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(The Adams Family Song)



They're creeky and they're kooky,

Mysterious and spooky,

They're all together flukey,

The Euro Family.


Their finances are a screa-um

When the rating agents come to see 'um

They're living in a drea-um

The Euro Family.


[Snap Fingers]





So get a Keynesian witches shawl on

A fiat broomstick you can crawl on

We're gonna pay a bailout call on

The Euro Family.


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exartizo's picture

Nice work WB.

Good reading on a Sunday morning.

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Love you work WB7 - how bout one with Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein getting a show shine from Obama and Romney.


Peter Pan's picture

If i remember correctly, the bank manager was always very uncomfortable when visiting the Addms Family. Or am i remembering something else?

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Great work! I always loved the Addams Family.

buzzsaw99's picture

Gomez always paid in gold.

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Europe is completely over run with Arabs, Blacks, Muslims, and other subhuman mud people.  I'd rather see Russia nuke Europe off the face of the Earth than see it in its current state.


These economic problems are small time.  Irrelevant.  In the face of the total demographic shift that has taken place.


The global economic system was engineered by men.  It is controlled by men.  And it can be changed on the fly by men (and it is).  What matters is people and culture.  The genocide of white people and white culture matters far more than these ephemeral economic issued engineered by the Jews in the economic system that they engineered, built, and control.

Peter Pan's picture

When you say "other subhuman mud" , I presume you are referring to certain bankers, politicans and bureaucrats.

pd303's picture

The light bulb is burned out, right?

Otherwise it would symbolize that they have a clue aka  'idea'.

Atlantis Consigliore's picture

wonderful;  put it to music and snap the fingers, neat sweet, petite!!!!


how about a Hogans Heros one:   wanna see Turbo timmy crawl out from his hole...

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All in the Family, where's Meathead?

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Dear Mr. Banzai.....I had just returned from planting my husband's tombstone and logged in and saw this. OMG! I'm a Charles (Chas) Addams devotee. I LOVE The Addams Family. You've done a beautiful job. I love Christine Lagarde as GrandMama! Just perfect. Thank you so very much for such a wonderful treat on such a sad day.

williambanzai7's picture

I am sorry to hear about your husband, but glad I was able to cheer you up.

You are right, Lagarde is the perfect Grandmama!

engineertheeconomy's picture

Lagarde is the Grinch who stole Christmas from Europe, but who is going to play Santa Claus?

Armchair Bear's picture

sublimely inspired Bill!!


Goldilocks's picture

The Addams Family intro cartoon theme song HD 720p (1:03)


"We Are Family : A Musical Message for All" (3:20)

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Where's cousin It?

RocketmanBob's picture

Dude...This instant classic soooo needs to be done up on youtube, using the original music!

I never ceased to be amazed at the places your creativity takes you Banzai7; thanks for taking along on the journey to the center of your mind :)

My Regards

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Good God this is perfect! 

I've not seen anything anywhere that comes this close to describing the situation more exactly - the fact that its in lampoon style makes it all the more delicious.

ptoemmes's picture add The Thing - as the Invisible Hand of The Market - flippin' a bird ;-)



williambanzai7's picture

[In the picture: Morticia Merkel, Mario Lurch, Uncle Monti, Pugsley
Hollande, Gomez Rajoy, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Samaras and
Grandmama Lagarde]

BeetleBailey's picture

Wonderful WB...but here's the thing...

All of these douchnozzles posing NORMALLY are more scary than the actual Addams Family.

In fact, scarier....and that's scary!

old naughty's picture

Fear not, BB. Now that you have seen them naked.

New_Meat's picture

"...[w]here's the thing..."

Why sir or madame, that would be the "invisible hand!"

- Ned

michigan independant's picture

NWO has been here since circa 1993 some convey. If they can keep it is the issue today. Maybe John was correct eyes wide shut on how not just exactly when. William, thank you for being, you.

metastar's picture

They're greedy and they're snooty

Delirious with booty

No fiduciary duty

The Bankster (crime) Family

BeetleBailey's picture

They're .............seedy and they're ooky

Mysterious with looty

They're all together SPOOKY

The Poli-Liar Family

da da da DA <snap snap!>

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lol this is priceless, gj dude... lol...

malikai's picture

For some reason this reminds me of The Shady Bunch.


"Oooh Sarah, I love it when you talk dirty to me."

-Mann Coulter

Nachdenken's picture

Euron eurown now an unbelivable Bond.

Wakanda's picture

I've got some creeps in my 'hood but they do not come close to WB7's Euro Family.

Those goons are world class sociopaths trying to lie their way out of failure after failure.

machineh's picture

Love it! 

I recognize Rajoy, Lagarde, and Draghi in the top row. And of course, the iron chancellor in the bottom row.

But could someone please supply a complete left-to-right, both-rows ID of all seven dwarves?

WB7's great work deserves to be accessible to all!

Zero-risk bias's picture

Again and again, reality proves to be stranger than fiction, or that reality is simply theatre. (splitting hairs I guess). Not to mention their names don't sound out of place for a spooky rom-com. I second machineh, but can't help.

WB. Who is this freaky crew?

margaris's picture

I miss the hand!

Is the hand not a part of the family?


"the invisible hand of the market maybe"?

New_Meat's picture

I started crawling down this thread, was gonna' post something about "Thing".  You Win a Greenie!

- Ned

battlestargalactica's picture

Beautiful work, WB! Brought a much needed smile to my Saturday morning! Cheers.

905ozs's picture

Yes we are...But they are mobilizing the military against us.
With fiat death comes ww3 as planned & a global "government".
Us 0.01%? 
Prepared is all can advise. Rothschild want to kill us, simple. 

:) on Friday I took time to visit the South African Reserve Bank, nicely, they wouldn't let me in, "as the friendly security manager explained because as a Key1 site I might find out secrets or rob them "... Surrounded by armed blokes, high security (plenty CCTV), on the radar, again :) ?) etc it sounded a little implausible.

Phoned the pa of the SARB Durban, giggly & nice, tells me no PR, no tours etc, of course...

She advises.

I need to present my ID + a torn bit of paper (al la a 10 Rand note, ("worth" US61cents) & ask admittance to exchange it for untorn bit of paper...

I go there on Tuesday to exchange my R10 note, the place is built like a medieval castle, defencewise by the way. In the centre of Durban...

Can folk go to USA, uk & etc tear up  a $or£fiat and replace with  more fiat at a local Roths reserve (non-reserve) bank?

If million did this,...It's seems a way to peacefully protest & gets rothschild off the couch??

Well, I am off to echange my torn :) R10 note for an untorn one on Tuesday :) 
Just hope I don't get the urge to rob them or find out any secrets :)

Pure Evil's picture

When you tear the bill, either make sure both serial numbers are showing, if they have two sets of numbers, or tear it and present both scraps of paper.

In the US, they won't exhange FRN's unless they can see at least both serial numbers or a partial set of serial numbers, not exactly sure where the cut off is.

Anyway, that's what the bank told me, but you can redeem mutilated currency at the US Treasury.

Rules for redeeming


Personally, I wouldn't go back to that bank anytime soon, if they are as paranoid as you describe, and they remember you, you might end up in the banks dungeon before they ship you off to the gulag.

Ghordius's picture

instant classic!


Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

Leo Tolstoy


I just wonder: why are currently more the distant cousins - particularly those in finance - bitching about the Euro Family than the members? ;-)

WmMcK's picture

distant cousins - particularly those in finance ...
Cousin It was front-running Gomez' ticker, you know.

engineertheeconomy's picture

And these are the very same people that are coming to take your guns away from you... that is if they haven't already taken them from you...

Goldilocks's picture

POW rulz,
prison planet bitchez.

monad's picture

You are missing it. This is a war without bullets. Its psy warfare, mental combat. Visual Combat is counteroffensive this war of ideas. TPTB would love us to resort to violence, given any excuse they have all sorts of shit ready to test; and they love testing.

Feed your head, polish your bullshit detector. Be ready.

1Inthebeginning's picture

People in the public seem to think that their behavior is unpredictable and that they haven't been figured out.  It is probable that public behavior is a predictable vector in the short term.  

engineertheeconomy's picture

1776 can happen at any moment. People could decide, for example, to boycott all law enforcement officers everywhere globally. People could decide to stop selling them food, water, clothing, tools, equipment, gasoline,  they could plug their sewer lines, cut their phone lines, electrical lines and they could refuse to communicate with them or acknowledge that they even exist.

 Freedom, liberty and an honest economy are rights that don't need to be written down on a piece of paper to be "law". We the people will decide when and where we choose to enforce these laws.

Good luck with that short term vector prediction thing

engineertheeconomy's picture

The only thing standing between us and taking our country back are those nastly little guns that the Military( disguised as Cops) have pointed at us, without them we would have ended the Fed years ago and we would know exactly how much Gold is in Fort Knox. We the people would be printing our own money instead of the Bankers and there would be no debt. The Bankers would have to stop stealing everything from us and get real jobs for a change.

Precious's picture

Don't forget "thing".


……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
……….”…\………. _.·´


old naughty's picture

you mean "the hand", don't you?

albeit sticking up the middle finger!