Take Our Guns? Over our Dead Bodies!

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Take Our Guns? Over our Dead Bodies!

By George Mantor

Well, maybe.

Or the dead bodies of our children and friends.

I know, I know, Second Amendment and all that but get real; you will never be better armed than your government and you are going to lose a shootout with them no matter what. This isn’t 1776. Ruby Ridge, Waco and Occupy taught us that.

I know, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Not to put too fine a point on it, but technically, it’s the bullets.

And, that would seem to me to be at least one place we could start to find some compromise between no guns and vast unlimited arsenals of nothing more than implements of death. Ammunition could be made far less deadly and destructive, and who needs thousands of rounds?

Hunters, real sportsmen, go into the field with single shot weapons. Being from the middle of nowhere, my parents owned thirteen guns between them, none of which was a handgun. And, only two of them were repeaters; my mother’s custom Browning 16 gauge over and under (2 shots) and an automatic repeating rifle that I never saw come out of its very distinctive leather case.

It was half the length of the long gun cases. It may not have been legal at the time because, even as a kid, I perceived that my parents seemed to regard this particular gun with a great deal more gravitas.

If they take all of our guns away, we won’t need the bullets. So, maybe the two sides could come together and find common ground on the ammunition.

Unfortunately, the discussion involving whether or not guns should be legal is an argument that leads right to where the gun lobby wants it—nowhere.

On the one hand, those with criminal intent won’t care whether guns are legal or not. They’ll just get them from the Department of Justice when they work out the agreement on the money laundering services also conveniently available through a “single point of contact” at the DOJ.

Beyond that, with over 200 million privately owned guns in about 50 million American homes, seizing them would be a monumental task involving lots of domestic bloodshed.

What we do not need right now is a nationwide search of every farmhouse, outhouse, or chicken coop looking for guns to confiscate.

Guns and bullets are only symptoms of a disease, our mental health crisis.

The unrelenting stresses of a failing economy and the sense of outrage being felt as more and more people feel powerless against the oppression are increasing the murder and murder/suicide rates in every community.

Always absent from any discussion about health care are the health care risks posed to innocent people by a system that devotes fewer and fewer resources to mental illness. If it isn’t bleeding it won’t be treated.

The reaction in Aurora in the wake of the theater shootings has been a curious one, an increase in gun sales…presumably to take to the movies.

The people who sell metal detectors must be just drooling having calculated that there are about 39,000 movie theatres in America.

But, it won’t help. Anywhere people gather can provide an opportunity for a nut job to kill a bunch of people. The mall, the marina, the hospital, the amusement park, the day care center are all vulnerable. We don’t need metal detectors, we need mental detectors.

You don’t need a gun to inflict mayhem and misery. Timothy McVey brought down a seven story building killing 178 and injuring hundreds with a U-Haul full of fertilizer.

But, there is a bigger problem. We are a nation steeped in violence. We forcibly took this land and murdered those who stood in our way. I’m not pointing the finger; my family was leading the way.

War is our primary domestic export. Remember when we were “hog butcher for the world”? Today we are the people butcher for the world. At the moment, there are 121 wars being waged around the world, and one way or another, we have got our hand or our arms in all of them.

If we aren’t selling them weapons directly, we are supplying them through some sort of shadowy middleman. That is why there is the occupational title of “Arms Dealer”.

This is how they avoid the brief but embarrassing revelations such as the Justice Department selling guns directly to the Mexican drug cartels. Text your friendly arms dealer and build a layer of plausible deniability. Those wild and crazy, though grossly incompetent, guys over at the Justice Department. What a hoot!

Remember when we went to Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction? We didn’t find any so we started to sell them some back in 2005. It does make you wonder how many US casualties resulted from weapons we sold them.

Decade after decade we ask our young men and women to sacrifice their lives on behalf of peace and freedom. Or, perhaps more appropriately, the very lucrative military industrial complex that will provide both sides of the conflict with exactly as much expensive military hardware as is necessary to maintain equal strength and ongoing conflict among the foes.

Remember when the goal was to end wars as quickly as possible?

Being ever at war affects a nations psyche. Teenagers have never known a time when we weren’t at war. Warrior becomes a “career choice” for which they train on high tech video games. They are what we made them. Detached, indifferent, conditioned to violence and sometimes lusting for blood. Actual blood, not virtual blood.

We justify drone strikes as necessary and send a message that, yeah, killing is okay, sometimes.

Then it’s only a matter of deciding when it is okay, and when it isn’t. Liquor, testosterone, and mental illness obscure the bounds that normally hold us in check.

With our economy decimated, the troops come home to no jobs and no safety net, and kill their families. How the hell can we be surprised by that?

Our priorities are all screwed up. We have the funds for unlimited warfare but not for universal health care.

Poverty is growing in the US not because of a lack of money. Look how much we could find to give the banks so bankstas had something from which to pay themselves obscene bonuses.

Poverty is growing because of a vast criminal conspiracy.

In the meantime, the global game of Ponzi continues because of our leader’s unwillingness to stop it.

Doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result is the very definition of insanity.

Watch now to see if someone doesn’t step forward with the idea that maybe our problems could be solved if we gave the banks more money.

Things are getting worse, not better. There will be more mass murders and horrific acts of violence, and they will not be fueled by guns but by the untreated mental illness produced by the stress of economic and social collapse.

Where I come from, everybody had guns, lots of guns, but we didn’t shoot each other with them. Obviously, we, and not the guns, are the problem.

Less lethal ammunition and smaller magazines can reduce the scope of gun violence without gun owners losing their rights.

Since both sides have a stake in the outcome, both sides should devote substantial energy and resources advocating for universal healthcare and sufficient funding to effectively treat the small percentage of the population who suffer from this largely treatable yet little understood human frailty.

Further debating the issue of gun ownership prevents us from coming to grips with the real problem and reducing deaths attributed to acts of insane violence.



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Divisive human thought is the root of all evil.

TyrannoSoros Wrecks's picture

I don't own guns to fight the government, I own them to fight off the gangs of Obama n****** who are going to take to the street when the .gov finally goes broke. They are already attacking Whites at an alarming rate and the media calls it a "random attack" by a "group of teens" or "youths". There's a unilateral race war being fought right now on our own soil. The military term is LOW-INTENSITY CONFLICT.
There are armed militias in every city in America they and control large areas where the police and citizens dare not step foot and they work with foreign organized crime groups like MS13, Gulf Cartel, Russian Mafia, etc.

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From SNIPERCOUNTRY.COM : Since the invention of the firearm, skilled individuals with specialized equipment have influenced the tide of battle. At times, this effect has been so great as to turn the tide of history. From Leonardo da Vinci to present, the long range rifleman has had a telling effect on the direction, drive and scope of battle. By his discriminatory nature, he has felled the command structure of his enemies, rendered their equipment useless and driven fear into the hearts of their fighting men. The sniper is one of the most effective weapons on the field of battle. He is frugal, and precise. He is not a superman, capable of incredible feats, but he is skilled in ways that many misunderstand.

Captain John T Metcalf, US Army Engineers

During Red River Campaign in 1864. Using a heavy, 50-caliber muzzle-loading rifle - one authority states it weighed between 23 to 27kg - fitted with a 24x scope, Metcalf fired at and hit a Confederate officer at a distance of 1666 meters. The officer was standing in front of a tent on a distant hillside and Metcalf had previously established the range with a surveyor's transit. The bullet took approximately five seconds to reach the target.

Unknown Confederate Sniper.

On September 19, 1863, a confederate sniper armed with a Whitworth .45 caliber percussion rifle, most likely shooting a 530 grain bullet, mortally wounded Union General William H. Lytle, during the battle of Chicamauga. General Lytle was leading a charge at the time. He died the following day. The Confederate army relied heavily on these marksmen to make up for their lack of heavy weapons and war fighting material. They were quite effective at harrying Union troops, artillery units and specialized in the taking of union officers. They were certainly one of the most effective forces on the battlefield and the Union was hard pressed to match their skill. Unfortunately for the south, these sharpshooters were neither numerous enough or effective enough to halt the tide of the well equipped Union forces.

Simo Häyhä. Finland. 1939 - 1940.

A member of the 34th Infantry Regiment and a farmer by trade, Simo Häyhä became a most feared sniper during the 1939-40 (30 November 1939 14 March 1940) Winter invasion of Finland by the Soviet Union. Using nothing more than an iron sighted Mosin-Nagant Model 28, Simo is credited with killing 505 Russians during a three month period - a feat still unmatched today by any sniper in any conflict. (Editor's note: Some sources say as many as 542 kills in this period.) The impact of Simo and men like him forced the Soviets to pay dearly for their transgressions. While Finland lost the Winter war, it cost the Soviets 1,000,000 men killed out of the 1,500,000 man invading force*. The Finns lost a total of 25,000 men in that conflict. A testament to their bravery and determination in the face of amazing odds.

Sulo Kolkka. Finland, 1939 - 1940.

During 105 days of combat Sulo was credited with 400+ enemy kills as a sniper in the Winter War (30 November 1939 14 March 1940). He used an iron sighted Mosin-Nagant rifle. He often took the war to the rear of the Soviet lines, causing much fear and frustration as this area was supposedly safe. In addition to the kills he made as a sniper, Kolkka also was apparently quite fond of the submachine gun as he made an additional 200 kills with it during this same time frame. Hunted often by the Soviets, he outlasted them all, killing the sniper sent to hunt him at 600 yards with a single shot after a running duel of several days. Like Simo Häyhä, Sulo Kolkka exhibited the hard determination and skill that kept Finland a sovereign nation even after its inevitable defeat. At the end of the Winter War a Soviet General is said to have quipped, "We gained 22,000 square miles of territory. Just enough to bury our dead".

Gunnery Sergeant Carlos N. Hathcock II - United States Marine Corps. 93 confirmed.

Probably the name most associated with modern military sniping in the United States, Carlos Hathcock has become legend in that nation for his exploits during and after the Vietnam war. The lessons learned by Hathcock and others during the Vietnam conflict were used to rebuild and revitalize sniping within the US military. His influence on the development of the military sniper cannot be exaggerated. Even today, some 30 years later, his name is still well known wherever sniper training is taking place. After his retirement from the Marine Corps, he took a very active role in developing snipers within the law enforcement community. Due to the extraordinary nature of several of his wartime missions, it is hard to single one out for listing on this page. Four stand out most.

The destruction of an entire NVA company over the span of 5 days. Hathcock and corporal John Burke pinned down a fresh company of NVA regulars in what was known as the Elephant valley. Craftily facing amazing but unskilled odds, the two snipers forced the company to sit in place while they slowly decimated the enemy, one by one. Interestingly, few if any of these kills are counted in either snipers' tally. At the end of the fifth day Hathcock and Burke called down artillery fire which in effect took every man left alive.

The longest recorded kill with a .50 BMG mounting a telescopic sight.  Hathcock was one of several individuals to utilize the Browning .50 caliber heavy machine gun in the sniping role. This success has led to the adoption of the .50 caliber cartridge as a viable anti-personnel and anti-equipment sniper round.The sniping of a Vietnamese general under conditions that can only be described as impossible. Displaying the ultimate in patience and field craft, Hathcock crawled approximately 1000 yards across an open field for four days to get into a position enabling him to take this particular general. Under constant threat of discovery from walking dog patrols, he persevered on nothing more than will power and a single canteen of water. He successfully completed the mission with a 700 yard killing shot. This mission was a true double edged sword. While the goal was met, the reaction on the part of the enemy indicated that it may have been in vain. If anything, the shooting strengthened their resolve. Nonetheless, it was an incredible feat of field craft.

Please check out the website....voting from the rooftops... http://www.vpc.org/studies/roofcont.htm

very very interesting what could be accomplished by a lone "patriot" with one of these weapons...I would wager that the knowledge of US citizens in possession of weaponry such as this has sent fecal matter down the pants legs of many a government agent who would fantasize about taking over the US of A, enslaving and murdering her citizens, and confiscating their guns

one quick example....

The trained operator of a 50 caliber sniper rifle like the Barrett M82A1 has the choice of accurately hitting a long range target at 1,800 meters (1,969 yards) away,21 blasting through two inches of solid concrete at the shorter range of 200 meters (219 yards),22 or destroying a spectrum of personnel and material targets at other ranges.23 These choices—the balance of extremely long-range and enormous striking power—are enhanced when specially designed "match," "armor piercing," or "armor piercing incendiary" ammunition is used.

AGuy's picture

"And, that would seem to me to be at least one place we could start to find some compromise between no guns and vast unlimited arsenals of nothing more than implements of death. Ammunition could be made far less deadly and destructive, and who needs thousands of rounds?"

Complete nonsense. How does restricting Ammo purchases prevent gun crimes? What if you restricted ammo sales to 10 rounds. It still only takes one round to kill. Less Lethal rounds? That would not work. it fairly simple to cast your own bullets anyway, and most non-lethal rounds are lethal at close range or lethal with a head shot. Whats to stop someone from buying 10 rounds with 100 purchases? This makes no sense whats so ever!

Its been  proven time and time again that Gun regulation does not work. When regions pass new restrictions on guns, gun crimes in that region increase. This is bacause criminals do not abide by the laws! Only law abiding citizens do! Criminals like Gun regulation because they know they have an unfair advantage over the rest of the population. In regions with Gun regulation Criminals know that there victims will be unarmed and will not fight back. In regions with Stiff Gun law penatlies the Criminals armed with Guns are more aggressive because they know if they lose they are screwed, so they will fight to the death since they have nothing to lose!

Another example at how inaffective Gun regulation is Mexico. In Mexico, Gun ownership is banned, yet Mexico has a much higher gun crime ratio than in the US. Its so bad that the Gov't is now outgunned by the Drug cartels.

A National Gun ban will turn the USA in to the Wild Wild West of America as Criminals no longer have to worry about the population fighting back. You think the Police are going to stop them? Especially now that  all regions are downsizing there police forces because of Budget cuts? I believe the national average for Police to arrive once a call is made is about 30 minutes. The average assault on an unarmed victum takes about 20 seconds. You'll either be severely injured or dead by the time the police show up. If you are unarmed and about to be assulted, don't call the police. Call the coroner, since they police won't be able to help you!

Don't forget about the 1995 oklahoma city bombing. What if James Holmes used bombs instead of bullets. His apartment was rigged with complex devices, so he clearly possed the knowledge to build bombs that could have killed many hundreds of people that night.

If you are serious about protecting the public, then Vehicles need to be strickly regulated. More people die in vehicular accidents and assullts then with guns, By 1000:1 ratio!


Access to Guns and Ammo sales for the Public is to protect the public from the criminals. By removing access to the tools that honest law abiding citizens, you remove the right of the public to defend themselves against the criminals. Gun control does not and never has stop criminals. Criminals will not abide by the laws... Because they are criminals! Duh!


Vooter's picture

I posted this elsewhere, but it obviously bears a repost. This is a list from last year of the states with the greatest number of firearm deaths per 100,000 residents, along with each state's ranking in firearm permissiveness. I have no interest in taking anyone's guns away--in fact, I couldn't care less if most Americans out there in Jesusland shot each other to death...it's your life. But these numbers pretty much speak for themselves...


Vooter's picture

I have no problem with the Second Amendment, or with people owning firearms--if someone wants to massacre a lot of people, they're going to do it regardless of the laws (and probably regardless of whether the citizenry is armed--correct me if I'm wrong, but firearm massacres seem to occur pretty frequently in states with permissive gun laws). But I've lived in NYC (and not in Manhattan) for close to four decades now, and I've never touched (let alone owned or carried) a firearm, and neither has anyone I've ever known. In that time, I've walked and ridden the subway twice a day through every conceivable neighborhood, at all hours of the day or night, and with an endless variety of white, black, Hispanic, Asian, straight, gay, sane and crazy people, with few problems, and no life-threatening ones. Is there crime in NYC? Of course there is. The difference between us and you people is that we don't run in panic to the gun store every time we encounter people (as we do every minute of every day) who might have a different skin color or who might be behaving in a way that we probably wouldn't. We just mind our own business and let them go about their business, and everyone generally just gets along fine. I despise the government and the corporations as much as anyone (in fact, I'm a silverbug, and I'm well aware of the fiscal cliff that we're approaching, although I'm not dumb enough to think that one political party or the other is to blame, since they're all whores), but I really don't understand how you people can live your lives in such a fearful, hateful and paranoid state of mind. You're allegedly living "the American dream"--you've got your quarter acre or more of land in the quiet suburbs or the country, and yet you're miserable and terrified enough of something to be arming yourselves to the teeth! WTF? Do you not see something wrong with this picture?

CitizenNYC's picture

In the meantime, the global game of Ponzi continues because of our leader’s unwillingness to stop it.


"Unwillingness to stop it" is a little weak.  

"active participation, complicity, and fraud" is more like it.

Nice, thoughtful article.  thanks.


ArgentDawn's picture

What's "less letahl ammunition"? This article is ridiculous. I shoot competitive trap and I use approximately 15k shotgun shells a year. That's out of a O/U shotgun, not a "killer arsenal". So I should be punished by eliminating my ability to purchase ammo in bulk or online? This is ridiculous. I should have to buy it in small piece-meal 25 round boxes from Wal-Mart hundreds of times a year? This author needs to think outside of the mainstream MSM though pattern for once. Unless eliminating traditional shooting sports is the actual goal of pundits and authors of articles such as this..

Son I am disappoint.

walcott's picture

Gun ownership keeps crime rate in check. Take away the possiblity that a person may be armed and its open season on everybody. You don't have to own a gun to be protected by the 2nd amendment. People don't have private security details like the NY governor. Especially women and elderly they will be most vulnerable. And after guns are taken away these pricks will unleash Al Qaedaesque crap on American citizens. Beheadings assault muder galore released on the public. 


Pure tyranny. There is no such thing as eutopia poeple! That's a skittle shitting unicorn fantasy.

Little John's picture

As we like to say in Texas ; It’s not the size of the man in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the man.  A little un ‘ll whoop a big un if the little un is in the write and ‘ll keep on a coming. Maybe I’m wrong but I believe this.  Maybe the forces of tyranny will win, if they do I don’t wont to live in that world so, if need be, I am quite willing to die fighting.  I aint scared.  There are things worth dying for. 

Money 4 Nothing's picture

"Free men are armed, Slaves are NOT!!" Which do you choose?


Oh.. and by the way, "Over your dead body" can be arranged and what their goal is.

AnAnonymous's picture

US citizen trick.

Well, never heard of gladiators?

Actually, in US citizenism, if things keep the same course (and no reason why), the slaves will be the armed people while the free men will go around unarmed.

US citizens will be slaves to the false impression that guns are what they need to provide a false sense of freedom while the freemen will roam happily around, unarmed.

No matter how hard US citizens scream, no matter how hard they propagate it, their rhetorics that guns are for fighting tyranny in government is being failing.

It has only made the ruling class more secure in their power positions.

TrumpXVI's picture

Dumb comment.

The Gladiators were indeed slaves until they escaped from their cage.

Ever hear of Spartacus?

As long as he held a weapon in his hand and was out of his cage, he was a free man.

akak's picture

TrumpXVI, do not try to argue logically or rationally with AnAnonymous --- such efforts are akin to plowing the sea.

You should be aware that, to this rabidly anti-American Chinese troll, history is nothing but an infinitely elastic and plastic medium in which to mold his collectivist delusions and bigoted fantasies into the formulaic, surreal and offensive shapes so often on display here, the meaning of which (if any) only he can ascertain.

GlomarHabu's picture



Remember .. do not shoot to kill. The gestapo will be too heavily body armored. Shoot for the legs. It will deplete the men in action as they tend for wounded .. don't worry they'll eventually get most of us who resist.

Also, what we are now seeing in  our police forces are a huge increase in the hiring of former military police. This is not good. If you take a high school kid and bend his mind so that while in the military he learns policing, what is he learning? First, to enforce military law. Second to garrison and police formerly hostile towns and villages. Pumped up with importance and steroids these "police" leave the military and are snapped up by the locals. They remain in the mind set of subjugating people and you and I are no different than an Iraqi or Afghan or any other. They use force, big force, immediately. Our police have become an occupying force in this country and will use their power to subjugate us.


AnAnonymous's picture

They remain in the mind set of subjugating people and you and I are no different than an Iraqi or Afghan or any other.


US citizens are very different from an Iraqi or Afghan.

US citizens wont take the pressure of being on such a weaker side. They will fight to join the stronger side.

And the stronger side will have airforce and a navy so to enable US citizen military tactics.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


US citizens wont take the pressure of being on such a weaker side. They will fight to join the stronger side.

Chinese citizenism citizens won't take the pressure of crapping on a cluttered roadside. They will fight to poop on the cleaner side.

GMadScientist's picture

All this acrimony because a certain subset of the population was never taught to properly interpret a dependent clause.

wonderatitall's picture

eeyuup. we b stoopid . wes be a needin smart folks like you and the rest of the nazi elite to b a tellin us...asshole


Zero Govt's picture

Abe Lincoln was assasinated for his murderous ways of forcing a national monopoly State onto unwilling regional States

shame they didn't see it through and reversed the War, would have saved America Trillions in so many ways

Rhodin's picture

Gee, thanks. 

All this time i thought the bankers had him killed for printing greenbacks that didn't pay them interest.  I guess they must have forgiven that in gratitude for war profits and weakening the US, right?

AnAnonymous's picture

What was to be reversed?

The South and the North fought to control the federal state apparatus.

When the South understood that the contemporary momentum was pushing the federal government toward the North, (the South had enjoyed monopoly on it so far), they wanted to secede.

Kind of US citizen classics. US citizens do not disagree with tyranny, they disagree with being tyrannized. The rules are all too good when they are in favour of US citizens, when the tables are turned, well, the rules must be changed...

US citizenism at work.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Rewriting history much? You should stick to Easter Island.

Money 4 Nothing's picture

2A was not penned for Duck hunting.. You have a duty to resist Tyranny, and it's legal.




Wake up, because if you want to preserve your Freedoms, this opportunity won't come around twice in your lifetime.


Mental illness e.g. "Exibits a strong sence of Nationalism", Patriotism. That's considered an illness now, you can and will be treated for in one way or another.


In 2009, the Govenment declared the American citizens "Enemy of the State" Reference: MIAC Report.


Remove yourself from Fascist Tyranny by acknowledging Article 50, Trading with the enemy. It goes both way's folks. The Fed is printing debt and issuing credit at this point, there is no such thing as Sovereign money, their using all new SS cards which have RED 8 digit codes on the back issued post 2009 as colladeral to print on your already estimated contribution to the system, yea, their stealing your personal wealth from your WHFIT account via printing from your account value.

If you have a post 2009 SS card, it will have the red 8 digit code on the back. example C1234567. This is the ne Bond number they are printing off.

Your allowed 3 per year or 10 over your lifetime. Each SS card applied for will all have different 8 digit codes on the back after 2009. expressed in red ink and USD font style.

Everytime you get a new card from SS post 2009, they keep opening new accounts under your Bond number-s, for as many SS cards you have is as many times they are opening new accounts to print off your new bonds applied for from what was explained to me.

Go to Fidelity.com, click on "research" click on "Quotes" click on "Find symbol" drop down menu, "Mutual Fund / Fund number" enter your first three numbers, or full number from the bottom corner of your Birth Certificate (Bond) and see how YOU are trading on the NYSE, Discover how much $$$$$ your account has. I am trading negative as of today but the total estimated value of my Bond as of 09:30 was 2.3 Million dollars.

File or call the IRS as to become the Administrator / Execuator of your WHFIT account and start removing your money by setting off your personal debt against it. Don't forget to file a 1099a or c? at the end of the year though. It's considered income although you do not want to recover FRN's from it, it's considered "unlawful money" in hand anyway, just use the account to set off current debt. Side note: you can not use FRN's to pay debt anymore, it just *seems as if you are, there printed off your back now via SS cards and Birth Certificates.

That's why it says on the bottom of current Deeds or Titles "Tennant" not "Owner" of said Property. The reason why is becasue you paid for those assets with unlawful monies. aka FRN's. Everytime you register an asset, car, motorcycle, home et al, your actually signing it over to the Government, more on that later. 


Call or write:

IRS, tax credit department, 1500 Pennsylvania ave NW. Washington DC. CID = Criminal Investigative Services.

Make them know that you are aware of HJR 192 and tell them that you want access to your contract trust account and begin setting off personal debt by using that account, they will explain to you over the phone how to prepare the set off. You may not remove as cash, but you can discharge debt by using that account. HJR 192 allows you access. 

Reference: HJR 192 - http://www.educationcenter2000.com/legal/HJR_192.html

Read it and get up to speed. Extracate your "Strawman" value from this system. The Federal Reserve is purposely trying to go broke buying debt, when they do, all pools are warded to the Central bank aka Global bank and everyone will be adversly affected via stealing your *real assets or monies in those WHFIT accounts. Just a warning. 

This above brief should not be considered financial advise, it's a brief to educate and expose fraudulant acts of the Federal Reserve et al that has *legal remedies described above. 


Thanks for reading.



rsnoble's picture

Mental illness? What mental illness? Watching your country go to hell ran buy a bunch of criminals, losing you're job, you're house and possibly your children to some stupid cunt that thinks it's all your fault..............it would perfectly natural for someone in this position to want to blow someone's fucking head off. There's no illness about it.

aayers's picture

The Aurora gunman was the victim of mind control, not mentally ill. http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/news617_batmanwhohow.html

Psychiatry may become the state's weapon of choice. It worked in the former USSR. One 9/11 truther was involuntarily committed in Kentucky in 2003.

There are many who would rather risk death than capture. There must be tons of private munitions stashed in the USA. The FEMA camps are set up for 15 million, not 150 million.

I don't own a gun. None of what I say should be construed as a threat or advocation of violence.

Money 4 Nothing's picture

Their definition of mental illness is exhibiting a fierce sence of Nationalism, as in defending your right's and your Nation. It's described in the Health Care Bill, and the Patriot Act part 2. You will be treated one way or another to cure you of your Patriotism and love for this American Flag.


Rememeber, this Admisistration has labled you and your family the enemy now. Act accordingly. Buy a Blacks Law Dictionary and understand their legaleze speak. NDAA 1867 with all civil attactchments states "America to be considered a Battlefeild". Why?


Now for a game of, Did you know?

Did you know that the Department of Homeland Security hired a former KGB official as a consultant for shaping American security policy?

That Goldman Sachs is the management of the Treasury Department for the IMF now?

Did you know that when Obama signed the NDAA 1867 it shreded the Bill of Rights subsequently suspending the Civil Constitution of the USA?



De Jure Government is Restored! The re-inhabited Republic for the united States of America has been Restored circa 1791 Constitutional Law

       Over the course of the last 150 years, the United States have been ruled by Executive Orders rather than Constitutional Law. However, July 21, 2010, that circumvention of the Constitution was changed and forever abolished. The re-inhabited Republic for the united States of America is now has been restored circa to 1791 Constitutional Law. The year 1776 marked America’s victory in the War for Independence.  The lawful right to re-inhabit is inherent in The Declaration of Independence circa 1776. The Declaration, one of our founding documents, declares our right to change, alter or abolish any system of government that we believe is contrary to the safety and security of the American people. In concern for all of humanity, “We the People” re-inhabited our lawful de jure (meaning “by right of lawful establishment”) government July 21, 2010.  When the Southern states walked out of Congress on March 27, 1861, the quorum to conduct business under the Constitution was lost.


The rewritten Constitution of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION bypasses the original Constitution for the United States of America, which explains why our Congressmen and Senators don’t abide by it, and the President can write Executive Orders to do whatever he/she wants. They are following corporate laws that completely strip sovereigns of their God given unalienable rights. Corporate/Commercial/Public Law is not sovereign (private), as it is an agreement between two or more parties under contract. Common Law (which sovereigns operate under) is not Commercial Law; it is personal and private.

Link: http://republicoftheunitedstates.org/node/5



Did you know that America is a Corporation not a Republic?

Did you know we are all considered Federal Property when the Obamanation hell Care Bill goes in effect?

Did you know that there is no Laws in the USA right now? just public statutes. AKA, Law of Admiralty.

There is no lawful money in circulation right now? It's considered "unlawful money". We are now the adverse party to Fed Policies.

Did you know that the legislative Branch has no more business on the floor anymore = neturalized. Senate = window dressing.

Did you know that the president controls the department of Justice? Lower case "p" intentionally. 


More later.

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It can be intepreted as individuals in a militia that is allowed to have arms only, not every individual.

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Militia names you may be familiar with.


State Police.

National Gaurd.

All American citizens whom decide to protect themselves from Federal Tyranny when it reaches their front door. Militia.

Reference: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/10/311

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really? it can be said that only chicago hoodlums can be armed to...why the hell not. oh, they already are.

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That is why the framers put it in the Bill of Rights. Because militias have rights too. /SARC

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I hate stupid articles like this one.  The author's views are both stupid and uninformed.  And it's pointless debating all his flawed assumptions.

Disarming civilians doesn't make anyone safer, all it does is tilt the playing field in favor of those wishing to do others harm.  A level playing field is the best we can create, barring Utopia, which is always the unrealistic wish of authors like the one who wrote this article.

It is also a completely moot point who would "win" a war between civilians and their government.  Tyrannical governments do not want fights that they can win.  They want fights that they CANNOT LOSE!  Best, they want NO FIGHT AT ALL!

This is why the first thing they do is disarm their civilian populations.  Because a fight means chaos.  Once chaos is unleashed, total predictability goes out the window.  No one can predict with certainty who will come out the better from a violent encounter.  "Weaker" opponents have won more battles and wars than an intelligent student of history can recount.  The author should open a goddamn history book!

But why waste one's breath with these people.

Fuck em, we got the guns.

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More disinformation.

An armed citizenry is no threat to the State in US citizen nations. It only strengthens the grip.

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AnAnonymous, spewing more disinformation:

More disinformation.

Hey, thanks for the warning.

An armed citizenry is no threat to the State in US citizen nations. It only strengthens the grip.

Ah, ah, that must explain the big increase in gun sales to civilians in glorious Peoples Republic of China.

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I've said it before but to understand why the world is evolving the way it is incluidng why the American people are to be disarmed, listen to Alex Jones at www.prisonplanet.com and www.infowars.com.  Understand and go wake up your friends and family and get involved.  Everything is at stake.  

Alex Jones said last week that he understands the Tyler Durdens' here are listeners.  

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What part of Shall not Infringe is so difficult to understand?

Molon Labe

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Socrates, good points all around, mostly, and I appreciate your observations, but your tone still screams government sanction required and failure guaranteed if you're not ex-Seal Team Six.   FYI, the 2nd Ammendment doesn't mention 'formal training.'  Or 'licensing.'  Many of us are ex-military.  In my case, 101st Airborne, 67-68, RVN.  Yeah, I'm a bent-over old man now in my 60's, and it's been awhile since I aimed a weapon at a human being, but I can do it again, (and have since then) and I'll feel the same way if I have to the next time, to wit:   It's my fucking job and if I do it right, I won't die -- the other guy will. Not all citizens are clueless armchair commandos, especially 2.5 million vets of RVN and another couple of mil vets of the past 10 years in the MiddleEast.  I have never touched a fucking video game, wouldn't know what to do with it, so I don't have fantasy problems.  Of course, you wouldn't find me at a Batman movie, either, unless it was with my granddaughter, and for her, I would take the bullet. No questions asked. Yes, it takes a few moments to gather your wits when rounds are sprayed, but cutting that actual death toll of 12 down to 10 or 9 or 6 or 4 might have been possible if some 'arm chair commando' had been in the place with a CCW.  You're right that there's a terrible cost to taking a human life -- it generates a lot of fucking paperwork.  You are also correct that the author of that article is a fuckwad. Mental health my ass. But here's your kicker:  If Aurora wasnt such a pussy about concealed carry,  then that cowardly perp in that theater would have known that a couple dozen folks in there might be armed, and that coward would have never been in there. The liberal assholes running Aurora and their voters share the blame for the theater killings. 

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The Commandment "thou shalt not kill" was abandoned as soon as it appeared. Killing is a central tenet  of national interest, in many countries, of justice.  Owning guns gives direct access to an instrument of killing, hence attempts to regulate gun ownership.

In most central European countries gun ownership and use are strictly regulated.

Guns for culling animals near human settlements should be the only exception to the ownership of guns.  In Germany animal hunting is regulated and hunters need to complete a course, are examined and then carry a Permit to hunt,. Their guns must be registered with the Police, kept in a closed lockable cabinet and guns can be transported from storage only to and from a notified hunt. However.

As long as weapon makers sell ammunition and guns to kill - in so called war zones - and are encouraged to do so, there can be no moral or economic control of the sale or use of guns.

I feel carrying or keeping a gun is a form of personal inadequacy, allows a subconcious source of superiority and fosters a brooding gloating sense of power that is then apt to break out.  It is an easy, dreadful way to  balance out natural fear.


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" I feel carrying or keeping a gun is a form of personal inadequacy"

You would think that as you recognize, deep down, that you are incapable of defending yourself and must submit and hope for the best as they rape your wife and children after carjacking you, leaving you, and taking them.

You are worse that an idiot; you are a coward.

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It only boosts a feeling of superiority in idiots. I'd rather feel scared with a gun in my hands when facing an armed opponent than with nothing.

How about we take away the guns from the police and the military too? Let's start with Germany. First, they should probably tell the Americans to leave their country. I'm not sure how they even call themselves a sovereign country with foreign military troops in it... then they should ban imports and manufacturing of all weapons and destroy all the existing ones. And let's see how long they last for. If they make a case, I'm sure the rest of the world will follow.


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It's even worse than that.  If someone breaks into my home and attacks my family, I am (though I am not supposed to) going to have to try to quickly find my keys to my Waffenschrank, then retrieve the gun, then open ANOTHER Munitionschrank to get the bullets, and then MAYBE have enough time to defend my loved ones from the African/Albanian/Turk/Pakistani (take your pick) who has decided that my non-burka-wearing wife deserves to be raped, perhaps along with my 5-year-old daughter (perhaps to cure a bantu from AIDS).

We know EXACTLY who commits the majority of violent crimes, both here and in the US, and THAT is from whom we need to defend ourselves.  Fuck YES, we are afraid of the animals. 

You, sir are a Fucktard, und darf mich ruhig am Arsch.  The verse says "Thou shalt not MURDER."  However, as I know not a single German who truly believes the Bible or in following Jesus Christ as his or her Saviour, I don't know know what POSSIBLE difference ANY of the ten commandments would make to an Arschloch like yourself.  Or is it perhaps that you are one of those self-hating Germans so consumed with guilt over things you had nothing to do with, that you feel that you deserve to be a victim of violent crime?

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nachdenken, we have some 100m personal weapons in europe, please don't tell me that we have a serious reason to restrict more. In fact, some smarter and less restrictive regulation would be appropriate, IMO.


gavrikon, the "they are not true believers of JC or the bible" argument is a bit weak, and I suspect you know it. as you wrote yourself, you live in Germany and you are not scared about armed non-believing Germans.

"Sie, mein Herr, sind ein Fucktard, und Sie dürfen mich ruhig am Arsch lecken" - here, fixed grammar and style for you


bardot63, If I would travel the US for a year and go everyday to places like cinemas, discos, bars, etc. for a year, what would the chances be that someone would shoot at me, compared with a car accident or a medical problem? The question is simply never framed this way, eh?

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You are, of course, correct, Ghordo.  I am simply tired of non-believers quoting the Bible to me when it suits them, though they themselves believe next to nothing in it.  And no, I've no fear at all from the Germans.  They are, in general, a very law-abiding Volk, though far too fearful of being called the N word.  One wonders when their self-abnegation will come to an end.  And, in general, I LIKE their hunting laws.  Culling the herds of undesirables instead of killing one's prize bull makes a great deal of sense to me.  I believe the idea was instituted by Mr. Goering, though I might be mistaken.  Where we part paths is on how difficult it is for me as a hunter to use my Waffen to defend my family, if necessary.  When I first arrived in the late 70's, I was inclined to sleep with the doors unlocked.  After years of importing third-worlders, one feels not nearly so safe, though clearly safer than someone living in the vicinity of thugs in the US.  It might be argued that the violent crime has been reduced by the removal of much of the US Army and its violent minorities, but their savage relatives have moved in to fill the gap.  

As far as the rest goes, I felt the combination of Englisch with Deutsch would be more fun.  "Lecken" was implied, of course, though I did drop the ball on "dürfen".  Now, we need only a German transliteration for Fucktard.  Vickhinderte, vielleicht? 

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lol - and lol again. I actually know a lot of Germans that still leave their doors unlocked, but yes, I know what you mean

anyway, I believe in statistics. and they tell still me that going to a cinema in the US is less dangerous than many, many other supposedly safe things I could do there.

+1 may your ammunition never go out

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Less lethal ammunition and smaller magazines can reduce the scope of gun violence without gun owners losing their rights.

This statement alone says to me that the author may be suffering from a mental illness.

Less lethal ammuntion = no real protection or die slowly, or both

Here's a REAL article for ZeroHedger's to read:



Since adopting a concealed carry law Florida’s total violent crime rate has dropped 32% and its homicide rate has dropped 58%. Floridians, except for criminals, are safer due to this law. And Florida is not alone. Texas’ violent crime rate has dropped 20% and homicide rate has dropped 31%, since enactment of its 1996 carry law.


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Here's a list from last year of the top 20 states in gun deaths per 100,000 residents, along with each state's ranking in gun permissiveness. Draw your own conclusions:


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A study like that is completely flawed as it cannot take into consideration the demographics such as large cities, where crime breeds. Nor does it take into account crimes prevented.

DC and Chicago....no guns...outrageous murders. Do the math.

John Lott's book, county-by-county in the US - "More Guns = Less Crime"

England has approached 4 times the violent crime rate of the USA.

It's really not about guns, it's about freedom.