Interview: Unusual Pre-9-11 Currency Movements; an Ex-Federal Reserve Employee Talks to Robert Wenzel

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Bill Bergman-a former Federal Reserve (Chicago branch) economist and policy analyst, who has raised concerns about unusual currency transactions pre- 9-11----including billions in one hundred dollar bills, is the guest this week on the Robert Wenzel Show. 

Bergman worked at the Chicago Federal Reserve for over 13 years as an economist and financial markets policy analyst, until he started asking questions about unusual currency movements before 9-11. On the show we talk about what happened to him, after he started his investigation.

We also talk about how the Fed's Biege Book is assembled, the trillion plus dollars sitting at the Fed as excess reserves, the LIBOR "scandal", Warren Buffet and much more...

YouTube and podcast versions may be found here:

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EB:  On the same topic, see this April 2011 report at ZeroHedge regarding Mr. Bergman's termination written by one Jr. Deputy Accountant (who, apparently, was not picked up in a chauffered black helicopter and still writes to this day here).

Finally, we crunched the numbers, and indeed found a material spike in currency during the ten weeks preceding 9-11 when compared to the previous five years.  All the more compelling, considering the average includes the cash dump prior to the Y2K event in 2000.  See here:

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The Robert Wenzel Show is broadcast every Sunday morning at 7:00 am.  Previous guests include Robert Morrow (on the JFK assassination), Peter Schiff, libertarian candidate Gary Johnson (worth it for the fireworks), James Altucher (how he lost $15 million dollars), Derek Pilecki (inside Goldman Sacks asset management division) and many more.

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We have Clinton II in Obama

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Ya, Hillary's a full blown psychopath but she can't hide it like Bill can hide his.

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These people are not mentally ill.  They are evil.  They have no business being entrusted wilth positions of power and authority.  I have no problem with people being people, but for those wishing to execute such demanding and obviously dangerous positions, one must be able to set aside trivial human tendencies and be truly willing to sacrifice a large portion of their own will, desires and life for the duty of executing the offices for which the people of the land call on them to do. 

Very few human beings are able to lead from such lofty positions and continue to realize that they themselves will one day be answerable to a higher authority.  I don't believe any of our current candidates are up to the task.


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Nothing new. The 1870's produced this great documentation of it all:

No Treason No. VI: The Constitution of No Authority

Terrorcrats was the descriptive word Lysander used. In 1870.

They built a literal Greek temple to the head terrorcrat of those days.
It's called the Lincoln Memorial.
Read the inscription inside it if you don't believe me.

The "US Govt." building temples to it's killer heroes.
I mean, a literal temple of worship. If that went over the heads of Americans....not much hope for them.


3,000 dead at the WTC?  Pffft.  How many did Lincoln kill?


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Hitlary makes Dick Cheney look like a tree-hugging liberal!!!

Whoda thunk that act could ever have been topped! Bubba should definitely avoid going duck shooting with her.

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This guy sounds like a candidate for a two bullet suicide.

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Nah. He will just shoot himself in the back of the head.

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uh...what's the standard deviation here? you got 250 weeks at half the average. what's the SD for any 10 week period. is this a 6 delta event or within 1 standard distribution?


anyway, who gives a shit. 9-11 is like the kennedy thing and the tomb of ghengis khan, it's never going to be 'solved'.  

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"Evidence of Revision" solved the JFK assassination. It also provides the documented evidence, the evidence of revision of the official history and long lost live broadcasts at the time of the assassination establishing the two preferred fake explanations and the exact point at which the original fake explanation swapped for the alternative when Oswald wasn't murdered by police at the movie theatre.


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After the USSR collapsed all sorts of internal state secrets came out. We're likely to find out all sorts of things in the future.

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So if the unemployable TSA agent isn't fat and black, having the hand up the wife's ass is OK? Not at all sure what fat and black have to do with the issue...

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He is only making note that most TSA goons are fat, black and unemployable in another real world capacity. In fact, you can be assured that they are fat, black and unemployable for the specific purpose of making sure that these TSA goons do the dirty deeds when told to without havingto stop and wonder why. They will follow those orders without question and will enjoy it.

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Who knows, that's probably one of his fantasies...

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Lucky he wasn't like Vince Foster and Ron Brown and was simply fired.  

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You sure they didn't just get more creative?

"These people engaged in a crime," Gregory said, "There was evidence that Ron Brown was murdered and they decided to not do an autopsy and destroy his head X-rays."

Gregory saw pictures of the body.


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That poor unlucky bastard Brown. Shot in the back of the head in the middle of a *plane crash*!! What are the freakin' ODDS???

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This information seems misleading. I'd prefer to see the actual charts to previous years and/or a Chi-squared test of the variability witnessed pre-9/11. 

Anyways, the Russians were behind 9/11:

So maybe they were moving money out of dollars as suggested in the Russian media in August of '01:

Now the question is....what's really going on in Syria?


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Misinformation -- Shill.  Even our own Military and intelligence know that Zionist Elements and rouge US Miliray was behind it and have said so. 


People keep saying the government is to unorganized an inept to have done this.  Bullshit, eleite groups working in and one compact individual projects without full knowledge of the big picture can be acurately executed. 

Fools and liars say that it was too big of an event to have covered it up and people would come forwrd it it really happened. Open your eyes and ears hundreds of people have come forward with information and analysis. Need to know is common practice in the Military and government.  IMO many who conducted major, yet not openly sinister, parts of executing this over many months, had no clue what they were acomplishing.   


AE 9/11 Experts Speak Out.

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there is a lot more proof the saudis were involved. my guess is it was network that went above national borders....a network who all had interest in what would follow......

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Let's not forget the role of the CIA and British intelligence in pulling it off.

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Nah, it was lizard-men from outer space.

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you guys' kinda like this kinda truth....                                                                                       cut and pasted via the paul c roberts / nomi prins collab coment section, and this guy was only ranting on the libor rigging-

"The CRIMINALS must be PROSECUTED for their CRIMES. Absolutely NOTHING will “change,” much LESS get “better” until and unless THAT happens. Indeed, if the CRIMINALS are ALLOWED to continue to PLUNDER, it will, in FACT, only get WORSE. MUCH WORSE.

ALL criminals involved in these monstrous, reprehensible, PATHOLOGICAL financial CRIMES, which were clearly, totally and willfully collaborated as a gigantic Scheme to Defraud and totally BILK the very citizens of this, our country, the United States, and, um, the entire world, MUST PAY.

Each one of these Criminals must be Indicted, Prosecuted to the fullest extent of THE NEW LAWS, (all of which will be made retroactive) and, finally, actually PUNISHED SEVERELY; Let me be perfectly clear: Each CRIMINAL that is found GUILTY in the Courts of Law, whether by a judicious Judge or by a Jury of his/her “peers,” shall be held fully accountable for their [blatant] CRIMES, and penalties will surely entail STIFF terms of imprisonment, along with the lawful SEIZURE of ALL ill-gotten gains.

We all know, for example, that George Bush, Dick Cheney…that list goes on and on; And let’s not forget Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, Richard Fuld, Hank Paulson, Larry Sommers, Timothy Geithner, Alan Greenspan; And an astonishingly dizzying and countless number of all the other CRIMINALS; All should be on the TOP of the list for the vigorous investigations and thorough prosecutions.

We MUST HOLD each of these Serial PREDATORS/Criminals FULLY ACCOUNTABLE for their outrageous crimes of Fraud, Scheme to Defraud, Financial Elder Abuse, and countless other very serious Felonies and, yes, WAR CRIMES.

In fact, they should ALL be publicly EXECUTED by HANGING."


naw. a little truth and reconciliation amnesty is in order for the .99%... the other .01%.....well, my avatar (SMALL CAPS!)has a vivid memory of his last moments he'd like to share with them.