Obamanomics: Grab Some Pizza, Grow the Economy

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As the economy continues to flourish flounder, President Obama hit the road today to continue his Economic Lecture Series.

Today's class, stopping just short of lecturing on the benefits of the broken window theory, taught the good people of Ohio that if you buy a slice of pizza, and build a road, the economy grows.

Pay attention here kids, you don't get this kind of knowledge dropped for free every day. 



I'm not sure, but weren't we supposed to be rebuilding our infrastructure with the $800 billion dollar Recovery Act passed in 2009? We've spent $765bn of that, which very well could pave every road in the entire United States, and buy some new hard hats for good measure. How's that all working out for us, pretty good?

Speaking of getting hard hats back to work, wasn't that the exact same pitch that was made to us back then? Spend money we don't have, in order to kickstart the economy - let's check the tape



Noted. Apparently a few hundred billion more and the economy will really get fired up. This time is different! -- or something.

At any rate, now is not the time to be frugal. As we all have been taught by our Keynesian friends: spend your way out of a depression, and pay down the debt during the boom -- or something.


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DOT's picture

Obama took my job and shoveled it.

Soon to have $millions !

DOT's picture

I formed a LLC to open a Pizza Joint.

I didn't build it.

Waiting for the gubmint to supply my $millions.


shovelhead's picture

" I'm a nitwit, but so are you...Just go buy a pizza and everything will be fine."

Obama '12.

Sweet baby Jesus, we are so screwed. (thermonuclear facepalm)

Everybodys All American's picture

I'm shocked people are this stupid to fall for Obama. I really am shocked.

MFLTucson's picture

Maybe clown man can tell the people who is buiilding the biggest bridge in california and several other shovel ready jobs.  Its the Chinese do not belive this man he cannot tell the truth.

larz's picture

Lets abolish term limits so this jeenyus with a capital J and his merry band of academics can rule forever

tradewithdave's picture

You didn't build that pizza. A Monsanto Roundup Ready wheat growing farmer built that pizza. Come to think of it the Koch Brother's fertilizer built that pizza.


marcusfenix's picture

ok so now we have peas in every pot, thingamajigs in every living-room, and now pizza...

ya know I always knew there was something special about pizza.

when I look at our "choices" this November I can't help but feel this is a contest between the two dumbest tools to ever have run for TOTUS.

Mitt dropped an equally priceless pearl when he said Israelis are doing so well (but not really as people are setting themselves on fire over income disparity in Tel Avie) and Palestinians are so poor because of cultural differences, or, Israelis are racially superior to those stupid, primitive, lazy, ghetto dwelling brown people. Of course, the fact that they live under constant embargo and military occupation by those same Israelis has absolutely nothing to do with their current situation does it Mittens? 

oh yeah He also promised, if elected prez he would move the US embassy to Jerusalem...

where it would promptly be blown up.

brilliant Mitt.

Hey maybe in the spirit of bipartisanship they could share they oval office for the next four years? I know it would be a complete cluster fuck but on the bright side it would be twice as entertaining.

ObamaRomney 2012

no hope

no change

and really, no reason to vote.        

De minimus's picture

Good try! But there are stark differences between the two, which creates a voting imperative.

Obama is a Marxist. So are several members of the Senate.

Romney Isn't a Marxist.

We can start there.

shovelhead's picture

There's differences in a firing squad and an electric chair too.

The results are the same.

marcusfenix's picture

we can argue the difference in packaging and public perception, how they are presented if you want, cause they certainly are shown to the masses in two completely different lights. But my point is we didn't get here because of one party, both have been in power for a very long time and both have proved to be consistently destructive and counterproductive to what the founders envisioned when they authored the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Both have started, continued and added to the horrid and corrupt economic policies that have been and continue to destroy the American dream. Both have authored, supported and added too policies that minimize and shrink individual freedoms and personal liberties in favor of a dependent, controlled, repressed population that thinks freedom is the ability to choose between Verizon or TimeWarner.

in other words both have driven the car into the ditch because they are a two party dictatorship, they wield corrupt, absolute power over politics in America, and to believe they don't work together to maintain and increase that power is just willful ignorance, especially since they have proven it, flaunted it openly, thrown it in our faces over and over and over again.

so vote, but by doing so all you are really giving is your consent to continue to be ruled by the illusion of choice, by the system that simply shifts blame every two or four years so that it and those who run it never really have to accept responsibility for anything, cause it's always "the other guys fault". 

just don't be surprised when it becomes clear that Romney doesn't have any answers, and you start making excuses for him the same the Obama clones do now.

"insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."

good luck.


NidStyles's picture

Statism is statism there is no difference between the two. 

Shizzmoney's picture

Or even better, buy pizza with a credit card.  Yes, you too, can CTRL-P (but pay interest unlike those who buy DC politicans)!

rsnoble's picture

Support your local liquor store.

mr1963's picture

Pizza. About all we can afford. Wonder if their "ebt" card can buy it for them...

Money 4 Nothing's picture

And be sure to keep your car tires aired up to 32psi and this will all be fine.

CVfriendship's picture

Guys, he's trying really hard to get reelected....you know for the good of the people.

Hate it.

DOT's picture

X tera money Iwant mower.

flyonmywall's picture

So, if I buy more pizza with extra money in my pocket, the economy grows because Brenda will then hire more pizza delivery people, to deliver pizza to my fat ass. Just where exactly is this EXTRA money coming from? Can I call up Uncle Ben for a 0.25% loan to buy more pizza? I should apply for a banking license from those porn surfers at the SEC, see how fast they'll approve that.


If this is the best the Nobel Prize winner can come up with , we are more screwed than we ever thought possible. Did he get that line form Ben?


LMAOLORI's picture


Obviously it is the best he can come up with the Marxist play book is limited 

" Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke believes that by pulling up stocks, the masses will feel richer and spend more on consumer goods, thus lifting up the economy. This is based on Karl Marx's reflexivity theory (George Soros essentially paraphrased Marx) that states by turning the small wheel (stocks), you can turn the big wheel (economy), which in turn will come back and turn up the small wheel (stocks). Bernanke subscribes to such a theory, and he wants QE to lift up the small wheel (stocks), which he hopes will lift up the big wheel (the economy)."

as for calling uncle ben

The Fed Should Stop Paying Banks Not to Lend

Al Gorerhythm's picture



I'll gladly pay you Wednesday for a pepperoni pizza today.

Zero Govt's picture

consumers debt-spend your way to prosperity .....print money to prosperity ....Govt spend your way to prosperity

None of these 3 political mantras have done anything but fake booms followed by real busts

after 4 failed years and $Trillions down the toilet Bummas Democrats are stark naked and wearing no clothes in the sunlight

...but be assured the Republicans destroy the real economy almost as fast

Kill Govt and let the economy live and breath


nmewn's picture

"If you've got some extra money in your pocket, you go get some pizza from Brenda. Then Brenda decides maybe she can afford to hire another worker."

Where did the extra money "in my pocket" come from? Did it come from my labor or central government deciding to allow me to keep more of what I earned?

Normally, pizza is fattening so that personal decision would have to be run by the new Calorie Czars...either Michelle or Bloomberg first. You can't be trusted to make those weighty decisions for yourself.

Now, Brenda's decision to hire more pizza delivery drivers or pizza cooks will be driven by how many employees she already has. If she has 49 employees she has to weigh the implications of ObamaCare by hiring more.

Brenda must be one of the evil "rich" who makes over 200k so she should pay a higher tax...right?

Money 4 Nothing's picture

@ nmewn, nooow you get it. Exacty! Did you know the food czar has labled Pizza a vegetable? It's true, and if this is the flawed logic were dealing with from this Administration, don't expect too much change for the butter... I mean better.



nmewn's picture

lol...nothing surprises me anymore from them.

They are either delusional or full bore despots...I'm going with the latter.

MrTouchdown's picture

Brenda acted stupidly. Sometimes, my countrymen (and women) do things that we aren't so proud of later, but if I had a son, he'd look like a Calorie Czar.


Zero Govt's picture

NM, do you get the sneaking suspicion the US President is a retard?

nmewn's picture

I do indeed.

His incompetence is only surpassed by his arrogance.

BeetleBailey's picture

...and here I thought I could not get over the creep factor in Bill Clinton's voice, and then Bush's .........

Now we have this prick, whose knowledge of economics and business could fit in a thimble - with room to spare. Moreover, his lisp sounds uber-faggyish.

I'd get thrown out of one of his planned speeches - due to loud and continual laughter.

What a cunt.

solgundy's picture

the "choosen one" ?.....no wonder he sealed his college records.....he never attended a single class in any subject.....

orangegeek's picture

Obama knows he is finished if these markets drop.  Elliott wave count on the Dow shows downside - primary wave 3.


No amount of speeches like these will change this - Obama is up against decades of similar patterns - down market, encumbent loses.



Satan's picture

" if you buy a slice of pizza"...you didn't buy that.

divide_by_zero's picture

The grand total for Porkulus was closer to $858B according to the CBO post-passage, and this was not a one time event as it good cooked into the baseline budget/continuing-resolution, the reason deficits went from ~$400B a year to ~$1.3T a year and stayed there. And why Reid will not bring a budget into the Senate for a vote.

bigwavedave's picture

I'd like to borrow some more money please. I promise I will spend every penny on Chinese shiny plastic crap and wont use any of it to pay down my current debts. If only we all could be so obliging then a few more of us can have Cayman Island bank accounts.

Walt D.'s picture

Seems my dog has created more shovel ready jobs in the last 4 years than Obama - and I didn't have to spend $6 tillion on dog food.

monad's picture

If Holmes could have got one of those shovel ready jobs in CO we wouldn't be here.

Edmon Plume's picture

The last gray bar farthest to the right - shouldn't that extend a ways out past where the blue hockey stick ends?

takinthehighway's picture

Guess somebody needs to inform Mr. Obama that you can't purchase ready-to-eat pizza with an EBT card.

OldE_Ant's picture

Now that is clearly a growth company!

Midas's picture

What's funny now is the thought that we used to worry about the debt in the 1980s.   Looking back, those were the days!

Ghordius's picture

Midas, the real context of this chart is that the US debt situation of 1971 was so catastrophic that President Nixon defaulted on the payments in gold.