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The Fed doesn't kill roaches. It produces them.

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Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLKiMbC6s2k (10:27)

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ah, if that is all it really took.

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The smart money is waiting for the EBT cards to stop working and they'll be the shock troops (cannon fodder), then we go in for the clean up.

Ya gotta have a plan, Stan.

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there's not one roach for sure (Bilderburgs down to Masons) but there's one sure fire way to kill the bug-gers

Stop Paying Your Taxes ...Game Over for the little suckers

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I believe you meant Bilderbugs?


Lets sue the FED. Class action suit filed by us Zerohedgers!! Whose got the skill set?

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I've actually never thought of that, although im sure they are exempt from everything under the sun.


Like all the minion bankers are.


Good idea none the less!


(Mock Trail)

Judge says "zero hedge, as plantiff you have the burdon of bearing proof of said acusations, did you bring it with you today, and if so display it to the court?"


Zerohedge says "yes i did sir "its math and facts, here they are"


Judge says "im sorry, but math and facts have no place in this court! case dismissed!"


It would either make for great TV after jersey shore or the catalyst to the greatest uprising that's ever been documented in the human epoch. i'm on the fence as the which way it would go anymore..

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  Disneyland doesn't count as court, try the outer limits or twilight zone.

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the original platinum blonde of derivatives, the Jean Harlow of JPM, Blythe of CDS mythology.

If you want to kill the giant cockroaches you have to go to Naples! 

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What about putting Jamie's face on the mega roach from Men In Black?

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Hey....maybe its a trend.




Its getting "devo"-id out there.   Who needs MAD when you can just jump to the roach motel level in one massive rehypothecation stage.

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Cockroaches? No problem, send some of these friendly fellows from here in the swamp to our italian friends:



Click second link for scale:


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I don't know how you can disparage roaches like this!  They have never rigged an interest rate, manipulated a market, or devalued our money supply.



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and ben is rewarding Jamie with xtra boost power on the algos today.. Yep crime does pay. Jamie is laughing his ass off right now.

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JPM stock soaring on a falsified P & L statement. Proving once again FRAUD is the business of Amerika.  Bonus time for Jamie and Co.

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The average US slavizen is a fucking moron and stares at a TV 20 hours a day.  If these morons are going to wake up the revolution needs to take over the MSM and start turning TV OFF!!!!

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kill the motherfuckers.  Unfortunetly only 5% of us KNOW they're motherfucking cockroaches the rest think it's your friendly neighborhood bank.

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I think you will find that most revolutions started with a small percentage of the population.  I thing the american on was less than 5%.  Lots of people are awake and know what is going on and certainly more than 5%.  The problem is nobody knows what to do and everyone is waiting for someone else to do it.  When nothing happens one gets frustrated and starts blaming the sheeple when all they are doing is posting on sites such as this.  If you want a revolution or something to happen then you are going to have to start making it happen waiting for others to do it is just an excuse.  As for me, like many I am aware what is going on, and like many feel not much I can do, and certainly do not feel brave enough to start a revolution, LOL. 

So we live with it, try to work through the best we can, and accept that to some extent it is happening because we (I) don't have the courage it takes to change it.  I know some people who went to chicago during nato/G20 summit and stayed at the home of one of the people organizing it.  This person was old and has medical issues.  Anyway in the middle of the night before the summits started the SWAT team raided the home, arrested them all, and held them for several days with no access to even an attorney until the last day or so.  same things happened in DC last week with some people that were part of OWS.  Regardless whether you agree or not with what they are protesting, point is TPTB will use all and every method to stop you from even exercising that simple right.  

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Agreed.  And as such we need a Patriot, someone who will sacrifice themself for the cause as the cause is for the greater good of humanity. However a Patriot must give his blood as the price is steep.  A big problem is the way the people have been fractured into small groups that fight amongst themselves, republican, democrat, union, liberal, conservative, black, white and on and on.  If all the people could get it together and stop pating our taxes and boycot our local govts. don't go to court for bogus tickets, stop paying property tax,stop paying our mortgages, etc., just remove ourselves from their system, it would work.but then again who starts it?  Like Solzhenitsyn said, 

"And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? After all, you knew ahead of time that those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure ahead of time that you'd be cracking the skull of a cutthroat. Or what about the Black Maria sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur -- what if it had been driven off or its tires spiked. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!"

Who will be the patriot?

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I don't think we need a, "Patriot", per say I think we need a country of, Patriot's".  People that will think for themselves and will live with the consequences of their decisions and not look for someone to blame, (Government), nor a bail-out, (Government) to fix the problem.  As American's we get law's and regulation's by those we send to represent us, how many of us are repeatly sending the same people to represent us election after election in our City's, Counties, State, and Federal positions?  I'm not trying to sound, "Hollier Than Thou", just all this talk about, Patriot's and Revolution", will never evolve further than talk until all American's believe with their hearts and soul that their best interests will not be served by those elected to serve.  Our country is a mess, and it got this way because we allowed it to happen, and yes I'm including myself I vote in every election.

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corzine has been seen at: starbucks in e hampton, American hotel restaurant sag harbor, nick and toni's in e hampton..for those who's accounts were vaporized, PS recent pic of him in baggy sweat shirt looks like he has a safty vest under the sweats. maybe this info will help ..I never had an account with this guy so my beef is just that he is one of the best examples of the elite reptiles who have stolen freedom and faith in America.

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someone no one's ever heard of probably....

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"... someone who will sacrifice themself..."

That is to say, someone who has been educated under the NEA's regime?

But actually, you raise an interesting point, and it is not the one, but the shall I say it? "consensus"

- Ned


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It will be consensus.

An obvious, defining, in your face affront moment...to go along with the myriad examples of corruption and malfeasance over the years.

Maybe a piece of languishing UN parchment (a treaty) sitting around in the Senate attacking a basic human right of all free men in a lame duck session that does it...maybe something as simple as a college educated fruit vendor, now almost destitute, simply trying to survive as best he can, being accosted by the kings regulators in the market place for not having the proper license or paying the kings fee.

Hard to say but the consensus seems to be...keep the powder dry for now.

tease/sarc ;-)

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The problem isn't so much one of 'will' or ‘want’; it's a matter of direction. Yeah, millions of people recognize that there's an issue, and they see that the notorious 'something' must be done....but what exactly?

Sure, getting rid of the FED is a start, holding the regulators balls to the fire, rousting out the vermin which occupy our most honored capital city, and pulling all our funds out of every one of the cock-roach infected buildings with 'BANK' over their door would be an excellent start...but how do you go about starting it?

OWS had a good concept, but poor actualization, and even poorer follow through. The result was a loss of energy and momentum. So what's left? How do We, The People come to a focal point of action, determined against a definitive target, with clear Rules of Engagement (down to the compatriot level of involvement)? What is our target? Who exactly is the enemy? How do we meet, plan and Execute without being infiltrated, condemned, interred, and annihilated?

Do not think I am voicing defeat or failure to act, I merely want to know: By what manner do we demand our existence! 

We have been obfuscated by the little trickles of sand down into our depths, then we have been tirelessly attempting to dig out from the bucketfuls that have come next, and now, now we are being crushed by the weight of all the little bits of legislation, regulation, law, and hubris that makes up each grain of our demise. Yet at no time have we had the respite to convene, conspire (at the same level as them), and coalesce into the force we need to take down these vermin. And again...WHO is our first target? Who has been the most obvious point of failure for our Republic that we may direct action, admirable enough that our country will not look at the result as ignorant or grotesque?

They have fought the battle against us like Ali, on wings, with stingers all around. We are soon for the mat, unless we can shudder off our inflictions, group together, and focus on the first overwhelming strike of fear to the heart of the beast.

How shall we wrap the drapery of our couch about us? In resolute shuddering of fear for the sleep, or as one who welcomes the comfort of a rest well earned.....



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Well written comment.  Here's what you do; ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  You alluded to this yourself.  La Boetie said it perfectly- "I do not ask that you raise your hand to topple the tyrant, I simply ask that you support him no longer. In doing so, you will witness him, like the Great Colossus whose pedestal has been removed, crumble of his own weight and fall into pieces." Or sumpin like that.

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You have articulated quite well some of the problems.  They get to meet in private clubs, first class hotels and even have local enforcement etc protect  them when they have such meetings.  On the other hand we get to meet at our homes etc, and if we prove to be gaining too much traction SWAT team show up, break down your door and through you in jail for several days.  While you say OWS was not successful it is kind of hard when you have riot police firing at you, arresting you by the bus load, raiding your homes, the courts evicting you and so on.  Sort of makes planning and building on momentum hard to do.


It seems the only thing that changes this dynamic is when people go from protesting to fighting back, but often, as we know, just results in some deck chairs being changed, and not much else.  Bottom line is the majority have no power, and have had to use force to get it, only to have it removed from them again.  That is how it has been throughout history.  That is why those with power, especially those in the shadows are not too worried and don't lose any sleep as they steal more and enforce more control.  Sure a few of them risk being on the chopping block in a upheaval, but it changes little

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Really, its a matter of perception.  For Occupy, the fight is a proxy of the police against what people believe as their rights.  When those rights no longer have effect by edict or otherwise, then it becomes a matter of knowing SWAT is coming to your door.

In places like Chile in the early 1970s, executions, kidnapping and vanished people finally broke down.  Common people were certainly kinder than those who lost it all; they were reduced to living like forest animals in WWII.  They fought knowing there was nothing left to lose.  According to the Art of War, this is the deadliest fighter.

 All of this ignores the problem and reduces it force: might makes right.  Robbers do not last without legitimacy.  And the startling observation that a technical basis is mandatory for modern living.  One can shock the monkey to condition fear but what happens?  People learn, adapt, change. Business decisions rely on advantage, gain and control or domination.  Waking up to challenge the garbage of mind molding is a power of words and images. It is the will to power where ownership of resources is a relative concept, fleeting really.  Leaches don't hold on while on fire.   The question is: will overextension of resources and posture result in the end of empire?





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At the risk of saying something anarchistic, here's how you start.  The people in power are human. They have to sleep sometime.  They live in houses and travel around. They have wives and children. In other words THEY HAVE SKIN IN THE GAME. Get it?  Cops who drive around fleecing people go home at night and sleep in their beds after a long day of robbing people and causing misery and ruining people's lives.  They have wives and kids. Get it?  THAT'S what it's going to take. You have to HIT BACK.  When Jamie Dimon lost 1.5 billion to MFG he didn't hire lawyers to SUE Jon Cockzine he called him and threatened to KILL him.  THAT'S how THEY take care of business. And what do we do? We protest. Ha.  This is a FIGHT. Have you ever been in a fight where no one got hurt?  So far we're the only one's getting hurt.

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How many heads do you think you can take off for "the movement" before you get your 3 hots and a cot?

Thanks, Mr. Ayers, but we're gonna need to fight smarter this time; disintermediation and preparation are a better use of time.

"You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows"


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Castro started with 56 men and at at his lowest point had 18 left - he took Cuba with the might of the US behind Baptista. Numbers mean squat.

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That was my point.  Too many posters here blame the sheeple for why the bankers are getting away with it.  You don't need that many people to bring about the change you want and blaming the sheeple is just an excuse to hide behind for also doing nothing.

I know what is going on and so do many others, but I think most of us lack what it takes to do anything, beyond complain, to do anything about it

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OWS is misguided for a couple reasons. First WS is just the kids playing with matches for the most part, the Fed is the one giving WS the matches, they're the problem. It should be called Occupy the Federal Reserve. When people start massing outside the NY Fed and the Fed Reserve in DC THEN I'll KNOW they GET IT.  OWS let politicians speak at their rallies, like the Tea Party did.  OWS had union leaders connected to politicians speak, hollywood schmucks with agendas, THEY stole your movement and co-opted you.  If you want to be grassroots OF THE PEOPLE you keep the money interests OUT.  You make anyone who wants to speak at your function swear allegience to The Constitution and you warn them if they break the trust they will pay dearly.  People like Ron Paul should speak, Alex Jones, and other confirmed Liberty lovers and freedom lovers.  OWS has been infiltrated by the scum you're protesting about.  They come in with their celebrity status people and dazzle your leaders who then sell out for who knows what.  OWS hasd been sold out just like the Tea Party.

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Well, I guess tonight is "consensus building" night ;-)

"OWS hasd been sold out just like the Tea Party."

OWS was bought and paid for before some poor slob ever got hosed down with mace or hit in the head with a tear gas cannister. They chose their leaders, their speakers, their issues, their cause and their vision all by themselves...whatever the fuck that was. 

TP didn't shit on the sidewalk, no one was raped or murdered or robbed or left their own kids in squallar as they wandered around amongst complete strangers looking to get laid or high and they always left the place cleaner than they found it. It has always been Taxed Enough Already and get the hell off my back!!!

NONE of this went unnoticed by the public at large.

Now that we've got the obvious out of the way (the OWS being an epic fail at distraction) the TP stands against statists & cronys of all stripes,..they've proved it by them kicking out of positions of power anyone they set their sights on...over & over...results is what matters.

Both dims & pugs are scared of them...so what does that say?

I know it may be fashionable and nostalgic for people "my age" to look at OWS and sigh for their own past...but that ain't reality...this is young peoples lives some are screwin around with here for selfish purpose and you can't live vicariously through them.

What those "my age" can do is give them a fighting chance for a future...their future...not one dictated from DC or Wall Street because we really do dictate to them what happens if we demand it.

So there it is bitchez in my estimation, live free or die on your knees.

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Love the shitting on the sidewalk, drugs, sex, child neglect, rape and cluelessness meme, nmewn!  It speaks for itself, for those willing to give it a minute's real thought.

Reminds me of the propagandizers on the so-called "left" who continually characterize the TP as racists, bible-thumping xenophobic morons and useful idiots for the Koch brothers.  They love theirs are much as you love yours!

Only one of the two groups were subjected to nationwide police abuse, however.  Those constitutional rights you posture so idealistically about were shit on and stomped into the ground from sea to shining sea.  Much to your undisguised satisfaction. 

Something that also speaks for itself. 

nmewn's picture

Well, for one thing, TP pulled the proper permits the regulators/statists (and the left in general) always yap about getting in order to appear in the "town square". Which side is always in a funk and wailing and gnashing their teeth about regulation and licensing and proper permits again?

Even though they didn't like they still did it. Did OWS file a class action and ask those monies be refunded to TP because they didn't get one?...I didn't think so.

The TP also didn't burn shit, break stuff and make a general nuisance of themselves to the rest of the population.

What you fail to recognize is your constitutional right ends where anothers begins...like when a family can't use a public space because a tent has been pitched on it illegaly for a month. Or when a business has to close because no one wants to hassle with going down there.

Now...are you saying crime was not rampant at many OWS "encampments"...if you are, its an easily refuted claim. The mug shots, trials (including witnesses) and the probation & jail terms are very real...just as the victims of those crimes were very much real. 

Bob's picture

The right to public assembly in protest is the most fundamental one of all.  The republic as it was constituted cannot claim legitimacy without it.  You know this.  Even Hillary is quick to point it out . . . when the finger of condemnation is conveniently pointed elsewhere. 

There's no point to argue whether there was 1 rape, 2 shits on the ground, 14 permits that weren't pulled, or so on, anymore than it would make sense for me to waste your time in challenging you to deny that the TP has racist morons with fascist dreams in its ranks or that the Kocks are involved bigtime.  They're both obviously true.  People are inconvenient that way. 

But you're the voice of the constitution, supposedly. 

You wouldn't abide by its violation . . . even against unpopular people.  You would be quick to argue that, indeed, it is when speech and people are unpopular that the constitution is most required.  It's those moments that give it genuinely living meaning.  Anything else is bullshit. 

On a personal note, it seems to me that there is something difficult to define, but definitely thuggish that oten finds voice in the TP, regardless of how tightly it wraps itself in the flag and lofty ideals of the constitution. 

In the world I grew up in, the more pathetic people are, the more criminal it becomes to abuse them.  Mentally ill and homeless people would be a reasonable example.  On this track, it seems to me that the more disgustingly pathetic you can devalue/define OWS participants as, the more indefensible it becomes to shit on them.  Not only with pepper spray, batons, and arrest, but even with finely wrought internet prose. 

Inconvenient as it might be, I think the TP/"Liberty" Movement's sincerity was fully measured by their response to the injustice served their "enemies." A passionate love of the constitution is clearly not what it is about.   

It shouldn't stop them as a political party, but it should stop them from their self-righteously convenient exploitation of the Founding Fathers and all the attendant  props. 

But maybe I'm only dreaming.  

nmewn's picture

"The right to public assembly in protest is the most fundamental one of all.  The republic as it was constituted cannot claim legitimacy without it.  You know this."

The right to >>>peaceful<<< public assembly...yes, I certainly do.

"There's no point to argue whether there was 1 rape, 2 shits on the ground, 14 permits that weren't pulled, or so on..."

No, theres not. The truth kinda gets in the way of that but nice job of trying to minimize the carnage left behind. TP events didn't have any.

"...anymore than it would make sense for me to waste your time in challenging you to deny that the TP has racist morons with fascist dreams in its ranks or that the Kocks are involved bigtime.  They're both obviously true.  People are inconvenient that way."

Yeah, its been at least a week or two since one of the Koch brothers rang me up to ask my advice...lol.

And the only fascists I can find lately are involved in investment banking, solar panels, Fisker Roadsters,gold value to dollar suppresion and health insurance mandates passed by fascists onto perfectly healthy young people...but of course, your mileage on all this probably varies.

"In the world I grew up in, the more pathetic people are, the more criminal it becomes to abuse them.  Mentally ill and homeless people would be a reasonable example.  On this track, it seems to me that the more disgustingly pathetic you can devalue/define OWS participants as, the more indefensible it becomes to shit on them.  Not only with pepper spray, batons, and arrest, but even with finely wrought internet prose."

I'm not sure...but I think I've just been insulted ;-)

Do you really think I'm the least bit sorry that OWS collapsed as infested with the criminal element as it was? OWS "leadership" actually told victims to be quiet about crime because they didn't want "the man" to come in and find out who the perps were...apparently preferring to "investigate" it themselves. And do what then? Kick them out onto the street so they could do it again?

It was a lesson in self governance without any laws to speak of...it was anarchy...and I (and others) called it like we saw it, instead of going along with the popular notion around here of seeing it how they wished it should be...it wasn't...at all.

"Inconvenient as it might be, I think the TP/"Liberty" Movement's sincerity was fully measured by their response to the injustice served their "enemies." A passionate love of the constitution is clearly not what it is about."

As inconvient as it may be to you...again...you don't have a right to anothers property, liberty, happiness, money or time just because you were born here.

The only injustice done was brought about by their own actions. How am I responsible for heroin overdoses, rape and murder?...appeals to my emotion for it are useless. The only pain I feel is for the victims who were so easily led astray by the only slightly more deranged.

"It shouldn't stop them as a political party, but it should stop them from their self-righteously convenient exploitation of the Founding Fathers and all the attendant  props."

I have no idea what that even means.

OWS takes possession of private and public property (Occupy this & that, remember?) commits crimes against its own members, completely uninvolved innocent passersby, damages others private property and somehow...someway, the TP and the Founding Fathers are self-righteous exploiters for saying out loud that OWS is wrong on a host of levels?

Mmmkay...when someone camps out in your front yard, uses your water, goes around and craps in your back yard then walks into your house and rapes one of your family members and steals your lap top...just ask them what their reasons are...and if those reasons are acceptable to you...you can still claim to be a much better man than I am....but you'd still be wrong.

You just jumped the shark Bob.

Bob's picture

You're a tool, nmewn. 

nmewn's picture

Is that your professional opinion or what you wish it was, yet again?

What a complete surprise, that an Obama voter (you) would contort himself, the rule of law, logic and the founding documents into the weirdest looking pretzel I've ever seen...then make one final, desperate appeal to my emotion, in order to defend the indefensible...shocking really, I know.

Look over there!!!...its another shiny object!!!

Not this time, Bob.

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When ZOG comes for the guns, the shooting begins. Not until. And the neo-conned TP is as useless as Soros OWS scam. 80-odd TP members sent to House of Reps in '10 election....a few months later, at least 50 voted to increase the debt limit. Took the Jews 10 years to buy off Justice Roberts; didn't take 'em 6 months to purchase the TP.

New_Meat's picture

If the TP have been co-opted and are now doing as tptb wish, why all the bitchin'?  Even the MSM can't stop.  Must be somethin' else goin' on.

- Ned

nmewn's picture

Richard Lugar is a sitting US republican senator...he didn't even make it through his primary in large part because of the TP.

It may have missed its shot at republican Hatch but republican Bennett is gone...in large part because of his support for bailing out the investment banks on Wall Street. He's back to being a lobbyist boot licker.

Why is the TP attacking all these "loyal" republicans?

You may not agree with TP's core principles of smaller government, less regulation, less taxation, free to take whatever risk you want but don't come to me and ask to be bailed out when you fuck it all up...but you will have to agree it's been more effective than sittin around bangin on drums all day, listening to the same tired old tenured professors you listened to when you were in college, telling you how & what to think, now accompanied by a train of very rich, vain, egotistical, hollywood actors and musicians.

Very, very impressive.

But the professors and celebrities always fly back to their posh comfortable homes for a quick drink and a warm meal at the end of the day don't they?

I guess in some circles thats called doing "community service". In mine its called assuaging ones guilt or more properly, feeding them a little corn to get em goin in a certain direction...usually to the slaughter pen.

New_Meat's picture

"In mine its called assuaging ones guilt or more properly, feeding them a little corn to get em goin in a certain direction...usually to the slaughter pen."

And us little piglets who have survived are intensely aware of the dangers of "free" corn today.  Like that Rusty guy who kept asking me to come to his back lot for a "smoke."  Took a while to figger that one out.

- Ned

nmewn's picture

Little piglets like us should always be careful of "free stuff"...theres not very many purely altruistic people out there.

And its probably in your best interest to avoid the Rusty's of the world...some of em ain't quite right ;-)

New_Meat's picture

duuude: (exhales)

"OWS is misguided..."

Well actually a readiness review across any number of communications and actions webs for the entire constellation of purposes that Soros and gang wish to explore.

don't cha' know.

- Ned