MiTT THe TWiT: AMeRiCaN BoRaT...

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Any idea how to photoshop-technically combine these two pictures ?

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Why is it all the best commentary is in your thread Will? 

The world is in a bad spot, and it's going to get worse.

But revolution isn't the answer.  It's what they want. 

Look at Egypt, now Syria collapsing before us.

This is the Arab Spring, soon to be nuclear winter.

Fast, pray, prepare.  Only a remnant will get through this.

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The hopeful sign is how many here obviously see through it all. We should take it as our responsibility not to indoctrinate others, but open ther eyes to seeing what is happening.

The lesser of two evils syndrome is a cynical compromise and won't change anything. It's another kind of status quo.

I'm too old to expect meaningful change anytime soon. But I am pleased to see so many young people rallying behind Ron Paul's message, which I interpret as use your brain and common sense and don't accept what is spoon fed to you by the establishment. He does a very good job of helping people connect the dots.

If the millenials etc see through it all, then it will be up to them to do something about it.

Regarding the quality of this comment thread, I thank everyone for their input as always.

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It is well known that this guy is a mealy mouthed hypocrite, impossible to pin down.

However, there are to things that are absolutely clear. His unabashed support of Israel and Wall Street.

It is no coincidence that these are also his primary sources of financing.

If he is elected you can expect yet another war and another financial gang bang because as much as Franken Dodd is a toothless piece of work, he thinks that it is too onerous on the banksters.

Obozo has his own set of issues..

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Both Candidate Oblahma and Romney are very similar on the staged skullcap picture opportunity issue... (Candidate Romney 2012) (Candidate Obama 2008)


gee wiz willikers...lookee there, they're both posing with the same Captain wailing wall jew dude.


Why the fuck is it that ANY US Presidential candidate has to be seen as Kosher to be acceptable, when Jews make up only about 2% of our population? I call bullshit.

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From: Playing To The Peanut Gallery


To being with, the rapidly increasing practice of holding a major fundraiser in a foreign country, while technically legal, is a clear indicator that our political fate is not entirely in American hands. Four to ten million citizens live abroad, and they have every right to vote and contribute to the American political process, and yet the role of dual citizens is morally hazy albeit perfectly legal.


For example, Adelson’s wife, Miriam Adelson, is a dual citizen of the US and Israel: why are we to assume she has the best interests of the US at heart when she contributes a hefty sum to the Romney campaign? Her husband has been one of the most outspoken advocates of a US military strike against Iran, and Romney’s public pronouncements on this issue seem calculated to appeal to the constituency she represents. How many attendees at this Romney event in Israel are also dual citizens — and, no matter what their citizenship status, how many put the interests of a foreign country over and above all other considerations?


Romney’s trip abroad is in the way of an audition before our allies and client states, where he is expected to pass muster with his litany of entirely predictable pledges to abjure “isolationism” and keep the gravy train flowing to our client states, such as Israel. He flopped in Britain, where the media went after him hammer and tongs and his acute case of foot-in-mouth disease had a major flare-up. He did better, however, in Israel, where his old friend Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu laid out the welcome mat and sang a warmongering duet with the putative Republican nominee. Netanyahu, ever the bold one, makes no bones about his sympathy for the Romney campaign, and why shouldn’t he be brazen about it? After all, overt Israeli interference in American politics is not exactly a well-guarded secret, and, given what they do openly, one can only imagine what they’re up to covertly.


The Republicans are hardly alone in their appeal for overseas support: the Obama campaign has made a major fundraising effort abroad, and the money is reportedly pouring in. Yet the major aspect of their overseas campaign is less direct: it involves the same kind of doubletalk engaged in by the Romneyites, albeit talk taken a bit more seriously given who is doing the talking.


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It is interesting to me how many politicians wholly support the defense of Israel.  From Obama's "I got your back" to Romney's pledge of allegiance to Canada's Harper's assurances of backing.

It matters not if Israel is in the right or wrong, if they go to battle, it appears that a good portion of North America will follow.

This is akin to signing a blank check and giving it to Israel, a check drawn on the bank of flesh and blood, which ultimately is paid by our children.  A foolish thing to do methinks.

These wanna be kings and emperors do not speak for me and I have no interest going to war on anyone's behalf in the middle east for one never knows who is telling the truth, no matter who is pleading for help.

This is going too far.  When nations look for an excuse to preemptively bomb the hell out of whatever or whoever and as in all wars, more innocents than guilty die, something is not kosher in my mind.

Israel is not the land of angels many think it may be, neither are its neighbors.


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Mike the tEAt


Mayor Bloomberg pushing NYC hospitals to hide baby formula so more new moms will breast-feed addendum  
Large Breasted women will only be permitted to dispense milk in 16oz increments. see
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Was Mitt right or was he wrong in his statement.  Is it not a fact the security forces were so bad, they had to bring in the army.  I suppose he could kiss their asses and not use his experience as an Olympics organizer.  Nothing could be as bad as Obama sending the Churchill bust back.  Now that had to take the cake.

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the Brits have been complaining about cost over runs.  Only a slight miss, from 5 billion to 17 billion.  Now they don't have a problem with it.


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Locking down London vs locking down a bunch of Mormons in the middle of nowhere is two different gigs. It's hard to buy liquor in Utah, let alone get out of control. 

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did mitt declare open war on iran with the jews today or was i imagining it? what a fucktard.

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how do i send comments?

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There is one more thing that I will mention before I get some sleep.

The English have consistently been died in the wool allies of the US. It is no small feet for an American Presidential candidate to go there and literally antagonize the whole country.

Any Englishman or Englishwoman will confirm this. So in this regard Romney seems to have outdone Debt Bro.

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I prefer to call him "Brother Evil"

 Bush bought a latin american country with all the cash hi printed

 what's Brother Evil going to buy with all those Bernankebucks he printed after he's out of the whitehouse, an entire fucking continent?

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There are a lot of good reasons to be concerned about Romney. He's a liberal who founded a government takeover of healthcare at the state level. You avoided a serious conversation and made it a worthless endeavor. I have no idea why something so stupid was published here.

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Judging by the ramping up of Troll Attacks on you Will, I'd say you're making headway!

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It just occurred to me, instead of the so called two party system, why don't we just have alternate side of the aisle Presidents, just like the parking rules in NYC.

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Will trust me, you are correct. Presidents are purchased, not elected. Choice is only an illusion. The real choice Americans face is if we are going to have a Revolution or not, will we let the Bankers continue to print themselve money for free or will we take the printing press away from them?

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I want you all to know that I am constantly pestered by people who don't like my Debt Brother images either.

And when I read what what is said by both sides, I laugh because they are all saying the same thing.

As you all know, my pet issue is Wall Street criminality. If I fancied myself as a single issue voter, I would have to say the obvious: both clowns are a disaster.


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Change the question a little, if Satan were running against Obama, would you vote for Obama or abstain.  

Now rephrase once more....If Satan wins, then also the mass media control and lobbying, as well as any Fed operation by bank participants, would be outlawed, and punishable by death.    Then, how would you vote?

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Change the question a little, if Satan were running against Obama, would you vote for Obama or abstain.  

Now rephrase once more....If Satan wins, then also the mass media control and lobbying, as well as any Fed operation by bank participants, would be outlawed, and punishable by death.    Then, how would you vote?

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It would seem to me that when Wil has to walk the walk.... just looking at his note above about being 'pestered by people'



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Will, Dont give this douche your time.  Whosetosay, go fuck off.  You're a bitch.  Who gives a shit where Will resides, he calls bullshit ... bullshit. 

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By pestering, I mean people who constantly go out of their way trying to convince me I should back their horse. I'm not talking one off. I mean constant pestering.

I keep saying the same thing. The matter of choice is illusory and the lesser of two evils is a fallacy.

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I absolutely agree with this. I can't stress enough how illusory even the act of voting has become. I'll continue to write-in as I usually do.

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It is stunning that so many people who frequent Zerohedge actually support the Republican party, outside of Ron Paul, given the ample evidence of corruption in both parties presented daily on Zerohedge and like sites.

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So why not just vote anti-Obama, the constitutional lawyer taking apart the Constitution.

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When I am with a group of friends or family and the Team Red vs. Team blue starts I don't consider my job done until I have royally pissed off every last one of them.

Keep making them scream and enjoy their yummy tears of unfathomable sadness.

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I had, up until today, tremendous respect for you.

Call me what you want, call me what you will... I will take Romney any day over Obama. Yes, I may be opting for the lesser of 2 evils but quite frankly, Obama, and what he's done to this Country scares the BeJesus out of me.

That you are even mocking someone that might defeat him, is enough for me to stop reading what you write and looking at what you do. But you don't live here William, do you? This is akin to the 47% voting on more freebies for themselves.

That you would degrade our slight chance of getting the dictator-in-chief out of office with your comics is downright scary.

Do you vote here in the United States?

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The fact that you think there is any ndifference between what Obama would do, or wha Romney would do makes it perfectly clear that you are still utterly ignorant .. of well .. basically everything of importance.


The US is not managed by a govt, but by an oligarchy - who commands the commander in chief.  They just want to get the job because they know they get so much gravy sucking the right schlongs.

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I am sorry to dissappoint you, but this dictator to be is going to be more of the same or probably even worse.

The field is one big nightmare as far as I am concerned. A quintessential "Morton's fork."

No one should feel embarassed for feeling confused about it. We Americans are indoctrinated from birth and billions are spent to perpetuate the illusion of choice. The nonsense we see in the MSM is there because that is the nonsense they are allowed propogate. Have you seen any of the real issues discussed by either candidate? Of course not.

Wake up. It's one big Bilderberg dog and pony show.

Both of those clowns alternate moments in the sun. This week it's Obamney. Next week it will be Rombama.

And where I live or how I vote has nothing to do with it.





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Do you vote in the United States?

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Hey whosetosay -

I bet if you try real hard you can suck your own dick

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If I had one I might try..... and if you were to try real hard to be an engineer, you might be able to suck your thumb... if you tried really hard... sucking your dick might be a stretch but go ahead and give it a try.

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You Win William!!!!! You get to keep on writing your comics from the comfort of your home in Asia (????) while you keep egging on the folks here in the states. Great Job! And While you keep on bashing Mitt (while being tone deaf to the American people, just keep on feeling good about yourself). You should be ashamed.

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Tone deaf? I'm on the phone the phone with my family in the US every day. You think I don't know what is going down and what people think?

Instead of asking me about my residence you should be asking your man about his offshore accounts.

Ashamed? Really?

Fuck off asshole 

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Instead of asking me about my residence you should be asking your man about his offshore accounts.

Ashamed? Really?

Fuck off asshole


Are you serious? Wow.

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Alright dude, you've made your point.

Banzai's just as pissed as everyone else and has a right to be as a the way I announced I was ABO a long time ago and got drilled for it...whatever.

I say again, I'd vote for a yellow dog before I'd vote for O'Barry.

Mitt is hardly what I wanted but anythings better than this narcissistic marxist turned fascist thats in there is what it is...Banzai is no marxist or fascist, he's as disgusted by what he witnessed first hand on Wall Street as anyone else looking at it from the outside.

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"narcissistic marxist turned fascist" ... I will use this from now on. I use to call him the I-I-I man but your's is better .... thanks

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The tree of Marx has many roots doesn't it? ;-)

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I respect your comments. I NEVER wanted to tangle with William.

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I understand your frustration...ya gotta admit, Mitt was a little less than tactful with the thin skinned blue blooded

ABO ;-)

Its cool. Peace.

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There are millions who will vote for someone besides Obama- but it damn sure isn't going to be Romney.

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There always are.

It may be enough to just staunch the bleeding and maintain gridlock until better candidates can be found. Gridlock, from my perspective, isn't a bad outcome considering the first two years of the O'Barry centrally planned spend-a-thon.

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That is actually my biggest hope for the upcoming presidential auction.