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A battle of squid versus whale
Which one of these giants will fail?
The loser is moot
It's taxpayer loot
That's taken to finance the bail

The Limerick King











As the world-wide economy slows
The risk inside banks no one knows
They fill us with lies
Then to our surprise
The Captain shouts out "Thar She Blows"

The Limerick King

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Outstanding blog post extravaganza, Buckaroo!

And my end-of-the week rant:

Fair and Balanced

Props to The Stranger’s David Schmader

In the Last Days’ column, Mr. Schmader provides coverage (perhaps we should say, finally provides coverage) of the usual perfidy by pharmaceutical giants, in this case, GlaxoSmithKline.


We thank you.  (Dr. Drew Pinsky fans, take note!)

Of course, such mention begs the obvious question which goes unanswered.

With an almost daily scandal breaking over the past six years, at least, one quickly forgets the awesome full scale rigging of markets and events and concentrated interconnections.

We hear about high frequency trading (HFT), proprietary trading, billions gone missing here, billions gone missing there, legislation passed (Dodd-Frank), and nothing changes --- it only gets worse!

Those of us paying even closer attention, hear of “flash crashes” --- conveniently occurring just prior to important congressional votes?

Next, we hear of the LIBOR scam, which may be a bit too abstract or too nebulous for some to quickly grasp.

Shit happens --- but never with such consistent, mind-numbing regularity.

While I can appreciate going into a deli and ordering a “Kardasian” --- and receiving a big-assed sandwich and understanding the significance --- this doesn’t alter the privations we experience on a daily basis.

And what was that obvious question I previously referred to?

Who owns GlaxoSmithKline?

When we see proof every day of just how thoroughly rigged things are, basic logic dictates we should expand our purview.

Should we find --- when we realize --- that those who create the cancers and various health problems in one industry, then sell to the public the so-called remedies from another industry --- we see the big picture of the market rigging.

Sell the landmines which cause all those limb amputations, then reap further profit by selling those expensive prosthetics!  (By the way, landmines enjoy the greatest financial ROI of any weapon in the munitions industry.)

Better yet, appeal to the public’s conscience to donate funds for those prosthetic devices, and now they’ve utilized OPM, or Other People’s Money, to the third power --- fully maximizing those profit margins!

When those who peddle tobacco also own the smoking-cessation clinics, they just can’t lose.

Sunlight cleanses, which is why that knowledge which fully exposes reality is so important --- but to allow others to control the sunlight is to grant them the power to focus it laser-like on us, turning the public into so many crispy critters, much the same as a small child experiments with a magnifying glass to fry ants on a hot summer day.

When we, the public, and we, the people, remain ignorant of the actual reality, we allow ourselves to be infinitely played, to be the poor clownish sucker forevermore.

Another Stranger staffer, Paul Constant, wrote an article a few years back, detailing how several stalwart fellows at Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters, were campaigning for further investigation of the murky and questionable events surrounding 9/11, and ended his article by pooh-poohing their quest --- instead suggesting we should just “move on.”  (Wasn’t that just what President Obama said about Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the banksters?)

The problem with such sentiment is that it ignores the glaringly obvious questions:  (1) when the Pentagon’s comptroller announced, on 9/10/01, that auditors had uncovered an unaccounted for $2.3 trillion, and on the very next day, 9/11/01, a plane flies into the west wall of the Pentagon, killing most of those very same auditors, and severely injuring the others; and (2) background research of a number of those passengers aboard the four airliners that day, answers the obvious question why no one came forward who might have been intimately involved with that operation.

When “move on” ignores the perpetrators having trillions of dollars at their disposal, from 2001, to wage economic warfare, to rig all those markets and events, and buy off all those politicians and regulators, then we surely have consigned ourselves to perdition.

With knowledge comes understanding; it’s really that simple!



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As always WB7 never disappoints

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Great line, ReligiousAtheist1, from Beta House, right?



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Great....WB harpoons a fat banksta....

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man.. it would be sooo awesome if some of these actually got to Blankenstein, dimonstrosity, etc..LOL


great work, William!

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Three cheers for the blowhole!

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Land of the free, home of the brave.  Take it away Jamie.

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You know, I have laughed a lot at this Banzai characters work in the past. But, the breeching butt did me in completely. 

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Squids and whales and muppets oh my!

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Banzai... LOL. How on Earth do you know which pictures to use and where to find them? Either way.. beautiful work... LOL

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The only thing I can say is when you are talking epic battles involving giant squids and sperm whales in the streets of Manhattan, my brain is very happy to spin at high speed...

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A battle of squid versus whale
Which one of these giants will fail?
The loser is moot
It's taxpayer loot
That's taken to finance the bail

Your poetry is EPIC banzaiboy, but you're a little off on your geography. All the action takes place in the City Of London (it's a SOVEREIGN NATION), get it? sovereign nation. makes. its. own. laws. for. banks.

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Credit for all Limericks goes to the Limerick King.

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IMO, I don't think that the whale has been beached yet.  I suspect the specific wording for their losses from the last quarter for the CIO were just that very specific and serve possibly as a qualifier FOR JUST THAT QUARTER.

Accordingly, it could explain certain unsusual movements lately (but then again, who the fuck knows....)


and for anyone on a short position on JPM it could add a whole new perspective on its stock price over the next few months.

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"The hatch, removed from the top of the works, now afforded a wide hearth in front of them. Standing on this were the Tartarean shapes of the pagan harpooneers, always the whale-ship's stokers. With huge pronged poles they pitched hissing masses of blubber into the scalding pots, or stirred up the fires beneath, till the snaky flames darted, curling, out of the doors to catch them by the feet. The smoke rolled away in sullen heaps. To every pitch of the ship there was a pitch of the boiling oil, which seemed all eagerness to leap into their faces. Opposite the mouth of the works, on the further side of the wide wooden hearth, was the windlass. This served for a sea-sofa. Here lounged the watch, when not otherwise employed, looking into the red heat of the fire, till their eyes felt scorched in their heads. Their tawny features, now all begrimed with smoke and sweat, their matted beards, and the contrasting barbaric brilliancy of their teeth, all these were strangely revealed in the capricious emblazonings of the works. As they narrated to each other their unholy adventures, their tales of terror told in words of mirth; as their uncivilized laughter forked upwards out of them, like the flames from the furnace; as to and fro, in their front, the harpooneers wildly gesticulated with their huge pronged forks and dippers; as the wind howled on, and the sea leaped, and the ship groaned and dived, and yet steadfastly shot her red hell further and further into the blackness of the sea and the night, and scornfully champed the white bone in her mouth, and viciously spat round her on all sides; then the rushing Pequod, freighted with savages, and laden with fire, and burning a corpse, and plunging into that blackness of darkness, seemed the material counterpart of her monomaniac commander's soul"

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Fantastic. I've looked at all your work. This is some of the best. Thank you!

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hahahahahaha...i'm dying here.

very funny.

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........ok great. i'm going to change the subject.........did you see the hilarious headline today about a "food shortage" and a "price shock"............that's so cute. Like the soviet central bankers, we have also in the USA Chairman Maos Great Leap Forward in the corn ethanol fraud.....it's like melting down pots and pans to make more pots and pans......78000btus of input energy to get 74000btus of energy in a gallon of ethanol............sort of reminds me of the central planners at the FED..............


..................let them eat cake .

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I'm just typing this to see if it actually posts...........


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It's not so much that I want Blankfein and Dimon, etcetera, to die.  It's more that I don't want me to die.

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Turns out....the real thing is pretty creepy too.  Check these images:



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Every once in a while, I actually learn something  on this site.

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Yo-"TamBooo" 'n stuff yo' jew-hatin' b like dog-ass weary y'know?  whatcher' point, bronz-bitch?

from your silly-assed post, u-sayin?

Jewz can change time?  Like ...letz see ... HuffPo?

Jewz created a Bible? shit, man, everyone creates a Bible, don't cha' know

Drones over? <enter your place here>, why even corn fed farmers gettin' themselvz some dronz

Do you have the counter-film?  "Palestine film of Palestine child blowing up Israeil pizza parlor"

Just wonderin'

- Ned

Graph's picture


Who is asking you to build a Pizza Parlor in occupied Land?

Nazis, remeber them, used to rutinely call a resistance fighters in Europe a "Thugs", "Bandits" and so on...


Kudos again, WB.

BTW, nice morphing job regarding the last image of 'Save the Whale'.

I first saw that gas spewing buttocks picture years ago, so I laughed when

I saw you had retrieved it from who-knows-where and put new life into it.


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I laugh everytime I look at it. Thats why I keep reposting it. That is my Jamie Dimon meme ;-)

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If that whale and that squid carry on embraced like that it won't be long before we have lots of little squales sloshing about. Duly desktopped!! Thanks WB7

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Let them all drown in the inky blackness of the deep pools.

battlestargalactica's picture

WB, thank you for the great editorial art.

I'd love to see all those same bastards, Dimon, Blank-shooter, Timmah, HeliBen, the bank logos, the Fed, et al. all being crushed under stacks of Silver Eagle coins!

That would garner you mucho props from this starfighter.

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SQuiDS, WHaLeS, and lots of SHRiMPs.

This will probably not have a happy ending.

yabyum's picture

I may be sick and wrong but I want to see Blyth nekkid with silver eagles as pasties

battlestargalactica's picture

If thats wrong I don't want to be right...

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rather, squat on a stack of silver eagles and make them disappear

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That would make it a documentary.

nmewn's picture

(shuddering)...or in a naughty pillow fight with Shapiro.

Whaaat? ;-)

williambanzai7's picture

This is an idea that holds some promse...

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This is the first time that I've wished for multiple clickz on an up-greenie or a down-reddie.

Then thinking of Sac's head exploding on the storage that would be needed for that particular hate fest; ... er ... nyet.

- Ned

Centurion9.41's picture

What, no female characters? 

Was not the CIO a woman? 

Did a woman not sit between Jamie & the "whale"?

Did not the trio make up the Troika of this trade?

Is your closet feminism showing through William?.... ;)

As always, great work.

veyron's picture

Both CEOs are male.  That's all that matters.


Despite what they may think, most people think the buck stops with the CEOs.

Centurion9.41's picture

LoL your picture is clever.

Of course the buck stops with the CEO, that's one of the stupidest old saws in the world. Where's it supposed to stop? Another company?

As for the real failure of that old saw, it implies the others in executive and director positions aren't as culpable. Which is utter garbage. They weren't forced and are every bit as knowledgeable as Diamond & Blankey. And they share in responsibility to share holders also.

Giving the folks below a pass, especially C-suite folks only serves to promote the cabal behavior and is frankly disgusting moral and ethical standards.

New_Meat's picture


"They weren't forced and are every bit as knowledgeable as Diamond & Blankey."

Well, dear sir, they are utterly more knowledgable about their slice of the scheme, knowing that they are contributing in their "sector".

Forced? Nyet.  Complicit, Involved, Beneficiaries?  Why--You Betcha'

- Ned

rocker's picture

Surely does. After (Hank) Henry Paulson and Neel Kashkari bailed out Goldman, Lloyd Blankfein got his 100 million dollar bonus.

Thanks to the taxpayers saving the world's biggest fraud bank. GS


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Thanks for awesome stuff as always!

The squidline one is especially eye-catching.

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The Squid adores the Whale,

Their love is too big to fail.

And when the sun goes down,

over New York Town,

There's hot tentacle-to-tail!