Words of War

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I had an interesting conversation with a fellow who lives in Europe and has been connected to the spook world in the past. (See this for prior discussions with him.) It went like this:


Have you been watching the events in Syria?



Not really. I’m not sure what, if any, are the implications of this is.



You should. Things are moving faster and faster. For example, have you seen the level of fighting in the streets of Damascus the past few days?





No. It seems there is fighting every day.



There is now heavy fighting in the capital of Damascus. Clearly, the opposition has grown substantially for this to happen. It also means that the fighters are being armed. They would not take on a battle in the capital unless they were well armed.



Interesting. Where are they getting these arms?



The same place that the Libyans got theirs, the Qataris and the Saudis.



Ah! How do the Saudis and Qataris get arms into Syria?



Through Turkey, of course. You don’t think those Turkish jets got shot down by accident do you? This was the excuse for Erdogon (Turkish President) to get involved. Now he is.



Why would Erdogon want to get involved in the Syrian mess?



He sees himself as a guardian of the Sunni. What we are witnessing is the re-emergence of the Ottoman Empire. What is happening is that Syria is in a civil war, but behind this is a religious war. Sunni versus Shia. The fighting today is in the streets of Syria, but in the end, this is a war between the Saudis and the Iranians.


BK Where's this headed?



At this point, the USA is sharing any intelligence it has with all “friendly” interested parties, including the Turks, the Israelis, the Qataris and the Saudis. Given that all of these countries are also “leakers” of info, it is a safe bet that the Russians have the same info and are passing it along to the Iranians. It’s an equally safe bet the Iranians are very angry at this. In particular, they are pissed at the Qataris. And that gets us right back to the Straits of Hormuz.




Are you saying Iran might attack Qatar?



No, I wouldn’t think so. That would be suicide. The Americans have two aircraft carriers and a full fleet of other ships available to crush any aggression by Iran. But that is the point, all Iran needs do is threaten Qatar, and the price of crude shoots up. With it, would go insurance charges for the ships that ply those waters. A few well-placed mines would do the trick.



Do you think it will play out like that?



The Iranians truly hate the Saudis, the Saudis hate the Iranians just as much. Today there is a new excuse to hate each other, Syria.

As to the odds, who knows? But I think that the odds are greater for something to happen to escalate what we are seeing today, versus a return to regional stability.






Impossible to say. Keep in mind that Obama and Hilary Clinton have effectively put Israel on a leash as far as Iran’s nukes are concerned until after the American election. The Iranians know this, and they understand that November is not so far away. The US does not have the Israelis tied up regarding matters in Syria.

I don’t see how “they” can put a lid on all of this. There are too many moving parts. Do the Iranians have an interest in stirring up a hornet’s nest before November? Sure they do. It could be a matter of weeks.



Qatar produces (only) 1.3m barrels of crude a day. However, they are the largest producer of liquified natural gas (LNG) in the world. .




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The US is not picking their perceived enemies very well. It might be wise(r) to be on the side of the more rational Iranians.

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Does this mean that we can finally gas all the evangelical Christians in the United States? If so, count me in!

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Vooter, you're derange.  How do you equate this story to a justification to gas evangelical Christians?  

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who's this we you're speaking for.  The trouble you progs have is that you're so good at visualization but when it comes to actually doing something, you know, like holding a job down, mowing the fucking lawn, lifting something heavier than those suck ass Heinekin beers you drink you're just to weak.

Poor, poor spirits, trapped in the material world so to speak.  At least Mao and Fidel walked the fucking walk. 

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LOL...your powers of making up random shit out of whole cloth are impressive! Please, tell us more!

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Is it because of this? Whoever controls Damascus, controls the next Political and religious power of the world?



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no country with nuclear weapons in the closet is on any sort of "leash".  If Israel is threatened, they'll pull the trigger, there are plenty of real men left there despite the underminings of the womyns, pipe eaters and socialists.

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LOL...hey, go for it, Real Men of Israel! Sacrifice yourselves for your god fairy tale and for that slice of desert you call home. WE DON'T CARE! The fewer of you around, the better...

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It's refreshing to see you showing such support for a socialist country.

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what other kinds are there today?

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Hey Bruce, another great article penned bro! I meant to tell you 4 day's ago that Iran is cancelled, but Israel is not. Obama is serving up Bibi Nation to the Muslim Brotherhood to bum rush their border. Crazy I know, but that's the word. Syria citizens were armed up by Russia to fight Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood that we, the United States via Hillary Clinton sent there to destabilize their region.


Here is the real story in Syria.


Israels ultimatum to Obama:



We are not alligned with Israel as people are made to think. As a matter of fact, this Administration has listed Israel as a terror sponsoring Nation. Just some FYI. "They" have just ran out of time to secure Syria by about 6 months. Stale mate with China, Russia et al that has moved armorment into the region to protect them and Iran from Western agression. Were reduced to a staring contest.

I don't want to blow what credibility I may have so I do not want to disclose the REAL reason why were in that region because it's out-of-this-world, but suffice to say, WWIII will not be delivered as promised, it's a distraction to con-seal broken, the real agenda. Rev, Chap 6 Ver 8.

God bless!



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Yeah, "god bless," you MONKEY.

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Possibly a matter of days if not hours - and with chemicals.





BEIRUT -- A suicide bomber struck the National Security building in the Syrian capital Wednesday, killing the defense minister and wounding the interior minister in a brazen attack on the seat of government power, state-run TV said.

Defense Minister Dawoud Rajha, 65, a former army general, is the most senior government official to be killed in the Syrian civil war as rebels battle to oust President Bashar Assad. Interior Minister Mohammed Shaar was in stable condition, state-run TV said.

Although it was unclear who was behind the attack, the high-level assassination could signal a turning point in the 16-month conflict as the violence becomes increasingly chaotic.



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Astonishing blow to Assad. This might have decapitated the regime.

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HuffPo is ALMOST as credible as WaPo. Why bother to read it, much less link to it?

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While I tend to generally agree with you re: cred - just not always.

Is this better: http://www.cnn.com/2012/07/18/world/meast/syria-unrest/index.html?hpt=hp...

Or this: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/07/18/us-syria-crisis-idUSBRE8610SH2...

Psst - it happened.




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Spooky says "There are too many moving parts."

He fails to mention that every "moving part" is connected to a string which in turn is connected to a puppet master.

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excerpts from:

The Great Transformation: From the Welfare State to the Imperial Police State



“The leading advocates and propagandists of overseas militarism against countries with large Muslim populations and the imposition of a domestic police-state have been dedicated Zionists promoting wars designed to enhance Israel’s overwhelming power in the Middle East. These American Zionists (including dual US-Israeli citizens) secured strategic positions within the US police state apparatus in order to terrify and repress activists, especially American Muslims and immigrants critical of the state of Israel.”


“The fusion of the police state apparatus with the industrial-security complex and its prominent overseas links with its corporate security counterparts in the state of Israel, underscores the imperial state’s ties to the Israeli military establishment.”


“The success of prominent American Zionists in securing power within key media propaganda mills and obtaining appointments to critical positions in the top echelons of the police state apparatus, judiciary and in the imperial state bureaucracy (Treasury and State Department) has put Israel’s colonial interests and its own police-state apparatus at the center of US politics.”


related: America Adopts the Israel Paradigm

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You guys are gonna run out of armchairs if you keep this up.

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US citizens watching from the sidelines, who can believe that?

And it even takes Turkey to act out of self interests and not out of NATO interests.

Deeper and deeper in US citizen propaganda land.

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we're watching from the sidelines in Tibet, too.

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damn you bruce, for making too much sense yet again.

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Timely analysis, but the China and Russia game strategy is unclear. 

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Draw the US into a(nother) stupid regional conflict: check.

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Yes but with the Wellesley Witch as US Secretary of State we can expect some blundering disaster before they reveal their hand and trap the US in a quagmire. The way regimes are being handed over to Sunni Fanatics by US policy should give Israel cause to re-examine its lease

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As usual,5 stars for Bruce,thank you Krasting.

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Thanks a lot Bruce, tastes great, less filling!

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God Bless His Children. The rest is noise. I hope you reach this point Bruce. You almost always project it in your posts. I can't know, but I bet you are there or close. Me, I am not so sure! GB and keep up the good fight...

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Would it be crude for me to say oil (via USO) is a good buy right now?

GMadScientist's picture

What's that? They have how much at Cushing?!

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My advise, do not invest in oil futures, because you have to understand what our future is as a "Petro Dollar" Nation, it's not a good investment.

Invest in your families salvation and defense prepping. That would serve you better at this .Point> NLE gone live with no access to the NYSE would suck.



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Many of us on ZH really enjoy your "conversations". Please do keep these coming. Great insights!


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Hey Bruce, I think you have the wrong read on Libya.

Gaddafi was the only hold-out in the "Union for the Mediterranean" and France wanted him out of the way. The Arab Spring provided a nice excuse to get things rolling and NATO was perfectly happy to comply.

It wasn't the Saudis arming Libyan rebels, it was the Europeans: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/jun/29/nato-review-libya-france-arm...

France and the Arab spring: an opportunistic quest for ... - FRIDE

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You are right.  In addition, according to the leaks provided by Wikileaks, the Bush administration deliberately started the Arab Spring.  According to Wikileaks, Bush and Condi Rice have paid mercenaries to go into Egypt to create/develop a revolutionary opposition to Mubarak.  Obama continued this policy (obviously).  I was one of those people who looked at conspiracy theories with disgust and often wouldn't take them seriously.  Have to admit I have changed my tune quite a bit.  According to the official story we had a terrorist attack on 9/11.  We are now at war with the terrorists who happen to be muslim extremists.  Yet, we are paying people/mercenaries to topple Middle eastern countries, so that the muslim terrorists we are at war with take over the government.  WTF?!  I don't get this and if anybody has a guess to the end game, please clue me in.  My best guess (and even I think it is lame and stupid) is that we are attempting to push the "Islamic terror" problem closer to Russia and China in the hopes that it begins to affect them as much as it does us.  However, that is stupid because unlike us, the Russians and Chinese simple exterminate any threat and could care less how it "looks" to the UN. 

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No shit, even in europe, the spice must flow.

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moving chemical weapons is something one does not do without a purpose...and not a good one. If it includes sarin gas "we might have to say something." i expect a statement. i expect it shortly. something more than..."blurf"...unfortunately.

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When the attack happens short credit, particularly the most vulnerable like junk and high yield, there is no sane reason for HYG to be above 90 considering the risk on the bonds. Short everything but energy because the biggest casualty of a significant conflict will the Bernanke put. The Iranians and her allies know this. Don't go short until the missles fly though. With the short positions in the market now we are likely to see nanosecond focused ramps that defy all reason, today being an example.

Edit: My BS alarm, which I've learned to pay attention to, was totally silent when I read this article. Just saying.

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I think the longest home-run shorts will never settle in the surrounding storm. That is why I find no financial peace. It makes me wonder why I rely on money as a safety net. I think the answer is becoming clearer. You atheasists won't like the answer but I am FOS until I give it all away anyway. GB.

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Bruce, Frank Wisner played a big role in Enron, AIG and others. Including this outfit run by former Sec. of defence William Cohen.  






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Bruce, Frank Wisner played a big role in Enron, AIG and others. Inculduing this outfit run by former Sec of defence William Cohen.  






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The article and the comment reminded me that War is just Raw spelled backwards.  Heavy insight isn't it?  My mind is blown, my mind is blown, by all the possible conspiracies.  Thankfully, humans are more incompetent than they are at good conspiracy or secrets.   Never invoke compiracy when incompetence will suffice.  If the Iranians decide to have a war they will likely blow themselved up before their enemy-that's what happens when you put organized superstition (i.e. religion) above science.

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Another gem BK, thank you.