Preparing for the Inevitable

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Preparing for the Inevitable

By George Mantor

As I begin this, the power to a couple of million people has been out for 6 days. Despite what will be said, this is not an anomaly but one in a more frequently occurring series of infrastructure breakdowns.

Add to that the undeniable fact that, whether caused by global warming or other possibly worse scenarios, more people’s lives are being negatively affected by both weather and disasters.

Now, keep in mind that the budgets of those organizations intended to respond to these events have been severely reduced because of loss of revenues related to fewer tax payers and substantially lower property values.

Factor in the impact of the pending banking collapse and the inevitable bank runs, and you have the recipe for some serious craziness.

One thing we haven’t had to contend with much in the past is the impact of a computer glitch on our lives. My favorite example occurred right here in San Diego on July 4th.

The long awaited, highly anticipated, state-of-the-art fireworks tribute to American independence is an event so spectacular that people drove hundreds of miles just for the “oohing” and the “aahing”, and the gut punching of dozens of thunderous explosions spread out over forty-five minutes.

Billed as the Big Bay Boom it is a fireworks lover’s heaven. The show itself was produced by the venerable century old firm, Garden City Fireworks, all the way from Millington, New Jersey.

No amateurs flickin’ bics in a trench somewhere. Four separate locations, including three barges brought into the bay itself, would serve as launch pads.

Because of the uniqueness of the site, this would be one of company’s biggest shows of the year and they do hundreds of them from coast to coast.

As darkness set in, people positioned themselves for what was to come.

And, then it began.

Oh, and it was magnificent! No one could recall ever seeing anything bigger or hearing anything louder. One observer described it as looking “as though a flaming planet were roaring right at us.”

It was an apt description. It had that Steppenwolf song “Born to Be Wild” lyric quality to it, “Fire all of our guns at once, explode into space.”

And then…. it was over. Done, fine, the end.

They had indeed fired all of their guns at once and the show was done in 15 seconds, pretty much guaranteeing some kind of Guinness record I would imagine.

Officials referred to the event as “premature ignition.”

But hey, it happens to all of us at one time or another, right?

The Big Bay Boom was just that, one big boom. Only a computer could do that.

But it got me wondering, if the best intentions of the best professionals with a century of experience can see their work undone so easily, what other unintended consequences are lurking in the dark recesses of computer code written by a possibly disgruntled programmer?

It reminds me of something my uncle once said. He and many of his generation viewed the world differently than mine because of World War II. “I don’t care how good they say German and Japanese cars are, I’ll never own one. Someday they’re all going to just stop at the exact same time and we’ll be done for.”

At the time, I thought he might have had a few too many Hamm’s, but now, I think he may have been on to something.

Soon they will be deploying drones, unmanned computer operated aircraft for use inside America. I’m sure nothing could ever go wrong.

Then there is the money problem.

The Euro experiment has derailed and governments are running out of money right here in the USA. The city of Stockton CA has filed for bankruptcy and San Bernardino is about to do the same. Scranton, Pennsylvania reduced all city employees to minimum wage. This will be coming soon to a town near you. Check your local listings for times.

Oh, and those state and municipal pension funds that everyone has been perpetually underfunding. What remains in these funds are the TBTF bankstas worthless loan pools secured by nothing.

Obviously, government at every level is dysfunctional for a host of reasons. As a result, we have to take greater responsibility for our own well-being.

Katrina is still the best argument for self-reliance. Oh, no! Here comes FEMA.

It is starting to remind me of the old Soviet Union where nothing worked the way it was supposed to, and there is good reason for that—both were failed attempts at centralization. Or, Globalization as this effort has been named. Or, New World Order as they used to call it. The end is one economy, one currency, open borders and one small group running it all…for the good of all Mankind. Democracy is out. Plutocracy is in. If you weren’t a big fan of totalitarianism or fascism, you’re really going to hate the New Plutocracy.

What we are witnessing is the byproduct of Centralization; the idea that one big giant entity run by one all-powerful bureaucracy is better than a bunch of much smaller entities run by local organizations.

Recently, I heard an economist say that Globalization was essential and unstoppable. But what the fuck do economists know? Free trade and lax borders have resulted in the expansion of poverty both domestically and internationally.

Sure it’s good for the one percent, and the evidence of that could not be more compelling. Whether you focus here or in Europe or Asia, the evidence of decline is everywhere.

Globalists hate it when you say what I am about to say. Things worked better back in the day. The jobs were local, the Government was local, and the schools were local. The markets weren’t super but they were adequate. Who needs a Guava from Guadalajara, anyway?

Almost any job paid enough to buy a modest house at an affordable payment.

If you needed customer service, you didn’t need to be routed to India.

I’ve heard all of the arguments about why I’m wrong and why we can’t seal ourselves off from the global movement. I’ve thought about it long and hard, and I think that is nonsense.

It defies my common sense and life experience.

Electricity came late to the rural areas surrounding the Mesabi Iron Range. A local coop was formed, the REA we called it, which stood for the Rural Electric Association. Power failures were more common, but they didn’t last very long. A couple of hours and the power was usually back up.

We are but one event away from chaos and I say to you, “be prepared”.

I am a reasonable man. I have been writing columns for more than thirty years and most of the last 7 or 8 years work can be found online. Everyone can see that I’m not some conspiracy theory loon or part of any group that advocates for anything other than constitutional rights.

People who know me seek my advice on a wide range of topics because they trust my judgment.

I’m not advocating that you should carve a bunker out of a mountainside but to be prepared to survive for thirty days if the water is out, the power is out, all means of communication are out and you cannot get out.

No supermarket, no ATM, and no fuel. Communication might be impossible and, at best, difficult. Even if the utility side is operational, the system would be stretched beyond its limits.

Plan a meet up place in advance or even two. Your own logistics will determine the best location for all of the members of your tribe.

I’m not a Doomsdayer, but I cannot see how we can avoid at least some sort of interruption in our daily lives.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. We are in uncharted waters here. History will reveal many of the things that we cannot see while events are unfolding. Don’t assume that it could never happen. We live in a world that is but one errant keystroke away from serious calamity.

Being prepared is about answering a few basic questions. How long should I prepare for? What will I need?

Water, food, first aid, fuel, and waste management are the basics

When it comes to provisions, I want to keep thirty days of food and water. If some sort of normalcy isn’t achieved by then, we are probably screwed anyway. Don’t forget your pets. Have extra food and water for them as well.

Experts suggest a gallon per person per day, but you can definitely get by on less. I also keep a few bottles of Gatorade which can be diluted with water for some extra nutrients while you hydrate

Our water comes through the mountains in a pipe. If an earthquake or a landslide were to damage the pipe, the county’s reservoirs would eventually run dry.

Locate a local water source in advance. In Southern California we have the Ocean, and not much else. But, you may be fortunate to live near a water reservoir or storage tank.

Getting access to that water can definitely extend your ability to survive a longer period.

You can survive weeks without food but only days without water.

Many people have set aside dried beans, pasta, and rice as their emergency store. But they require both water and fuel to prepare so I recommend that dried, unprepared foods make up only a small part of your “emergency” stash.

Same with having a freezer full of food.

You can stock up on freeze dried MRI type meals, but they are fairly expensive and you still need to rotate them over time which means eating them and replacing them.

Until you get around to doing that, at least plan ahead with what is at hand.

My choice for a survival stash is very different from my normal diet and is mostly canned food. I have white beans, black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, lima beans, corn, tomato sauce, jalapenos, canned tuna and salmon, low sodium spam, peaches, pears, apricots, peanut butter, and nuts.

As long as no emergency occurs, you’ll need to rotate your food. Expiration dates don’t mean a whole lot when it comes to canned food. A year or two probably doesn’t matter.

Every now and then when it’s late and I’m tired, I just pull something out and eat it.

Or, donate the food every few months and replace it all at once.

If you rely on prescription medication, you should probably try to keep an extra thirty-day supply. I know this can be hard to do with some insurance plans, but if you forget every now and then to take your medication, squirrel it away for an emergency or see if you can pay retail for an additional thirty-day supply.

Keep your vehicles full of gas, refill propane tanks promptly and consider the ease of an extra canister if you typically barbecue on a gas grill. When one runs out during that fabulous Tri-tip, you’ll have a full one at the ready and swapped out before the grill starts to cool.

The gas grill can be used to heat food.

If you have a fireplace, keep some firewood on hand.

Create an emergency money supply. Banks could be closed for weeks and ATMs may not function without power. If they do have power, they will quickly run out of money.

All paper money is fiat money with no actual value behind it, just the guarantee of a nation that cannot pay its bills. In times of chaos, people who have things you need might be reluctant to take fiat money.

Some coinage has actual value. Having some small denominations of gold and silver is a smart hedge against economic collapse. I’m not suggesting that you convert everything to gold bullion or silver. I have no idea what will happen during a global economic calamity.

The attitude toward precious metals could change. Then there is the issue of practicality. With an ounce of gold approaching $2,000, it would be like asking the corner store to make change for a two thousand dollar bill. Good luck!

The idea of an emergency money supply is to not be without it when you need it most. If the money is unspendable, it is the same as having none.

How much money depends on what you might want to accomplish. Having enough to get a long ways away is my goal, and to be able to use it to buy necessities for at least thirty days when I get there.

And, what if we just limp along, without any major event? You’ve lost nothing, and you are still prepared for anything.

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If this goes down which sadly it probably will, I suggest everyone eat at least 1 person (preferably a banker, financial person, politician, Monsanto employee, aging boomer, Scientologist or general wrong doer). Whoever survives eat at least 1 more person. Wait a sustained week, then try and eat at least 1 more person. After relaxing and digesting a bit try to get in 1 more at least. Globally then we will have 700-800 million or so left depending on appitites. GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS SOLVED! 

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Fuck public workers, this is the only group of clowns that can refuse to join the depression by just saying "pay us or we'll sell your house".  What fucking private property?  The courthouse needs to be a little metal building on the street corner with 3 fucking employees and any need for more than that the gov't shouldn't have it's hands in unlike the current 20 story solid marble museum filled with people that's only job is send you fucking tax bills so they can keep a job. Fuck that bullshit.

Lord, if I actually have to rely on that pile of Spam I have for 30 days just fkn shoot me.

And the jist of the sure is nice to be sacrificed just a bunch of goddamn fucking elite clowns can play god games and fuck up the entire planet.  I don't  buy into the 'planned collapse' I think it's more like the soviet reference.  

Who knows.  One things for sure they are desperately trying to holding this POS together till 2013. Not just for Obama's sake, but for the sake of all politicians.  I am in no fucking mood to live in a 3rd world country you bastards.

rsnoble's picture

Oh and save me the "I want to be safe and I like paved streets" speech, there's other ways to get that done without $150k pensions and cadillac health care plans for the laziest group ever.  I was at the public ball park the other day, I watch one roar by in a truck coming back from lunch and I let my dog piss on his fucking truck tire.

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Cool I just got my first FEMA camp prevention food ad on ZH. Getting kinda tired of the underware teeny

Small Business Guy's picture

Re: Your 'kit' (keeping it small):

1) Get a better knife.  A good folder (with, say a 3" blade or so).  Benchmade, Spyderco, Zero Tolerance, Becker, ESEE, Ontario, Buck are all good names.

2) If not that, get a Leatherman Wave with the accessory kit or a Gerber Multi-Plier 600 model.  If you can carry both, even better.

3) Ultimate Survival Technologies Wetfire tinder (will burn anywhere) or if you want to DIY, take dryer lint, rub in a large amount of Vaseline, and wrap in plastic wrap.  Smear it on the back of an alcohol pad & it will light anywhere.

4) BlastMatch or StrikeForce firestarter.  You can operate each one handed.  Works well if you find yourself being one handed due to injury.

5) One of these 'mini' (10') rolls of duct tape.  Be amazed what you can do with that stuff.  If you can get mil-spec duct tape (a/k/a '100 MPH tape'), that stuff is golden.

6) At least 50' of para cord (mil = '550 cord').

7) A couple small cooking bags to store water (if you have the space in your kit; an Altoids tin isn't going to do it).

8) A couple of 45 gal. 3 mil. thick contractors bags.  Need a quick rain poncho, or even an impromptu sleeping bag. 

9) Have a small pack of X-ACTO spare knife blades (a 5 pack; sharp point) in kit.  If the knife breaks, can fashion a workaround/replacement.

10) Couple safety pins & paper clips.

11) A small container of unwaxed dental floss (one or two of those samples dentists hand out work great).

Just a few ideas.

Money 4 Nothing's picture

Expanding on my post below. "FEMA will be our new Govt. HR 4079.  Reference: Mt. Weather."


Excerpt from the Bill.


An analysis of House Bill HR 4079 # Punishment of Thought Crimes # Round up of Christians as Thought Criminals # Concentration Camps # Slave labor Here is a brief analysis of HR 4079 which is presently in House Committee: IT'S DISGUISED AS SOMETHING RIGHTEOUS with a billing as "A Bill to Provide Swift and certain Punishment for Criminals in order to deter violent crime and rid America of illegal drug use." It's part of the government war on crime. Remember its past war on Communism? Who won it? Remember it's war on poverty which helped reduce America from the richest nation in the world to the world's largest debtor nation? "And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness; WHOSE END SHALL BE ACCORDING TO THEIR DEEDS.: (II Cor. 11: 14, 15) IT PROVIDES FOR CONCENTRATION CAMPS just as exist in Russia today. In Section 102 of the Bill it says: "Section 102. Temporary Prison Facilities and Expanded capacity. (a) In General. In order to remove violent criminals from the streets and protect public safety, the Attorney General shall take such action as may be necessary, subject to appropriate security considerations, to ensure that sufficient facilities exist to house individuals whom the courts have incarcerated. During the period of the National Drug and Crime Emergency, these facilities may include tent housing and other shelters placed on available military bases and at other suitable locations. The President may direct the National Guard and the Army Corp of Engineers to design and construct such temporary detention facilities." IT PROVIDES FOR SLAVE LABOR!

antisatan's picture

Here is more inevitability to consider, while reading the above:



yrad's picture

I started my food storage yesterday. Raman and water. I will be building it for weeks to come. This guy and his family will not be caught with their pants down.

krispkritter's picture

Ramen is filling but nutritionally void of anything your body needs. Beans and rice are better but still not enough. You need fresh, raw foods unless you stockpile supplements but even then raw foods like greens, taters(white & sweet), legumes, etc. are going to do much more for you than pills. And 'weeks' is not enough, you're going to have to simply buy more of what you normally eat that has a decent shelf life and rotate it out and plant or grow yourself some 'real' food. Look into the Paleo diet and plan accordingly...

Westcoastliberal's picture

Seems to me our civilization is on the threshold of many changes.  So much societal infrastructure depends on microprocessors; valve actuators and such.  If we have a CME or EMP it would literally take years to restore any normalcy and in the meantime chaos would reign.  I think it's a great idea to have some basic provisions, stashed water, a generator, and last but not least guns and plenty of ammo.

ohreally's picture

Essentially, one would need the same skills in this scenario as the scenario of the zombie apocalypse.  I refer you to The Walking Dead tv series for continued education.

therearetoomanyidiots's picture

And Jericho - on Netflix stream for free - especially note the behavior of people initially, when they pull together and when utlimately everything is left to the people.  


And, Max Brooks "Zombie Survival Guide".  Good discussion in there as to weapons, portability, reliability, ease of use.

Mad Mad Woman's picture

And don't forget "Falling Skies" for you continued education. It's a great series.

ohreally's picture

Essentially, one would need the same skills in this scenario as the scenario of the zombie apocalypse.  I refer you to The Walking Dead tv series for continued education.

TheObsoleteMan's picture

Hurricane Charley {catagory 4} made a direct hit on my little town back in '04. We were without power for more than two weeks in the middle of August {talk about miserable!}.  We had to get our ice and water from the Red Cross and Salvation Army. Signs were everywhere that read:"OWNER IS ARMED, AND WILL SHOOT AND ASK QUESTIONS LATER". Local grocery stores, gas stations, banks, etc were closed. Luckily, all one had to do was to drive twenty miles south into Fort Myers to get anything you wanted. But imagine if you could'nt drive to anywhere to get instant relief? Scary. I have seen what happens to people when their survival instincts kick in. It literially is every man for himself. I saw fist fights at gas pumps when just after the power came back on, another Hurricane was detected, and was expected to make landfall. We had four hurricanes in six weeks that year. If you have propane to sell, you have something better than gold. In these senerios, the two metals to have are not gold and silver. It's lead and brass. I can take all of your PMs with my base metals!

Dr. Sandi's picture


I can take all of your PMs with my base metals!

Of course you can, dear.


TheObsoleteMan's picture

You can tell this guy is from the left coast: He said nothing about having weapons on hand.

Dr. Sandi's picture

The weapons you don't talk about are the ones you'll always have available when you need them.


TSA gropee's picture

If you're of the mindset that people may be well behaved during an interruption of goods and services and won't be as bad as what's being predicted, or suffer from normalcy bias that it just can't happen here. Just take a look at the headlines after the black Friday sales and rethink your stance. They pepper sprayed and fought over wants comprised of cheap flat screens and $3 griddles and they felt justified. Now imagine where the decision to commit violence is based on eating or not eating for you and your family.

steelrules's picture

This shit is accelerating people, "please" load up on PM's Food and a means to defend your self.

F. Bastiat's picture

That pictured kit's not going to get anyone very far.

LFMayor's picture

further than if you didn't have it.

F. Bastiat's picture

Maybe not - considering the opportunity cost of procuring something better.

ThisIsBob's picture

Harden your hands.

TSA gropee's picture
“Nobody wins, we just survived, with a lot of bad dreams.”
– Selco
From Selco:

OK, i wanna share with you my own experience. (be patient with my English, i am from far away )
I am from Bosnia, and as some of you may know it was hell here from 92-95, anyway, for 1 whole year i lived and survived in a city of 50 000- 60 000 residents WITHOUT: electricity, fuel,running water,real food distribution, or distribution of any goods, or any kind of organized law or government.The city was surrounded for 1 year and in that city actually it was SHTF situation.

We did not have organized army or police force, there was groups of defenders, actually anybody who had a gun, fight for his own house and his own family.

Some of us was better prepared, but most of families had food for couple of days, some of us had pistol, few owned AK-47 when all started.

Anyway, after one month or two, gangs started with their nasty job,hospital looked like butchery, police force vanished, 80 percent of hospital staff gone home.

I was lucky, my family was big in that time (15 members in one big house, 5-6 pistols, 3 Kalashnikov s) so we lived and survived, most of us.

I remember US Air force dropped MRE every 10 days (god bless USA for that) as help for...

You can read the rest here.

Bollixed's picture


Just out of serendipity I followed the thread on SHTFPlan when it went down. Not a site I usually hang out on, but a decent educational site, nonetheless. I just happened to have gone there and saw the thread.

Highly instructional. One of the things I took note of was how a lot of the preppers on that site held some romantic view of their guns and gold and an amazingly niave wish for the STHTF so they could live out their John Wayne fantasies.

When the guy from Bosnia (was that you?) joined in things started to get real. If that was you I believe you did a hell of a service spelling things out. That's my opinion, anyway.

That crap is niether fun nor something to be macho about in advance. Seeing dead people and digging bullets out of the woodwork ten feet from where your head hits the pillow is no movie. Watching the electric transformers blow up one right after another as the grid short-circuts is spectacular albeit a bit disconcerning to say the least.

Here's another lesson I learned firsthand...the sight of 12 ga shotgun can stop a man dead in his tracks when he thinks he might have the upperhand. It's an attitude adjuster of the first order. Don't be without one.

And thanks for posting that link here.

TSA gropee's picture

I'd agree that the sight or sound of a shotgun being chambered would invoke fear and prevent a confrontation for one, two or maybe even 3 people trying to break into your home. But according to Selco's Bosnia account, gangs of roving opportunistic people made short work of families that were alone and that numbers matter as does assault rifles. A shotgun would only delay for a short time your inevitable death, whereas being able to put 20 or 30 rounds of high velocity bullets times 3-4 people downrange would deter all but the most insane groups.

I put the Selco link because it is possibly the worst possible scenario that anyone of us here would have to face and his answers to questions posed were really good and surprising at times. Thanks for your post.

shuckster's picture

I agree about the assault rifles - more accurate at range - house clear shotguns are fun to shoot, but a 5.56 mm round is accurate at 500 yards on iron sights

cbxer55's picture

Your english is not bad for someone so far away. Looked better than some of the folks who live here, sad to say.

I own no rifles, but plenty of pistols and ammo for them. Need to rectify the rifle situation though. My dad has plenty of them, maybe I can convince him to sell me one for a good price. All of them are well-used and taken care of. Gangs? We got them already, and TS has not HTF yet. ;-(

What happened to you will be happening to us eventually, sorry to say. So stories like yours serve as motivators for some of us to get prepared.

TSA gropee's picture

This did not happen to me personally. I found this account last year and it re-aligned nearly everything for me in terms of preparing for any SHTF situation. I thought those on the fence on what exactly to stock and what is useless would benefit. It's a good and fun read. The Q&A is especially good.

Winston Smith 2009's picture

And this is the very nicely done blog of the gal telling her story of survival:

Bizaro World's picture

I highly recommend the website of a native Argentian who went through the economic collapse of Argentina in early 2000's. Much to be learned from those who have lived through it.

Citxmech's picture

Selco and Ferfal make good bookends:  Ferefal has great perspective for when shit's getting bad, but you still have a job to go to and the center is sort-of holding; and Selco for when the social contract breaks.

Winston Smith 2009's picture

Very good stuff.  Many thanks for posting the link to it.

RichardENixon's picture

I lived on MREs for a while myself. Word of advice. They have a little red pill in each one that you have to chew up in order to digest the food. I neglected to do this for a while and as a result ran out of toilet paper.

RichardENixon's picture

Having lived through both the LA Riots and Katrina, I can say that the local police in both cases behaved like cowards with respect to the criminals who were running wild, and like thugs with respect to the law abiding citizens who were trying to survive. The local police in both cases were, in my opinion, among the biggest hazards to those citizens who were trying to survive these disasters in a legal and peaceful manner. I expect the same behavior from them in the future as well, and have planned accordingly.

marathonman's picture

Where do you currently live, so I can stay far away from there?

LFMayor's picture

I only wish I had more neighbors like him, instead of the head up their asses sheeple that surround me.

RichardENixon's picture

Still in New Orleans. Like you need me as an excuse to stay away from here.

Patriot Eke's picture

Expect no assistance from the state or its agents in a YOYO (You're On Your Own) scenario.  Those agents have families too, and they will not give a damn about yours when forced to choose.

RichardENixon's picture

Who said anything about expecting assistance??? You think I'm that naive after what I've been through?  I just hope to avoid them so that they can't make things worse for me.

Citxmech's picture

I read a story - I think it was in an edition of the LDS Preparedness Manual (One of the best single sources out there btw - check it out) of a family during Katrina being ordered by law enforcement/Nat Guard "rescuers" to board their boat to be evacuated.  The home owner said he and his family were staying as they were not leaving their dog, which was not allowed on the boat.  One of the officials then took a bead on their dog and said he "could solve that problem" at which point the home owner took aim at the "rescuer" and stated that it would be the last thing he'd ever did.  Pretty tense.

Anyhoo - moral to the story, as well as the one about the retarded boy on the bridge being shot in the back multiple times by law enforcment during the same period, is that when the shit goes down you need to be prepared for anything and everything from any direction.

The Navigator's picture

So make sure ALL family members are (well) trained with the armaments you own.

dannynewmexico's picture fixed address,...used to be the stigma of the down n out in the "Great Society"...soon nuff it's going to be the signal attribute of the lucky few who are equipped for surviving the forthcoming planned demolition of life as we used to know it! MOVE em on OUT, PILGRIM!\



we have been living  the survivalist lifestyle for the last 7 years, would not live any other way.

Normalcy Bias's picture

I don't care about pollution
I'm an air-conditioned gypsy
That's my solution
Watch the police and the tax man miss me
I'm mobile
Oooooh, yeah, hee!

Mobile, mobile, mobile yeah...

- The Who, "Going Mobile"

Bollixed's picture

I lived in LA during the 1992 riots. That sucked at the time, but looking back on it now it was like taking a class on the future. I learned a lot. Not only about human nature and how animalistic people can become in a heartbeat, but also about expectations regarding the sanity of society when those who feel most oppressed strike back.

LA has millions of residents throughout the region. It all came unglued in a mere 45 minutes. It went from 'everyday life' to a war zone in less than an hour.

One of the lessons was this...once an event is triggered there is no second chance to prepare.

Gringo Viejo's picture

To paraphrase Dr. Thomas Sowell, the politicians have convinced the parasites that they are victims to the detriment of civilized society.

Patriot Eke's picture

The primary lesson people should learn from events like that and Katrina:

Get out of urban areas now while you still have the time and means to make it happen.

Citxmech's picture

And watch what happens if/when there's a serious disruption in electricity/food delivery/water delivery systems.  High population density is a serious threat in survival situations.