Charles Ferguson's "Inside Job"

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Watch Charles Ferguson's "Inside Job" (full-length feature embedded)

Courtesy of Jaime at Capitalism Without Failure

Charles Ferguson is an American hero. He produced, wrote, and directed this masterpiece about the fraud and corruption that led to the crisis. Then, upon winning the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2011, he began his acceptance speech by stating, "Forgive me, I must start by pointing out that three years after our horrific financial crisis caused by financial fraud, not a single financial executive has gone to jail, and that's wrong."

Ferguson has not stopped there. He recently published his book, Predator Nation, and has continued his crusade to expose fraud, criminality, and corruption, in the private sector, in government, and in academia.

If you have not seen this movie, you must do so. If you know anyone who has not seen this movie, share. Every American should be aware of what is transpiring at the highest levels of our establishment. Of course, this goes well beyond America's borders; everyone in this world should make themselves aware of the injustice, criminality, and corruption that sways policy and creates a needlessly precarious financial world for us all.


This movie includes incredible extras included - deleted scenes and excellent interviews that did not make it into the movie. In particular, I recommend watching the interviews with Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore. This is a DVD/Blu-ray.

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I just finished reading his book Predator Nation. Towards the end he blasts the politicians and shows that they are all just playing a game for the benefit of the sheeple. They pretend to be mad at each other, D's vs R's, when in reality they all work together for their corporate masters. Obama is playing the game too. It really doesn't matter who gets elected President at this point, they all work for the Corporate America & the banksters.

I was so angry about how they are all playing us for their benefit. Almost makes me want to get a sniper's rifle and pick them all off one by one. These people are traitors to our country. REAL traitors. They only care about $$$ and how to get more of it. It's time to fight back before we lose that ability. Any way we can, be it peaceful or by other means.

These bloodsuckers MUST die.

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its like watching choir practice :)

thanks ilene




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This movie tells part of a story. It was produced for 'Progressive' consumption but offers everyone a taste. 

When you have watched this film, you will know for sure who the producers believe are the bad guys. You will know for sure they want to see derivatives regulated - and you will know they believe the whole thing was a heist that continues even today.

It is difficult to reasonbly disagree with much of anything presented.

Give a man enough rope...
That doesn't change the fact that the whole debacle was a set up, a sting, a false flag attack to create an excuse. I don't fucking care how Noble they feel their reasons are. This is why you don't centralise Power. This is why you do not allow others to make choices for you. It will always be abused, their justifications for doing so are tales told by idiots.

Inside Job indeed. They 'Both' want the same thing, to put you in a gilded cage. Vote for it. Deluded Utopian or Corrupt Parasite?

What really pisses me off... You fuckers didn't defend it after you blew it all up. You just let them march right the fuck back in there, didn't ya?  YOU SUCK AT RUNNING THE WORLD.

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The simple fact is: until many somebodies walks into the relevant offices with AK-47s and executes the criminals that are behind all this "Nothing Esle Matters..." That day is not far in the future for some of the prime targets...

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It's good to have him back, although you are right, it was hard to get him to fly at this time of night...  

Fishhawk's picture

The Federal Reserve Note is the biggest fiat lie ever told.  It is not money; it is debt.  Get out of it and take back your right to sound money.  Use United States Notes (hint: they are inelastic currency).  


ps  hey Tyler, what's with the bag?  where did my hawk go?  

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I see the hawk dude!

(But then again, I see see a lot of things this time of night....)

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Thanks for posting this doc.  Looks like an interesting flick that must test the comments of this thread .


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That movie only touches the surface.  Every profession has scum suckers and money grubbers who swindle their clients.  The real problem lies at the heart of economics; that which is considered a science of major universities.

The fiat standard is the greatest lie ever sold.  Get of of it and take back your right to sound money.

Buy silver

LowProfile's picture

Gee whiz...  You would have thought silver would have popped on this news

But it didn't, gold did.

Huh.  Go figure.

illyia's picture

As a movie it was excellent. As a cure-all or prophetic-soma-laxative it fell short.

There was nothing of Marx or communist doctrine at all.

Such fooishness is tiresome.

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According to Zillow’s last numbers, nearly 16 million American homeowners are underwater, which equates to 1.2 trillion dollars worth of mortgages.


another result of the predation....pushing prices up to Bubble levels then Pooof!

That's also what's happening in Australia and Canada as a result of the globlal slowdown. I read oin Der Spiegel that many in Spain are following American footsteps and "just walking away" from their house or not paying their mortgage. It's spreading like an infection.

Buck Johnson's picture

Your right, and I can't wait to watch this.  They try to downplay this movie in the MSM because it doesn't show wallstreet in a good light. 

sgt_doom's picture

Rigged Markets:  A Primer

Very short, extremely limited sound bites from the corporate myth-media seek only to confuse while explaining nothing to the citizenry.

All the markets are rigged to favor the banksters --- the banksters have designed it thusly.

Interest rate swaps and their negative impacts on cities and municipalities has recently been one of those confusing topics:  interest rates normally go up during bad economic times, but the reason the cities have been devastated by those IR swaps sold to them by Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase is because the Federal Reserve has purposefully and artificially held interest rates down, benefitting the top banksters, which control and manage the Federal Reserve.

[It's known as a closed loop of corruption:  cities are locked into paying contractual interest rates while combination of lower interest rates and bad economic times lower revenues flowing to city governments.]

The LIBOR interest rates have been, since at least 2005, artificially and financially manipulated to favor the banksters.

By favoring their derivatives contracts and futures contracts, they have allowed for greater ultra-leveraging and ultra-leveraged speculation (artificially driving up oil/energy, food and various commodities prices --- to profit the banksters and derivatives dealers while impoverishing the rest of us).

This is completely artificial and anti-progress.

To repeat a constant refrain of ours, regarding how "liberal" or how "populist" charlatans and fraudsters claim to be, by not addressing the important issues such as "who owns what" --- who is the select group who actually owns everything --- and thereby exerts the greatest control, nothing is ever seriously discussed.

Many gullible and simpleminded people accept the nonsensical drivel of a Rachel Maddow when she so blithely claims that one of the Fascisti, President Obama, is a "centrist democrat"!

One who attacks fundamental citizen rights and human rights such as his attacks on due process, habeas corpus (unlawful detention), Gestapo-like preemptive arrests of activists, etc., simply demonstrates the worthlessness of a Nobel Peace Prize (or in Rachel Maddow's case, the utter worthlessness of a Rhodes Scholarship and matriculating at Oxford).

To describe standard fascist behavior and actions as the mode of a "centrist democrat" should beggar the belief of any sane person!

As long as Talking Twats like Rush Limbaugh, Ted Nugent, Ann Coulter and Rachel Maddow are accorded attention by what passes for media in America, we will never have a serious discussion of the important matters.

It's really quite simple:  if the so-called newsies are forever discussing JP Morgan Chase, ExxonMobil, BP, etc., without stating their actual ownership --- they should just STFU! ! !

The Dodd-Frank legislation has accomplished zero --- which was part of its purpose --- the other part, according to its wording, is to allow for future bailouts covertly by the Federal Reserve at the clearinghouse level.

Who controls and manages the Federal Reserve?

The banksters.

Who owns those clearinghouses?

The banksters.

The Volcker Rule, frequently cited by newsies who have never read it, is just a pile of crap, put forth by that Rockefeller stooge, Paul Volcker, who is simply doing what he's paid to do!

Now wasn't that simple?


Yossarian's picture

Narrated by the same Matt Damon who is the voice behind Ameritrade and Fidelity commercials (or similar asset-skimming financial firms)?  

What I wish the movie addressed/concentrated more on:

  • The ratings agencies.  There are three: Moodys, Fitch, and S&P who essentially form a govt mandated cartel, sheltered from competition.  Regulatory bodies dealing with insurance, pensions, banks, etc. mandate that the institutions they regulate invest according to the ratings put out by these firms.  Due to such mandates these firms are essentially protected from competition; an uncompetitive environment typically fosters complacency over innovation and that is exactly consistent with the (poor) output these ratings agencies produced.  How is that remotely resemble "free markets?" And why has that not changed?
  • The buyers. OK, by now we generally know how and why a lot of these crap assets were created- but who were the buyers and why?  CalPERS alone has $200B under management- if they took 1/10 of 1% (.001) of their assets- which is a small % of their fees- they could have hired 200 $1M hotshot analysts so they wouldn't have to rely on Moodys, etc. Why didn't they?  So much of our money is managed by pension funds who are nothing more than glorified bureaucrats whose goal is to minimize career risk.  If the regulator says you have to own AAA assets then all the pension fund managers are covered when they buy the crap that Moodys (wrongly) rated AAA.  And since they are all doing it and they all fail together they won't need to worry if anything goes wrong.  On an even more cynical note, they are clearly managing your money with less concern for it than you would do and often for their own benefit:
  • John Paulson: they made it look like he did something wrong by betting against this stuff.  I say no- we need more people like him to uncover the frauds before they happen (or at least incentivize people to do so).  Jim Chanos also makes money betting on stock to fall (it's called shorting); most notably he called Enron a fraud and shorted it when most every bank analyst had a "Strong Buy" rating on it (for their retail clients).  I don't think Goldman did anything wrong in this instance (they did in many other which is why, I believe, the prosecution focused on this- a show trial). Here is a good wonky analysis:
  • Other quibbles: 
    • I thought geothermal was "Green?"  Now it is bad (from the first scene) to use geothermal for aluminum smelting rather than coal.
    • Blindly partisan with respect to regulation. So many great quotes from Barney Frank but this quick youtube search turned this up: As with anything Hollywood-endorsed, the focus was on the right side of the aisle (or those sympathetic/influenced by that side), but all sides were blind to this danger.  Fannie and Freddy will probably cause a couple $Trillion in damage when all is said and done so, along with the banks, very much part of the problem     

sgt_doom's picture

John Paulson????


Alan Greenspan, who helped set up the housing bubble, goes to work for Paulson at his hedge fund, and Paulson buys a bunch of CDSes (on the naked swap side) for $1.4 million apiece with a payout of $100 million apiece.


Negative, Paulson is a scavenger along with Ayn Rand halfwit, Greenspan, who is likewise married to another halfwit, Andrea Mitchell.

God help us all should they ever spawn.....

steelhead23's picture

Yossarian - I have to disagree as regards John Paulson's morality.  Had the originators fully disclosed both their positions and Paulson's participation in synthetic CDOs no one in their right mind would have bought in.  Yes, the marks learned a lesson - as does a burglarized homeowner who had his alarm system installed by the thief.  The fact that Paulson is smart and charming does not materially change the fact that he is a thief.

Yossarian's picture

By definition the other side of a synthetic CDS is long the protection or short the debt.  The fact that it was Paulson, just a middling covert-atb fund at that point, would probably have been irrelevant to the other side.  And I believe Greenspan was hired by Paulson after this big trade, which probably explains his performance since.  

I was an early bear on housing- shorting builders and getting stopped out from 2004->.  Dealing mostly in equities I didn't have the knowledge of these structured products or ability to formulate a trade in order to short them.  But had I been able to figure out a way to go short, I would have.  And I would have done so within the law, as I think Paulson did. 

Winston Smith 2009's picture

Yossarian - I agree.  I saw this film in its theatrical release and thought it pulled way too many punches.  And the film's ending comments about the economy recovering was and is a fantasy showing that even the authors of this film don't fully appreciate what's going on.

Shizzmoney's picture

Narrated by the same Matt Damon who is the voice behind Ameritrade and Fidelity commercials (or similar asset-skimming financial firms)? 

I noticed this too....I mean, Matt, after blasting Obama for "cowing to Wall St", and doing the narration of this film, I guess you just thought that most of us would forget/not know/not care after hearing your same voice for similiar institutions who also are implicit in Wall St shenanegians?

Plus, Damon is a liberal....and the guy who runs TD Ameritrade (also Cubs owner) is probably one of the most hard core Republicans who is bankrolling Romney's campaign. Conflict of interest, no? Oh, there's the check!

I guess you really are just a starving artist.............. until the rent is due!

NotApplicable's picture

After watching for fifteen minutes it looks to me like yet another pro-state/failure of capitalism story where they create a factual narrative to lead to a false conclusion.

I've yet to hear a peep about the criminals in DC other than the evil Reagan "deregulating" the financial industry. So, just how can you make a film called "Inside Job" but fail to get inside where the crimes are committed?

Typical Marxist trash.

Henry Hub's picture

Guess what bozo:

 The film documents the actual collapse of Capitalism and the actual pro-state bailout of the criminal banking system.

Carl Marx has nothing to do with it.

You should go back and watch to whole thing, maybe you'd learn somthing


steelhead23's picture

Perhaps it is inconvenient to mention this here, but Karl Marx actually saw financialization of capital as the final stage of capital accumulation.  Marx was a very bright man who recognized the falacies of capitalism and its effects on human welfare.  The fact that several militant totalitarian regimes were Marxist in origin has greatly affected this man's reputation and the value of his thinking.  Even today, in our enlightened culture, many equate the man with the devil, yet know absolutely nothing about his thinking or his theories (he is hard to read).  So, yes, Marx did have something to say about the ongoing catastrophe - he predicted it.  The film, however, has nothing to do with Marx.

palmereldritch's picture

Marx predicted it because it was a natural progression of the agenda of his mercantilist capitalist patrons in the City of London.

They did mid-wife and finance communism after all...just search the history of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky and their financiers


Henry Hub's picture

I completely agree with you. Marx is completely misunderstood. Everyone should have a basic knowledge of his writings. You can appreciate Marx without being a Marxist (which I am not)

bunnyswanson's picture

Oh well, can't have everything.  Documentaries on this subjective are hard to find.  Spokespeople for the banks/credit card companies are regular guests or prior members from Saturday Night Live - that should be a heartbreaker.  Hollywood is Zionist Country.

Whalley World's picture

Saw it last night on Jesse's Cafe Americain.  Great documentary and what was telling was those who would not provide an interview. 

Gringo Viejo's picture

Stone sociopaths,

runlevel's picture

its just a neet little video to most sheep. 

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Paradigm shifts come in stages.