GATA, SHAKA ZULU, And The Coming Gold/Silver STORM!

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28, 2012

GATA, SHAKA ZULU, And The Coming Gold/Silver STORM!
This is Bill Murphy, GATA chairman and of, and this is about my commentary on Friday. To get right to the point, three quality sources told me three weeks ago that the gold and silver markets were going to take off in August and I have been pounding the table on such ever since.  The action in the Gold Cartel suppressed precious metals markets the past few days suggests that surge has already started.
As part of this surge, it has come to my attention that the nefarious activities of JP Morgan’s manipulative short position in the silver market is going to come to light in August, especially since they still have a big problem with that position … and part of it relates to their announced “whale trade loss issue,” if what I am told is spot on.
The Barclay’s Libor scandal has alerted the investment world how manipulated the financial markets really are. The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee has been sounding off on this critical issue since January 1999. On January 31, 2008, the Wall Street Journal printed GATA’s $264,000 full page color ad about the ramifications of the gold price manipulation scheme. We used the words “disaster” and “catastrophe” about what was coming in that very ad. In typical fashion, the press ignored GATA and how prescient we were…
 Two months later the financial market collapsed in the US began in full fury.
Perhaps this portion of my Friday commentary will be of interest to you before the end of summer:
It is time for things to happen. As you know by now, I have been jumping up and down for fireworks to happen in August. We shall see. All I can say is that what has been brought to my attention over last three week period from the "best of" sources all points to the same conclusion. It will be nitty gritty time SOON. Perhaps that “soon” is “now” the way gold has traded the past three days.
If what I think I know is correct, it will be time to pour it on our adversaries and send them running for the hills. It got me to thinking of some old time energy which could recirculate to give The Gold Cartel the PUSH in that direction of those hills.
So much time goes by, many veteran Café members and GATA supporters might forget where one of GATA’s initial energy efforts came from to defeat The Gold Cartel. It surfaced from GATA’s trips to South Africa and relates to Africa’s greatest general in history, Zulu warrior chieftain SHAKA. It was around that time that one of the greatest movies ever, Zulu, starring Michael Caine, was on cable TV over and over again. It caught my imagination about how GATA could employ SHAKA’s battle plan to win the day for us … especially pertinent in that the Zulu miners were suffering so badly due to the heinous Gold Cartel’s price suppression scheme, as was all of South Africa.
So, retro time, as we continue to follow the SHAKA battle plan to defeat the heinous Gold Cartel…
An update on that Enveloping Horn Strategy…
*Our legal efforts against The Gold Cartel at the point of the horn are ongoing, as you well know by our latest FOIA efforts.
*Our left flank efforts with the press to expose The Gold Cartel’s price suppression scheme have gone on further than imaginable, what with all the evidence GATA has come up against them. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how bought off and cowardly the financial press really is. I could go on and on here, but you get it and know that by now. The good news is the sleepy and kowtowed financial market reporters finally have their sniffers going in our direction after all these years.
*Our right flank already has won a clear victory. The big hedgers, AngloGold and Barrick, allied with The Gold Cartel back then, ended up running for their own hills and took something like $20 billion in losses for their ill-advised association with the dark side. $20 BILLION! GATA was right and the shareholders of those firms paid the consequences. Of course, all those higher ups at Barrick especially, just get off with tens of millions in compensation. "SO BE IT," as SHAKA would say.
One more thing, and prior to our GATA conference, I met with the KING of the Zulus in Durban, South Africa, a direct descendant of SHAKA. I promised him GATA would win the day for his Zulu miners. While his security was extensive and time consuming, he was a most engaging man and great company…
A 40 second sound bite before GATA’s historic Gold Rush 21 conference in the Yukon’s Dawson City in August of 2005. Andrey Bykov, economic advisor to  Russia’s President Putin at the time, said it was the finest conference he ever attended. He then came back to GATA’s sold out conference at the Savoy Hotel in London a year ago, at which 400 people attended from 38 countries…
Bill Murphy
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee

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Silvertrader's picture

There is a lot of manipulation but still i find silver very interesting for trading. Or as we say in Dutch: Handelen in zilver

EuroInhabitant's picture

Mish cracks down all the hype and screams of manipulation.

If there has been an effort to suppress the price of gold it certainly has failed miserably. Gold has gone from $250 to $1900 and is now $1620.

Game, set and match.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

I'd like to believe, Bill Murphy, and I have myself called giant rises just looking at price action much less underlying fundamentals of rigging and counter-moves.

However.... ... so long as this price-trend is continuing the year looks pretty flat.

Admittedly I haven't had time to roll out my 52-week oscillating model for prediction. If anyone at GATA has the time please do it. It would follow the saw-tooth pattern seen here - and suggests to me a high price 2400/oz or more/gold(usd)

MrBoompi's picture

I heard the same stories, that the prices of gold and silver were going to skyrocket, when the price of silver was $50.  I'll only believe the stories when the price of physical metal is based on the buying and selling of physical metal, not paper.  And I don't see this happening in August.

As long as TPTB profit from price manipulation, they'll find a way to manipulate. 

Bagbalm's picture

How can you take somebody seriously who cites no sources and sounds like a carny barker?

thegr8whorebabylon's picture

Le Metropole author speaks?,,,


nathan1234's picture

i would love for JPM to be closed down and for Jaimie Dimon & Blythe Masters to be put into solitary confinement for the rest of their lives as the least punishment.


Dr. Sandi's picture

No, wait. Better yet, put Jaimie and Blythe in the SAME CELL.

Yee haw, watch the fun with those two lively rascals competing for the same resources.

cynicalskeptic's picture

In an environment like that without any enforcable rules, Blythe would rule him.....

Money 4 Nothing's picture

"Two months later the financial market collapsed in the US began in full fury.

   Perhaps this portion of my Friday commentary will be of interest to you before the end of summer:" This time it's different. Watch GLD go back in the $1,5xx.xx range by tommorow, I shit you not. There will be no price discovery, period. Gold builds Nations and Nations are suppressing the price.  
Clint Liquor's picture

And if you are wrong, what will be your penance?

Money 4 Nothing's picture

Me warning you that were going to be subjected to tyranny like America has never seen by October. That's your stock tip for the month.


Cheers! Penance spared, and now your in the know. Prepare.



swamp's picture

"Your" (sic) in the know. .... From someone who doesn't know basic English.

tony bonn's picture

god bless gata!!!!!

Dr. Sandi's picture

...follow, follow, follow, follow, Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

HungrySeagull's picture

Drinking Gourd.


Fixed it for ya...


Follow the yellow brick road...


Follow the yellow brick road...

logicalman's picture

I think the term 'buy and hold' fits gold and silver better than stocks.

Dr. Sandi's picture

Buy and hold gold and silver. Hell yeah!

In fact, not only do I hold what I've bought, but I occasionally cuddle and caress it.

Just platonically, of course, I'm not some kind of Scrooge McDuck perv or anything.

Money 4 Nothing's picture

Why isn't it at $3,15x.xx an ounce right now than? Because that's where it *should be. Invest in yourself and your own salvation, not a metal. 


Rome is burning and Greece is a foregone conclusion, yet PM's sit stagnated. Go figure?

ParkAveFlasher's picture

put it in a coffee can.  the nominalprice will rise and fall, i am finding that esp. with silver the nominal price is simply ashiny reflection of the moment's move in the denomination's value, not the other way around.  silver conducts light.  watch it.

AE911Truth's picture

Just as GATA ask in 2008:

Where is our Gold?

The claimant on these liens is asking the same question.

Does anyone know whether this is a PsyOp, or the claims are valid?

Has Judge Furman seen the evidence?

Does the public get to follow the case?

Anyone know the status of the case?

Dr. Sandi's picture

And Judge Wopner just wants to know if anybody got a receipt that he can look at.

AE911Truth's picture

The original judge assigned the case, Judge Holwell, resigned his bench three months after he was assigned this case. Perhaps he had time to evaluate the evidence?

The Honorable Jesse M. Furman is now handling this case.

There is substantial evidence including all the original receipts, some of which have been formally authenticated, according to the complaint.

Either that or someone (the FED?) produced massive numbers of paper gold backed receipts in the 1930's. Just like they do today? The Complaint claims physical gold was leased in exchange for these gold backed notes.

I just wish the public had more info on the status of the case.

GlomarHabu's picture

"The Barclay’s Libor scandal has alerted the investment world how manipulated the financial markets really are."

Dah, ya think?

 This isn't news, nor a revelation. News is man bites dog.

It takes only a drive by understanding of the financial world to know that everywhere and for all time markets have been manipulated.


This time it's different, we'll fix the problem ..... not in anyone's lifetime reading this.

Manthong's picture

Um.. Klaatu barada nikto?

Mr. Mandelbrot's picture

By the time stamps and lack of down arrows on newer comments, I believe someone went through and gave downarrows to everyone at some point . . .

GlomarHabu's picture



OMG ... you don't mean that this is a manipulated blog ... can't be.

Tapeworm's picture

Funny thing about GATA is that the breathless tone is the same as it was ten years ago. I double hit the subscribe button in Y2k or whenever it was and GATA kept both of my contributions.

 There has been some valuable work done by GATA, but the rehash of the same old crapola is very long past the expiration date.

 The best predictor of POG is the rate of growth and absolute notional value of sovereign debt. It will slop around over a fairly long period, but will revert eventually.

 Was the biggest clue to short gold when the notional value of the USA gold reserves exceeded money in circulation?(1980)

San Diego Gold Bug's picture


   Judging by your comment,  you obviously didn't buy gold ten years ago.  I saw Gata's $264,000 add and did my own investigating which led me to buy a lot of gold then.  $300 up to $1600 works for me.  For someone who did not buy back then, kind of makes and of your comments irrelevent don't ya think!


Kepp up the good fight Bill !!!


HungrySeagull's picture

Neither did I.

EVERYONE talked up the bennies, 401k's etc etc etc.


Not one whisper about bullion.


No, I will use the remaining life I have to remedy that.

cynicalskeptic's picture

If you mentioned gold (much less silver) to any financial advisor you were treated like some mental deficient..... at BEST they'd try to talk you into an etf to pacify you - maybe a big miner.

However - after changing advisors a few times and taking charge of my own investments (after fdamn near everythign I was advised to buy tanked) I made up those losses and ended up ahead.......  even with the recent pullback (smash down) in prices.  Took profits on paper stocks and am now buying back in - SLW, GDXJ and others....   sadly any bullion I had was lost in a tragic accident when my car accelerated off the ferry...   I really loved that car.

BeetleBailey's picture



Not every investment adviser.

I preached gold and real esate back in 2000/2001. Clients looked at me like I came out of the Bob Marley sitting parlor.

1/3 did listen. 2/3 ignored me.

2003/04/05 and beyond.....they ALL now listen to me closely.

Told them to DUMP real estate in 2006/2007..........stocks in 2008 (pre Lehmann)


Long Gold, Silver............

Northeaster's picture

So what about the CME triple margin hike on August 5th? Pretty sure that will chase paper out, resulting in a LOWER price on Monday August 6th.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

if anything it will shove out the margin shorts on oil and that will push oil up along with a ton of other things so no.

Vendetta's picture

The question becomes what a person believes.  Does one believe the 'markets' and 'financial system' will be truly 'recovered' at some point in time, or does one believe the currency regime as it currently is, will have to change?  Choose wisely young yedi...

Peter Pan's picture

Dear Mr GATA,

Take it easy. Things may or may not happen in August. You might even have been set up.

My advice is to let the system implode and then gold and silver will explode.

No need to preach fire and brimstone, the smell of sulphur is already in the nostrils of ZH readers who are awake to the ways of this manipulated market.

Al Gorerhythm's picture

Dear Mr Pan,

GATA was born to enlighten. Some read ZH as a consequence of having tramped the halls of GATA for many years before ZH's inception. GATA has been instrumental in awakening many to the realities of rehypothecated  allocated metals accounts, which are hidden in the caverns of Mount Derivitive. The derivitives mountain was created by the futures and repo market as a means to hide all mark to market realities. The day will come when the avalanche of redemptions comes cascading from the peak and when it does, you and yours had best be prepared for the panic repricing of fiat (derivitive) holdings against all other assets. You had best be prepared for the next step wich is the confiscation of holdings which the desperate powers will forcefully strip from you. You may be prepared for the collapse of the dollar but you may not be prepared for the rise of fascism by the power mongers.

We'd best hope that Bill Murphy, Chris Powell, Adrian Douglas and Ed Steer of GATA, and other willing fighters for a peaceful and lawful resolution, are successful in their court cases against these powers or we will all be screwed, because when peaceful petitions are exhausted, like our forefathers, we may be forced to pay the ultimate price of freedom through violent revolution.

solgundy's picture

I find it easy to ignore Murphy atfer his lifetime ban and huge fine from from CFTC for front running his clients,back in the day. Old saying, when you are being run out of town,get out infront of the mob and turn it into a parade

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

far as I can see he's already said they nailed him with charges he couldn't afford to fight immediately after screwing him in the market.

That's an acceptable explanation to me.

Bob Chapman on the other hand refused to even talk about his charges. That's a big deal.

Disenchanted's picture



CFTC: Paragons of virtue there... /s



cynicalskeptic's picture

That whiff of sulphur comes from Timmy and Ben - and the other high overlords of our financial system.... the lingering scent from their regular visits to their lord and master in the netherworld......   kiind of clings to your clothes....not readily washed out 

Wequetonsing324's picture

The new high in the price of gold will not happen this August 2012. When we finally land in John Milton's Pandæmonium ,you will have to sell the good stuff-gold and silver because there will be "no bid" for all the other assets.

Dr. Sandi's picture

Not as much Panda if you've prepared yourself and constantly acquired what you'll need when thugs are only accepting metals.

Confundido's picture

Blah, blah, far, the only one who really explained how gold is going to see the light at the end of the tunnel, is one guy who writes at:

He did not say it will happen. All he laid out is the necessary condition for it to happen: The collapse of futures markets. Yes, many have said it before too, but none have explained how it will occurr...

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

MF Global, PFG repeats - that's obviously how the futures market will die. <- comex busted there