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the euro show comes to Londonistan where Romney sour grapes and gets laffed by Boris the oligarchy clown of new olympic tinsel town.

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Why does "Bailout Bull" seem to have an udder? Has political correctness hit the running of the bulls? Now we run cows? Do we soon hear of the running of the gay bulls? no seriously...that is not a swvansstucker underneath that bovine.

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The broken glass on the petrol pump is 'priceless', plus how it's going lower to 1.1.

The two 'bull' pics are also very nice.

.. what am I saying it's ALL GOOD.

thank you sir Banzai.


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Technically speaking, shouldn't that be Man€uro?...God knows what it would be without Merkel talkin'

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awesome William.........u da man.

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Fuck with the bull,  YOU KNOW THE REST!!!!

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Damn it!!! You made me drop my Starbux onto my Kindle and it deleted my Faceplant account.


Er, no, those were just their earnings announcements.



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I thought incest was illegal.

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Brilliant.  I love the bull.  I wonder if our esteemed leaders see these?  You should do an art showing in nyc  people would flock.  

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bonzai you the man. you know how exposure goes exponential. 

you'll have THIRTY MILLION VIEWS In a far shorter time than it took you to get to 3 million. 

to your health and success. 

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17 Months of Banzai7 on Flickr...

3,000,000 Views on Flickr!

Thank you viewers!


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Go long WB7...when is the IPO? ;-)

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Three million...extremely well done, Col. Flick...

The quality and sheer wit of your work has, and shall continue, to drive views -- and taking into account the current state of contemporary affairs, there will never, ever be wont for source material.

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+ all the views on ZH.

ps: As always, love the cats!

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It excludes the ZH traffic as well as Keiser, the WB7 Blog and reposts on other sites.

Someone told me to do lots of cats and dogs to increase traffic. But that's not why I do it. I love cats and dogs ;-)

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WB...rock on, May you make a mint lampooning these bastards!

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Congratulations on the 3 million Flickr views, WB7! ...

Yahoo (that owns Flickr) should definitely cut you a deal on something ....

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If the Beltway crew sees that, they will start taxing views...



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My Gawd, man, don't give them any ideas!

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@ billybanzai7

Dewd, you are en fuego! 3 million is a statement about your talent and I hope an inspiration for you to keep on creating.

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There are many tricks for increasing the numbers and I don't engage in any of them.

For example, I don't post low resolution images. If I did everyone would have to constantly click through to see a higher resolution image.

I also don't play around with tagging and search terms.

This allows me to accurately gauge what people like and conversely what bores them.

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Ding - ding - ding ... ding - ding

Wow, I remember seeing those years ago in my time in the US of A ... filling up my car tyres with those red units ... I was the typical European, always concerned the tyre pressure was just exactly right on my Pirellis, for when I took the corner at speed ...

Thanks for the evocation, WB

Guess that is how the 'GDP deflator' works, too

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Rajoy is stunned by it all
The regions are starting to fall
Chaos is here
They're running in fear
Valencia needs some new balls

The Limerick King

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Hilarious!!!!!!!  Rajoy face in the corner just kills me, not sure why, but it does.  have you ever done the cnbc crew licking these liars asses all day every day?

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reminds me of that dude's face who would pop into the screen in Mortal Kombat when you delivered an uppercut.  "Toasty!"

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In '77 I saw the bull's horm rip off a guy's pants, letting it all hang out.

Only time I ever saw them let a guy leave once he was in.

A buddy of mine (The Big R) was in a great  AP photo, sailing thru the air and escaping a horm one year; he just passed.

I'm old enough to remember seeing Mitchener there.....


Also, Sir William, I have a daughter in Graphic Arts School; she is force-fed Banzaii via links. I'm hoping you will give her extra inspiration.

Carry on!

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Graphic arts is better than a law degree or MBA these days. ;-)

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She can start out making more $$ than her mom, who has taught Art for 30 years.

She was drawing high-school level stuff in the first grade.

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Anything one learns must get one out of slavery, WB, thanks for sharing your great art.

The bulls are getting even, great.