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Chucklefest Banzai ...or should that be Cluckfest!

Krugman: what a turkey 

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Krugman was here last week in Madrid.

Got beat up by Hayek & Mises crowd, was fun to watch.

Cntrl P...mo $ € £ , no whammies... Opps.. Rubber bullets time...

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He said a free market and a welfare state with high taxes is okay by him. Crackpipe not withstanding.


And no QE3 either. they don't have the leverage to pull it off. Paper Gold is getting it's azz hammered in all this bad news so the world has officially turned up-side-down at this point.

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never trust a man in a bow tie (not even jim rogers)

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Or one that wears a belt and suspenders!

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Or another Pulitzer Prize Winner, kinda tired of trying to figure out who judges this distinction.

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it all makes perfect sense now


this image explains everything

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Go short the Naz for the aapl miss

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And of course this asshole hails from Princetard, Berstooopid's home ground.  The thought of this idiot "teaching" supposedly "bright" students his retarded philosophy is incredible.  The only thing wrong with your pic Banzai is that Krapman's egg brains aren't scrambled.

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Hey Krugman........GO FUCK YOURSELF!

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I wana see the "to" that goes with the fro, also the back and forth, the high speed spin, and the full auto I, I, I, I, I, and the burst fire me, me, me.

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I'm checking to see if anyone already posted 'birds of a feather' before I say 'birds of a feather'

Very nice stuff Dr. Banzai. ;)

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The chicken is ugly and the egg head is scary, but the economics lesson is mind blowing frightening.

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Yeah but which one came first?

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Economics - Supply and demand predates organic life.

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Which leads me to this question, Why did the Economy cross the debt load?

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To get to the FaR SiDe?  (Are we there yet?)

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Close, we were looking for Farce Side.

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I live in the FaRCe SiDe.

Life bounces between preposterous, tragic, and hilarious.

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And life is moving at ludicrous speed!

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Careful. Next thing you know you'll be listening to Presidential FaRCe SiDe Chats just like in the Dirty 30s. Won't that be a treat!

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how about chicken man george, or am i showing my age

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This is your brain on Keynesian drugs.

Any questions?

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"Surgical repositioning and electrostimulation of the Krugman Lobe has been successful. We expect a full Keynesian recovery for the patient."

B. S. Bernanke, MD
Chief of Surgical Intervention

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Yark! "Keynesian Recovery" ... now what would that look like?


INTREPID REPORTER: But Dr. Berkranke, er ... if I may be so bold ... you say your patient is recovering nicely, yet all I see is that he's thrashing about on the floor crapping his pants and drooling all over himself.

DR. BERKRANKE: Yes, but he believes he's running the Olympic Marathon, thus, his "Animal Spirits" could not be higher.

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C'mon..   give us a pic of Brother O' with the fro...   Love that image..  always makes me laugh..