 50 mile radius point also.  100 times worse everywhere they experienced the earthquake.

What is that quote, "Man's most important failure is to not understand the exponential funtion" ???  Earthquake numbers are exponential, and as an engineer, I understand.  As I said I don't necessarily believe the whole Jim Stone story, but something is not right about all this.  From my own experience, a 9.0 would do more damage.

In the Great Chiliean earthquake of 1960, a 9.5, 40% of homes were destroyed in Valdivia, about 100 miles (160 km) away.  Just as a note to the naysayers here.  When you guys jump in and do all the name calling, that is like a magnet for many of us.  We have learned that what you do is just to cover up something.  When it's all name calling and no data, I am very interested.


Element's picture



"Jim Stone's story is indeed pretty far out there, but let's hear some argument on the merit"


gawf!  for fucks sake, that's exactly what I did do, within the link given!  I even gave a detailed break-down of what the exponential rise in energy with magnitude equates to, in practice ... and you still have the nerve to insinuate something to the contrary?

Listen closely, I'll make it real simple, Jim Stone openly admits his whole story came about due to his suspicion that there was something "not right" about the seismic event's recorded details, and the video-based structural expressions.  And I pointed-out that his whole initial thesis, upon which he built his house of cards, was founded on a laughable level of ignorance from the outset.

The 'merits' have been reviewed and dismissed.

Now, ... what's wrong with you then?

I'd maybe understand your 'response' if say, English were not your first-language perhaps?  Or were you so concerned about the topic, and the 'truth', that ... well, ... you just didn't bother to read the link, before commenting?

Vlad Tepid's picture

No one is listening to this conversation any more but since you seem to think I'm a troll, I feel compelled to respond.  I am not a "troll" but a contributing and positive member of this site and have been for a rather long time.  Ever since this earthquake happened a very small handful of these Jim Ston adherants, most likely Jim Stone himself,have been on CUTTING AND PASTING the same exact stuff on almost every story that has to do with Japan, earthquake related or not.  I have responded more than a dozen times to this but it still keeps coming and it makes me madder than hell for the specific reason that it is so STUPID.  So it wasn't and earthquake and someone ATTACKED Japan?  Who and why?  I guess you're an engineer and you like numbers.  I am no and I do not, but numbers are not needed when basic questions like this lies essentially unanswered. Some vague ramblings about Mossad and a nuclear weapon don't even come close to touching my bullshit litmus test.  You understand this is a fightclub, right?  I am under no obligation to be polite or kind to people who I believe are borderline lunatics.

One last point, I'm glad you safelymade it through the Northridge earthquake.  I was at Disneyland at the time and it was a doozy.  I was also adjacent to SF for the '89 Big One as well as many many in Mammoth Lakes and in Japan.  The author of this screed does not know earthquakes and is trying to sucker thoughtful people like yourself into "pondering" their ideas.  Let's use your example - that terrible one in Chile in 1960.  Just think about what you're saying here.  "A MUCH larger earthquake (remeber the exponential function of Richter scales?) destroyed MORE property, in a (then) corrupt, Third World country with 19th century engineering standards, though ONLY 40% of the buldings fell, more than half a century ago.  To me it is prefectly logical to say that a First World country, at the top of the engineering food chain, sixty years in the future, facing a less intense quake, using buildings made out of reinforced steel and composite fibers would have less outward damage.  This guy likes to reference a video, always ther same one of a guy sitting at a stoplight.  That shows massive shaking if you're looking at the PARKED CARS shaking and the trees violently swaying as well as the people bracing themselves.  But he's looking for Matthew Borderick to come falling out of the sky and Helen hunt to come floating by in a twister or it's not a "real" disaster.  Have you (or he) EVER though to look at video of the INSIDE of these buildings either during the quake or in the aftermath?  I watch A LOT of Japanese TV and all the houses that have been abandoned are thrashed. Not because of looters, but just because of the violent shaking.  Same with anything else. In a quake, buildings don't come falling out of the sky, they sway and people get killed and stuff flys around INSIDE them.  As an engineer, I'm sure you understand.

Laddie's picture

The Japanese have been burning their radioactive waste for over a year now and that goes right up into the Jet Stream and over America. They know what they are doing. Now that is clearly worthy of some action by Washington but they are too busy playing the Lobby's game going after Syria and Iran, while the US continuously gets Fukushima radioactive contamination.

Since the Japanese are knowingly contaminating the Northern Hemisphere specifically Canada and the US could this be their revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Barak Hussein Obama, after Fukushima, approved nine new nuclear reactors, 3 of which are under construction in Georgia and at least one in South Carolina

Cathartes Aura's picture

Libya has been dealt with, next up Syria, Iran.

banker cartel must have its way.

printmoremoney's picture

P239 aint good eatin. Plutonium 239 will kill you. And the entire USA was dusted with hot particles in March 2011. I guess CNN and ABC forgot to mention it to anybody. Funny how 50% of RADNET was down that month, inoperable. You know, that FEDERAL network of radiation detectors nationwide to alert the population to the threat of a radiation leak?

Well, here is the free, open source project that will show you who and how much of a taste you got. And there is more coming.

Look up your city and hope you are not in the RED/PURPLE zones.


My whole family in Florida got creamed.

If you want to know your real levels today, take your car air filter out and send to a radiation testing lab. They will tell you how radiocative it is. It is a great collector of hot particles. Your engine breathes like you do. You can also buy an Inspector Geiger and check yourself. You will be seeing personal Geiger Counters all over the place soon. Coming to a grocery store near you. I would not wait on the "authorities" to educate yourself. It seem public health is about where they want it to be. Everyone sick, and very profitable.

W10321303's picture

The whole thing must be a Communist plot started by Che Gueverra

Joebloinvestor's picture

The Olympus LIE (yeah no "organized crime" involvement in a 20 year running SCAM).

The TEPCO LIE(s) still ongoing.

The Japanese method of contrition, bow and apologize profusely.


Sancho Ponzi's picture

...and now this, via japantimes.co.jp

'Average income of (Japanese) households in 2010 down to 1988 level'

That's where we are likely headed, folks.



Stuck on Zero's picture

Forget the earthquake.  If the power goes off our current generation of reactors overheat and explode.  Really smart design.  Why do they explode?  Beacuse as they melt down the fuel cladding oxidzes and generates huge amounts of hydrogen gas.  You might ask why they don't just vent this through a $250 filter to the atmosphere.  The answer is that reactors can't melt down so why add a vent?  Don't you love circular reasoning.


printmoremoney's picture

A hydrogen explosion can't generate the supersonic explosion necessary to pulverize 8 foot thick reinforced steel-concrete reactor walls, like at Fukushima. Only a nuclear weapon generates that kind of blast wave. hmmm. Then what blew up Reactors 3 and 4? I wonder if that is in the Report? Nah...

And the Mark1 reactors all have 8 levels of redundancy in the cooling systems. All 8 failed, even the ones that did not need electricity to operate.  Stuxnet did that little trick. And sent readings that looked correct to the operators while they watched the place blow up and had no clue why it was happening.


Vlad Tepid's picture

Now you're an explosives expertin addition to a seismologist.  I should call you Leonardo Fucking Da Vinci.

PS It's nice to know that you have seven different accounts and spend your time up arrowing your pointless conspiracy theory, that's not even a conspiracy theory.  Care to opine on who hit Japan and why and how Stuxnet, a cyber weapon engineered specifically for Iranian networks somehow created a nuclear weapon in Fukushima, Japan?  I await your stunning and well-thought out response.

I dont belong here's picture

Fuck you Vlad. Jim Stone isn't the only one out there saying this was a planned event. Do some fucking research on your own and then come back and enlighten us with your brilliance. Douchebag.

Winston of Oceania's picture

What do you think of Denningers nuclear plan? I'd ask printmoremoney but my sides hurt from reading his posts already.


monad's picture

Godzilla! Godzilla! Godzilla!

AchtungAffen's picture

"“nuclear power became an unstoppable force, immune to scrutiny by civil society,” where regulators and promoters were one and the same."

Wow, that sounds like banking, specualtion, paper shuffling in general...

SmoothCoolSmoke's picture

It'll be no different in the good 'ol USA when the economic shit hits the fan.

Arnold Ziffel's picture

The 'Elite' have already vacated Japan and moved to Singapore, Hainan Island, Hawaii or some "Fuki-Free" Zone is my guess. The dirty masses are left behind to slowly melt in the radiation.

Cathartes Aura's picture

they'll have to go underground or southern hemisphere.

for now.

el Gallinazo's picture

Well, shit - why not?  The muppet mass extinction has begun right on the Gorgia Guidestone schedule.  First the cores melt and then the kids.

HungrySeagull's picture

The LEar Jets are the sign. When they fill the sky on flightwatch or other network.. you know the poor unwashed masses are left behind.

But here in the USA, the big trick is driving out of the area before the authorities gain full control of it.

TomGa's picture

A "man-made disaster" brought to you by the fine folks at TEPCO and GE!!


"Mt Fuji in Red" (Movie- short vignette, 1990) Akira Kurosawa



Younger Man: "What is it? What's happening? Has Mt. Fuji errupted? How terrible."

Woman with children: "It's worse than that! Didn't you know? The nuclear power plant has exploded!"

Older Man: "The six atomic reactors, they're exploding one after another."

(Explosions, screaming, panic, running)

"Japan is so small. There's no escape!"

Woman with children: "We all know that. No way out. But we still have to try. No other way!"


"TEPCO - Bringing reduced power and energy solutions to the 1% who may actually survive."

JOYFUL's picture

...The accident “was a profoundly manmade disaster..."

it surely was.  Brought to yu by Magna BSP - the Dinoma based "security company" with a contract at the Fukushima plant and full time internet linked two way connection to the Fukushima reactor rooms all the way through the disaster....http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/stuxnet.html

Nuclear blackmail and a protection racket that has scammed billions off of every single country where Magna has been given control over nuclear facilities. Sionists will blow up the whole world without compunction if somebody doesn't stop this madness.

If yu want to talk about a "tightly knit elite with enormous financial resources" don't worry bout the Japanese, or the nuclear power industry...yur Congressman or Senator knows who calls the shots.

Wolf Ritcher - Master of the False Narrative.

printmoremoney's picture

Correct, more Man-Made than most realize. Jim Stone is a former NSA Weapons/Systems Analyst turned White Hat and his analysis project on Fukushima is the real deal. Must read for anyone with the balls to really know the truth. Don't read it if you want to believe in Unicorns and "democracy".  http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/fukushima1.html. Stackin will not protect you against the evil false flags like Fukushima and 911. 

Vlad Tepid's picture

Even if all your stupid ramblings are somehow true (they're not), Fukushima was not a "false flag" under the definition of that phrase. So get your terminology straight or you sound like a junior higher who's trying to sound intelligent by using the word "'pacific" instead of specific.

BTW, I'm just going to call you Jim Stone (whoever the fuck that is), because either you're him or you're so far up his butt the both of you are indistinguishable.

i-dog's picture


“tightly knit elite with enormous financial resources” and “the collective mindset of [any] bureaucracy”

Welcome to the coming New World Order!!! This preview brought to you by Japan.

q99x2's picture

Too bad they can't get the power from Osaka to St. Luis

goldnguns's picture

a certain son-in-law (the smart assed one) has a nifty little box that detects beta and gamma particles and displays in micro Rems or micro Sieverts.  So he goes about his environs packing and carrying those little yellow posti-notes.  And when he gets a hit he labels it with "Danger - Radiation levels exceeded" with the reading.  Needless to say he is persona non grata at certain West Coast food stores, open air markets, etc.  I told him that making enemies is a lot easier than making friends.  And he replied that MOST people out there are too ignorant to know the risk level, and too lazy to care. 

HungrySeagull's picture

I keep a keychain device. It aint good for much of anything... but when THAT thing chirps... There is hell to pay.

I am about fixing to start scanning my own food.

Oh wait... most of the produce we eat, we simply walk outside and pick...

Oh wait...

Arnold Ziffel's picture

I thought that 'chirping' was a damn mouse out back!

How did I know it was my neighbors detector? 

vintageyz's picture

Where does one acquire a "keychain device?"

In Vino Veritas's picture

I can't say much about the prices of many other products at www.ush2.com, but their potassium iodide tablets are outrageously expensive when compared to www.lef.org:

USH2: 20 x 65mg tablets: $16.95
LEF: 14 x130mg tablets: $2.43

I notice on the Nukalert manufacturer's site that the price for the device in 2003 was $160, so perhaps $170 today at USH2 is not bad.

Disclosure: I am a customer of LEF.

HungrySeagull's picture

Turn on this Reactor! The People demand it.


aerojet's picture

A “tightly knit elite with enormous financial resources”

Who couldaknowed?