A Republic, If You Can Keep It

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This is a fantastic rant from Glenn Beck. Put your preconceived notions aside.

It's about the individual.


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He admits he's a clown.

Sort of like Lear's Fool.

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OT. I have a question. I am not familiar with GBTV and am just wondering why they left out the Lesbians. (Seems an odd channel for him to be on)

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I stand with Beck. If you don't it doesn't bother me. Good luck.

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Bain Capital (Romney) bought ClearChannel (Beck, Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, and the other propagandists) in 2008. Romney owns Glenn Beck.


They are feeding you a line.  They are interested in continuing the corporate takeover of America.  They just talk about personal freedom to make you think that's what they want.  Look at how the representatives the TeaBaggers elected have actually VOTED: continue the Patriot Act, defund the WallSt regulators, build a bigger secret police. 

Forget about what they SAY, look at the VOTES:

44 of 52 Tea Party Caucus representatives voted for the 2011 continuation of the "Patriot" Act.  http://www.examiner.com/article/44-tea-party-caucus-members-voted-to-ren...

The banks "bought" the Tea Party. ALL FIFTEEN of the freshmen Tea Party Caucus members to substantial money from "financial services" industry PACs.  Was it just handly campaign money?  Bullshit; 11 of the 15 went on to COSPONSOR HR3461 "THE FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS EXAMINATION FAIRNESS AND REFORM ACT".  The Tea Party has pushed to slash funding for the WallSt regulators and prosecutors with every budget crunch.



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Sounds like the Tea Party needs to elect some new candidates. I'm voting Andrew Jackson and NO BANK!

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Oh dear. The evidence seems to prove that Mr. Beck is not a tool of the industy, and that he is biting the hand that feeds him, right? Sure. And oh yes, he DOES favor a flat income tax, fighting for the little guy. Facts and logic trump emotion, and would seem obvious, but then I don't watch nor listen to TV nor Mr Beck.

As Mr.Frank Zappa once said:

I am the tool of the government
And industry too
For I am destined to rule
And regulate you

I may be vile and pernicious
But you can't look away
I make you think Im delicious
With the stuff that I say
I am the best you can get
Have you guessed me yet?
I am the slime oozin out
From your tv set

You will obey me while I lead you
And eat the garbage that I feed you
Until the day that we don't need you
Don't got for help...no one will heed you
Your mind is totally controlled
It has been stuffed into my mold
And you will do as you are told
Until the rights to you are sold

That's right, folks..
Don't touch that dial


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IMO - Beck is better in print - not on TV. He is the poster boy for ADD.

He loses me each time he tears up, or goes into  whisper mode.

The man does his homework, nonetheless, and, of all the pundits out there, does say "don't believe me - do your own research" -

(I'd like to see one other pundit/blowhard/douchebag/dimwit dumb fuck from a main stream media douchenozzle outlet that does that).

Stossel is also good. But again - in print - not on TV. TV was made for entertainment, and these two have to ham it up for the fucking almighty god-damned "ratings" - so they are slaves to their advertisers - who are complete fucktards.

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If someone has 'pre-conceived notions' about Glenn Beck, it's often a case of never having seen his show or watching far too much liberal media. 

Beck did a timeline a few years ago about world events which has turned out to be uncanningly accurate.  I'd suggest truth seekers tune him in. 

As to rising up to reclaim our nation, I think they'll be some revolutionaries, but too much of America has become apathetic couch-potato reality TV addicts. 

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Who would down arrow you heavy metal, other than a Troll???

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I like Beck as an entertainer, and I acknowledge that he is one of those rare TV personalities who are curious enough to challenge the system rather than to regurgitate its propaganda. But Beck is nonetheless mistaken on a great many things. His failure to support Ron Paul is evidence that Beck does not get the full picture of what he is ranting about. I actually suspect that he would vote for Romney as the "lesser of two evils".

The way I see it, voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil, no matter what your intentions are, especially when you could vote for a third guy whom you know is principled and a system-changer.

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Thanks for posting this Tyler.  The message is spot on, even if you do not like nor listen too Glenn Beck.  Alot of comments here, during the time I learned about ZH reflect alot of what the man stated in this video.

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Call me if this divided,sleepy,slumbering sold out nation can muster the balls to organize.Till then,watching.

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I love Glenn Beck.  His message dovetails with Zerohedge in that we are all f@cked because of big government and the banking cartel. 

Who else has called out (ON AIR) Bernanke for monetizing the debt?

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Ron Paul does every time he gets the chance, and still Beck won't support him. Ahhhh but Paul would not invade every Middle-East country, so that disqualifies him right?

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I agree with what he's saying, but "The Network" did it better nearly forty years ago.

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lol...we've had more than a few Howard Beale's step forward...Santelli, the Tyler's, Beck etc.

The general public has been stunned into silence (mostly) over the sheer breadth of the depravity but they are pissed, fuming...its coming...I can feel it.

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I guess its ok but he starts off criticizing the NYT for having an agenda and then says a generic those other guys do too. He says that people wont call out the corruption because they have a sweetheart deal.... he is doing the same by not being more specific and mentioning Fox news or Rush Limbaugh. He is still beholden to his own set of insider deals.

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I don't think you quite understand. He's speaking of the usurpatious corrupt bastards club of profit, through manipulation and control by laws, regulations, politicians and those who seek to protect their portfolio at any cost to someone, anyone else. Then there are the Marxists who, I shit you not, are waiting in the wings. They too, see opportunities appearing before them and to be honest, even if the media continues to ignore and deliberately misreport their activities, have been working to bring these conditions about. Considering the aforementioned, their work hasn't been particularly difficult, save for the beginning of their conquests. Their mantra has been and will be "capitalism and free markets don't work, time to try something else" let's do some Marxist government and really fix things "for the people," bullshit. Since they are the media, they get to lie and damage without consequences.

I no longer watch FOX news, whom you clearly do not like but my reasons are that they are fair and balanced and thus, constrained to report the other 50% which are lies. It was not always so, and lately the left has somehow magically been able to gain that last word segment, in most of their reports. When their format changed to F&B I only watched Beck. When he left, I stopped watching them because there isn't that much difference now between them and the others.

Think for yourself and don't let the tube rule your thought processes or you may find that you have been lied to and manipulated into places that are convenient to others and not at all serving of your interests. Somewhere in a dark cell where your complaints will only be heard by rats.

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"Marxists"?   People still think there are viable orthodox Marxist commie cells somewhere poised to take over?   Stuck in the 1950s, or what?  It would be funny if it weren't so ignorant.

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You're ignorant.

What do you think the Fabian Society is?

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Thanks for the post.

I found Glen Hard to follow... for years.

but your right, even a stopped clock is right at least once a day

Sounded like a Ron Paul add.

but everything is sounding like a Ron Paul add.

Let see.
has it been working for you the last 30yr's?



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Contradictions: it says in the media that people can't be trusted, and yet the media themselves cannot be trusted either. Does this mean that we can't trust people who argue that people can't be trusted?

If "everyone" is in on it, then "you" and the "investor" are included.

I stopped listening after that.


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i know it's a lot to watch a whole glen beck for 15 minutes but he actually says 

" don't trust me " specifically when referring to talking heads. He pretty much acknowledges how difficult of a position the 'truth' is in. no body believes anybody isn't selling something. 


i'll give you the fact that glenn beck was fox tv. but he got kicked off or left, and now , even though he's preaching to much of the same audience, it's HIS audience and not foxxes. so he can say whatever he wants. much of what he was saying here was 100% true. despite whatever shillish reasons you may believe he had for saying these things

p.s. ----i'm no glen becker, but he did supposedly get booted off fox for talking about the fed. supposedly.

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That's 4 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Thank God I didn't lose the other 8.

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Now I remember why I quit listening to Beck a few years back.......... Thanks Tyler for stealing 3 minutes of my life.............Back to productive uses of my time....gonna listen to nose hair grow.

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every ex-alchy I've ever known is a pontificating blowhard and GB is no exception. they were a lot cooler and funnier and insightful when they were drunks

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Just another Mormon Zionist puppet.

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ultraticum <---- just another progressive marxist troll.  How does that work?


When you cannot attck the message you call names...... whay are you so angry & CLOSE MINDED???????????????????????????

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he should fit right in with mittens. wonder what his feelings will be when Mittens gives Israel the greenlight to attack the Iranians that we have been backing into a corner (a'la japan in the late 1930s) and start Gotterdammerung with the full consent of the US evangelicals that Mossad/AIPAC has been brainwashing for 25 years. Seriously -watch some evangelical TV shows-its all about Sharia law and all this other crazy Islam hating shit. these fuckers are like flashing back to Richard the Lionheart VS Saladin.

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Compare currrent MSM Coverage with 1980's Saturday Night Live Episode...(minus the good comedians like Eddie Murphy and John Belushi)

For example...




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Glenn Beck is a tool. We're being prepared for the slaughter. It's funny how he can say 'New York Times' but not 'Fox News' He's almost not a dick in this one.

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Look in the mirror ding dong.....Is what he saying TRUE or not?

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Why mention the company that fired him?

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The stupid fat goof runs his mouth yet again.

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Nazis came to power in the midst of the Great Depression. When the Nazis came to power the most pressing issue was an unemployment rate of  30%.[17] Before World War II, Hitler appointed Hjalmar Schacht, a former member of the German Democratic Party, as President of the Reichsbank in 1933 and Minister of Economics in 1934.



Policies were Keynesian, relying on large public works programs supported by deficit spending – took advantage of the freedom provided by the end of the gold standard to keep interest rates low and government budget deficits high, with massive public works funded by large budget deficits.



Trade unions were abolished, as well as collective bargaining and the right to strike.[45] The right to quit also disappeared: Labour books were introduced in 1935, and required the consent of the previous employer in order to be hired for another job.



They also directed Schacht to place more emphasis on military production and rearmament.In 1936, military spending in Germany exceeded 10% of GNP, higher than any other European country at the time, after years of limitations imposed by the Versailles Treaty. Military investment also exceeded civilian investment from 1936 onwards



the German state came to play an increasing dominant role in the German economy through state-owned companies



As big business became increasingly organized, it developed an increasingly close partnership with the Nazi government. The government pursued economic policies that maximized the profits of its business allies, and, in exchange, business leaders supported the government's political and military goals

The largest firms were mostly exempt from taxes on profits



While the strict state intervention  led to full employment during the 1930s, real wages in Germany dropped by roughly 25% between 1933 and 1938. 


Unrest caused by the breakdown of German social policies, and the sharp drop in living standards for the German working class forced Hitler into going to war at a time and place not of his choosing.



when faced with the deep socio-economic crisis the Nazi leadership had decided to embark upon a ruthless “smash and grab” foreign policy of seizing territory in Eastern Europe which could be pitilessly plundered to support living standards in Germany.



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I hate to spoil the party here but...nazism was first and foremost a reaction against international finance and its henchmen. And against interest slavery. By consequence, against the very same things and people we are now also reacting here. Any slightly intellectual well read person knows this.

Sadly, what you say is just repeating the propaganda and lies of the same banksters/gangsters who now rob us all yet again. You help them to control, eliminate any ideologic dissent.

As long as you believe any of the propagated lies, you perpetuate their power...

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No more pills for you!

 Look again at the laws they passed and what they did.

The NAZIs were not against tyranny by an elite, nor were they against a tyranny of international finance and crony henchmen.

It was just that they wanted to be in charge with their own crony henchmen.

Reichstag Fire Decree of 1933

§ 1. Articles 114, 115, 117, 118, 123, 124 and 153 of the Constitution of the German Reich are suspended until further notice. It is therefore permissible to restrict the rights of personal freedom [habeas corpus], freedom of opinion, including the freedom of the press, the freedom to organize and assemble, the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications. Warrants for House searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.

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Once you realize what you are up against now, you will understand what germany was up against then, and that it takes a bit more than a few whinging Occupy WS militants.
There was anarchy, 50+ parties, chaos and bolsjevism trying to take over in the chaos (the same gangsters btw), and the state of Bayern was briefly under communist rule.

"Our greatest social task is the abolition of interest slavery. This responsibility to abolish interest slavery towers above all other issues of the day. It is the only solution to the greatest problem of our time." Gottfried Feder.

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i think ALL of the above 3 comments are correct. the nazi's were against international financiers, and wanted nationalist (nazi) financiers. the essential problem for the nazi's historically is that this nationalism was deeply tied into violent racism and higher levels of ethnic cleansing than seen in europe for a while.

so history judges them accordingly, but , as a jew, it really upsets me that other jews have been brainwashed into 1 good lesson of the holocaust while being brainwashed against believing in the 2nd good lesson. 

first----the jews understand the seed of violence flowers into a blooming garden of violence. it is the pandora's box lesson. and many people point to this lesson when applying it to the idea of being cautious for supporting a true revolution and instead seeing this as reason to pursue the constitutional convention method. 

second-----the jews i know never really have tried to understand WHY the holocause happened other than to give 'anti-semitism' as an answer. that answer is total nonsense. anti-semitism is persistent throughout history and does NOT lead to holocausts all the time. small pogroms, racial crimes, sure yea, plenty of the time. why not. do black folk get lynched once in a while yea? but people hating 'niggers' doesn't explain the institution of slavery any more than anti-semitism explains the holocaust. NO---shockingly jews, the supposed masters of money and finance----never see the social/historical/ECONOMIC/FINANCIAL underpinnings of world war II. 

the pairing of high unemployment and social decay with international banks and corporations conspiring to parasite off germany resulted in a nationalist backlash. this happens ALL THE TIME in history as nations prey upon one another. and in the 'retraction' the preyed upon nation will be highly nationalist in its response. it so happens the combination of european anti-semitism, and the rise of a particularly anti-semitic leader combined with the underlying cause of financial decay and predation upon germany resulted in the holocaust. 

but this beggs the question of whether or not history must happen in cycles like this. Can there be a 'sustainable' debtor country and creditor country forever. I suggest there cannot. The yin-yang of creditor and debtor usually results in an imbalance where the creditor is doing more work persistently . Eventually, perhaps after generations , the creditor class of slaves must either be destroyed or they will destroy the debtor class. Uprisings are inevitable as the slaves find a way to riot. They leverage their position, gain knowledge and strength, and find a way to disrupt. 

In Rome you had a society which was so dependent on slave labor that the slave labor economy nearly caused a collapse of the empire when the slaves revolted. In the U.S. you wouldn't call abolitionism a 'slave revolt' but in essense it was the  beginning of one, and helped dovetail with industrial tarrif policies as a reason for the starting of a civil war. 


so what am I getting at???? Right now, americans are becoming the slaves to the new york/internationalist financiers and trade lobbys. Importing of slave labor from china has reduced americans to total dependency as there is no work other than service sector work. this , in turn with massive financial chicanery by wall street has turned americans into the despondent people. Soon, with a likley devaluation of the currency, the private savings of americans will be plundered and the social saftey net will drop out. THAT is when Americans will find themselves reduced to slaves-----debtors in the true sense--will work for food. 

If you think the current state of social chaos ---of slavery to the system in america ----is yet as bad as nazi germany then we should already be 'ripe' for revolution and a tinder needs only be lit [ i think most clearly agree it is not ] .Bit If you wonder how and why a 'convention' of some sort with over 35 state legislatures can be convened----when times are 'bad' but not 'bad enough' to result in a revolutionary government --------you have your work cut out for you.

revolution versus convention. -----which is more likely?-----revolution when things get bad enough? convention when people get active enough? 

i used to have more confidence in people to be thoughtful and act. Now I have more confidence in people to respond to basic necessities like the lack of food and shelter. 

If you ask me, the quicker route to change is first accelerating the processes by which americans are impoverished. 

Some believe that by doing this you risk revolution. I personally believe that to wake people up , you must take away their reason for being oblivious which is that they are fat and happy. I believe in hunger and subsequent anger as a motivator unfortunately. 


you'll get your constitutional convention when you offer people free food and free entertainment to show up. i'm just a big cynic i guess.


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Good reaction, with a lot of balance. If only more ''financial'' jews would think like you, we would surely all get along well and we wouldn't be in such a mess like we are today. Take Gilad Atzmon as another very good example, he dares to explore these taboos with the utmost intellectectual honesty.

As for antisemitism. Was it not Einstein himself who said it was nothing else but a normal rational reaction against jewish action for supremacy and choseness? Was it not Herzl who wanted to see antisemitism, stir it, so it would suit the needs to keep justifying the jewish state? I also like the documentary of Yoav Shamir on the subject: ''Defamation''... 


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 Is this representative of the movement you idealize?

"The people need wholesome fear. They want to fear something. They want someone to frighten them and make them shudderingly submissive. Haven't you seen everywhere that after the beerhall battles those who have been beaten are the first to join the party as new members? Why babble about brutality and get indignant about tortures? The masses want them. They need something that will give them a thrill of horror."

Ernst Roehm



 ---Somehow I don't think anything good can come of such philosophy.

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No, I don't propagate that ideology, as it was a product of those days, born out of very specific historic circumstances. Extraordinary situations were calling for extrordinary solutions. But the situation in the USA today is approaching some very scary analogies with pre-war Germany. The same conditions and aberrations which gave birth to nazism are present today. 

There were most definitely very good elements in ''that'' ideology, but of course these are all suppressed by the current system and paradigm, since these elements are the only real threat to the current globalist / international finance paradigm. If we can't have the intellectual honesty (or courage...) to admit that, we place ourselves check-mate and that is exactly what the globalist bankster/gangster crooks and their sycophants want. Other elements of the ideology were the product of thought streams of those days: self determination for all peoples was a leidmotif, as pointed out in the League of Nations, it wasn't just a nazi ideologic point. Colonialism wasn't invented by the nazis, the british were plundering all nations all over the world... and so on.  These elements don't fit the present days of course. But it is clear to many that what we have been told has been told with a very big spin.

''Nazism'' and ''fascism'' etc are words which have lost their true meaning in the current political discourse, they are used as propaganda against any form of dissent or to make it  associated with the Ultimate Great Evil. This is called Newspeak, or Doublespeak. Orwellian techniques rule: war is peace, freedom is slavery... and we all fall for it. Western propaganda is therefore extremely efficient, as the masses believe it willingly, much more so as former USSR propaganda, where everyone knew the government was lying.

So we have to first of all see that we have been lied to in many ways. Internet is our weapon to build knowledge and discover *real* truth, we should use it before they take it away.


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Treaty of Versailles is US citizen convenient excuse to hide the fact that Germany was on the path to Nazism before the treaty was signed.

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I agree however, what do you propose we do about it?   Sit idle like sheeple and be slaughtered? 

We simply cannot have a revolution in the traditional sense.  The enemy is too close and powerful.  Look how fast they shut down the folly of Occupy.  What we need is an intelligent revolution ground in the laws of the Constitution. 

If we stay on the road toward collapse, it is likely that we end up far worse off than we are now.  Think Soviet Union – tanks aiming at the Capital – the MASSIVE money-grab by the oligarchs – the deeply embedded corruption…  I know, save the tanks, that is pretty much how one may view the current condition.  However, is TOTAL collapse and the mayhem of blood-in-the-streets something to cheer for or wish upon?  If so, I think it wiser to think twice of what such wishes may bring. 

Here are the basic three choices as I see it:

  •  Stay enslaved as we are and accept whatever lies ahead
  • Cheer and hope that an investable collapse of magnitude will bring change for the better
  • Galvanize the masses to use the Framework and Law of the Constitution to restore its core principles

I totally agree however, Congress and Special Interests should NOT run the show; the People of the States are calling Congress and the Special Interests to account. As such, States would sponsor a jury-style selection of educated citizens as representative delegates for an Article-V convention.

I think a good percentage of ZH posters would make excellent delegates. 

The core of the existing Constitution should remain the same as its always been.  The only amendments would involve spelling out in plain English exactly what the national government CANNOT do, and provide an EQUAL and impartial Rule OF Law (vs. rule BY law) for expedient remedy and consequence for entities that violate such rules.

As intended by the Framers, Article-V of the Constitution provides for amendments without risking a no-holds barred runaway by extremists.

Check out the both videos here and the link to the entire conference led by RootStrikers (on the left) and the Tea Party (on the right).  

The only way to maintain the sanctity and brilliance of the Framers documents is to use what the Framers provided us with, ARTICLE-V of the Constitution. 

It’s not perfect – nothing ever is, but it is a framework with which to build upon, a framework left to us by the Founders. 


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Wave - any Convention to amend the Constitution can propose changes to every word of the document.  There is no way to open just part of it.  Once the delegates were approved and convened, there is no way to limit the scope of the proposed changes made.

For sure, the mechanisms for calling a convention (2/3rds of both Houses of Congress pass a resolution or 2/3rds of the state legislatures pass resolutions) and for ratifying proposed changes (3/4th of state legislatures must approve or 3/4th of state conventions gathered for such purpose) is a very high barrier to runaway action.  But that is not the same thing as being able to limit the scope of what they can consider.


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I would put into that article 5 a repeal of the 17th ammendment so that states once again had power over the special interest groups and the fed govt.

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Glenn Beck is warning everyone what is about to happen...in my humble opinion....America's days are numbered....

bigbucksr's picture

Glenn Beck is warning everyone what is about to happen...in my humble opinion....America's days are numbered....

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Fuck you, Glenn Beck. Eat shit and die.