ELeCTioN 2012: NoBoDY GiVeS a FLYiNG...

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Like me, I know that many members of the Zero Hedge community are sick and tired of the two most unsavory alternatives presented in this year's Persidential election.

Just like me, most of you are sick and tired of this... 



and this...



Cheer up friends, yesterday I stumbled across an exciting alternative candidate purely by accident : Nobody.

Nowbody seems to know who he is and Nobody seems to care...because Nobody gives a:



Nobody has a platform we can all rally behind....





All you have to do is write in Nobody or check none of the above.


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I will vote for Mitt, only if he superglues that pet carrier to his scalp.

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Nobody saw it coming!

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banzai art, nicely toasted.. couldn't ask for more


well done, fine chap!  :)

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Hey Banzai you may be missing something here with Rombot. I think you should illustrate his persona to include the true American crony capitalistic integrity that he represents. The fact that this asshole has his picture taken with hundreds stuffed in his mouth to illustrate his "business sucess" is icing on the cake with regard to the way these elitist assholes portray themselves to the sheeple and their interpretation of success.  Destroying companies, firing people, throwing entire families out on the street is OK as long as you make lots of money it's "Capitalism". And to illustrate your "success" at destroying lives, you have your picture taken with the proceeds of your destruction stuffed in your mouth.  And the sheeple say, "baaaa baaaa I want to be like Rooommmmboooot. I'm a Repuuuublllican"  What's the measure of success in Amerika?  Money, any way you can make it.  Lets vote for a guy who thinks success is flaunting money he made by ruining lives and getting his picture taken with it stuffed in his pie hole.

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Each new round of art demonstrates greater mastery of medium and more intense connotative message.


I can see Mitt looking into a mirror and straightening his tie while OBama looks back at him.


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Yeah, don't participate in the political process in no way. You know what real americans do instead:


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not participating is probably the only way left to protest and to let your voice be heard.

personally i don't participate in a lot of things and it makes me happy.


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If you don't participate, don't BITCH afterward.

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ok then,

maybe there is an alternative: vote at random.

it won't really matter what party you vote for. it's all the same.

bitch afterwards, because that always feels good.

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Have a buddy in NH who i work campaigns with from time to time. "keeping hope alive"! anywho one guy said many years ago "i don't vote." and when i asked him why "because i don't want to encourage them." not a big fan of the ethos tho it did make me laugh at the time. needless to say the participation rate of the folks in their political process has never been lower in our entire history. http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu/historyonline/con_voting.cfm
if that doesn't say failure i don't know what does.

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As they say, if elections could change things they would make them illegal.

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Real elections were suspended in the usurpation, 12/24/1913. 

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Non participation is valuable and works when you are still in the race running to win.

When you want to quit because you are losing, well, it is too late and that move makes you what is called a sore loser.

'Americans' who get nothing out of the elections are losing. It means they no longer profit from any party, faction etc because they have grown useless to those factions.

Their vote are no longer needed.

But it does not mean that some other 'Americans' will quit voting. Many 'Americans' still get something from voting either democrats or republicans.

When their gang is in power, it makes a change for them in their daily life.

Reading this site, it is easy to spot the 'Americans' who feels nostalgia for the time when voting for a party and getting it in power means providing themselves with sustantial advantages.

Parties are as the same as rivals can be.

Way it works.

Way of US citizenism.

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Tibetan citizens  feel nostalgia for the time when they had their own country which means providing themselves with sustantial advantages.

Such as being able to go about ones own business and say openly what is on ones mind without suddenly "dissapearing"

Way it works.

Way of Tibetan non citizenism.

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Thank you very much for your vote of confidence in me, WB. My platform is simple:

Nobody is clearly the best candidate.

Nobody cares.

Nobody keeps his election promises.

Nobody listens to your concerns.

Nobody tells the truth.

Nobody will lower your taxes.

Nobody will defend your rights.

Nobody has all the answers.

Nobody should have that much power.

Nobody makes apple pie better than Mom.

And Nobody will love you when you're down and out.

Thank you for your support.

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Another propaganda piece by an Obamiac. Pieces like this are always written in support of failing incumbents because it is a way to discourage those that do not like what has been happening by telling them there is no difference and causing them to stay home, which means they do not vote against the incumbent. Many people took the bait, which means the Obamiac has done good work.

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Another propaganda piece by an Obamiac.


Obamaniac. And US citizens are all propagandists or fantasists.

Way it works.

Way of US citizenism.

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You're right.  Supreme Court nominations, taxation and homosexual marriage are just 3 differences off the top of my head.  I'll give it some thought a make a real list.

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"Supreme Court nominations"




Maybe Mitt will get you another John Roberts...or a David Souter.

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this is a joke showing the pathetic choice we have.
Ron Paul is the only honest candidate that has been solid in his voting record
and standing. Where is he now.

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He is for nuclear, not good.  

And basically, just too old and too weak to be the countries alpha male


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Nobody knows the trouble I've seen...Glory, Hallelujah...


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You are hereby excommunicated. Go forth, be happy, live free, and all those other things.

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If Diebold SCYTL does to the fake election what Knight of the Temple of Jerusalem did to the fake NYSE, its going to get very interesting on this planet.

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This was a campaign restarted by the late (and great) Art Hoppe of the San Francisco Chronicle.


"Who should you vote for in the next election? What about Nobody? After all, Nobody is clearly the best candidate. Nobody cares. Nobody keeps his election promises. Nobody listens to your concerns. Nobody tells the truth. Nobody will lower your taxes. Nobody will defend your rights. Nobody has all the answers. Nobody should have that much power. Nobody makes apple pie better than Mom. And Nobody will love you when you're down and out.

 The joke of electing "Nobody" for President is an old one. It dates back at least to 1940, as seen by this political cartoon from that year featuring a protester waving a "Nobody For President" sign."

" In 1964 the humor columnist Arthur Hoppe launched a satirical campaign to elect Nobody for President, pretending in a series of columns to be working at the Nobody for President campaign office. For example:

There's not a dry eye to be seen today down at Nobody for President Headquarters. It's the mail. Each new batch brings more moving and poignant letters from ordinary citizens everywhere. There can be no question that Nobody's campaign has struck a responsive chord in the hearts of the American voters."

Apparently it's been resurrected.

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Thanks for that.

An idea ahead of its time, or a timeless idea? In any event its a good one ;-)

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A vote for nobody is throwing in the towel. If you are at that point, you might as well vote for rhomboid: "the candidate nobody wants you to vote for".

Or at least write-in yourself for President and get a share of the 60,000,000 tie.


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Kickin some serious ass once again Laugh Therapist Father Bill... 


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The Staple Singers - I'll Take You There [Full Length Version]

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a vote for nobody
is a vote for nothing....

zen politics

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Finaly,i will be >President!

I didnt know you Knew me B7,i am Nobody,thank you!

Never did i laugh so goood,no offense,but you are, DA MANNNNNNNNNNN!

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Sartre was right: voting is a trap for fools.  A vote for Obama/Romney in particular is an easy marker for someone with low intelligence and/or weak character.  Voting is at least helpful in that respect.

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You should understand that he was writing from an anti-colonialist french perpective. Sartre left most of the existentialism behind with his later writing: Marxism was for him a philosophy; not an economic, political, or govt theory. Later Sartre explained why Marx's theory of "class"? was false.

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It makes people feel like they're doing something.  And they watch the serious/breathless teevee people that night to see what happened, whether their voted mattered!

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Another priceless post WB!!

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After reading several of the comments about our governent etc., I thought I would add my two centavos because some people are saying some serious things, such as there's always somebody who wants to declare independence and start a war with our government.  Uh, like that's a very bad idea. 

First, in our governement's defense, a lot of the poop they're putting us through is to keep good things going while the one world government financial turmoil rages.  "Laissez les bonnes temps roulez!"  If you've ever been hungry, beat up, or discarded, you will agree.  A depression is much worse than you can imagine with many unintended consequences.

Second, I hope the money war doesn't turn into a real war with real bombs, other than the ones we're dropping now, or a revolution (I shudder at the thought) where nothing will ever be the same again. Think Sherman's march through Georgia.  It seems we could do better.

Third, someone is always bringing up guns.  Guns are dangerous. Nobody in his or her right mind (i.e. sane) loves them.  Alas, however guns are a necessary evil, and if our government, God bless its cooperate soul, realized that and just followed the Constitution without a bunch of court challenges every year, then things would calm down.  I think the founders put the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights because they knew they could control the warriors in our population sort of by being on their side.  Now that's a lesson!

The way I see it, one world government is just about a done deal and thank goodness for that.  The Europe thing is just a dance which will end in a US of Europe.  The Jews, God bless them, are dealing with the Iranians, and other fellow semetics being anti-semetic to one another, by blustering and threatening, but with Russia, China, and most of the world on the other side, they can't do a whole lot. (We know they're not suicidal).  We wish everyone the best in this deal, but we shouldn't contemplate blowing up the world to save it.  Maybe this is the best reason to legalize pot.

And as for gold and silver, I love the feel, the gleam, the weight of both.  They're like the '57 Chevy two door or the 1965 Pontiac GTO.  They're just superior, but they have no innate value, according even to Von Mises, and are more for aesthetics than for units of money.  And because they are so rare, just as are those wonderul cars, not everybody can own one, thus the need for paper money backed by energy units, the real coin of the realm any way you look at it.  Here a thorium reactor or a million thorium reactors would really help things.

Finally, I'm fed up with the Fed. It has too much power. We need to nationalize the banks or state-ify them and make them work for the very well washed masses instead of dirty speculators.  Ben Bernanke's, God bless him, portrait belongs on the inside of a cigar box along with King Edward.  He's handsome, intelligent, and I'm sure would add to the quality of a good smoke!





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"They're just superior, but they have no innate value"

WTF!!! Define "innate value"! Do you have any innate value? You are, after all, just a bunch of sub-atomic particles and weak fields. Does that make you worthless?

POS apologist for TPTB! Where are you sitting and who is paying you to monitor this meme?

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Gold and silver do have innate value; they conduct electricity extremely well.  Silver is also anti-microbial.  It is in fact one of the few things in the world that can kill almost every pathogen known to mankind.  Thus why silver was popular around the dinner table for hundreds of years before modern hygene.  Silver is also used in many industries, including solar, water filtration, semiconductors, etc.

As for money, gold and silver are not money because you or I, or Von Mises say they are money.  They are money because people demand it and therefore people supply it.  They have functioned as currency extremely well for thousands of years.  The only reason that people use fiat currencies is because the government will put you in jail for counterfeiting or tax evasion if you try to conduct transactions outside of their fiat.  It was not like we got fiat currency overnight, it took over 60 years for the dollar to become detatched from gold and silver.  The whole point of having them as money is because people can't create gold and silver out of a printing press.  There's far less innate value in paper currency or dollars than in gold and silver.  Your argument falls flat if that is your only reasoning for having fiat money.  There's no reason why digital currency units and pieces of paper couldn't be backed by physical gold and silver.  In fact, they once were.  Dollars used to say on them Silver Certificate or Gold Certificate; redeemable for 1 oz of silver or 1 oz of gold.  That's what kept banks from creating pyramid ponzi schemes.  That's what kept governments from growing out of control.


You are right that nobody loves guns per se, but people love shooting and people love collecting, and people love cleaning their firearms.  Do they love them?  I don't know.  The founders allowed for citizens to bear arms and form militias for their common defense.  A common defense against tyranny at home and abroad.  There's only one thing keeping the US government from deploying the military on highways and bridges across America, and its' the fact that the people are armed.


Well that's my two microns of silver at least.

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"...There's only one thing keeping the US government from deploying the military on highways and bridges across America, and its' the fact that the people are armed...."


The thing that stops the US  government from deploying the military on highways and bridges across America is that it's expensive and they have no need to. When they DO need to, as in New Orleans/Katrina, they do so with no problems at all, even if there are armed gangs around. The government (of ANY country) will ALWAYS have more firepower and greater police/riot control experience than the citizens of said country.

With the possible exception of places like Afghanisan. Which, of course, was what America was like when the second amendment was drawn up...


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The United States is one of the only countries in the world that doesn't have military checkpoints throughout the country and it is also one of the only countries with a Constitutional right to bear arms.  It is not a coincidence.

In your analysis, you aren't taking into account that Americans far outnumber the government.  The US government could not logistically control the country under marshall law for more than a few days.  Police and military would simply not pick fights with armed citizens for no reason.  

New Orleans was an isolated incident where most of the population had already fled.  Many of those who remained were not armed to begin with, and the few who had firearms were disarmed.  It doesn't really prove anything.  Although since then, firearms sales have grown pretty steadily.

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 Thus why silver was popular around the dinner table...


That makes so much sense it can't possibly be true.  Really?


Pretty cool when you think about it.  Thanks for the comment.

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"..That makes so much sense it can't possibly be true. Really?.."


No. It's not true. Silver was simply used for its shine and non-corrosive qualities. If you think about it, silver was being used well before bacteria were discovered. The major theory about disease and rotting before the germ theory was that it was caused by bad smells - hence the extensive use of spices.

And, of course, using silver cutlery would have no practical effect on the quantity of bacteria in food at all...


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Just because bacteria hadn't been discovered doesn't mean that humans didn't notice a correlation between silver and the prevention of food-borne illnesses.  Silver nitrates were first used in medicine as far back as the mid-18th century for treating many conditions.  Silver cisterns were also used for storing water and wine.  


I'm not claiming silver was used that broadly, just pointing out it has innate value 

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I'm not claiming silver was used that broadly, just pointing out it has innate value...


Regardless, sounds like "the jeanine is out of the bottle" and it may as well be capitalized on at this point in time for additional capitalist ideas.


Personally, I like the idea of mixing water and wine.  It doesn't give me the belly ache when I drink too much.  Boxed wine and water, the next light beer.  Better than the kool-aid WS and DC's serving.



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Dude you are obviously on the other drug being administered to the public...Delusionol

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This is wrong on so many levels (other than "I'm fed up with the Fed"), I hardly know where to begin. I'll just address one topic to try and keep it fairly simple.


Gold and Silver do have intrinsic value. You have to work to get them. That is how money is issued, you have to work for it. Gold and Silver take a lot of work and investment to get. You have to explore, purchase land, take geologic studies, purchase/invest in a lot of equipment, hire people to dig, drill, process ore, etc, etc, etc. That they are rare is another thing that makes them valuable!


If someone could come up with Gold and Silver by pressing CTRL+P then I wouldn't be interested. They have numerous properties that have given rise to a consensus that they are the ultimate medium of exchange and stable store of value... for centuries. Once discovered, mined, and processed into coinage, some of these properties are: uniformity, divisibility, tangible, intrinsic value, fungible, scarcity, ect.


I don't know what you mean by there isn't enough in the world. It isn't so much, how much in quantity, a medium of exchange exists for use as money(other than in cases of extreme rarity), it's how much a certain quantity(i.e. an ounce)of that medium of exchange is valued at. There's enough Gold and Silver in existence for use as money, but it would need to be revalued higher than it is currently valued at. Might be that if everyone were to have at least come Silver, they might only have 1/2 ounce. In that case that just means that 1/2 of Silver would be valued as if it were 1 ounce. In which case instead of using 'quarters' for change, perhaps 'eighths' would come into vogue(pieces of eight). You might get only one cent in change, rather than two. And perhaps 'half-pennies' would become of use as well. None of that is a problem, unless perhaps you are a monetarist that only knows of debasing, debauching, and devaluing the currency!

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I appreciate your pov one tin soldier 66.  However, Gary North and the entire von Mises school recognize the basic axiom that value is in the eye of the beholder.  Value comes from the buyer, not the seller.  The amount of labor, the difficulty of extraction means little if no one wants it. 

The one gold coin  buys a hotel in Weimar Germany (the beginning of the Hilton chain) and its equivalent (a solid gold lighter shown on the Antique Road Show) bought two cafe meals during the last American depression. 

As for the amount of gold and silver and whatever for use as currency, I will concede that point, but it would be very restrictive and keep most of us near poverty.

Energy, on the other hand, has intrinsic value, as long as it's useful. I would rather have units of electricity with which I can work or gallons of gasoline, of mcf of gas

Thanks for your comments, and good will to you.