DiaMoNDS AReN'T So CLeVeR...

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Diamond looks great in the tube
This guy ain't no regular boob
With style and class
He raped the world's ass
Bernanke provided the lube

The Limerick King







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know what, WildBill?  this set reminds me of a smooth-operator episode from the annals of my experience.  so i guess that means it's story time:

sometimes in life, it's as if none but the best-sort of butterfly is fluttering about, like only well-bred and noble birds are flapping and singing at the evening sky; almost as if everything around you were ordained to buoy your mood.  and, contrary-wise, there are other days...almost as if the ill-mannered relations of the various species had been loosed on the earth -- acting as spoiler-menace to one's equinamity.

now, normally, your common, run-of-the-mill story-teller will give you the moral at the end of the story.  not so with in this case, i intend to stick it to y'all early in the proceedings.  that way you can start brooding on it now, and when you see the lesson reinforced a few times, it'll resonate; and you'll be all-like 'ah-ha! i see what you're sayin'.  

the lesson's like this:  so much in life is attitude.  one must exude the spirit that wins.  first reason being that you may otherwise attract the company of losers -- and, generally speaking, they're a sorry lot.  second reason: all manner of majestic butterfly and bird will brighten your days.  and, finally, 3rd: it can often lead to grand adventure -- which is where we now find ourselves.

so, i guess i'll dedicate this tale to Stacy & Max -- cause janus loves to crash weddings.

this all went down around 2003, and i guess it would've been in one of the summer months -- as there was swimming involved, and, as i indicated above, it was the occasion of some stranger's wedding.

i was attending some sort of corporate thing in raliegh, NC -- there at the RTP; and, praise be, it required that i stay through the weekend.  i am very adept at making the best of such situations...especially with a generous expense account and no moral compunction or fear of getting caught.  i suppose there are some things i'll miss about corporate america...alas.

anyway, so it was friday night, and i was well into an assortment of intoxicating potables...i was in grand form, my bruthas.  it is important to remember, however, that one should always stay conscious of one's environment.  and my invironment consisted of the following:

1) a cute cocktail-waitress (big, glistening eyes) i'd been workin on since tuesday.

2) a pair of young/professional tails out on the town...and these also with deep, limpid eyes-a-glow with mischief (believe me, i know how to spot it).

3) a just-entered trio of recent college-grad sorority-lookin thangs...i swear, you could smell the sin a mile away.

i balanced all these concerns and quickly determined that i should straight-away exclude the young-professionals (i concluded that they were too much effort for a sorry potential pay-out) i did.  that left the delicate act of hedging the investment i'd made in the cocktail-waitress against the three sorority girls.  and the way i appraise things, the night's events yeilded a truly satisfactory return.

fortunately, i was with a buddy from work; and we approached the three with an offer to buy their first drink.  girls love it when you buy them shit; and my favorite thing to buy them is alcohol.  that way, i figure we both win.

remember when i was saying that it was fortunate that i swooped in with my boy?  right, well it was fortunate cause it provided the perfect cover for me and this brunette to sneak away without leaving too big a void in the group.  

now, normally janus doesn't move this fast...but i had help.  you see, she had an 8-ball in her pocket and the two friends escourting her didn't understand the fine white powder's attraction to those of us who can't seem to forget it.  she was holding in anticipation of the arrival of other wedding guests -- others who liked to party. (and, on a side note i'll say that so many of you goody-two-shoes have no fuckin clue when some of your best friends are coked-up in your's part of the game -- and it can be fun).

there we were in her hotel room, just a choppin and chattin...other things occured, too; but i never remember such details -- a gentleman always forgets.

too much time had passed; so we decide it's time to return to the hotel bar and act like nothing had happened.  plus, janus was startin to itch for another's a bad idea to impede such impulses.  and, suffice it to say, it was grade-A blow -- a nice, smooth buzz (if a coke buzz can be so described).

by this time others in the wedding party had arrived; and i was immediately introduced to them:

one was a local television producer in syracuse, ny; one a lawyer; another in finance;...blah, blah, blah -- the usual shit.

i'm not sure what the groom did to pay the rent and whatnot, but i remember he was the cheery-sort.  more than that, i recall that he did this superlative magic trick.  he would take a smouldering cigarette butt and, right before your eyes, make the thing disappear.  just awesome!  and, no matter how many times he executed the trick, even the keen-eyed cynic couldn't discover the ruse.  so, i'm left to assume it was real magic -- which is a very comforting thought when logic and reason break they inevitably will in the face of a vanishing cigarette.  

the night was peppered with various trips to el bano to blow our noses; but last call finally found us bright-lighted and brushed off into the night.  and so, away we did go.

first, we retired to the room to get our attitude adjusted and our minds receptive for "adventure."

then, we left the hotel in the producer's car to scour the local quickie-marts for beer...and if it was available, mescaline -- we had an ongoing joke regarding such; but, really, there's nothing funny about mescaline.  thank God it's not widely sold in quickie-marts.

finally, we returned to the room to drink, blow lines and devise a plan for getting janus into the wedding.

it was going to be tricky...the bride and janus didn't hit it off as well as one may hope -- and at a wedding, this can only lead to trouble.  can't let silly concerns like this constrain fun; seeing how fun and trouble are two sides of the same coin.

it was decided that a full and unfettered participation would be required.  if we had any hope of pulling something like this off, it was mandatory that we go all-in...can't half-ass when it comes to deception.

our whole-assed approach involved janus participating in the whole she-bang...everything leading up to the ceremony itself and, of course, my activities would then creshendo at the reception.  i was to play, "the long-lost friend of the groom -- there as a suprise."  there was a hitch, however.  the bride already knew that janus was an intruding stranger.  but, as you may have guessed, we had a back-up plan for took a while for the groom to recognize me -- we were playing a gag on him.  this kind of shit (grooms forgetting long-lost friends) happens all the time; or so we led ourselves to believe.

none of us got any sleep...and so the prevailing opinion was heavily in favor of sustained drinking.  you know how janus hates to oppose democratic consensus?  well, this was no exception.

in dynamics like these, where you have a group of depraved and hedonistic morons pushing the limits of all known tolerence, an awareness start to think that you're not so bad-off as sound judgement would otherwise indicate.  we reckoned that our intoxication was mild, inoffensive and liable to be dismissed by all the proper-gentry as youthful-indescretion: the proper-gentry were not so gracious as they should be.

anyway, a few of us were banished until the ceremony, and janus until the reception.  a couple stood by me in solidarity -- and, though the groom gave a spirited defense, he yeilded to his wife's hysterics and asked that i be a good sport.  janus is in all ways a good sport.

the exiles soon found ourselves pool-side with a freshly stocked cooler.  this only served to fuel our plans for merry-mayhem at the reception...we figured we'd let them have their prissy little ceremony.  life is all about making concessions...gotta give a little sometimes.  and, as mentioned, always retain the spirit that wins.

i was told it was a beautiful ceremony; and for this i was glad.

but i was happier that it was reception time (and open bar time, too); hell, we were all happy about the impending reception, and our happines demanded that janus make an obnoxious spectacle of may rest assured that i did.  at the time, it seemed like the only option open to us.

some of the various antics:

SPARKIN!  (sparkin involves the use of a common cigarette lighter.  the lighter is swung in giant, sweeping orbits about the body; and at its trough, the crotch, the lighter is temporarliy ignited -- causing a flash to erupt at the designated focal-point.  think of elvis strummin his crotch with a lighter, only way cooler.

BIZZARE EJACULATIONS: (bizzare ejaculations are inane and sometimes bawdy comments expressed in a growlin sort of shout...something like this: "rock and roll; smoke a bowl; steadily stroll; by the Grace of God Almighty!!!" (i've accrued a number of them over the years.))

The Wiskey River:  where i begin to intentionally spill wiskey and waters down my shirt...forming an amber trail to 'the focal point'.


this is just how i roll, bitchez!  and, really, i don't know what i would've done without these blissful adventures...on the road again!

viva life,


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More than Bond films, it all seems like "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? "  "Historical inevitability" "my god, you can really swill it down"  - the trumpets herald "up yours" - "what a DUMP" 

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To Benjamin Glutton thanks for the link:

I guess the first one to squeal always gets the best deal - "the get out of Jail free card" since it is a Monopoly world after all, but will criminal prosecutions for others follow? And keeping with the squeal metaphor, or the old pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered - isn't it well past overdue that the hogs head to the slaughter house. Could the LIBOR scandal by the final tipping point? I guess I would not bet on that.  By now one would think a week into this latest London based criminal activity being exposed, the counter parties (the banks institutional and corporate clients) would be filing massive lawsuits based on the underlying fraud.  But how deep are the entanglements of back deals, kick backs, rebates etc?   Expect more warts or miasmas to emanate from London where the banks are 90% insolvent. Reagan and Thatcher started this era of unfettered, unregulated GREED free for all and Clinton and Blair finished  abolishing any sort of rules of the road.  

Spain hits 7% on a 10 year, the top three French banks - 50% of asset base is to Southern EU partners and onward the contagion, bank to bank lending has stopped, money funds are exiting EU in droves, corporates have long ago left, now the wealthy are fleeing Greece, Italy, Spain and France.  Freezing and seizing of deposits next.

The corporate veil needs to be lifted on the individuals hiding in the incestuous boards, the CEO's, auditors, lawyers, and directors and then onto other corrupt counter parties. 

Where is the Terminx man to kill all the roaches? Questions need to be asked of the half dirty dozen below as well as King, Tucker and Cameron what did they know and when did they know it?  Likewise Bernanke, Geithner, Summers/Paulson and Obama etc, Draghi/Monti, ?  Oh I am sorry they are just puppets - time to ring in at least the dirty half dozen - 

  • Barclays Bank plc
  • Deutsche Bank AG
  • HSBC
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland Group

    All the top level executives need to be tried under criminal RICO and racketeering charges. Global rigged rates and central bank "market" manipulation for the largest 150 banks which are essentially technically insolvent or close to the brink. The charades and chicanery need to come to an end.  AND if it were not for the humor of WB7 I dare say I would just remain in bed with the covers pulled over my head - 

    williambanzai7's picture

    They will stop at nothing to maintain the status quo as they meander to the exit. The reason nothing is being done is self preservation.

    However this latest episode has really unveiled the putrid corpse that the financial system has become. Does this mean it will suddenly collapse? Possibly.

    However, I think we are definitely entering a different phase. If you look at what is flying around the MSM, the mood of the propaganda machine, excepting the diehard morons, seems to have shifted as a result of this.

    The Emperor has no clothes and this realization continues to spread.

    I'm waiting for the black swan to arrive. The real unknown unknown.

    sgt_doom's picture

    However this latest episode has really unveiled the putrid corpse that the financial system has become. Does this mean it will suddenly collapse? Possibly.

    I don't know about other countries, but in America they have cleverly positioned various fraudsters at academic positions who have many, many well-intentioned people completely fooled (e.g., Simon Johnson @ MIT, Niall Ferguson @ Harvard, Paul Krugman and Alan Blinder @ Princeton, etc.).

    Take Simon, that former chief econ from IMF, now at MIT, who claims he's for the bankster being split up (TBTF), yet believes the status quo (naked swaps, etc.) should remain exactly the same.

    Of course, should the status quo remain exactly the same, any split up would be ONLY on paper.

    Ditto Krugman, who zombietards wrongly believe is a "liberal" as he titles his column with that word (good thing he didn't title it "Master of the Universe") -- but ALWAYS comes down on the side of the super-rich speculators and central banksters.

    Highly clever are those transnational capitalists and their ilk.

    HAhyperion's picture

    To what extent will those beholding to their Masters ultimately go remains the google gazillion question in this iworld, Nplex universe.

    Must we rely on the wisdom of mother nature to restore the necessary balance:

    Fire and flood, fire and flood

    ReligiousAtheist1's picture

    Diamonds are a libors best friend, Bonds, Rigged bonds Hahahahahahahahahaha Priceless great humor as always WB7

    pd303's picture

    Fantastic stuff Sir Banzai. 

    Your work is like a fine wine; keeps getting better every time.

    Diamond(s) are a Libor's best friend .. etc. lol.





    williambanzai7's picture

    I'll tell you whats next. Deutschebank have the SECs Khuzami running cover for them, but he is not going to be able to cover their tracks with this interest rate scandal. They are going to get skewered.

    vast-dom's picture

    we are focusing on the FALL GUY here. THEY ARE WINNING! FOCUS ON Paul Tucker and BERNANK and JPM! Diamond was pressured into it.

    These 2nd rate photoshop images are facile and distract from real issues at hand. Sorry.

    sgt_doom's picture

    I respectfully suggest you are still focusing too far down the hierarchy --- it is the owners of the senior capital pools, the owners of the banks and oil companies who are the chief culprits.

    But today, who actually knows who owns bank/oil cartel, the pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, the weapons makers?

    Recommended reading:

    Battling Wall Street:  The Kennedy presidency

    by Donald Gibson

    DontShootTheMessenger's picture

    "These 2nd rate photoshop images are facile and distract from real issues at hand. Sorry."

    Seriously, dude, as politely as I can put it, shut your fuckhole.  Really, how much influence does one person (namely you) have in merely posting one comment to a captive audience of like-minded souls.  How much material have you put out in comparison to WB7?  What have you done to influence the public discourse regarding the banksters?  Start publishing a shitload of brilliant material as he has done, then check back in with us.

    Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

    Masters of the masters of the universe:

  • Barclays Bank plc
  • Deutsche Bank AG
  • HSBC
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland Group
  • williambanzai7's picture

    Thank you for that vastly profound bit of insight.

    You are addressing the only one who has continuously skewered all of those douche bags with visual satire for 4 years running.

    BTW, this particular DB earned his right to get skewered mercilessly by prancing around telling everyone banksters were being unfairly targeted. For this he has hit the Banzai7 hall of shame.

    My how ALL the mighty have now fallen off their high horses.

    See you soon and best regards to the folks at Barclays.

    vast-dom's picture

    he is clearly a douche. that is not the issue. the issue is we are being distracted from the higher-up-the-chain criminals (ie the true MIGHTY who have NOT fallen as of yet!). Diamond in grand scheme of things is small-fries fall guy. he is gulty obviously, but he was doing Tucker's and Bernank's bidding as per the phone call and libor dump as per ZH of yesterday. 


    tucker and bernank are the puppetmasters pulling diamond's strings -- and no that doesn't need to be photoshopped...

    williambanzai7's picture

    I move up and down and all over the chain. Do a google image search of williambanzai7.

    If you think that Bernanke and Tucker are the true masters of the universe, there are loads of people on this website who would be happy to take you to task on that.

    Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture


    The simple question:  "Who runs the Fed?"

    If your answer is "Ben Bernanke", you are still in the cave.

    vast-dom's picture

    Bernank is one step closer. As close as one can get until....

    steelhead23's picture

    For Christsakes, stop the inuendo.  Who is Bernanke's puppet master if not the owners of these banks: Citibank, Chase Manhatten, Morgan Guaranty Trust, Chemical Bank, Manufacturers Hanover Trust, Bankers Trust Company, National Bank of North America, and the Bank of New York - and the Rothschilds?  I mean its not as if the Rothschilds murder anyone who dares utter their names.  C'mon, who is this master of evil you allude to?

    williambanzai7's picture

    Moreover, there are two facets to this. The one that is getting all the attention is how the Central Banksters, the Street and the politicians run a rigged game.

    However, the second equally important facet is the insitutional culture that allowed traders to brazenly and criminally manipulate interest rates. Mr Diamond ran Barclays Capital when these things happened.

    sgt_doom's picture

    The one that is getting all the attention is how the Central Banksters, the Street and the politicians run a rigged game.

    Exactly Buckaroo, exactly good sir!!!!

    In North America, one must look towards the Rockefeller, Morgan-Schilling, Mellon-Scaife, Du Pont-Donaldson, and other super-rich families.

    In Europe, it is the top six, etc.

    And my end-of-the-week rant focuses on one of them:

    Full Spectrum Dominance:  Why transactional data matters

    During the Bush administration, at least on several occasions, the entire warrantless eavesdropping or wiretapping and FISA made the national news cycle for several days ---- yet each time, oddly enough, it was knocked off by the news of national immigration marches.
    What exactly was really accomplished by those national immigration marches?

    Other than occupying the news space on those days?

    Next obvious question would be who owned those Spanish-language radio stations responsible for organizing those marches?

    At that time, the major financial stake in those stations belonged to the private equity firm, the Blackstone Group, chaired by Peter G. Peterson, protégé of David Rockefeller.

    During that time the Blackstone Group also had a financial stake in telecoms in Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Portugal and Malta (Malta being an important nexus point, or physical exchange point, between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East), as well as one of the three major privatized global satellite networks at that period, New Skies Network (officially later sold off, but we never checked to see if Blackstone Group actually owned the company it was sold to?).

    So those national marches, which knocked warrantless wiretapping off the news cycle and involved AT&T, were organized by Blackstone Group-owned radio stations, chaired by the fellow whose financial-economic-political mentor was David Rockefeller.

    Now AT&T was broken up --- on paper at least --- but can anyone provide definite data to prove it was ever actually financially divested?


    Now, traditionally, AT&T was a Rockefeller-Morgan financial entity, which, by the way, happens to have re-conglomerated back to its original form, thanks in part to President Bill Clinton’s Telecommunications Act of 1996.

    And who led the charge in congress to grant immunity to AT&T and those telecoms involved in that warrantless wiretapping for the government?

    None other than Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia!
    My oh my, how those coincidences pile up?

    Recently, some very serious legislation has passed into law --- while other equally dangerous legislation has failed, for now  --- although that failed legislation attacked net neutrality (equality of access to the Internet), it was really only to make into law that which is quickly becoming reality --- the end of net neutrality!

    Laws have been passed, in America and Europe and elsewhere, requiring ISPs to retain your data for 1 to 3 years or more.

    Why is this important to the ruling elites?

    Transactional data, surrounding information, dot connection, global linkage.

    Using existing DPI techniques (Deep Packet Inspection), they can virtually identify and extract information about you, your life, your family, the like of which most people cannot even imagine.

    Data mining hit critical mass around 2003 to 2004; and all it then required to identify a person exactly was their age and zip code --- today it probably requires less.

    A little while ago, a fellow from the New America Foundation wrote a book on ExxonMobil --- focusing on the personalities of its chief executives, and went on a book tour where not a single person who interviewed him (including NPR’s Terry Gross and Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!) inquired as to the ownership of ExxonMobil?

    Now isn’t that freaking amazing? ? ? ?

    Of course, New America Foundation is funded by the Peterson Foundation, endowed by Peter G. Peterson, protégé of David Rockefeller.  (ExxonMobil is a re-combining of the original Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Companies --- which were once broken up --- at least on paper --- as no valid data exists to suggest otherwise.)

    AT&T?  ExxonMobil?  Are we beginning to note a pattern here?

    Now that’s why we must also pay attention to transactional data --- it’s not just for the ruling elite to manipulate and control us --- it exposes the ultimate aims of the plutocracy!

    So, to return to MK ULTRA --- which officially they claim was ended --- but is very much in existence today.

    Funds were disbursed for that program through the Rockefeller Foundation, and other Rockefeller family foundations under different names  --- referred to as philanthropy, but technically known as the intelligence shadow funds disbursement --- then the MK ULTRA program was moved from the CIA to the Pentagon sometime in the 1970s.

    In the 1980s, under Reagan, the NSA was also moved to DoD control, losing its ostensibly civilian independence.

    The government, through the Department of Homeland Security, has instituted its own DPI software, called Einstein Intrusion-Prevention System, utilizing NSA tools (Tutelage program) to monitor traffic into and exiting government networks.  (While this may be a preventative measure, it can also be a major boon in its war on whistleblowers.)

    Their system, of course, was first tested and implemented on the AT&T network. 

    DPI technology is presently sold by the Boeing subsidiary, Narus, to China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, etc., to track down activists for torture, jailing and to disappear them.

    This is what democracy looks like?

    And what former and unrepentant chief economist from the IMF, now a professor at MIT, claims that the Rockefeller family gave away the bulk of their fortune in philanthropy after the breakup of their Standard Oil, which itself is another claim?

    Simon Johnson, who also happens to be a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute, founded by Peter G. Peterson and David Rockefeller for the multiple purposes of ending Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, offshoring all American jobs, and promoting universal love and admiration for the WTO’s Financial Services Agreement!

    (Those coincidences just won’t stop, now will they?)

    So while Johnson spreads the mythology that (1) Standard Oil was broken up, when it was really only broken up on paper, the Rockefeller family retained financial power to control and manipulate; and (2) that the Rockefeller family gave away a fortune through philanthropy, when in actuality they were really disbursing taxpayer funds from the intelligence agencies’ shadow budget!

    And Johnson promotes the breaking up of banks --- on paper --- while urging the continuation of the status quo, i.e., keeping all their financial tools for destruction in place, such as naked swaps, etc.

    This too, is part of MK ULTRA!

    We admit we have no idea as to the DoD’s new name for MK ULTRA, perhaps “Full Spectrum Dominance” --- if anyone knows or can find out we’d appreciate that datum.

    By whatever name, the MK ULTRA program is still active, now involved with manufacturing reality, yours and mine, through disseminating the “news” through countless think tanks, institutes, foundations, trusts, etc.

    It seeks all transactional data through social intelligence systems (social networking, web tracking services, Facebook, Discus, et al.) while manipulating general opinion through chatbots, site censorship, site-generated comments (non-human, but meant to sound like one), etc.

    So let’s break it down:  those national immigration marches acted to alter the national news cycle, only causing people in cars, trucks, buses to burn more gas --- and who profits from that?

    The oil companies, and who owns the oil companies?

    Truly, we are being played from every angle!

    Whatever its name, MK ULTRA was and is about master control.

    A young graduate student, a husky White-American male, climbs a tower on a Texas college campus, armed with a rifle and extra ammo, then randomly shoots at the people below.

    A precocious Jewish-American youth enters Harvard at a very young age, where he becomes the unwitting test subject in Henry Murray’s behavioral manipulation program, and years later this young prodigy gains publicity as the Unabomber.

    A Black-American IBM employee in his late 30s, is approached by people on a train who know everything about his past, and he quickly slips into mental illness, quitting IBM only to return in 1982, crashing into their Bethesda, Maryland, facility, and begins shooting at anyone and everyone!

    The concrete link connecting them?  They were all the unwitting subjects of the MK ULTRA program.

    We only realize that today due to transactional data, surrounding data and links.

    MK ULTRA . . . .it continues.

    ceilidh_trail's picture

    WB- I, for one of many, salute your work. Bringing these SOBs down a few notches is a weapon that we do have available, and you are the guy most capable of firing it best. If nothing else, the chuckles I get are at least a bit of compensation for the crap they cause!

    vast-dom's picture

    it's a malicious wizard behind a curtain......just a sole little homunculus.....

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    EXCELLENT Banzai, chucklefest :)))

    "Bonds... Rigged Bonds.. 007% Licensed to Screw."

    ", make that 003% before we submit the figure to the Bank of England. Cheers."

    TrustWho's picture

    The British MPs did so much better than US Congress with their diamond.

    Bob D. says he is physically sick about the ethical lapses of 14 traders while the lady MP said your are complicit or incompetent. should play off the parallel universes. One being US Congress kissing Jamie and the British MPs implying Bob and Barclays participated in crimminal activity. Second being this ethical lapse versus crimminal fraud.

    sgt_doom's picture

    The British MPs did so much better than US Congress with their diamond.

    Or perhaps they just put on a superior show?

    Agent P's picture

    Need some names for the Bond girls...Pussy Libor...Miss G-spread Swapsalot...Blythe Masterbates...etc.

    ptoemmes's picture

    WB7: Can you rewrite this scene's ending so Diamond does not get out ;-)


    No. Mr. Bankster, I expect you to die.


    WALLST8MY8BALL's picture

    Or how about "No. Mr. Banker I expect you to LIE!"

    williambanzai7's picture

    Double O Banzai7...

    BeetleBailey's picture

    the name is Banzai.....William Banzai.....

    monad's picture

    007 = John Dee, a carney who took the royals for a ride. Remember what happened to Alex when he could no longer fight back. The law is your ANIMAL FARM.

    nobita's picture

    great work as always WB7.

    PoorByChoice's picture

    Splashed coffee all over my keyboard at the "Bonds.... Rigged Bonds"  LOL!


    So often I come here to ZH and wish I could do a "Cypher"

    WB your gallows humour makes it a little more bearable

    Benjamin Glutton's picture

    Link to PDF of Justice Department agreement dated june 26th/2012 not to prosecute Barclays criminally. Issued by Denis Mcinerney Chief Criminal Division,Fraud Section United States Dept. of Justice signed by Daniel Braun Deputy Chief of same and by Barclays  attorney Steven R. Peikin. crazy!!!



    as always love your work Mr. Bill.

    otto skorzeny's picture

    love the J. Bond stuff-Blofeld was top 5 villian. Eurotrash with a patch ,Stavro for a middle name, and a pool of sharks to do his killing.

    LeisureSmith's picture

    Having a name similar to Diamond seems to be hazardous to health and reputation. Now a BOE. official is found to have stabbed himself to death....hmmm, and his name was Dymond.

    Bond..Rigged Bonds...priceless & deadly!

    blindman's picture

    bizzaro. it being hot and friday it seems
    to all point to da beers. cheers, as the realisation
    that the financial intermediary, bank, can take
    a position, unencumbered by conflict of interest
    due to legislation, in a swap and then participate
    in manipulating the basis of the swap,
    rigged game supporting continuance of systemic
    usury and control fraud. (goldenjackass.c) human cesspit breeding
    parasites in positions of leadership, plastic
    hair and layers of fuggy makeup for the high
    def optics, concealing mostly everything but
    the obvious truth, then distraction is employed.
    ragging memes of insignificance,,
    don-ald trumps the relevant truth every time till
    they/it don't. they really request you submit to your
    own enslavement and make it easy for everyone involved. kate can wear high heels now! hooray
    hurrah, sis boom bah.
    you want to drain a swamp? buy some physical
    and go a boating but steer clear of the die-
    mounds. amazing dymond "suicide", ?.
    it stinks of symbolic ritual for mass sucumption.

    HAhyperion's picture

    Seppuku - we can only hope for mass hara kiri 

    12ToothAssassin's picture

    Hitmen are notoriously poor at spelling

    New_Meat's picture

    Ochen horosho

    as usual.

    - Ned

    ptolemy_newit's picture

    here is rommmmmmenies best friends list


    visit them at there homes and discuss the problems they are causing.  Or just wait out side there homes and see when they go to work,  make sure they are working.

    and ask them if they are honest

    look them in the eye and dream about a more just world before





    falak pema's picture

    lol, Diamond is the Cartel's best friend ! Tiffany, Cartier, Van Cleef and Arples of financial world. 

    Dr Jekyll is now playing Mr Hide! Go seek the Hyde in Mr Hide as he awaits for the rising tide of indignation to abide. 

    Will the Lie-bor scam guaranty him immortality as the icon of City Sharded shenanigans. Spike of unbelievable hubris in a City of fiat hungry Gargoyles and Abramovich Oligarchs.

    I like the sound of that sandwich sold at the stands of the Olympics : I'll have mine with Diamond sauce and Abramovich ketchup. As long as its got no Arafat polonium, I'll stay dumb but alive!