When you are suddenly surrounded by violence and killing, it’s too late to train.

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My prayers and thoughts this morning are with the families of those that were killed or injured by the psychopath in Colorado, and also with my own family that attended a movie last weekend and shall do so again many times in the future.


Below, I have re-posted an email sent out this morning from Brian Hoffner in response to the Batman shooting.  Brian is a Houston Police Department officer that trains other law enforcement officers at the academy. He also conducts courses for private citizens.  At this time, in most of our nation's cities, one can find instructors like Brian that are ready, willing, and able to teach others how to not become a victim. 






This morning’s BATMAN SHOOTING, I wish I could have been there to stop this killer but I wasn’t. That’s the way it is...The sheepdogs wish they could have been there, the sheep are thankful that they weren’t.


This killer was prepared and calculating as he slowly made his way up the stairs and firing - picking random people. For years I have been lecturing about and preparing police and my students to defend against this kind of shooting including what to do in a movie theater because I know that it’s coming. 


Responsible Americans must enjoy life while being prepared for the kooks. There are screwed up people in this world and they can appear anywhere at any moment. Be prepared for your immediate defense and the protection of their family. It is an obligation. It the reason I train Police and Responsible Citizens, but it takes more than skills and mindset,,, it also takes equipment and you have to have it with you. That’s why I have made holsters for the last quarter century and invented American Tactical Apparel Pants.


If you leave the house without your head screwed on right and without the equipment to win the sudden violent situation,,, you are a sheep, period.  Unfortunately there are so many people out there that will not do what they need to do to be prepared, and I know many of them.  They talk about it, procrastinate; find something other than the welfare of their family to spend their money and time on.  I know because I don't see them in training.  They train a little than they stop.  They may carry their gun but will be unable to respond appropriately in the blink of an eye.


I canceled this weekend’s Tactical shotgun class, why?  No one signed up for the best shotgun training in the world.  No one signed up to retake at half price so they could work on getting their 5 shot time below two seconds. 


So I will scratch my head, like I do when only a handful show up for SoSu on Saturday mornings, and I wonder why I am failing to motivate those who should not need to be motivated.  For those of you attending day 2 of Tactical Pistol Sunday, congratulations, but like I told you in class, many of you will go no further.


We have the opportunity under our Constitution to ensure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for ourselves and for our families.  The future will hold many challenges to our constitution and to us as individuals. 


When your test comes suddenly and violently you will know who, and what, you are at that millisecond.  You will understand what is happening is real and you will be glad that you are there to protect your family and save others and gloriously you will act with skill, ability, and confidence.  Or you will doubt your ability, be overcome by fear, of no help to yourself or others...a sheep. 

Sheep Dog Warriors are not apathetic and putting things off.  They are tired because they are driven, always working, and training regardless.  Get it together people, don't be sheep!


When you are suddenly surrounded by violence and killing, it’s too late to train, your skills toolbox must already be in order.  You have to believe in what you can do and gloriously get it done, confidently, reactively, effectively.  You know what is happening is real and you are glad to be there.  This is why you train, this is why you prepare, this is why you spend so much time, money, and energy on all of it...because you are Sheepdog.


Wishing you safety through will, determination, and training, 


Brian Hoffner 







I hope many of you have read my article:


Fear we are returning to a time in history where it is a common occurrence to fight for one's life?


Please allow me to remind you of Item 7


Complete the following courses in this order:

1. One half-day tactical folding knife class; $150.

2. 2-3 weekends of Tactical Pistol Courses; $1,000.

3. 2-3 weekends of Tactical Rifle Courses; $1,000.

4. One day of Self and Family Emergency Medical Aid/Trauma Kit Course; $150.

5. A series of several two-hour self-defense classes (not martial arts classes); $200.

6. Fulfillment of requirements for concealed handgun permit; $250.

You should learn in these classes how to safely conduct dry-fire training with your firearms and a dummy knife. Do this on a regular basis, such as once per week for at least 5 minutes.


Peace be with you,





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I was in the car when Colin Ferguson shot up the Long Island Railroad way back in 1993.    I had drank 2 bottles of wine between leaving the police station and gettting up to go back to worh the next morning.  Howver, I got on the train 1and was still shaking like a dog shitting razor blades.  I have never been the same, despite getting my ass back on the 5 a.m, train back to Manhattan the next morning.


That day gave me one 'sense' of super-heros.  I can tell when people are still whacked out from something happening.  For years, I would tell my friends, "You are still thinking about 9/111 - you need to get help."  (I live in a town where more than 18 people where killed in the World Trade Center - and I can walk hom from the site of the Long Island Railroad 

On the train, I looked at 2 people who had been shot in the head.  I decided not to help them as I felt they were dead.  I, instead, helped a woman by taking off my tie and making a turnoquit around her arm.  She had been shot between the sholder and the elbow.  The, I did something horiffic that I wouldn't wish on anyone - - - - after tha ambulance came, I walked to one of the houses across the street and asked to borrow their phone.  I called the family of the person I had cared for and had to leave a message, "Your wife is in Winthrop Hospital.  I was with her until the second she left in the ambulance.  She was  shot, but only in the arm - and she will be fine."

 I was the 'fourth' guy on top of the shooter.  Three very brave people took him down and had him pinned across a three-seater when I came up, held the mother-fucker down until an officer of the law came on an cuffed and stuffed this fucking prick who killled people outside of the City of NY, so that David Dinkins, the first 'crimminally horrible' (he said black) Mayor was  in charge.


Either way - and I'm sorry for the  length of this - I voted for the wife of one of the deceased and mom of a survivor (who, again, had a bulllet in his head, and  I left for dead) or US Congress.

She ran on a gun control platform. 

She's fucking horrible and  should be removed from office, but noow  has a $10,000,000 slush fund  when she runs for reelection. Before this, she was a nurse in a local hospital and, from what I hear,  a renown drunk. 

So, i sucked it up, voted for Carolyn McCarthy, and have been horrified since,



New York City has such severe gun laws that only criminals could ever own a gun..  They have now arrested people who have legally checked guns at airports and then been forced to transferred flights.  They were arrested for having 'custody' of their weapon during the transit (in a huge steel case issued by the gov't). 








So, thank a warrior daily.  Help Wounded Warriors with everything you can  


(Sorry, but these emotions kick in when people are killed like sheep at slaugher.  They had no chance.  If they all had Glocks, it would have been a different story.   The Joker would have been down within 30 seconds)


God Bless the U.S.A. - Do not vote for Obama.  We won't be the USA after 4 years. 

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If you let this joker herd you into paying him, then you are indeed a sheep

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To All,

Do no buisness or visit any city or state that has extreme laws that restricts against anyone to possess or carry a firearm.Do no buisness or visit any state that is heavy handed.Stop feeding the beast.If your in a state or city that does,it's time to reavaluate your situation.Online shopping as well.Fuck Chicago,Fuck DC,Fuck NYC,Fuck Baltimore/Maryland State and all the rest.Im done.


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LOL...in case you haven't noticed, almost all mass shootings in the U.S. occur in rural or suburban Jesusland, and the shooters are almost always white Christian males. What you don't seem to understand is that in large, multiracial cities with strict gun laws, people of all races, creeds and sexual orientations basically get along out of necessity. Most white people who live in large urban areas (and I speak from a lifetime of experience) don't have a heart attack when a black, or Hispanic, or gay person walks by. We don't have to pull out a fucking personal military arsenal to protect ourselves from "scary" people who may not look, or think or live the way we do, because we're not generally sequestered for our entire lives in white enclaves of cars, houses, and malls. It doesn't mean that we don't have crime, it just means that we're not frightened little monkeys who have to spend our lives lashing out at the oh-so-terrifying "others"...

HungrySeagull's picture

God Loves Texas.

You heard it from a bird.

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To add a little comment to the fray. Last fall in Carson City a crazy killed some people at an IHOP. Those people were absolute victims and I imagine they were terrified with nothing between them and the crazed shooter. It was a PITA but I started the procedure for my wife, son-in-law and I to get CCW permits. All up, it took seven weeks mostly due to background checks and we had them by early December. During that time we bought self defense weapons and now carry them all the time. Almost every Friday we go to the range and practice. Draw, aim, shoot. Often multiple targets, very close and up to twenty yards. We are down to less than two seconds with 100% in kill (vital) areas. Of course safety is paramount so excellent gear to go with a reliable, accurate weapon is required. It will cost about a $1000 to get started for class, permit, weapon and gear. Then about $20-40 dollars a week for targets and ammo. It may cost more or less depending on location and circumstamces.

Nevada like many states has open carry but to me that seems like some sort ego, macho trip that I don‘t need. I prefer stealth concealed carry and I doubt even my friends where we had coffee this morning knew that I had a pistol within two seconds or less of being available and effective. I also carry Fox Labs pepper stream spray for possible non-lethal encounters. A taser might be effective but I know nothing about them except what I see on TV.

The important thing is "Don't be a victim." 

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Worbsid.Pratice those head shoots after two center mass.If bad guy has armor, shoot for the pumpkin OR crotch/thigh or legs.Try to shut down the computer though.That IHOP shooting,if i recall, he killed unarmed uniformed military personnel.

10mm's picture

Thats it,im getting another Saiga 12.

HungrySeagull's picture

I keep a remington 870. Tried, true and reliable; like the Colt.


I am actually a better slugger than I am with a handgun. 25 yards with a COM is pretty reliable. Even more so with the new FO sight.

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If a CC permit owner was in the theater, that fiasco would have only lasted 10 seconds. It's not what we think it is at this point. The real consequence was murdered movie goers and my family sends prayers.


2 links: ATF to ban certain types of shotguns:  www.greeleygazette.com/press/?p=9223#comment-10700


FBI caught staging fake events: www.nytimes.com/2012/04/29/opinion/sunday/terrorist-plots-helped-along-b...




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I live in CA... Lambs to the slaughter.

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I've got one message for the ZH idiots : 

Do not be a hero.

It's like winning the lottery, many try with grand intentions, but it ends up costing the vast majority who thought they couldn't lose.

Your only job in a violent situation is to protect yourself first, then others.  To the vast majority, that means keeping your head down and reacting to the situation, not trying to act upon it.

No one chooses to be a victim, that is 100% bullshit that will only get you killed, or in most places serve prison time.


HungrySeagull's picture

It is not about being a hero. Indeed we are not obligated to draw and honor the threat.

There is no lotto. Only life and death. Which is it?

Nay, to place yourself as a Sheepdog does in between the Sheep and the wolf is a example of a greater love for your kind than any other.

Anyone can become a victim at any time, however what they do in the time of life/death/disabling injuries... will determine what kind of future if any.

Regarding prison, you must account for every bullet in court. Zimmerman is a classic case one that has many forums going at the moment.

As far as getting myself killed... if that means the daddy and mother with the kids live a long life near me while they flee... then I have done something good. But I will not needlessly throw my life away.

Death has already come for me more than once on the road in some really crazy situations... why am I still here? It's just not my time.

When we had cancer, we bought cremation and assigned burial at the funeral home, paid for free and clear. That way if I get killed a phone call takes care of me.

No hassle or burden on the next of kin.

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Every American should own firearm by now. 

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I grew up in Arlington, MA (the Heights) where there was a farm, now Robbins Park (you can see all of Boston from there from Nahant to Blue Hill). When the British returned from Lex/Concord, they swept the countryside around Mass Ave and supposedly burned the farmhouse down on their way down the hill to Jason Russell's house, where they caught him and bayonetted him on his front doorstep. In that day the Brits were the Imperialist enemy. Like the Minutemen every American should know how to shoot a gun, at least. Good article.

ebworthen's picture

We must outlaw guns; and then knives, and hatchets and axes...and baseball bats.

The removal of inanimate objects from humanity is the only way to prevent humans from hurting other humans.


10mm's picture

You forgot Rocks(/SARC)

HungrySeagull's picture

A sling with a rock... I would hate to go up against a clear eyed 12 year old who has no knoweldge of fear or any flaw in the coordination required to put that rock to split my head.


There is a drill called the Teuller. 21 feet. Can you draw and engage the bad guy before he gets to you in 4 steps or less?


It's damn fast and I am not that fast on the shot clock.. maybe 1.45 on a good day... and that sir, is slow...

Fecklesslackey's picture

And laptops and iPads and even a DvD in close combat

roadhazard's picture

My NC concealed carry permit is valid in 14 States. I can not carry my weapon in any venue that charges admission. 

cbxer55's picture

Oklahoma's license is good in 33 other states. All of the surrounding states accept it. Not that I am a traveling man, but you never know. 

Crisismode's picture

Is this true in all 14 states?


Is this true for all 50 states?


HungrySeagull's picture

Illinois bans ALL forms of carry.

DC you cannot carry, (Law says you can... but try getting one...)

Some other states limit or restrict carry.

SOME STATES ARE FREE STATES... Just the US Second Amendment. I love the USA.

You need to Google Reciprocity among the States in concealed carry or travel carry.

You can fly with a gun stored in a certain manner. You cannot however walk out of the airport after being diverted into JFK or Jersey with a gun; cased or not.

Many states are more free with shotgun, long arm than they are with handgun.

Ironically Maryland and others in the area are strong anti gun but the spring and summers echo with the thunder of history being reenacted for the people.

Spending a day at NSSA with Live Fire Artillery hearing the rain of canister against the mountain backstop....*Shudders... never forget that sound.

dvfco's picture

I hate tp puff up my own comment - but I'm on age 8 or so as  the survivor of the Colin Ferguson shooting on the Long Island Railraod.  What could have prevented it?  More lax carry laws in NYC and NYS.   While ours are still the most dreadful in the nation, as we are an effective barricade between the northeast and the rest of our union (as you cannot drive through NYC, i.e, the George Washingtin Bridge, Cross Bronx Expressway, etc.) since our gun laws call for the arrest of someone with a licensed handgun traveling legally from Florida to Maine, with their weapon in a lock box in their trunk.

This is sick and sad and families are watching their fathers' being arrested in airports, train stations and autos all over NY..

We need a national safe passage act.  GUNS ARE A FEDERAL ISSUE - AND LEGALIZED AS  PER OUR CONSTTUTION.   Every city in the US seems to make up its own gun law.  On the other hand, Schools are considered a 'states rights issues' but there are 48 education departments int he Federal Gov't. Sick.  

At the risk of oversteppingi my bounds. look into the fact that one company has been buying more and more gun and bullet prodcing companies so that they own the majority of both markets. 

Buy weapons now.  Similar to the Obama motto - buy early and often.  (Don't vote that way).  Our right to firearms will be abirdged soon.

mark7's picture

Armed populace DOES NOT make a government to fear the populace. In a matter of fact US government laughs at you gun nuts behind your backs. Yeah, keep the pitiful handguns and shotguns but they will still screw the middle class like never before anyway. They got their Praetorian Guard with much better weaponry than US citizen could ever own.

TSA gropee's picture

I debated for a moment whether or not to respond to this idiotic post. Did you even read the article? Cuz, you certainly missed it's point. Citizens who arm themselves seek to level the playing field between victim and the criminal seeking to do them harm. A firearm puts a 110lb woman on equal terms with a 200lb mugger or rapist, or an 80year old grandfather with an 18 year old gangbanger. Constitutional minded citizens arm themselves not to do battle with law enforcement, but to supplement law enforcement when one is not present.

In society, there are two ways to deal with people, by persuasion or by force, and in a society that is truly civilized, force is not an option. A firearm negates the force option.

AnAnonymous's picture

Constitutional minded citizens arm themselves not to do battle with law enforcement, but to supplement law enforcement when one is not present.


Ah, yes... Taking the law in your own hands...

In society, there are two ways to deal with people, by persuasion or by force, and in a society that is truly civilized, force is not an option. A firearm negates the force option.

Ah, yes... Persuasion or force. In US citizen societies, seduction should not be forgotten though.

Seduction, persuasion, coercion... The core engine of a US citizen society.

Tom Servo's picture

Are you taking a break from stealing people's Warcraft accounts again?

HungrySeagull's picture

We are not the Law.


In fact we Sheepdogs (Who is this 'we' Seagull?) are held accountable for every I mean EVERY round fired.


To use deadly force is the absolute last resort in the moment and you WILL be tried for your life to determine if your shoot is a good or bad one.


The local police know we are a armed house along with dozens who recently got thier licenses as well. I would like to think that they are an asset where criminals do run by the home with guns and are felons...

HungrySeagull's picture

My decision is simple.

I WILL NOT GROVEL in front of a 18 year old thugnut with a stolen gun on my knees begging for life. Wishing I had a gun to protect myself in my hour of need.

No sir, if it comes to life on line; it's going to be on the line and doing what I gotta do.

With a clear heart, and a glad soul.

The Thuggie most likely does NOT have the level of training we Sheepdogs have.

It's time the Population throw off the shackles of the Anti gun chains and get free.

Divine Wind's picture



They will come for the guns via the ammo.

Dollar cost average your ammo purchases.

Store them with your PMs.


Get trained: http://www.academi.com

Stay informed: http://www.AlertsUSA.com





msjimmied's picture

I changed my mind on gun ownership a few years ago. They should have para-military training straight out of high school. Girls and boys, no exceptions. I am talking about responsible gun ownership here. When I see certain political factions bristling with arms at a political rally, I am dumbfounded. It is the height of irresponsibility, using a gun to intimidate and silence discourse.  Gun ownership is fine if you want to keep the government wary about consequences, it should not be used by anyone when other citizens don't agree with you, they have that right.  That was an extremely DUMB move. You can't promote responsible gun ownership, and act like juveniles while doing so. Obviously Obama did not take away your guns, so who fed us that lie? Don't fall for the lies and distortions from either side. Just remember, when the fighting starts, who your real enemies are. There is a big difference between revolution and civil war. 

AnAnonymous's picture

Guns are designed tools. They aim to fulfill an aim.

No extorter of the weak, farmer of the poor ever performs with a gun or a weapon of some sort.

Guns are not designed to protect liberty, enforce freedom of speech...

Looking at the UShistory, mecca of US citizenism, the evidences are plain to see.

People bringing guns to a political meeting are doing what you can expect from US citizens, they are looking for ways to intimidate, coerce and the rest.

US citizen style.

TSA gropee's picture

China citizen writes, "Guns are not designed to protect liberty, enforce freedom of speech..." LMAO. Then you obviously know nothing about the history of America and the principles on which it was founded. Educate yourself and get back with us.

AnAnonymous's picture

I bet it will take a lot of money to get you to make my education.

So what is missed about 'America'?

'America' is that place that started by proclaiming freedom an unalienable right and kept slaves.

Is there something missed here? How is it about slavery? Or maybe slavery is freedom?

Or should it be pushed aside in order to join the ranks of US citizen propagandists/fantasists?

Socrates's picture

I am also highly trained to the point where I now train beginners in how to use a hangun in a combat situation. I will be carrying my licensed weapon into the movies now. I also couild have stop him from killing all those people. Some of us are trained to go at the problem and do what we have to do.

I have been involved in two attempted robberies where my gun was pointed in his chest before his was pointed in mine because of the training I have. You learn what to look for and you are prepared. Gunmen are usually not cool customers. They are in a sweat and looking strange/nervous. And at that point you should have your hand on a concealed weapon. Those who say "Ban all Guns" are a large part of the problem. They wish to be the sheep that is eaten last by the wolf.

Worth the read, "On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs"


HungrySeagull's picture

We have a Tac Bay in our Range. I have already experienced several good training and repeated a few classes to ensure that the mistakes, fumbles and missed cues are picked up.

My last scenario involved 5 bad guys in a group of 9 people in a gas station. I had two headshot, two miss and one graze while dumping three mags in about 20 seconds.

The two misses probably would have gotten me killed.

It was not a race, Balloon targets were painted with faces in a certain manner and you had to decide which was the bad guy or good guy trying to get out. Also clothing varied And some were black on black and made COM difficult.

The good news no innocent was hurt; but certainly ate the blast of my .45 Super

I train when I can, I understand my limitations and take great care to minimize known threats while going about our day.

Have you a Living will, Advanced directive, Burial Paid up front free and clear... all the funeral home needs is a phone call to pick your body up.

Understand what you are getting into here. The more these tragic and SAD events happen, the more it motivates me to try and focus to be calm and steady because I don't want to have to decide if I am going to draw or not. It will just happen.

antidisestablishmentarianismishness's picture

Half the paranoid armed idiots around here are probably driving without seatbelts in order to reach their guns faster in an emergency.  Laughable. Makes a lot more sense to spend your time arming your car with extra air bags, but that wouldn't be manly.

TSA gropee's picture

You arrived at your broad stroke statement that half of those armed idiots are paranoid by what measure of metric? Cite some links please or kindly GFY.

object_orient's picture

There's nothing wrong with protecting yourself/family with firearms. That said, this guy's $3k training course doesn't have a great ROI. Better to spend the money on a cancer screening your insurance won't cover. Chance of dying from cancer, 50%. Chance of dying from lone gunman, .001%.

Some very low risk threats have strong emotional responses, like this situation and air travel.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



...this guy's $3k training course doesn't have a great ROI.

That is because you added a zero. 

Try $425 for 16 hours.



HungrySeagull's picture

It's not about ROI Goddamn it.

It's all about imparting knowledge into People who want to learn.

Some Instructors I have met are the finest people I know and have no ego, desire for profits etc.

Yes they do charge a fair price for the training, but you also have a cost too. Weapon, ammo, cleaning supplies, boresnake, gun belt (The Beltman dot net) not the cheap chinese crap that snaps in two within a month. a quality holster preferably leather made for your specific weapon and that covers your trigger.

A magazine holder that carries at least two. I have a scrap box of broken, used up and no good mags that were through training.

Training? 500 rounds handgun in a few hours. Your gun is going to get hot. And if anything is wrong with your weapon, ammo and or technique etc you will experience malfunctions, jams etc.

There is a class for that too.

need I go on.

HungrySeagull's picture

You sir have not yet learned the proper Holster and proper weapon fit to your build and frame.

My Colt rides on my Appendiz IWB when I am driving. There is not much time lost getting the thing out. I will be having a class that involves fighting inside a vehicle and shooting targets from outside vehicles.

That should be a good shakedown to see what works and what does not.

My wife does know one thing. If I see a threat, opportunity and ability to harm me and wife inside our car, I will draw and she gets her Cell.

There are a number of laws banning engagements on public roads.

So it comes down to defensive driving, leaving space around you and avoiding road ragers.

So Before you shoot off your mouth calling us Sheepdogs paranoid idiots etc... look into USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association.) There awaits a whole world of knowledge and tribal experience bought and paid for you in blood and tears.

I gave you a thumbs down because you need to learn.

10mm's picture

TIP.Keep a set of sets of ear plugs in car.If and when you pick up on a dangrous situation and the SHTF,try to get those plugs in.Because whatever cal round you have,and im talking 380 on up,those ear drums are gonna be a hurtin.Of couse if there is no time you do what you gotta do.

HungrySeagull's picture

THAT Sir is a great tip.

We should be grateful to you for it.


It's funny... when it's time to shoot something clicks in my brain and I never hear my gun.



AnAnonymous's picture

It was pretty sure that some US citizens would try to monetize the situation by selling supposedly adequate solutions.

In the end, nothing will beat securization of perimeter when it comes to deal with these kinds of situation.

So more check points, more scrutinizating devices, more surveillance devices, more tag devices, more heavy armoured personal...

Welcome to the US world order, as brought to you by US citizens.

TSA gropee's picture

Securitization of perimeter? Are you f'n kidding? Those moviegoers thought they were attending what should have been a fun and uneventful screening. Who goes around securing a perimeter or even practicing situational awareness when going to a movie or any other place for that matter. They were ducks in a shooting gallery. Had one or more patrons been armed I'm quite sure he would not have killed or hurt so many people. Vest or no vest. The impact energy at that range would have temporarily knocked the wind out of him and possibly allow time for someone to take him down. You anon are clueless on this subject.

This single tragedy maybe the linchpin that is used to usher in more invasive security measures which would not have helped stop this as the gunman broke in through the emergency exit.

AnAnonymous's picture

It has to be accepted that with US citizenism around, the idea of uneventful time has to be repelled.

You know, when you build a country on denying what you proclaim, it induces some serious distortions.

The US started proclaiming freedom right for all and maintained slavery.

The US started proclaiming property right for all and stole so much land from the Indians.

In the end, you reap what you sow: US citizens justly perceive the natural rights theory for what it is: a good story to cover for theft, rape, murder, enslavement, extortion etc