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Draghi is baring it all
His words were meant simply to stall
Now everyone knows
The man has no clothes
And a slightly mishaped left ball

The Limerick King

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ReligiousAtheist1's picture

hey WB7 how come you havent posted anything of late hope all is well

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I thought he only had 1 testicle. And where is his Debt Brother wig? The other guys have 'em...

Intoxicologist's picture

Is that a hanging chad?

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This Beautyfull Draghi,Looks like he got Merkels tits,either i am blind,or the Mescalin i just took, is a bad trip!

Saurcraut, mit klienen wurtzen,kienen klunken! 

No Euros please we're British's picture

I knew it! Draghi has no balls. Can't wait to see your rendition of Merkel........ Oh, maybe I can.

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Those airbags under his eyeballs are flipping scary.

"Typical signs of Jewish features are: Eyes are usually shiny and both eye lids are heavy and swollen. The lymphbag under the eyes is usually fuller and stands out more than on Gentiles. The high cheekbone as a rule creates a sunken cheek. The nose can only be differentiated by its slightly moving nose wings when viewed from the front during breathing. The upper lip is short and the lower lip stands out and this gives the face a sensual expression." Source:"Jewish Encyclopedia"

Doesnt Draghi means dragons in Italian? Perhaps the ancient snake worshipping grew out of some sense of... certain inadequacies? Why snip on it when there's so little there to begin with? Doesnt that just amplify the shame of having a dimunutive unit?Guess it's a good way to kick off a lifetime of trauma based mind control eh?

Looks like Soros' long lost brother with a hint of John Ashcroft, nothing reptilian about that!

A little sci-fi inside joke:

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I like how the lackeys are carefully averting their eyes yet everyone in the crowd appears to be straining to see.  Now that is realistic!

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It is a funny picture. I don't know who did it.

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The ECB head
Gets mad and sees red
When the effects of his words prove fleeting
“Listen to me!”
He implores on TV
“Or we’ll promise to have more meetings!”

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the schlong is way too big

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I swear I did not copy the image and use the magnifying glass tool.

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Usually it's the financial news that makes me vomit, but today...

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the picture is very funny




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After seeing that pic, Germany is sure to say NEIN!


Cognitive Dissonance's picture


Dear God........please......I did not need to see Draghi's dinky winky......nor his goose step either.

Have mercy on this poor debt slave. Let me labor in peaceful ignorance of my master's woefully underprivileged manhood.

P.S. - Clearly that's not the protruding prick I'm probed with every time I bend over. Maybe Ben is better endowed?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I just saw one nibbling on Draghi's minnow. It didn't look very sated so it's going back for the rest of the carcass.

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A fellow named Ben from the FED

Didn't perform well in bed

His feeble erection

Meant frequent rejection

He gets off on QE instead

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


Thanks for the promised personal limerick. Please send the slightly used Spiderman towel to Draghi so the poor bastard can continue to cover up the exposed corruption.

P.S. - You can keep Knight. I have enough problems on my hands without dealing with that debacle. :)

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

He has a strap-on he borrowed from Timmy G.... It stays up, even if yields don't. 

Brother Sebastian's picture

Draghi fits the definition of "Ignoranus" better than anyone I've heard:  "A person who's both stupid and an asshole."

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<-- Masterful Political Satire and Poetry

<-- I live in my Mother's basement and don't get it

Wakanda's picture

<-- Masterful Political Satire and Poetry

<-- I have a PhD and still don't get it

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Drag-it-out Drag Queen Draghi:  Rebel without a clue.

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WB7 think you have been taken in a bit by ZH groupthink ...

Don't think this is so much of a 'downer' for Draghi's credibility as the ZeroHedge meme is claiming ... he is playing an almost expected role in the continuing play-act of the euro-game ... It really isn't so important he didn't do massive bond-buying and QE TODAY and very shortly today will seem like a 'nothingburger'

Sophisticated players are quickly figuring out Draghi is setting up the post-severe-crisis fix ... and crisis is not severe enough yet

QE and bond-buying and ESM banking licence etc. will indeed come when there is a real Urgent PUSH to do that ... when German banks and insurers and pension funds need to be saved, as well as Spain and Italy ... a much bigger 'crisis' is needed before Germany will 'reluctantly' climb aboard to save its own butt

Consider that Draghi and the Germans both have roles to play to bring about the crisis, which in turn will create the political conditions allowing the QE and bond-buying etc. to prop up the German banks and pension funds (whose vulnerability is still hidden from Germans at large)

Germans and Draghi are not necessarily real 'opponents' ... just partners with temporarily 'opposing'  roles in the ongoing euro-farce ... somewhat fake 'opponents' like Obama and Romney in USA ...

But seems like Europeans are doing better at selling the reality of the 'Germanics vs Latins' pro-wrestling match, than the Americans are at selling their own pro-wrestling contest of Romney vs Obama, aka the Mormon vs the Muslim, also aka the Gay-Basher vs the Gay-Arranger ...

williambanzai7's picture

Truthfully, his job right now is to run interference so everyone can take a vacation.

My job in this lull is to keep plastering the pixel ether with flattering images such as this.

As far as I'm concerned, he is all hat and no cattle because I have not seen any scenario where the basic math works. Everything is circular. Its MC Escher finance.

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The printing of DOE is not dear
It RAIses inflation I fear
ME, I'm afraid
FAr off we have strayed
SO now we must cover our rear

The Limerick King

Wakanda's picture

Maria's rockin' the Alps with the sound of Eurocopalypse.

Lost Wages's picture

The shills are alive, with the sound of mooching.

RSloane's picture

The sound you hear off in the distance is me clapping.

Jay Gould Esq.'s picture

'Million franc packages tied up with string...

...these are a few of my favourite things.

takinthehighway's picture

William, this is completely OT, but I know you'll dig it...Warren Haynes playing one of the only two Gibson 12 string Les Pauls in existence...

williambanzai7's picture

I really liked the vocals in that song. I thought the guitar sounded muddy certainly not like a Paul usually sounds. Ive had a Les Paul Standard for thirty years and it is a killer when it comes to clean tone, which is that Southern Rock sound.

But it was interesting to look at. I like watching Townsend with a double neck SG ;-)

takinthehighway's picture

You probably already know that Gibson has reissued the SG 12 string, right?

Was it the vocals you liked...or Grace Potter's legs? :)

Liquid Courage's picture

Meh. The only electric 12 string worth owning (IMO) is the Rickenbacker 360/12. It's other-worldly sound (prolly due the the strings being coursed so close together) is as distinctive as it is unmatched.

Even Gibson sing its praises (see: )

Also, the split-head tuners make the 360/12 a thing of beauty to look at. That head-heavy Les Paul is just plain ugly. Looks like a shovel! No wonder Gibson only made 2 of 'em!

shovelhead's picture

It sounds that way from the De Armond style pick ups.

You can boost the jangle by using double compresser pedals like Mcguinn's Byrds sound.

I had a beautiful flamed red sunburst Chinese LP copy 12. The fit and finish put all but a Gibson Custom to shame.

Lotta strings on a Gibson sized neck. You need very nimble fingers. Nice tone but no Ric.

Wakanda's picture

The Rickenbacker 360/12 is da bomb.

WALLST8MY8BALL's picture

Mario the Moocher

Folks, now here's the story 'bout Mario the Moocher,
he was a red-hot Euro-cootcher,
He was the wrongest, lamest fail,
And Mario had a heart as big as a snail.

All de Dough de Dough de Dough
All de Dough de Dough de Dough

Now, he messed around with a Gal named Angie

he loved her though she was a Euro Banshee,
He took her down to Brussels town,
He showed her how to kick the can around.


All de Dough de Dough de Dough
All de Dough de Dough de Dough

Now, he had a dream about Borg of Sweden,
He wanted some cash that the ECB was needin',
He tried to give them an ECB supervisor

They said no cuz Borg was much wiser!

All de Dough de Dough de Dough
All de Dough de Dough de Dough

Poor Europe Poor Europe Poor Europe!


Wakanda's picture

I bet Cab Calloway would sing that loud and proud with a huge grin on his face!

Thanks 8BALL!

WALLST8MY8BALL's picture

Well thank you but really its all WB7 inspiring this! I was very fortunate to meet Mr. Calloway when i was about 10 years old after he did the show Bubbling Brown Sugar. Super nice man!

Wakanda's picture

Lucky you!  Cab broke a lot of race barriers and spread a lot of joy - one of my heroes.

williambanzai7's picture

All di dough di dough zeroes...

Loved him in Blues Brothers