Today Is Best Day to Buy Gold - Thackray's 2012 Investor's Guide

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Today's AM fix was USD 1565.50, EUR 1281.10 and GBP 1011.96 per ounce.
Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1576.50, EUR 1284 and GBP 1012.91 per ounce.

Gold rose by 0.5% in New York yesterday and closed up $8.20 to $1,576.60/oz. Silver rose 0.93% or 25 cents to close at $27.09/oz.

Gold gradually ticked lower in Asian trading and has seen further slight weakness in European trading. Still robust physical demand is supporting gold at these levels and strong support is at the $1,500/oz level. 

The period of seasonal strength for gold bullion has arrived.

Thackray’s 2012 Investor’s Guide notes that the optimal time to invest in gold bullion from a seasonal perspective is today, July 12.

The summer months normally see seasonal weakness and it is thus a good time to buy on the seasonal dip.

The Global and Mail reports that Thackray’s 2012 Investor’s Guide shows that the optimal time to invest in gold bullion for a seasonal trade is from July 12th to October 9th (see news). 

“The trade has been profitable during 11 of the past 14 periods.”

During the past 25 years, gold bullion has outperformed the S&P 500 Index by a very significant 4.7% during the period.

The Globe and Mail notes that “traditionally, advances in gold during its period of seasonal strength is attributed to precious metal fabricators in India who purchase bullion to make into jewellery for the Indian wedding season that starts in late October. India is the second-biggest consumer of gold jewellery in the world behind China.”

The trend may also be due to more sophisticated investors using gold as a hedge and diversification and increasing allocations to gold during the late summer and early autumn months which traditionally see weakness in stock markets. 

Timing markets is extremely difficult - even for the few successful traders. However, there are clear seasonal patterns that long term physical gold buyers can use to their advantage.

We continue to advocate accumulating physical gold bullion on dips and holding for the long term.

Indeed, part of your allocation to gold should be a permanent holding that you hold as you would a health insurance policy. 

Gold will protect in the event of a geopolitical, macroeconomic, monetary or systemic event.


(Thomson Reuters Global Gold Forum) - Gold Should Find Good Support Around Current Levels
A quick look at some technical analysts' notes from the last 24 hours suggests gold should find good support around current levels. Barclays Capital flags up primary support for spot prices at $1,565/oz and secondary support at $1,550/oz, while ScotiaMocatta expects the metal to hit support at $1,551/1,548/oz. 

(Thomson Reuters Global Gold Forum) –Investors Add to Precious Metal Positions in June
Investors returned to commodity exchange-traded products in June after two months of outflows, with the bulk going into precious metals, according to BlackRock data, as a stuttering U.S. economy encouraged investors to bet on further stimulus moves. 

Commodity ETPs attracted some $2.5 billion in June, the data showed, as investors began building their positions in gold. These gold flows have accelerated in July as economic indicators have continued to deteriorate.

(Thomson Reuters Global Gold Forum) – JP Morgan sent out a note outlining their second global gold sector survey. The ranges on the long-range gold price are eye-popping: from $500 an ounce to $10,000.

Outside the wild extremes, JP Morgan notes that gold price expectations have a fat upside tail. Most (23%) responders feel the long-term gold price will be about $2,000/oz. An interesting group representing 9% of those surveyed expect a long-term price of $1,200/oz, while a significant 16% seems to be looking for a gold price above $2,500/oz.

(Bloomberg) -- Indian Gold Demand Was Strongest This Month Yesterday, UBS Says
Physical gold demand from India yesterday was the strongest so far in July, according to UBS AG.

“From now until the buying season starts kicking in towards the end of the quarter, Indian demand is likely to continue its sporadic trend wherein strong days are typically followed by subdued appetite,” London-based analyst Edel Tully wrote in a report today. India’s demandis down by about 30 percent since the start of the year, she said.

While the initial indicators from the start to Indian monsoon season “aren’t so good” for gold demand so far, “there is still time for some optimism to grow,” Tully wrote. Rural farming areas account for about 60 percent of Indian gold- buying, she wrote.

(Bloomberg) -- Standard Bank Picks Gold, Silver, Brent, Aluminum to Rally Most
Standard Bank Plc picked gold, silver, brent oil and aluminum as most likely to rally the most if there is any more easing from the Federal Reserve.

For breaking news and commentary on financial markets and gold, follow us on Twitter.

Cross Currency Table – (Bloomberg)


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Cycle's picture

Gold to $2k! but in 2018 AFTER it goes to $0.5k mid-2015. Gold has followed its price cycle structure about the best of any metal, so I'd be wary of buying now. Though hope springs eternal.  My conjecture is deflation followed by inflation due to CB's printing of currency - as opposed to printing debt as is now occurring.

Bastiat009's picture

This looks like the best fucking call ever ... we'll see tomorrow, but today's rally has been impressive.

fuu's picture

Ok, that really blew my mind. If it's up tomorrow will you be here to post about it?

SqueekyFromm's picture

REAL men don't buy gold. REAL men don't expect to buy themselves out of trouble when the MadMax days come. REAL men buy guns and food and fight their way past the hordes of starving zombies.

Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

jimmyjames's picture

REAL men buy guns and food and fight their way past the hordes of starving zombies.

Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter


As she loudly cheers from behind the lines-

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


As she loudly cheers from behind the lines-

Squeeky has pretty much confirmed that he's just another anti-gold troll. At least he didn't subject us to his rancid poetry this time.

HungrySeagull's picture

I expect my woman to chirp and bitch until she gets something to eat.

savagegoose's picture



anonymous  GOLD  will now be seized and once the gov crawls up your ass, you may get some back.

fare well traitors, ill be happy to get my check. and buy some umm plat or  silver

 oops..  i mean ermm im over metals sirs, im back to buying facebook ;)

tooktheredpill's picture

for a slightly less biased view on gold check out this from the big picture blog

jimmyjames's picture


Gold has been flat to correcting for almost a year after hitting a spot price high of about $1875


That link is pure garbage-

So many holes in it that it would take half the day to point them all out-

pasttense's picture

What a useless article--everyone here is already all in.

HungrySeagull's picture

define "here"

I think there are truly entire communities of people who either cannot or are not allowed to acquire gold and silver.

Employers can do real service by offering physical metals alongside 401k's etc. Provided that the employee keeps a safe and has ownership.

As I have said over and over... if you are in paper... burn it today and use the money to buy Physical. Before it burns you.

AvoidingTaxation's picture

Best day seems to be 15 of august (chart)

heavenskrow's picture

ROFl I used to be a silver/gold bull. But I am a technical analyst first.

Silver and Golds about to tank.  GO DOLLARS AND 30YR TREASURIES!!!

jimmyjames's picture

ROFl I used to be a silver/gold bull. But I am a technical analyst first.

Silver and Golds about to tank.


Maybe you should turn your chart the right side up then-

Pull up a monthly and you'll see that nearly every bearish triangle in gold so far has broken to the upside-


DosZap's picture

and a blithering moron second.



Thanks for the link, only ONE problem with it.

It is basically saying Aug is going to move either way UP, or Tank. 

Nice read,but look for the dollar to go to at least 84, and if it passes that,90's are in reach.

HOPEFULLY, the metals ignore that, and decouple.........its gone both ways many times.

IF the dollar does go up that far, the economy still tanking, shouts for another QE or like intervention.

Then we all know what happens then.

As for the former Gold Bug, sure it might tank, but for how long?.Considering there is ZERO chance of the EU getting its crap together, or the US.

We have 99% of all Western nations, Bankrupt, and all the banks in the same shape. Sooner or later, Pm's and barter items will all be SO expensive(or of value) only the people who are not sheeple will survive and likely flourish.

All bets off, if Agenda 21 gets ratified and the Senate signs it,then God help us all.

Quinvarius's picture

From a psychological point of view, the year long attempt to momo short paper gold has to be getting tiresome.  The worst you can say about gold is that it has been flat.  I think there is a limit to how much bailout gold is available from the government.  All momos are doing here is hoping for a handout that is getting hard to come by.

jimmyjames's picture

The worst you can say about gold is that it has been flat


True and sentiment hasn't been this bearish since 08-

Shorts are getting pretty confident and comfortable-

People forget that gold was at $35 when this all started-

12ToothAssassin's picture

I sure hope you are correct and they tank hard!


Back up the truck!

jomama's picture

me too! this time i've got a fair amount of dry powder, as well. bring it, bitchez!

Alpo for Granny's picture

Hmmmmm...looks like Sprott is gettin all “PHYSICAL!  PHYSICAL!” on you bitchez again.

HungrySeagull's picture

I'll stack more silver. No Gold just yet.

sudzee's picture

FED will whitewash LIEborgate tomorrow as a laudable act, banks stock will soar and EUR/US levitates on short covering. I'm backing up the trike for a bit of the yellow stuff this aft.

Bastiat's picture

Right:  "We totally approve of the bankster lying and price rigging if necessary; and of course it's necessary if it hides the truth of bank risk."

sunnydays's picture

I hope today is the bottom then. 

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Why care what the dollar denominated price is?  The dollar is an instrument of the finance class to obstruct real value.

Invest in real money:


Obadiah's picture

"The Finance Class"  Thats the term we should use.  Nice one. Wheres the link to urban dictionary?...

BKbroiler's picture

Why care what the dollar denominated price is?

ummm, because I pay in dollars for gold.  I really can't fathom the scenario where people would actually trade gold or silver for goods on the street.  I own it for other reasons.  When things collapse people trade goods or they keep using the existing supply of local currency.  Zimbabwe did start using gold for some transactions, but Somalia for example just uses the fiat money printed by the goverment before they went bust.  They are limited in supply thus valuable. Never heard of silver being used after any collapse, but would be interested to hear of any examples.

Jonas Parker's picture

"I really can't fathom the scenario where people would actually trade gold or silver for goods on the street."

Uh... you weren't alive in the early 1960's then. We traded with silver all the time!

William113's picture

I just traded Silver for a 2012 BMW. Fathom bitch.

Yardfarmer's picture

you should have at least waited a couple of months. you could have had two beamers for whatever that's worth.

12ToothAssassin's picture

2 Bimmers. There, fixed it for you.

12ToothAssassin's picture

EVERY day is the best day to buy PMs.

rehypothecator's picture

Gold can only be bought today.  Good news: it's always today.  

Strider52's picture

That reminds me of a sign I saw in an Ireland Pub: Free Beer Tomorrow.