YoU TaLKiN' To Me?

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Vinny Jones to Stock Market on two day Draghi-induced high:

"You thought you smelled some good ole pussy're having second're shrinking"

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All talk with fake guns...nice!

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jim dandy to the rescue .

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truth is... Nigel Farage has the Desert Eagle .50

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Could you redo with a correction: not "your" but "you're"



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not ho, a left,  a right to the body, a left again and then right down Hollywood Blvd.

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Great analogy William.

Snatch just happens to be one of my many nicknames.

Nicknames are cool.


Because you can stretch yourself in unlimited ways, much like your art reflects,,,

Here is some more artistry that merits your consideration.

Art reflects culture.

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Of course one of the most legendary nicknames that will go down in history is - wait for it...

William Banzai 7.



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Asked whether he was aware of possible wrongdoing regarding LIBOR, Geithner said: “We don’t know that. But I think that is a question you need to refer to the enforcement agencies.”

“But I think that you are going to find, because this is still a confidential investigation they won’t be in a position to answer that question until the remaining investigation is brought to its natural conclusion.”  




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"natural conclusion" = "white wash"

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c'mon--tiny tim can't even do turbotax, let alone ...

- Ned

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 That's from Lock Stock. Two of my favorite movies.

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Petulant fella, isn't he ?

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yep, bit of a pussy in fact

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Looks like Nero Wolfe re-incarnated in a cat.

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Keep the felines and canines coming WB7.

Humans are boring and predictable.