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Jesus said to them, “if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one...” The disciples said, “See, Lord, here are two swords.” “That’s enough!” he replied. —Gospel of Luke 22:36,38, NIV All Gods can kiss my ass and die. Live a meaningless life, die a pointless death, friendless and alone. Oxycontin will not help.


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WB7: OT--today is the anniversary of our very own Teddy Kennedy driving off a certain bridge and drowning Mary Jo Kopechne.

Just fyi.

- Ned

{ is rather sanitized.  but the pig-fuckers destroyed the investigator who did "Senatorial Privilege" }

- Ned

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All this religious reverance is making me feel sick to my stomach.

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Jesus Christ is alive and if you would just believe in him you wouldn't be sold out to the Devil along with the world.

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Humanity is being sold out for bravado, bling and bonuses - even Jesus would lose it over this brazenness....

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The world is destined to repeat all the bad shit. Students my wife knows went to Germany and asked teenagers and 20 somethings who Hitler was. The OVERWHELMING results were they didn't have a clue who he was.  Ask kids in this country who JFK was, I would bet the majority don't know.  And so THEY are destined to repeat the wars and the tyranny.  When you see bumper stickers for the Army and Military like they're sport's teams and we cheer them on and call them heroes you KNOW you're an empire. Hero's? People who pl;an the massacre of women and children? Heroes?  More like duped idiots or criminals.

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The Son of Perdition (S&P) has risen to power already (from 666 - though it belongs far below, in the depths of hell).  I expect Jesus any time now.

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John (the disciple of love) said to Jesus, "let us call down fire upon them... but Jesus said, "you know not what spirit you are of." John as a studious Hebrew disciple knew the OT and Elijah's calling down fire from heaven (and was later to see in his vision the two witnesses who breath out fire against those who would kill them), but he was wrong in his conclusion.

For the Son of man came not to condemn, but that all men might be saved. 

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I do not think Jesus would use profanity, now him being Jesus, would come up with another way to state His message. Nevertheless, the talented artist William, made the choice in his message...this is called Free Will. 

The book of Romans in the Holy Bible via my paraphrase: that nothing is unclean, except that which comes out of us. This image is not unclean unless it causes another brother to stumble. Furthermore, if this image is perceived as unclean to a Christ follower, he cannot use it or see it. 


That which is made from faith and to His Glory is good. The rightousness of William's art is a matter between him and God. Just because you leave God, does not mean God leaves you. A relationship with Christ is a seal that cannot be broken, therefore, the Spirit still remains. All the power of the Spirit is available to every follower. 

God makes all things good, even through this image.

  1. Let us pray for those who are bankers. Please forgive them for some do not know what they do.
  2. My prayers for Mr. Diamone, may Christ have mercy on his soul.
  3. Prayer for myself such that Christ will say to me..."well done".  

Be Blessed


Make no mistake, Christ is no softy....there are many references where Jesus got into peoples faces. Realize this, God created Great White Sharks, Grizzly Bears, and the most dangerous of all, "Men". God is also about chaos and adventure. A healthy fear of God is absolutely warranted. To argue against God, is to argue against that which gave you the mind to argue in the first place. Nothing exists to refute His existence...nothing.  

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Right on WB! 

Remember "buddy Christ' from the movie 'Dogma'?

I saw a pic of BC on line once.  It said, "Jesus loves you, everybody else thinks you're a c%#t."
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The only time I read that Jesus ever got 'really mad' was when he made a whip of rope and kicked the 'money changers' aka 'banks' out of the temple. 

Religious leaders were second, followed by ( I think ) lobbyists and lawyers.

This pic cracked me up though. ;)

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Actually the only time (according to the written word), HE used violence and not only against people but against property. By whipping the money changers and upsetting their tables to drive them from the temple, for committing usuary.

Taking advantage of the masses of pilgrims who had come to make sacrifice and charging high rates in return for loans and exchange. Too bad "usuary" is not a crime anymore!

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still waiting for an american jesus to whip the moneychangers out of the american temple....or for the "pilgrims" to come to a group decision

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Hey everybody,

Hot tip if you have your panties in a twist...

That ain't really Jesus...

The signs not in Aramaic.

But it does look a bit 'chollo'. Maybe East Los Angeles.

Check for an Our Lady of Guadalupe tat on his back that says Mom.


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Really?  Jesus wasn't a handsome WASP?

Forensic anthropology says he probably looked a lot more like this:

But I guess that's a little too (to be polite) "Middle Eastern" looking for western mythologies to stomach.

Heck, God's kinda white, too:*EMGhhV2MD5zF...

as is Adam who is apparently badly afflicted with the white man's curse.

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"Forensic anthropology says he probably looked a lot more like this"

That's an early lobby card of Jesus as "Lenny" in "Of Mice and Men"....He was a struggling actor before He redeemed Humanity from its sins you know

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So Man created god in his own image.

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The Man from Galilee was far above this crowd on earth
He taught and showed us how it should be
But those in power and control
Murdered him you see

Fortunately for some of us
Some of his words filtered through the ages
About love and compassion for fellow man
And to walk away from hypocrites, lawyers and false sages

For their only reason for being
Is satisfying ego's own
Forgetting that there is more
To this life than meets the eye

The Man from Galilee
Knew that all things
Will come to pass
We shall reap what we sow

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This song was written in New York City
Of rich man, preacher, and slave
If Jesus was to preach what He preached in Galilee,
They would lay poor Jesus in His grave.
-Woody Guthrie

h/t Talcott

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What if God was one of us

Just a slob like one of us

Just a stranger on the bus

Tryin' to make his way home ...

- Joan Osborne

Great hit song by Joan, very spiritual, really:

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Jesus approves this

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Looks a bit like Kenny Loggins don't ya think?

Highway to the danger zone
Ride into the danger zone

Don't get me started on Cruise and that (other) space alien....

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Mother Mary and Joseph...

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"And what does the saint do in the woods?" asked Zarathustra.

The saint answered; "I make songs and sing them, and when I make song I laugh, weep and growl: thus I praise God. With singing weeping, lauging and growling I praise the god who is my god. But tell me, what do you bring us as a gift?"

When Zarathustra had heard these words he took his leave of the saint and spoke: "What would I have to give you! But let me leave quickly before I take something from you!" - And so they parted the oldster and the man, laughing as two boys laugh.

But when Zarathustra was alone he spoke thus to his heart: "Could it be possible! This old saint in his woods has not yet heard the news that God is dead!"

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"And we killed him" you should add.

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Old joke in graffiti

'God is dead' - Friedrich Nietzsche

'Nietzsche is dead' - God

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If the god of the Jews actually existed, it would be the duty of every good man to hunt him down and kill him.


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I can recall one of these 'good men' that adored Freddy N, and hunted down and killed jews...

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We must HEAR him; him who teacheth: 'Ye shall love peace as a means to new wars, and the short peace more than the long!' No one ever spake such warlike words: 'What is good? To be brave is good. It is the good war that halloweth every cause.' O Zarathustra, our fathers' blood stirred in our veins at such words: it was like the voice of spring to old wine-casks. When the swords ran among one another like red-spotted serpents, then did our fathers become fond of life; the sun of every peace seemed to them languid and lukewarm, the long peace, however, made them ashamed. How they sighed, our fathers, when they saw on the wall brightly furbished, dried-up swords! Like those they thirsted for war. For a sword thirsteth to drink blood, and sparkleth with desire."

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Then he went crazy from syphillus

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I think the guy who said hat said, if there is a god I would have to kill him to be a god myself...or words to that effect ;-)

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gosh, that^ doesn't seem right  :-/

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Icon is excately the hole idea of J.C.

The first socialist on the planet,and no,not a political one of the kind,a spiritual one,no i dont belive in any God!!


Not even The Blankfein one,money is a dividing substance,thats all it does,divide between, who got, and who dont have.

So, as Icon its good,just like the famos?its more easy for a Camel to enter through the eye of the needle,than a rich to enter Heaven,wonder what this tells the servants,it, i thing i ic/ronical to.

And like most of the former generations,i to was forced into Religion ,in school,we had religion two hours a week,who would belive that today,forced religion!

I looked like this guy, back in the sixtys.

And before Jesus God killed our????? God???his name was Odin,and all he had was a horse with eight legs,and a blind eye,but his heaven is Walhala,and they drink a lot of beer there!

How Gods are different!!!!

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It's not my intention to get not any kind of deep religion with this image.

I keep hearing our esteemed Polticians tell us over and over that we are a deeply religious and moral god fearing country. They are constantly invoking the name of the lord, halleluea, yet they are allowing the worlds biggest most blatant kleptofraud to take place on their watch and ordinary people are suffering for it.

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Yeah, they follow the God of this world, God gave Satan this world, the great deceiver. He offered it to Jesus and Jesus said to "get behind me". The only way to defeat the money changers is to kill them.  If someone were standing on your throat how would you get them to stop? By asking them? To which they would reply, "make me", which you would have to do. Force begets force. Jamie Dimon didn't hire lawyers to sue Corzine for his money, he threatened to kill him. The system is run by them.  So all the laws and courts mean nothing, look at Corzine and many others. Tyranny is here, we must REJECT their laws and their tyrannical system, no payment of taxes, etc.  The masses must lose confidence in the counterfeit money and reject the system and start bartering. Reject the corporations.  

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"I keep hearing our esteemed Polticians tell us over and over that we are a deeply religious and moral god fearing country. They are constantly invoking the name of the lord, halleluea, yet they are allowing the worlds biggest most blatant kleptofraud to take place on their watch and ordinary people are suffering for it."

Yeah. Heard all the same stuff for years.

East Exterior View - Lincoln Memorial - Abraham Lincoln Memorialized In Stone -

“In this temple, as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the Union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever.” Beneath these words, the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln sits immortalized in marble."

South East Exterior - Lincoln Memorial - Modeled After The Temple of Zeus at Olympus -

Jesus would have driven the first bulldozer into this "temple" and the Washington Obelisk.

PS - Jesus was from Galilee. They practiced the Jewish "religion" by convenience only. They were not Jewish people. Hence, the Jews and Romans were totally cool with killing him.


Edit - Heh. I've never given the inscription much thought...stopped reading after "temple" and pretty much walked out of the place on my first and final trip to DC. If you *really* take a sec and think about what it says...

"In this temple, as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the Union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever."

Who are the people being referred to? Notice the lack of capitalization. They are not the American people. The American people would have been mentioned by name. So this leads me to believe....his memory will be forever in the hearts of the people he was working for. I'll let you research and figure that one out.

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I find it criminal that men of polity took God's "Trust" and put on fiat currency. In my opinion, just to give it credibility. God is sovereign, and to put God's Trust on money is the ultimate in blasphemy. It confirms the banking operating model, 

to take what one has no ownership of and profit from it


They use money that is not theirs, lever it up, 50 plus times, subject their depositing lenders to obscene risk and not even fairly compensate the risk taker. The exploitation was there for the taking. Now things will move to the next stage....

pillage the babyboomer money by raiding 401k money

kill off the older population as the cost exceeds the benefit

eliminate population inefficiency through altered food, drugs, war, otherwise, 

rinse and repeat

it is game on zero hedge readers. 

faith with no action is "nothing". 

we must come together and cannot allow isolation, the enemy divides and conquers, we cannot allow fragmentation. together we are more powerful. we need to define a unifed purpose, unified, goals, and unified objectives to reach those goals. 

Peace and Freedom.

there is no peak oil,

stop the genetic modification and altering of food to weaken and sicken the masses.  



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And look who the banksters put on the $20. Andrew Jackson. I bet he's spinning in his grave. You KNOW they did THAT on purpose.

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"I find it criminal that men of polity took God's "Trust" and put on fiat currency. In my opinion, just to give it credibility. God is sovereign, and to put God's Trust on money is the ultimate in blasphemy."

They say "Federal Reserve Note" correct? Well, then give them back to Caesar err...the Federal Reserve.

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Jesus wasn't religious

Don't worry about it

If more of these dogs practiced what they preached

And felt a little like the Samaritan who no one knows if he was Athiest, Jew, Pharisee, whatever

It didn't matter

He just helped someone who needed a hand

That is what it is all about, isn't it?

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"I keep hearing our esteemed Polticians tell us over and over that we are a deeply religious and moral god fearing country. "

Is that like when Lloyd told us he is doing God's work? </sarcasm>


"In Dog we trust!"

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Are you talking about the seven seals? Remember Jesus warns against false prophets don't take anyone verbatim. What do you think Babylon means in a contemporary sense? There is a new Rome and a new Zion. The savior and the white horse are opposite symbols.

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Good on you WB. A LOL - throw them out of the temple or have 'em jump from their temple towers - either one works for me. The Corozines and Dimons of the world are the real blasphemers, as you note with your usual grace and photoediting skill.

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I have to tell you, these past three months have really been an eye opener for me. Things that I concluded theoretically, with the help of many things I have learned here on ZH, have proven absolutely true.

I tell everyone don't let people get away with calling you fringe or a conspiracy nut. Th FRS is a cartel cloaked in bullshit jargon.

The whole central banking system is a pit of shitty quick sand and it has polluted everything.

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WB7, bear with me, I find it a bit simplistic, this "the whole central banking system...". In a world of nation states, we find some 110+ central banks. For many of them it's not a choice, you know?

(FiatMoney) Central Banks are like Armies (or languages, or industrial standards, etc.).

Either you have your own, or you have a foreign one.

Now, of course, like with armies, we could discuss how they should be used or not...