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Financial bioengineering scientists have made an artificial TBTF banker using silicone and cells from a Ponzi rat's brain. The synthetic creature, classified as a kleptosoid and dubbed Cnidaria JP Morganus, looks like a flower with eight ponzi petals.


The scientists hope to use cells from the cloned kleptosoid jellyfish to further clone Vampyro Goldman Infernalis...


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The Cnidaria was priceless. Was stung by the box-jelly in Hawai'i still 'bear' the scars.

Well done!

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Wow, you are very lucky to be alive!

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I'm looking forward to the day when I can buy "The Best of WB7" on Amazon.


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Lots of gay sex imagery here.



Follow the yellow brick road...


Follow the yellow brick road...

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Logged in just to say """"AWESOME WORK"""

All the best....

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Hey what happened to tamboo???

I guess linking to talmud analysis is verboten at zh!

So much for unmoderated fight club commentary.


Keep posting sheeple!

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Maybe he's on vacation. Its happened before.

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A friend of a friend says they banned his ass and erased the offending comment.

Hooray for unmoderated fight club!

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Your art is gettting cleaner. The cut and paste is fitting better and the end product has just enough Kitsch to it to make it really, really funny!

It occurs to me that the walls of my fav coffe house need to be plastered w your work. Seen together and over its origination timeline, I think maybe some of the 99% might wake up and get it...or at least start looking for the answer to "What IT is."

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If you hang stuff in your cafe send me a picture ;-)

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Why are we 4 years into a 10 year economic slump? Because global capitalism has created a transnational, corporate welfare state which transfers wealth from taxpayers to a kleptocratic elite. It works like this:

Method 1: Taxpayers pay for not only the infrastructure on which the private sector depends, but also the state-funded research carried out by the military and public universities to develop technology such as the jet engine, the desktop computer, the internet, nuclear power and GPS. This technology gets handed over to the private sector, which proceeds to make vast profits from it. Then, even though the last 30 years have seen drastic and worldwide reductions in corporation tax and the top rates of income tax, the corporate kleptocracy evades taxes by hiding offshore up to £20 trillion of its profits (an amount equivalent to almost a third of annual global GDP), whilst governments cut spending and charities open food banks to provide for the victims of this criminality.

Method 2: Until their private sectors are able to compete globally, capitalist economies such as the US (from the 1830s till the 1940s) and Britain (from the 1720s till the 1850s), reject the free market and develop their economies through state intervention, using protectionism, subsidies and capital controls. The ruling elites in countries such as Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, France, Austria and Finland follow the lead of the world’s two biggest economies. Then, as soon as they have gained a competitive advantage, these beneficiaries of corporate welfare inflict market liberalisation on developing countries with disastrous effects. Thus, having increased by 37% between 1960 and 1980 as a result of interventionist economic policies, the GDP per capita of sub-Saharan Africa fell by 7% in the years 1980-2000, as countries which borrowed from the IMF were forced to cut spending, privatise their state-owned industries, deregulate their financial sectors and remove trade barriers. And at the same time that they were wreaking havoc in Africa, the free market prescriptions of the Washington Consensus were also failing in the developed countries, where average, annual GDP per capita growth fell from 3.1% during the 30 years before 1975 to 2.1% during the 30 years of neo-liberalism which followed.

But slowing GDP growth and stagnating median incomes didn’t stop wealth from being shovelled upwards ever more quickly. In the US for example, the 18 years preceding the 2008 financial crash was one of only two periods in the country’s history when the share of total income of the top 1% exceeded one fifth. The other was the 8 years before the Great Depression.

Method 3: Governments have to subsidise employers who don’t pay their employees a living wage. In the UK, for example, the government spends £23 billion per year on the tax credits it pays to working families. Then there’s the £4 billion per year in housing benefit given to households with at least one person employed. And, to keep wages low and its workforce compliant and insecure, the private sector needs an army of unemployed – again financed by the taxpayer. As Margaret Thatcher’s chief economic adviser in the 1980s, Alan Budd, admitted to The Observer in 1992:
“….......... the 1980’s policies of attacking inflation by squeezing the economy and public spending were a cover to bash the workers. Raising unemployment was a very desirable way of reducing the strength of the working class. What was engineered – in Marxist terms-was a crisis of capitalism which re-created a reserve army of labour, and has allowed the capitalists to make high profits ever since...........”

Method 4: Instead of retaining monopoly control of the money supply, governments allow private banks to create money, which is conjured up on a computer screen and used to speculate, fuel asset price inflation, pay bankers’ bonuses and create an endless debt spiral as more and more money has to be printed to enable the repayment of interest. Then, when the asset bubble finally bursts, governments have to spend trillions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to prevent the financial system from imploding and national economies from disintegrating. Finally, to add insult to injury, governments have to borrow what should be their own money back from the same banks to which they have given the power to create money out of nothing – and pay high interest rates because of an economic crisis which the banks themselves have caused.

And worst of all, whilst the beneficiaries of the corporate welfare state drain the global economy at the expense of taxpayers, the media organisations and politicians they own lecture the poor and unemployed, endlessly moralising about their fecklessness and lack of responsibility. In doing so, they only confirm what most people already know – that capitalist democracies really are the best that money can buy.

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in the four stages of money described in the Global Village, barter is enhanced, speeded up, and is then replaced by currency (barter is then obsolete). As the use of currency accelerates further it brings about a retrieval of former methods of exchange, such as the Potlatch (a native American ceremony where the chiefs and wealthy people throw their belongings in a pile, walk away, and everyone starts over again. barter reversed if you will)

Greenspan euphemistically called this stage of collapse, creative destruction. at the final reversal moment, there is no more money, there is non-money, or credit, on notional money, which has replaced collateral. when a central banker can conjure up collateral instantly, without regard to effort, any person who also saves money to amass wealth or collateral is cheated out of of his or her efforts. in terms of the effects of technology, problems always arise when two similar technologies function at the same time, but one is much faster. you're trying to trade on Etrade with your DSL connection, while Goldman is front running your trade with an HFT program. It's like the Polish cavalry riding out to meed the Blitzkreig in WW2.

the best way to see what is happening and regulate the growth (and destruction) of money is to measure this change, or to float an exchange, measure the amount of hard currency in the system, versus the amount of notional currency. history is a long long story about people who don't get it until its too late. ( in the 30's they actually destroyed the currency, there was no hard money. they were smarter this time) the problem of keeping the dollar sound for exchange purposes demands some kind of firewall, (currently M2 is heading to new highs, which means Bernanke is parking money in MM accounts, just as they did in Japan in the lost decade) no wonder there is no real rate of return. and the solution is to retreive the checks and balances, so that Bernanke can create credit, but he can't print the new money that false process implies. that would regulate the system.


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Great as always.....satire is the best weapon to use against these psychos....not that they will get it....not when one is doing God's work....

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....not that they will get it....







they got everything else

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I'm sure they get it but try to shrug it off.

What is important is that as many others as possible get it. I'm thinking most people get it but need to be constantly reminded that exotic things like LIBOR manipulation hurt everyone.

The admission by Weill is telling not because he is a hypocrite, we know that. But because of all the other bildge rats still insisting the world has changed and Glass Steagall is an anachronism.

We need to focus on one thing. All the loud noises about how we needed to allow our banks to bulk up to compete with their savvy global competitors was a crock of elephant shit from the get go. PLease tell me what savvy global competitors we are talking about. All those shitty European banks that are busy back pedaling and teetering on the brink?

It's one big game of 52 pickup.

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Merrill Lynch is like a tapeworm eating the insides out of BAC with losses. Still the Bank of Lynch doesn't want to dump this loser. Go figure.

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Vanity, those idiots always wanted to be seen as Wall Street players.

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Dass cause the (market) Rigg's boson dun got out of the supercollider!

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A taste of what SkyNet's response will be if QE3 is not forthcoming.

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No, but there are lots of people mimicking my approach now. A number of them send me their work which I am always happy look at.

But I will tell you that lots of effort is required if you want to hit lots of bulls eyes, get people to laugh and raise the artistic bar. When I skip a day or to that's what I'm doing. Reading, trying something new and/or having other fun ;-)

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now now bonzai7...

if not for the fearless crew, the dollar would be lost



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Smells Fishy to me, these bankers...."if you can't trust your banker....." ...if you're older then 2 y.o., you know the rest....

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There is an interesting commentary in the NYT regarding our educational obsession with Algebra. If only 6% of the workforce actually use it, why create an educational hurdle that apparently causes so many people to drop out of high school...

What they didn't mention is the relationship between higher math and quantitative finance. The quants designing all the synthetic derivatives are the math geniuses our educational system promotes. Them and the economics PhDs. Ever try reading an academic economics paper?

Obviously the morons running the TBTF banks failed algebra or barely passed.

I'm one of those people who had to take too runs at it and barely passed the second time around. Then later when I needed it, I taught myself.

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Interesting point about math and finance:

David X. Li (born in China in the 1960s as Chinese: ???; pinyin: L? Xiánglín[1]) is a quantitative analyst and a qualified actuary who in the early 2000s pioneered the use of Gaussian copula models for the pricing of collateralized debt obligations (CDOs).[2][3] The Financial Times called him "the world’s most influential actuary,"[1] while in the aftermath of the Global financial crisis of 2008–2009, to which Li's model has been credited partly to blame,[1][2] his model has been called a "recipe for disaster".[2]

Without this patina of scientific rigor, the whole enterprise might never have taken flight. See this excellent and readable article from Wired on David X Li and Credit Default Swaps:

Li is a perfect example of how the frontal-cortex-challenged elites hire "talent" to do their bidding. These "stars" provide the necessary window-dressing for Wall Street's dirty business, both by their personal prestige and by their product. He gave the craven rating agencies, S&P's, Moody's, and Fitch, an easy out for avoiding their fiduciary responsibility, which was undoubtedly cynically used to generate fees. I would guess that it was their responsibility in particular to question the specious mathematics behind this and search through the historical data themselves to ascertain divergences from Li's model. They just had to know that this is bullshit--this idea of rating a parcel of low grade securities Triple A. At the same time, ignorant people--a specialty of our education system--are capable of believing anything that is dressed up in fancy mathematics; they may hate mathematics themselves, having avoided actually having to learn any mathematics above barely-assimilated calculus--kind of like a painful kidney stone for them--which only makes them greater suckers for this kind of flim-flam. Of course, the whole American approach to regulation is to let private concerns police themselves. Clearly the "market" did not do its job in this case. I hope one day that Americans will realize the front and center fraudulent role of the rating agencies in this crisis.

Addendum: It strikes me in reading that article, which also quotes Nassim Taleb, that the essence of what went wrong was not discerned by the author of the article and possibly by Taleb himself. Essentially, what may have happened is that the prices of CDS, which were used in lieu of actual historical data of defaults to create the so-called gamma correlation constant, became themselves dependent on that that constant's role in the copula function. Thus a feedback loop was created, which leads to resonance, like putting a microphone up to a speaker. Both the article and Taleb failed to point out the dynamical nature of this phenomenon. It seems to me that Li must have known this, so unlike the author of the article, I do believe he has to answer for the resulting disaster that was created. Perhaps that is what he had in mind in a sort of double entendre when he claimed that Wall St misunderstood his equation. Maybe Li is back in China laughing at the destruction he unleashed in the West, a brilliant application of using your enemy's weaknesses against him à la Art of War of Sun Zu.

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I first heard the name of David X. Li in the book Babylon's Banksters by Joseph P. Farrel. Farrell posted this on his Giza Death Star blog back in March 2012 while blogging on the subject of the 'fake' bearer bonds:


But I hope you noticed the first paragraph, that this $25,000,000 (pocket change, really, when considering the amounts involved in recent seizures), involved the Imperial Bank of Commerce. Readers of my book Babylon’s Banksters will recall that in the preface of that book, I outlined the mathematical formula that allowed banks and securites brokerages to bundle together derivatives called credit default swaps, a formula that was devised by Chinese mathematician Dr. David Li, who at the time he devised it, was indeed employed by the Imperial Bank of Commerce in Canada. Coincidentally, at the time, the wealthy Li clan of Hong Kong were major shareholders in this bank. Dr. Li subsequently departed the bank prior to the meltdown, and returned to China, where he assumed a post in an agency responsible for risk assessment and management.

- Giza Death Star Community
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You will notice that all of the formulas have a dressed up unknown. It's the same unknown expressed in a p/e ratio, a discount rate and implied volatility. The price that others will pay or charge, which is a psychological variable.

The people who write the equations know there is a fallacy built into the edifice and grab the money without explaining it to their masters. Finance is not physics.

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That's it...the hedge funds, bankers, and financiers hide behind mathematics that don't model the real world.  It makes for nice research papers and is a suitable excuse for large bonuses, but taxpayers *always* foot the bill when these models fail. LTCM was the start of this scam and it shows no sign of ending. It is getting expensive, no?


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Everyone should peruse the mumbo jumbo in Blythe Masters dervatives brochure. That swindling whore still works at JPM.

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"Finance is not physics."


Babylon's Banksters: The Alchemy of Deep Physics, High Finance and Ancient Religion  by Joseph P. Farrell



Joseph P. Farrell shows how there is a deep physics behind the astrological charts of the great American economic depressions and reveals the association of banksters with temples, and why the temples were so crucial to the banksters' operations.


Slavery, usurpation of the money-creating power of the state, the invention of debt-as-money, economic cycles and astrology: it's been the practice and strategy of the banksters since ancient times, and, as Farrell quips on conclusion of this remarkable book, "it's high time to have done with them."

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"physics behind the astrological charts"

I love the ignorant.

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You mean those ignorant of history?


History of Astrology

Babylonian Beginnings



The Babylonians are generally credited with the birth of astrology. Their astrological charts enabled them to predict the recurrence of seasons and certain celestial events. So, in the beginning and for more than 2,000 years, astrology and astronomy were the same science.



Babylonian astrology was introduced to the Greeks early in the 4th century B.C. and, through the studies of Plato, Aristotle, and others, astrology came to be highly regarded as a science. It was soon embraced by the Romans (the Roman names for the zodiacal signs are still used today) and the Arabs and later spread throughout the entire world.



While earliest astrology was used to bring a sense of order out of apparent chaos, it was soon utilized to predict weather patterns, primarily for agricultural purposes. It was eventually broadened to include forecasts of natural disasters and war and other events in the course of human affairs. Amassing successes in these fields, it was a natural progression for astrology to be used as counsel for kings and emperors and, in time, for all of us.

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Yes, but what if it really were an act of aggression on the part of China against the US? Li as manchurian candidate. That would blow the whole thing up to Hollywood dimensions! Financial Hilbert space!

By the way, did you know the number e comes out of finance? It is the limit of compound interest when you take the length of the compounding period to zero as happens in the P=e^(rt) formula. Did you know credit card minimum payments are expressly calculated to get as close as possible to a vertical asymptote on a graph that would extend the time needed to pay off the loan to infinity? Works better than nicotine for getting their victim hooked. (A tip of the Hatlo HatTM to Gotcha Capitalism--Banzai, you could do some great things with that old comic strip!).

For those with curious young children, get them started down the right path by this simple answer to the question, "Daddy, why does the earth go around the sun?" : "Son, that's easy! According to Einstein's famous equation, Gab = 8(Pi)Tab, the mass of the sun curves spacetime causing the earth to follow an elliptical path around it." (Political correctness note: The words Daddy and Son are to be understood as formal placeholders such that Daddy=Mommy and Son=Daughter in the appropriate context. No discrimination is intended relating to sexual preference, race, or religion, or whether you like or dislike bortscht.)


Please order my book, "Exponentiate Your Kid's Smarts", by Escapeclaws, now at

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it very important on where to channel your education and knowledge, if i had finished 1 more course in math i would have graduated as math teacher (minor)

it's good to use math in the fields of aernautics, space, technology something that adds value, not on some bullshit illusionary derivatives which is leveraged quintrillion times.

oh! maybe that's explain on why they hate the word "D"

well said man



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The few teachers that I know are very dedicated people and they have retired modestly but comfortably and they deserve it.

And this comment got junked by a monkey.

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The Obama Raids

The other day the news mentioned the preemptive arrests of those the corporate McNews identified as “anarchists” --- the organizers of various political protests.

We have been attacking these modern day Palmer Raids for quite some time, the most anti-democratic actions by our anti-democratic president, Obama.

These preemptive arrests began under the previous President Bush, and have continued and expanded under President Obama.

There is no excuse Obama can trot out for their totalitarian, anti-American agenda!

Obama is the most dishonest president in my lifetime; he lies and lies and lies --- seldom has he ever been caught telling the truth.

Obama, who has been extremely active in structured jobs offshoring, attacks Romney for the very same thing --- they are both antithetical to the existence and future of the American worker.

If political change still works, then the only recourse, the last recourse, of the American electorate is to vote for Dr. Jill Stein (Green Party) in 2012.

No more bullcrap from pirates like Sandy Weill, formerly of Citigroup, who strenuously promoted the dismantling of the American economy.  Weill, is aping that scoundrel Warren Buffett who, while actively lobbying against changes to tax law, tax reform, and credit derivatives’ oversight, poses as some kind of “tax justice” advocate!

Otherwise, at some future date, when it finally dawns on the vast majority that we exist in a corporate fascist police state, bloody and violent revolution will be the only answer!

What has occurred, and continues to occur, in what is left of the shell economy, is that the American-based multinationals have offshored jobs, technology and investment; they haven’t amortized in America and without amortization of any sort, there can be no future!

The economic meltdown resulted from an approximate seven-year ultra-leveraged bank run, exactly what took place in the 1920s, leading to the Great Crash and Great Depression.

This is how they amass their great fortunes, the massive wealth transfer and thievery, the great leveraging when they steal everything, with the resulting great deleveraging which screws the majority of the public, while destroying human progress.

The masters of chaos will always endeavor to make life a living hell for as many as they can --- they aren’t about progress or real prosperity, only their psychopathic acquisition of wealth --- they must own and control everything!

A true revolution in America would be to elect an authentic democratic candidate like Jill Stein, not another Wall Street sock puppet like Romney or Obama!

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 Never mind the gun-grabbing Red Jewess.  And the gov't employees/group entitlements have fleeced us out of $trillions, same as the banksters and mega-corporations.   

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Its a "right" to own a home!!!...I have a "right" to zero down!!!...the government should step in & stop this redlining monster before it kills more of my "rights"!!!

Sure thing Susie, here ya go, I killed the monster for you.

Could I interest you in a student loan? seem like you could use it ;-)

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Dr. William Banzai, Financial Physicist, at your service.