#FF: A Truth-Telling Financial TV Talk Show? Lew Rockwell Interviews Lauren Lyster and Demetri Kofinas of RT's Capital Account

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We've recently had the good fortune to interact with the producer and host of RT's Capital Account, a weekday financial show broadcast on cable in a few select markets and on YouTube for the rest of us.  Lew Rockwell (hopefully, no stranger to the readers of these pages) recently interviewed them individually for his twice-weekly podcast.  

Tuesday, Lew featured Capital Account's host, Lauren Lyster, wherein they discussed the "success of a truth-telling TV show."  The interview offers a rare, behind-the-scenes glimpse at the makings of one of the few TV shows available to non-main stream media darlings (many of whom, according to Ms. Lyster tend to "get it right") and, of course, their faithful followers.  

They covered such topics as, "Does watching TV news make you stupid?", why not talking down to viewers does not have to hurt ratings, Hillary Clinton's lunch-content tweets, Jon Corzine's latte preferences, and (more seriously) the production of a show that caters to entrepreneurs and the challenges facing individuals.  As Lauren concedes, "You can't do actual good work that questions the establishment and still be accepted by them."  (Sorry, Summers.)


Lew also gets into Lauren's working relationship with Capital Account producer, Demetri Kofinas, including how they began collaborating.  On that note, Lew separately interviewed Demetri several months ago in a segment titled, Finally Honest TV.  Particularly interesting is the exploration of his insights into the problems facing his homeland, Greece, and his background in radio.


A student of Austrian economics (no thanks to the NYU economics department), Demetri also discusses how true capitalism empowers the individual through savings, and how we are in a bull market in alternative media (thanks to an historical corresponding vacuum of alternative information).


Both Lauren and Demetri are quick to acknowledge those who paved the way for a show like Capital Account, such as Max Keiser and Alex Jones.  Indeed, the business model for a truth-telling TV show is being proven each day, as artificial and actual barriers to entry are lowered.


Here are the hard links to the interviews with Lew Rockwell:

Lauren: http://www.lewrockwell.com/lewrockwell-show/2012/07/24/295-the-financial-counterculture/

Demetri: http://www.lewrockwell.com/lewrockwell-show/2012/05/15/277-finally-honest-tv/


Capital Account YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/capitalaccount


Finally, here are the #FF Twitter links:



@CoveringDelta (Demetri)

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shovelhead's picture

I still find it amusing that, as one of the duck and cover generation, if I want real news on video I go to RT and I have the NYTimes to catch up on Govt. propaganda on the new 5 year plan.

Well, Pravda reported the 5 year plan...NY Times is the 4 year plan.

 Americans are apparently less patient than their old Soviet counterparts.

Savyindallas's picture

If you think Lauren is hot  -watch the Alyona show -I'd watch her every day even if she was doing a basket weaving show. RT is second now to ZH -I glance at the mainstream media headlines just to what what con, hype and bullshit they are pumping. Obama and the Neocons may have to start a war with Russia just to have an excuse to shut down RT. That would be a tragedy

bourbondave's picture

I'd watch her read the dictionary for 30min.

Still it's almost strange to watch a news program where the interviewer seems to know what she's talking about and not just a mouthpiece for questions in her ear. Well done.

Jim B's picture

I like this show! I put  it on my Youtube channel......

Savyindallas's picture

Why Utube  -just bookmark RT ad check her out every day  -Max Keiser has a daily program there to,. TheAlyona show is incredible. I start foaming at the mouth when I think tha someday Playboy can have a special "The girls from RT""

EB's picture

"Can I use Libor to get out of my Barclays mortgage?"

Inasmuch as you hire the best foreclosure attorney in the world, who's name happens to be Stephen P. Libor, Esq.

Aquarius's picture


Nations, Kings and Government at the cost of:

"A student of Austrian economics (no thanks to the NYU economics department), Demetri also discusses how true capitalism empowers the individual through savings, "

"All that needs to be said, has been said" pjb

what the Gnostic text of ancient times ;really' tell us:

Samuel 1 (Popular Christian Bible translation)

Samuel Warns against a Kingdom

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   The pivotal point is in 8:18.    So it is confirmed (in my New World Translation it states "And YOU will certainly cry out in that day by reason of YOUR king, whom YOU have chosen for yourselves, but Jehovah will not answer YOU in that day"     http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Samuel+8-10&version=NLT

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Rabbi Hirsch: (see how words and meaning have been twisted to suit the ambitions of the Nations, Kings and Governments?)

  Rabbi Hirsch develops this idea through analyzing the root meanings of the biblical terms for "nation" and "people". A term for "nation" in biblical Hebrew is goy (plural form -- goyim), and a term for "people" is am (plural form - amim). Rabbi Hirsch explains that the term "goy" refers to the national structure or "body" of a nation, while the term "am" refers to a people united from within. Rabbi Hirsch points out that when verses in our Sacred Scriptures refer to the future destruction of evil nations before the dawn of the messianic age, they usually use the term "goyim".? Thus, these verses are referring to the destruction of evil national structures, but not to the destruction of the peoples [Rabbi Hirsch's commentary to Psalms 10:16 and 67:5].



From @blindman on the compounded eye of the fly: 

 "you know, it is like the fly's brain is partially in the structure of that compound eye."


Ho hum


silverserfer's picture

the sooner grees goes back to their own currency the sooner they will be the mexico of europe. the exchange rate will make it a damn cheap vacation destination as well.

engineertheeconomy's picture

If they went to a Gold Standard, they would completely devalue the worlds paper currencies overnight

Aquarius's picture

I assume by "devalue" you mean, 'mark to market'.


brown stained toilet paper; a direct reflection of the confidence levels in posturing, incompetent and lying global "leadership" and strutting neo-classical/keysean  economists?



Aquarius's picture

But soon, it will come to pass anyway, er, by that invisable hand - like whack!

EB's picture

There's also a new producer, Ms. Justine "U", who is doing a great job while Demetri is in Vancouver.  Look for more from this economics/theater major :->

BudFox2012's picture

It is rare in today's tv world to have a host that good to look at AND listen to...

Dingleberry's picture

"It is rare in today's tv world to have a host that good to look at AND listen to..."

You could say that about bars and clubs and such too.......

knukles's picture

Yeah.  They should get Bawney on Squawk Box

Major Miner's picture

Lauren Lyster is ridiculously hot.

Jim B's picture

and smart, and a right thinking woman! 

The Alarmist's picture

You know Lauren Lyster is hot when even my wife says she has a perfect ass.

HD's picture

Listen up you sexist pig. Women are not just a collection of body parts for you to gain some perverse sexual gratification from. Women have thoughts, feelings and ideas and are the backbone of civilization. Every woman is someones daughter, sister or mother and you should respect...


Thats Lauren Lyster? Look at those legs. Holy shit, I fuck her stupid given the chance. What a rack...


Savyindallas's picture

I love and lust for Lauren  -but check out Alyona. I don't like being a sexist pig, but sometimes I can't help it. When I see Lauren and Alyona -brains combined with beautiful bodies, I just want to go caveman on them.  

knukles's picture

Go Full Bolshevik with Lauren Lister and Anna Chapman.


spinone's picture

Plus, Ms Lyster is a hottie.

Captain Benny's picture

I don't watch her because she is attractive.  I watch her because she covers real news and tries to dive into details.  The MSM would rather talk about Obama's dog or the color of a movie shooter's hair when he appears in court than actually talk about important things.

Lyster should be proud of what she's been able to accomplish.

Dingleberry's picture

Don't forget the MSM always giving updats on Lindsay Lohan and the Kardashians.  I haven't heard much about Snooki and Jerrsey Shore lately.  I'm getting concerned.

Gromit's picture

Who'd have thought the truest financial reporting would come from RT?

disabledvet's picture

"counter propaganda." doesn't get any better now that only 5 Americans are allowed to speak for "all Americans" courtesy of your new birth of freedom agenda.

new game's picture

yes and these fab 5 speak from the mountains all whilst about 90 percent are inocent by stupidity, with 1 percent doing what they do best, control the 99 percent. nothing new here. time to logout and take a break from this shit...

FEDbuster's picture

Lauren is "easy on the eyes", a truth telling financial TV show "is easy on the mind". 

CNBS is unwatchable at this point, but I hope ZH keeps posting the Santelli highlights.

The Alarmist's picture

No, one of my colleagues just yesterday referred (in earnest) to the "supermodels" of CNBC, so mission accompiished.