Men in Black to seize Spanish Regions

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As our readers should know, we have been overly bearish with regards to the Spanish Economy. The main problem, still not covered by any economic researcher, is the great Spanish denial. With politicians, policy makers, business managers etc denying the state of the economy, the problem Spain faces will ultimately be much bigger than if you would deal with the problem. Valencia “came clear” on Friday, and expect more regions  to follow. Murcia’s president is putting the whole problem rather clearly. From El Mundo.

“Let no one think they’re going to give away money” , said Valcárcel, who has predicted that “it would ask for between 200 and 300 million” but specified that is not yet fixed the exact amount requested to fund the Murcia region created by the Government to help the regions.

Murcia President said that “in practice”, all regions are taken over, as he explained, the State “forced” to make decisions that will not normally be taken.

“All regions can be tapped, because if you do not meet the deficit, the state forces you to take action and that is the intervention,” he said.

“There will come a few gentlemen dressed in black with a briefcase, wearing sunglasses, to get us out of the offices to clean slap” incident Murcia President, who asked whether he would resign if there is intervention, considers that Zapatero and then Rajoy “should have resigned several times.”

In this sense, states that as a community “belong to a state that requires you to take action and as a country, belong to a union of states that also forces you to apply for the general good.”


By Given this situation, expressed his respect for the demonstrations against the cuts are happening, but thinks that “could have been done before.”

In his view, “demonstrating against a government that makes decisions and they did against other Government which denied the crisis. The end is installed in people the idea that the crisis has caused Rajoy.” But adds, in a row, what is clear is that people “is very angry and is within their rights” because “when you work more and get paid unless you get mad.”

He believes that what is pissing people is the fact that the government “always said he would not take such measures and has taken,” but argues that “maybe we should have understood that Zapatero did not take some measures, which took late and wrong, as required by Brussels and habérnoslo thought twice before making the easy criticism. “

Full article here.

For the crash deja vú, click here, and the latest on the Spanish Economy click here

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you translated it wrong, it says that men in Black ARE NOT going to come.

"No van a llegar unos señores vestidos de negro con unos maletines, con gafas de sol, para echarnos de los despachos a pescozón limpio", incide el presidente murciano

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"Bring back the Spanish Inquisition"


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Bring back the Spanish Inquisition - this time with the Banksters as the target.

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Walk away from the debt, teach the banksters a lesson.

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I'm thirsting for a fine red wine and a beautiful brunette Woman under the shade of a tree.

Where IS My Lady Dulcinea when I need her the most!?

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Spain falls now just like they fell when they were an empire: an influx of money (EU money, in the old days gold and silver) that they spent on real estate and infrastructural projects (whereas when they were an empire, they spent it on cathedrals, castles and religious wars = the old days real estate) while not building a diverse economy. Just like in the old days when they kicked the artesan class out of the country and had to import goods, often from countries that they were at war with at premium prices. History repeats itself.

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I can hardly read this. terrible translation.

There is one take-away here. I wont be reading TheTrader.

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yes, Al DiMeola - "Racing with the Devil on a Spanish Highway" !!!!  HA HAAAAAAAA

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Yeah baby!

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Come on Spain, tell the banksters to piss off and walk away from the debt. No debt no interest, no problem.

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Vice President of the UN, Jean Ziegler, recommends that Spain did not pay the debt which he describes as odious and illegitimate

"the Spanish leaders must do what it has done Rafael Correa in Ecuador, that is, refuse to pay the debt, whose repayment is already high because it is odious and illegitimate. That is, it has created, in large part by financial crime and political corruption, not materialize in real investment. " VP UN Ziegler


The former UN Special Rapporteur on the Right Food for eight years dare to take the solution is simply to "massively occupy the banks, nationalize and confiscate the wealth stolen by arrogant financial speculators." Besides this has taken the time to launch a critique of the economic policies of austerity which he described as "absurd and destructive"

"Vice President of the Advisory Council of the UN Human Rights, Jean Ziegler, wanted to do their own analysis of the current historical moment that has been referred to as "we live in a world order criminal and cannibalistic, where small oligarchies decide to finance capital legally who will starve and who is not. Therefore, these financial speculators must be tried and convicted, reissuing a kind of Nuremberg Tribunal. "

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Sounds like the U.N. is playing "good cop."

It's a trap.


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I wonder if they asked Iceland to lend them a few K ???  eh?   work out well?

God bless Iceland... someday in the post-apocalypse we may all be begging bread from those folks

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It's pretty simple. If the US with a fairly diverse economy cannot spark growth with Trillions in bailouts and stimulus (having the luxury of world reserver currency) how in the hell are these Southern Euro countries going to "bounce back" whether they get more bailouts, default or not? We all know the answer, bailouts alone aren't going to do squat but fill in black holes to hell.

This is some very serious shit. These Countries make wine and nice holiday spots, that's it! Their housing bubble made FL and Vegas look child's play.

It's over over there, and here too.

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We've been hearing that it is over for 7 years now, but the clock keeps ticking.

Are we in for tough times? You bet your ass we are, but always remember - "Tough people last, tough times don't."


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If the price is set low enough, I can't understand why they don't extend the beachfront retirement market to Chinese and Japanese retirees.  The air is better and background radiation much lower.

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When a nation is crushed in debt, is a "reset" really the most likely final chapter? It seems like:

National collapse (like Rome)

War - aggressive (like post WWI Germany)

War - invaded to have collateral called in (not sure of examples)

War - civil war / toppling (sort of like France let them eat cake)


I kind of anticipate that Rhode Island will collapse and be annexed by New York, or maybe MA. I don't know who ends up annexing NY.

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War - invaded to have collateral called in (not sure of examples) comes pretty close. Take the time to read the quotation from War Is a Racket by double Medal of Honor awardee Smedley Butler. The quote starts I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.

Fortunately the US military is no longer like that.

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[quote] I don't know who ends up annexing NY. [/quote]

Umm, Ontario?

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

[quote] I don't know who ends up annexing NY. [/quote]

Umm, Israel?

Oh, apparently they already did...

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see... case in point of how sites with bias attract bias [and I'm here, so....].  Germany 'escaped' or rebuilt or whatever you want to call it.  Japan survived.  Argentina went through a total bust, should have been destitute at this point, but inflated their way out and worked like mad to rebuild [though they may be on the ropes again.... as John Roberts said - "can't save you from your own choices" or words to that effect].

ditto Brazil.... did anyone on this thread buy-in to Brazil when they were debt-overloaded, busted, being shorted by Soros and his wolfpack? 

the issue with the above is that there were richer/stronger/risk-taking governments and firms willing to buy brazilian assets/notes/securities on the cheap when they were out cold.  who is left with deep pockets willing to invest, except the natural resource exploiters?

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I hope the US is following this. No bailouts for any state. Let the state fail and the country survive. Bailouts will only bring us all down. Survival of the fittest economics policy should prevail.

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The government of Spain is fucked. Spanish institutions are fucked. The Spanish people are among the greatest people on this fucked up planet. They will survive and prosper while much of the rest of the world is either freezing or starving or both.

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Getting no support from the EU and the frosty Germans, they might apply for membership in the Arab League.   Some petro-dollars are there for particular cultural buildings.

Or, the African Union, probably get some great tips on raising goats.  

And since the UN aren't getting anythng done in Syria, might as well apply for redevelopment funds there.   You know, the proper method of preparing former zoo animals for steak dinner.

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Spain is taken over by Arabs anyway.

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Oh, you mean the real Semites...actually I think it's the faux Semitic banking clan that has taken over Spain, amongst others.

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It reads backwards the same. Basically it is saying that Spain is fucked.

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They face a reset to pre euro currency and a lower standard of living; i think it is quite simple.


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They could always become a narco / prostitution hub for the Brits. Seems to work well for Mexico.

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and... spaniards, leave you guns at home... mexico is a gunfree zone, haven't you heard?  and it really works well.  those nice security people just love to see another easy mark moving in....

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Is screwed the Spain now.

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Much mierda in the solutions there is.

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A debt default is one thing but the real question is whether Spain and the rest of the PIIGS have a sustainable business model going forward. That is when they will have to embrace austerity/restructuring/productivity with religious fervor otherwise there will be civil war as each citizen tries to grab what they can.

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The viable business or lack thereof, applies to the entire world

engineertheeconomy's picture

Best thing they could do, get out of underneath the Euro Fiat tax that is stealing all their wealth

How long U been in the Troll business Peter Pan?

The entire article is propaganda from top to bottom


Peter Pan's picture

Dearengineerthe economy,

You will find that my comments have been very much anti Euro if you bother to check. The point I was making is that once they have left the Euro there are still many problems that they will have to confront and changes they will have to make. It is not as if departing the Euro is some form of magic wand.

Under the circumstances the use of the word troll is inappropriate but no offence taken as you may have misunderstood the context of my post.

For your info have a look at my post today in the article on Greece.

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Will they have comfy chairs?

engineertheeconomy's picture

Breaking news..

Zerohedge resorts to pathetic euro ponzi propaganda diversion tactics as Google threatens to remove their advertising revenues...

You banker types suck donkey balls

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Really?  So what do you think Tyler should cover?

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Let's see  what about : USA Federal Reserve Manipulation of world economies 

Last 2 years I am reading same anti euro shit . Looks for me if USD like to survive Euro must be destroyed. hmmm


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Not even with your dick.