Federal Reserve Audit Bill Passes In House

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Ron Paul's bill to audit the Fed has passed in the House, 327 to 98.

There will now be a fierce battle in the Senate.

See this for background on why an audit is essential.

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The Senate will pass this Bill,imo.

Money 4 Nothing's picture

And place all USD in repo? LOL! Senate is already threatened not to pass this and you know it.

dannynewmexico's picture

and will fail in the senate......




jonan's picture

one can only hope....

Money 4 Nothing's picture

Then dies in the Senate... Next? Lobby to have the 9/11 files released?

ilovefreedom's picture

Don't worry, the Senate will probably reject it.

This one is too big with too much money behind it to be left to simple votes determine its outcome.

House has too many people to buy off and too much exposure to the general population on current event negative Fed PR. The Senate on the other hand, they need significantly fewer shills.

Ned Zeppelin's picture

I for one will email my senators and let them know that if they want my vote next time, they will vote "yes" on the Audit the Fed bill.  This will, of course, be ignored, but I will feel better about it. 

Widowmaker's picture

Dear Congress,


Parking lot stripes - Check.

Threshold - Check.

Soda machines - Check.

Paper in the press - Check.

Empty suits - Check.

Avoiding the conversation of what America really does with its money - Check.



Hon. John Corzine - External Auditor

Didwee Cheetum and Howe Inc.

NoTTD's picture

Audit Bitchez!

madcows's picture

<== Dog and Pony Show to get re-elected or;

<== real attempt to regain control of the country's economy.

Precious's picture

One inept part of government investigating yet another part.  That ought to be effective.