American Liberalism: The Infantile Disorder

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“The approach of a great storm was sensed everywhere. All classes were in a state of ferment and preparation. Abroad, the press of the political exiles discussed the theoretical aspects of all the fundamental problems of the revolution. Representatives of the three main classes, of the three principal political trends -- the liberal-bourgeois, the petty-bourgeois-democratic (concealed behind "social-democratic" and "social-revolutionary" labels), and the proletarian-revolutionary -- anticipated and prepared the impending open class struggle by waging a most bitter struggle on issues of programme and tactics. All the issues on which the masses waged an armed struggle in 1905-07 and 1917-20 can (and should) be studied, in their embryonic form, in the press of the period. Among these three main trends there were, of course, a host of intermediate, transitional or half-hearted forms. It would be more correct to say that those political and ideological trends which were genuinely of a class nature crystallised in the struggle of press organs, parties, factions and groups; the classes were forging the requisite political and ideological weapons for the impending battles.”


The years of preparation for revolution (1903-05) 

Left-Wing Communism: an Infantile


V.I. Lenin

April-May, 1920


Grand Lake Stream, ME:  Had good fishing yesterday even as temperatures rose steadily as the group converged on Leens Lodge for evening activities.  Dinner last night featured a brief presentation by ME Governor Paul LePage and also a discussion of Weimar Germany by Madeline Schnapp of Trim Tabs.  The two discussions were good complements for the larger evening discussion.  But sad to say for Persian Economists, there were no Power Point presentations.


Governor LePage started his discussion with a very frank appraisal of the state’s fiscal situation, namely that the Democrats spent and stole the state broke.  Voters in ME recently gave control over the governor’s office and both houses of the state legislature to the Republican Party.   Suffice to say that the main theme of Governor LePage’s comments to the audience at Leens Lodge, which included a number of advisers who own the state’s debt, is that the State of Maine is going to pay its bills and keep its promises.


One interesting part of the Governor’s remarks involved how ME is clearing up the many years of arrears of Medicare payments to hospitals around the state.  He noted thatthe Democrats in the legislature wanted to “negotiate” a settlement for the arrears of 50 cents on the dollar with the state’s hospitals, which would doom many of them to failure.  The consistent objective of American liberals is to destroy the free enterprise system and make the US a monolithic socialist state a la France.  That battle is underway in ME right now.  


Contrary to the Fabian scenario, Governor LePage has insisted on paying the hospitals in full.  “Then we can spend money on other things,” he told the audience.  But more to the point, LePage’s promise to pay the hospitals will thwart Democratic designs to decimate private health care institutions and drive more and more Mainiacs into the arms of the state.  But don’t look for Governor Le Page or anyone in the northern part of ME to go along quietly. 


The evening discussion was set up by Madeline Schnapp, who provided a brief but entirely chilling review of the financial stairway to hell of hyper-inflation in Weimar Germany.  In an extraordinary and succinct discussion, Madeline talked about the timing and duration of the appearance of different denominations of paper money used in the Weimar period.  Suffice to say that as the paper lost value, the printing became less and less attractive.  


From the start of WWI in 1914 through until 1923, the cost of a loaf of bread went from 0.10 Deutsche marks to 1 trillion marks in December 1923.  The hyperinflation in Weimar Germany, Schnapp noted, wiped out all of the accumulated wealth and savings of the German middle class and left most of the population in poverty.  Attendees at the dinner received examples of Weimar money and a brief presentation showing the rate of inflation during the Weimar inflation.


The juxtaposition of Paul LePage and his battle against the downstate, apartment dwelling socialists over spending and debt, and then Schnapp’s reminder about the death of money in Weimar Germany is a powerful pairing.  At the start of 1924, let us recall, Germany wiped out all existing financial assets and introduced a new currency back with real estate and other tangible assets.  When Paul Krugman and his ilk talk about the need for more deficit spending, more fiscal stimuli, they are taking you down the road to Weimar America.  There is nothing at the end of Paul Krugman’s road to borrow and spend save national destruction and personal disaster.  


On Monday this scribe will be taking the Bat mobile to Chautauqua, NY, to give a talk on Tuesday evening regarding the morality of regulation in America -- or perhaps the lack thereof.  In an age when the entire framework of left wing liberalism, “the infantile disorder” to paraphrase V.I. Lenin, lies in tatters, maybe it is time to ask why we all don’t do the right thing.  Or if the future of economics is merely a free-for-all for an existing pie of resources, perhaps we should just dispense with the civilities?  


Whether you are a Krugmanite progressive-socialist or a classical liberal lost in the 21st Century, in both cases we rely upon a consensus called the rule of law.  But is that assumption still valid?  Many conservatives believe that the left has lost its collective mind and embraced hyperinflation a la Weimar Germany, not to help people in any meaningful way but to simply preserve Democratic political power.  


If the political tsunami underway in Maine is any indicator, the November 2012 election will be fascinating and unpredictable.  But while there may be conservative uprisings at the local level, in Washington at the Fed a decidedly orthodox form of state socialism continues to reign supreme.  


“If you consider that John Law’s main intellectual error was thinking that shares of stock were just as good as money,” AIER scholar Walker Todd noted recently.  “Ben Bernanke’s error is thinking that derivatives and math models are as good as a scarce commodity in restraining the quantity and promoting the value of money.” 


But the beliefs of mere Fed economists are a sublime concern compared to the naked inflationism of Paul Krugman and his fellow travelers in American liberalism.  The battle now is between people like ME Governor Le Page, who want to restore fiscal sanity to American life, and those who merely wish to destroy the private economy and monetary system.  By ensuring that as many people as possible are dependent upon government for their livelihoods, liberals in states like ME are treading the path blazed a century ago.  by V.I. Lenin.  What a shame most of them do not appreciate this irony of repeating the same mistakes over and over again.    

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Interesting concept, paying the debt off in full. Last time I saw that I think was the AIG cds thing. In the short run, it thwarts the ME Dems, but longer term that money flows to pay off the hospitals' debts. Much different than a bank bailout where the money goes in and then composts. Thanks Chris, I've got Maine on my Google News tab now. They may be on to something up there.

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I'm confused.
I just don't undestand all of the liberal, conservative and similarly associated undefinable monikers being slung about.

So make it simple, please help me....

Who decided on those ugly Olympic costumes which look like they were bought a Wal-Mart; liberals or conservatives?

Pike Bishop's picture

It is seldom you read something so singularly calm and consumed with a directed hatred.

With some acknowledgment to the time running up to it... In Sept 2008, with inter-bank lending frozen, asset markets plunging, large multinational businesses grinding to a halt, and National Leadership clearly in a further chaos of ineffectiveness... the 2nd greatest fear was that everything would be left of its own accord to become... "fair".

It was that Time and Reality had arrived for judgment on what had passed.

Always the Ultimate Judge, Reality arrived not of its own whim, but because its presence had been demanded.

With some time to think, the Greatest Fear of the Powers of the Day became that all entities, private and Public, and all people would share equally in the consequences of that judgment. This with the nagging thought , that the objective  justice could potentially hold the most reprehensible to a greater pain in eventual outcomes.

Clearly, the solutions which were brought to bear, and then further commenced, were fully intended that an objectively Fair and Just hand would not participate in those eventual outcomes.

 The conglomeration of people of that time in Wall Street, Wash DC, and their most helpful supporters,  would pre-empt matters into their own hands. By doing so at the most crucial of moments, they abandoned the primary principle of The Economic Belief System which they had waged and advanced for years.

The Powers That Be in this accord, singularly included the ones with the most to lose. They were Democrat and Republican, Liberal and Conservative, Private and Public. There was no imaginable intellectual group, nor arbitrary category absent from this TPTB cooperation. With the exception of those who were willing to accept fair and just consequences, no matter how unmerciful . And by so confronting them,.. identify, act, and resolve them, based on Reality's judgment and advice.

That which we have remaining today is a litter of skewed outcomes permeating the Nation. The only identifiable qualities they can most certainly possess is that they are unfair, unjust, and ongoing.

Such a state, would torch the sense and sensibilities of any free people. For present day Americans, and their fathers before them, it is utter anathema.

There is no way to adjust to enshrined injustice. There is likely mostly maladjustment, to something so entirely illogical and irrational.

That which is clearly ensuing is to aggregate along common-interest lines, and attempt to solve the perceived injustices, in some disperate and desperate way, one at a time.

If 20th Century history (and a lot before it) teaches us anything, that a People in great distress of situation, grasp in desperation for swift and convenient resolution.

The most crudely facile and self-destructive is to declare some vaguely defined moniker and then make it responsible for all that is wrong. The first step is to assign it specific attributes, both real and imagined. Then attribute it to some people, and then insist upon the necessity to solve them.

The hallmark of such activity is the absolute totality and intransigence by which the moniker is imbued. The judgment is complete and final.

I don't know what the fuck drove the usually thoughtful and welcomely thought-provoking RCWHalen to so unequivocally shit the bed in public, but I hope he gets over it.

If we are not afforded the opportunity of a One Big MotherFucking to End-All Reset which is too huge to manipulate and will bring things into a more realistic balance,.. we're going to have to limp along problem-solving, every little single situation, one at a time.

The hallmark to that is pragmatism. Usually, everybody doesn't get everything they deserve or want, from any given resolution. High-fiving over some hospital payments outcome based on some dogmatic in-line characteristic, doesn't respect any justice for what may or may not have been a long and very specific history to the situation.  Particularly when today is about still being in a 4+ year continuance of a majorly fucking skewing Financial/Economic Event of injustice.  

And ratcheting-up some narrow situation, with the sophistication of a dogmatic conceit, doesn't do shit for all of the resolution processes which will have to take place.

If somebody is going to impatiently shit the bed because their Nirvana is taking too long to be established, I have bad news for them.

Since we picked Plan D to resolve the situation so Banks, creditors, abundant-capital-holders, and political-office holders could live on as before,... it is going to take a long, long, long, long time to get this all straightened out.

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White House floats Yellen as successor to Bernanke via Reuters. In other news, White House floats Yellen as successor to Bernanke.

tsuki's picture

A thief complaining about other thieves.  What is the problem?  Didn't the previous administration leave enough in the state treasury for LaPage's cut, or is it cover to hide his thefts?


I am amazed that anyone would laud this thief.  He needs to come down to Florida and pay back all the taxes he stole from us educating those two louts of his.

Plumplechook's picture

Yet another regulation ZH piece providing cover for the rape and pillage of the masses by the kleptocracy.  Here's the real reason we fucked. Because global capitalism has created a transnational, corporate welfare state which transfers wealth from taxpayers to a kleptocratic elite. It works like this:
Method 1: Taxpayers pay for not only the infrastructure on which the private sector depends, but also the state-funded research carried out by the military and public universities to develop technology such as the jet engine, the desktop computer, the internet, nuclear power and GPS. This technology gets handed over to the private sector, which proceeds to make vast profits from it. Then, even though the last 30 years have seen drastic and worldwide reductions in corporation tax and the top rates of income tax, the corporate kleptocracy evades taxes by hiding offshore up to $40 trillion of its profits (an amount equivalent to almost a third of annual global GDP), while governments cut spending and charities open food banks to provide for the victims of this criminality.
Method 2: Until their private sectors are able to compete globally, capitalist economies such as the US (from the 1830s till the 1940s) and Britain (from the 1720s till the 1850s), reject the free market and develop their economies through state intervention, using protectionism, subsidies and capital controls. The ruling elites in countries such as Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, France, Austria and Finland follow the lead of the world’s two biggest economies. Then, as soon as they have gained a competitive advantage, these beneficiaries of corporate welfare inflict market liberalisation on developing countries with disastrous effects. Thus, having increased by 37% between 1960 and 1980 as a result of interventionist economic policies, the GDP per capita of sub-Saharan Africa fell by 7% in the years 1980-2000, as countries which borrowed from the IMF were forced to cut spending, privatise their state-owned industries, deregulate their financial sectors and remove trade barriers. And at the same time that they were wreaking havoc in Africa, the free market prescriptions of the Washington Consensus were also failing in the developed countries, where average, annual GDP per capita growth fell from 3.1% during the 30 years before 1975 to 2.1% during the 30 years of neo-liberalism which followed.
But slowing GDP growth and stagnating median incomes didn’t stop wealth from being shovelled upwards ever more quickly. In the US for example, the 18 years preceding the 2008 financial crash was one of only two periods in the country’s history when the share of total income of the top 1% exceeded one fifth. The other was the 8 years before the Great Depression.
Method 3: Governments have to subsidise employers who don’t pay their employees a living wage. In the UK, for example, the government spends £23 billion per year on the tax credits it pays to working families. Then there’s the $8 billion per year in housing benefit given to households with at least one person employed. And, to keep wages low and its workforce compliant and insecure, the private sector needs an army of unemployed – again financed by the taxpayer. As Margaret Thatcher’s chief economic adviser in the 1980s, Alan Budd, admitted to The Observer in 1992:
“….......... the 1980’s policies of attacking inflation by squeezing the economy and public spending were a cover to bash the workers. Raising unemployment was a very desirable way of reducing the strength of the working class. What was engineered – in Marxist terms-was a crisis of capitalism which re-created a reserve army of labour, and has allowed the capitalists to make high profits ever since...........”
Method 4: Instead of retaining monopoly control of the money supply, governments allow private banks to create money, which is conjured up on a computer screen and used to speculate, fuel asset price inflation, pay bankers’ bonuses and create an endless debt spiral as more and more money has to be printed to enable the repayment of interest. Then, when the asset bubble finally bursts, governments have to spend trillions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to prevent the financial system from imploding and national economies from disintegrating. Finally, to add insult to injury, governments have to borrow what should be their own money back from the same banks to which they have given the power to create money out of nothing – and pay high interest rates because of an economic crisis which the banks themselves have caused.
And worst of all, while the beneficiaries of the corporate welfare state drain the global economy at the expense of taxpayers, the media organisations and politicians they own lecture the poor and unemployed, endlessly moralising about their fecklessness and lack of responsibility. In doing so, they only confirm what most people already know – that capitalist democracies really are the best that money can buy.

Sean7k's picture

Two points, what do you do about it? You have obviously put a lot of thought into this and understand the system as it stands. Ranting is nice, but attempts at solutions are preferable.

Two, you might want to take another look at what capitalism IS. Capitalism is not political by nature, therefore, it is not to blame here. The police power of the State in combination with governmental capture by the elites is the problem. This has nothing to do with capitalism.

Capitalism needs free markets to create discipline within an economy. We have NEVER had truly free markets. Part free is not the same thing. Part free just means it is free for a select group. 

Now, if the "corporate welfare state drains the global economy at the expense of taxpayers" what is the best way to stop it? Perhaps by taking away the power to tax private property and income? 

You can choose to ignore the media, the IRS? not so much.

tlnzz's picture

I see only two possible outcomes on the road we are now on. "We The People" end up in chains and destitute or we reach a tipping point where Civil war breaks out to take our Country back to the founding documents and what they stand for. The powers that be will continue to destroy the Constitution if we continue do nothing. Much misery for all ahead. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

Lednbrass's picture

A large part of the country wants nothing to do with the founding documents and what they stand for (see the leftist "gimme gimme" drivel above). There would need to be two conflicts- one to end the power structure and a second when the freebies stop flowing for the urban and DKos wealth redistribution set.

spooz's picture

Sorry, no tax on corporations?  After they stamp out small business will older worker units all get "put out to pasture" when their productivity lags?  Will we be allowed any assistance, including health care, or will you argue that assistance to the poor only harms their survival instincts? And when robots are doing the work, who will be the customers amongst the army of unemployed worker units? What vision of sustainable economy do you have that runs on free markets?  Has there ever in history been one?

The America you seek is that of the Gilded Age when robber barrons aquired great wealth, as have today's economic royalists, and social Darwinism was in fashion amongs the elites. Survival of the fittest gamers, those whose lack of morals allows them to ignore the harm they cause to economies, who stash their winnings offshore both to avoid taxes and in anticipation of fleeing when the gig is up should rule of law ever get in the way.

Sean7k's picture

Now, you're just being persistent in your ignorance.

A tax on corporations is an input. This adds to the final cost of the product WHICH WE BUY. How can they stamp out small business, unless they use the resources of the state to harness the law in their favor? Mechanization has never led to job losses, people learn to do other tasks, tasks that require education and training, BUT ARE ULTIMATELY MORE SATISFYING FOR THE WORKER.

There have been periods when markets were "freer" and these times have been amazingly productive and good for the worker as well as the capitalist. Please read, "A History of US Banking" by Rothbard. 

The America I seek has never existed, because government has always been allowed to intervene to defend the banks and corporations. Please read history. 

spooz's picture

They stamp out small business by global wage arbitrage, for one thing. Short of me having to resort to reading a Mises tome, seeing as my reading list is already pretty extensive, can you simply give me an idea about when in our history we had these amazingly productive free markets? Because I'm pretty sure there was sound regulation and moderately high taxes or, conversely, low taxes, deregulation and looting during most of US history.

And why do you limit your utopian libertarian paradise to America's history.  As if the world started with the Declaration of Independence. Isn't it curious that there is no example of such a system working in all of history? 

Sean7k's picture

1870 to 1890. One of our greatest wealth building periods in our history, as well as for the worker, whose standard of living grew at a better rate than any other time in history. Minimal regulation, no taxes and a gold standard. Still, the government did find time to intervene and protect banks.

As for this system working? You are not aware of the history of the Pennslyvania colony? See why history is important. What good is your reading list, if you fail to learn what you need to defend your positions? 

As for small business? Seems to still be working around the globe, remaining the largest employer of people in America. Not all business is susceptable to global wage arbitrage, but those that are provide us goods at better prices benefiting the consumer. 

We have always had governments, that is the opposite of free markets. There are reasons the Elites prefer to have a means to live off the wealth of others- they're called government. The Somalian system worked for hundreds of years until western governments ended that system of pastoral/ social credit economy.  

Maybe you can describe your utopian government that has managed to marginalize corporate power or even tax the wealthy in a manner that controlled their influence? Or even how you would do it and please try to keep the utopian measures believeable.

spooz's picture

Huh.  1873-1879 the US was is called the Long Depression caused by a deflating bubble from overinvestment and related corruption in the railroad industry. The 1870s and 1880s (the Gilded Age) had weak presidents, strong congress and widespread corruption, kind of like now.  Great wealth building by the elites is, for you, the epitome of economic activity?

Small business in the US is suffering from having the same regulations and tax structure as big business, but without friends in high places to create loopholes.  We should be making it easier for them to compete by deregulating small business and giving them tax breaks, since they are the real job creators.  

The best economies have a good balance of government regulation and oversight combined with efficient and competitive markets. The problem with capitalism is that once it is allowed to become an oligarchy it is difficult to break up the monopolies. The current problem is that financialization of our economy has allowed non productive assets to accumulate and enormous wealth along with it, while the potentially productive labor force gets crumbs.


narapoiddyslexia's picture

I'm not so sure that ZH has "regulation" pieces. There seem to be about as many anti-crony-capitalist pieces as anything else. And how does individual ownership of gold and silver aid in enriching the kleptocracy? IMHO, I think ZH offers these things up to promote discussion. But then again, ZH is somewhat opaque.

steve from virginia's picture


Not too long ago when the GFC was in full cry Whalen and Roubini gave a presentation at some think tank on K Street bashing the financial system's shortcomings and the failures of system designers/operators. It was very impressive.


Whalen gained a lot of credibility with his critique of banking and greed/stupidity. Now he is a GOP flunky, he has nothing to say. He points the finger at 'liberals' and Paul Krugman, rattles the (irrelevant) cutout of Weimar and demands/insinuates more GOP election victories in the Fall.


Just what America needs, more bought and paid for whores of big business in positions of (irrelevance). Most disgusting aspect is we peons have to tell them constantly how beautiful they are ... or else.


It is the Democrat automobile party versis the Republican automobile party: both bending over for the manufacturers, dealerships used car salesmen across the country ... along with their associated (crooked) minions.


Weimar has nothing to do with this country in 2012 we have entirely different system today if Whalen doesn't know this he should find another job.


Enter Simon Black, Phoenix Capital. RCWhalen ... change name of this site to ZeroCredibility.

GMadScientist's picture

Non sequitur.

Maine is not representative of any other part of the United States in any way.


Disenchanted's picture



Gore Vidal R.I.P.


Us poor middlebrows, doomed to live in the Great Middle of the country amid the fast-disintegrating middle class: will we never disabuse ourselves of our middlebrowed prejudices against neo-royalist empire-builders who don’t believe in the existence of farmers and think they can rule the world? Against all the strictures of patrician good taste and political correctness, we read Gore Vidal and keep our "reactionary" faith in the Jeffersonian vision Lind deplores.


from: Gore Vidal: The Last Jeffersonian

proLiberty's picture


"What a shame most of them do not appreciate this irony of repeating the same mistakes over and over again."

Contrast this with Senator McCaskill's remark that the voters don't yet accept ObamaCare because it just has not been explained well enough.  In light of that, the socialist's mistake is not one of policy but of insufficiently successful tactitcs.  They have not yet attained their much talked about "tipping point" when their policies are become so embedded in society and government that they cannot be repealed.  At that point, in their minds, the only question will be how well they will work. Solyindra is a good example of a business that was politicially sustainable, but not sufficiently sustainable in real world economic terms.  The political means sustained it until the economic truth caused political exhaustion.   We have the same in many other areas of government.   The only solution is to stangle government-- to prohibit it from spending more than it takes in, and then to tightly restrain how much of our national wealth we allow it to take from us.


GMadScientist's picture

And maybe you're just a little slow.

Wait until they find out it was all for a handful of insurance companies.


Imminent Collapse's picture

The belief that either party is committed to doing anything about the financial mess we are in is laughable. History says otherwise. Wake up!

dunce's picture

Hyper inflation that destoys all accumulated wealth makes everyone equal, equally broke of course, but that is a price liberals will gladly pay to make their dream come true that sane people see only as a nightmare scenario. Obama never ceases cursing the millionaires and billionaires and when you get to his specific numbers of his "rich enough" and "made enough money" the number 250,000 comes up. In his debates with McCain he cornered him by asking what did he define rich as, the answer is irrelevant, but the question revealed obamas idea that the government should decide how rich anyone could be allowed to be. This can only be accomplished under a socialist oppressive government which most people can now see is what he is trying to establish. With no inflation adjustment even the 250,000 is a nebulous number, even with low inflation look what has happened to the minumum tax law that only hit a few very wealthy people the first year and now hits many two income families.

spooz's picture

What a crock of propaganda.  So lets tax the WEALTH of those who soaked up the benefits of deregulation and low taxes.  And raise the tax on capital gains, since that is where the elites make most of their income. You can throw in an exemption amount so the little guys get a tax break on their investments. And make the tax system more progressive, where the guy making $250,000 pays significantly less than the guy making $1,000,000.  

All we can hope to get from the "socialist" government is a reversal of the Bush tax cuts, not enough to make a dent in the wealth accumulation by elites who, after decades of low taxes, have become economic royalists. Obama promises to raise income taxes, but not by enough, and what we really need is a wealth tax. 

Still don't get the "socialist" label you give to Obama.  Let me know when we get a socialist health care system or free college education. All I see is crony capitalism.  As Connor Fitzpatrick wrote:

" Here’s the real reason libertarians hate the idea [of a welfare state]. The welfare state is a check against servility towards the rich. A strong welfare state would give us the power to say Fuck You to our bosses—this is the power to say “I’m gonna work odd jobs for twenty hours a week while I work on my driftwood sculptures and play keyboards in my a chillwave band. And I’ll still be able to go to the doctor and make rent.”

Lednbrass's picture

Wow. That last paragraph is something, rarely is a more blatant apologist for useless oxygen theivery seen. It is a brain dead rationalization for parasitism to an epic degree.

This mentality is every bit as dangerous and destructive as the out of control political and financial sectors. The biggest upside to a financial disaster and resulting major societal breakdown is the elimination of this group as well as the top of the power structure- when someone else stops putting food in their mouths it is all over.


midtowng's picture

Conservatives in this country have lost their collective minds.

They don't actually stand for anything anymore; they OPPOSE things.

Namely, they oppose this fictional idea of what their opponents are.

GMadScientist's picture

Minds, plural?!

Of course they "oppose", to do otherwise would require a statable platform without obvious contradictions and that's a tall order for em.

Sean7k's picture

" Here’s the real reason libertarians hate the idea [of a welfare state]. The welfare state is a check against servility towards the rich. A strong welfare state would give us the power to say Fuck You to our bosses—this is the power to say “I’m gonna work odd jobs for twenty hours a week while I work on my driftwood sculptures and play keyboards in my a chillwave band. And I’ll still be able to go to the doctor and make rent.”

Have you even taken the time to read that paragraph? Pandering to the lazy and poor. Promising them  a paid life in return for real slavery. Once you have them enslaved, you take away the benefits. Have you not paid attention to Geece, Ireland, Spain and now Italy? 

The welfare state is an impossibility because it only lasts as long as the state has wealth that can be traded for funding from bonds. Money created from fractional reserve banking, supercharged with compound interest transfers this wealth through mandatory taxes until it is gone. Then the benefits dry up, as in: underfunded pension plans, employment benefits, welfare and medicare. All of which are being reduced. This is the signal that the transfer is nearing the end.

You assume that the wealthy are Americans first, but that is laughable. They are wealthy first and will live wherever that wealth provides them the best opportunities. The welfare state encourages this crony capitalism until it becomes politically unstable. Then, they go somewhere else. 

What do you think offshore accounts are there for? How was the loophole established? Why do countries have "secret" banking practices. You are so naive, it is amazing.

GMadScientist's picture

How much of the government transfer ends up in the pockets of those receiving the checks?

How much of it ends up in corporate coffers?

Shady banking and off-shore money laundering schemes are just how the 1% make sure that the middle-class (not Charlie Gibson's...the real, shrinking one) foot the bill instead of them. The fact that they pretend like their effective rates will change if the top bracket is 35% or 70% is "a ruse" as the Mormon from Mammon would put it.


proLiberty's picture

NO, let's NOT tax the wealth of anyone.  We must restrict, not expand, the amount of our national wealth that government can lay its hands on.  The only to control government is to starve it to the point that it must contract, and that 12 step recovery program begins with restricting it to only spend what it takes in, and then to restrict what it can take from us.


deerhunter's picture

Is 125$ fine for having a glass bottle container in a state park in Oregon an out of control government?  I am not sure and was wondering what others think?  There are and have been for some time only 3 types of workers left in Amerika.  Government employees of all ilk including politicians, judges etc.,  lower, middle and upper class private workers and the others third of the population who are perfectly healthy but too lazy to work since everything is provided for by the taxes taken from those who work in the first 2 categories.  The government in Amerika on all levels have been totally out of control for the past 20 to 30 years and counting.  I truly think it has gone past the point of no return.  The Illinois Toll Authority just doubled all tolls last year because it could.  Will the last American to leave the country please turn out the lights. 

Lednbrass's picture

The examples you give may be out of control- but they are state level decisions and easier to correct than something done by Washington.  State governments far more accurately reflect the culture of their area than the Federal one does, and I would say that the residents of the states you mention are overall comfortable with that sort of thing.

That shit would not fly for a minute in the South and non-coastal West. Anyone trying to pass that kind of legislation in Alabama or Wyoming wouldn't have a chance to succeed.

Monk's picture

Liberalism? More like free market capitalism.


JustACitizen's picture

The entirety of the arguments on this thread kind of leave me speechless. Liberal or Conservative - Democrat or Republican - Capitalist or Socialist - us or them.

Cui Bono?

Divide and Conquer. The oldest strategy.

GMadScientist's picture

But then we'll quibble about the semantics of "bono"...some see the vast disparity between the 1% and the 50% that don't pay taxes as a warning sign, others as a hallmark of success.

Prior art: baffle em with bullshit.


monoloco's picture

Another shameless attempt at pretending that our corporately owned neo-liberal duopoly gives us some kind of choice. The difference between the two parties is purely superficial.

dolph9's picture

I'm a former liberal so I know that side very well.

What will drive modern American liberalism to destroy itself is its insistence that every able bodied, able minded person in America must work forever to support the underclass black population.

To liberals, blacks are pets that must be loved and raised.  It's an astonishingly naive and insulting view considering the reality on the ground.

The right has its history of problems in this regard, but the libertarian strain (may be the best man/group win and let the others reap what they sow) is the only way forward.

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Liberal nut Chris Hedges said that Blacks need to be to Americans (whites) as Jews were to Germans, in what he called "an eternal way"..... meaning we must always care for them and help them (maybe find them an African State) and give them whatever they want, pamper their egos, let them run our foreign policies and Banks!

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a true friend of the oligarchy strain. Former Liberal is like saying former gamekeeper now turned poacher! 

It pays to sup with the devil bitchez! Faustian fest! 

Its the gist of this article, Might is Right and to hell with brakes and checks and balances; when we have a neutron accelerator to take us to the moon!

The 1% neo-feudalista strain! Caymans is our only country from now on! 


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former liberal...present racist. Is that an improvement?

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Don't fall into the little race-baiting game they have going here and all over the internet (check out sites like Alternet, Democracy Now, Raw Story, etc). They want you to get mad.  They want you on the Defensive.  I just saw a totally racist thread at Raw Story. A guy was calling for all Whites to be genocided. Another comment, by someone claiming to be Jewish (no reason was given for why we should know this), said he was "amused by the comments" by this racist guy calling for white genocide. The race baits were all over the thread so I just got out of there, was so sick. I always predicted the race card would be used more frequently when the country started crashing.


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Sounds like another "group". LOL betcha can guess who.

Blacks have not been the only slaves in the world. Hell, the U.S. is full of slaves in our present day.

What they love to surpress is that Whites were the first slaves in America. Even some blacks owned white slaves.

When the revolution was done and over, the Brits sent their excess poor white "baggage" to Australia.

Blacks do not have a monopoly on Slavery anymore than Jews have a monopoly on suffering and holocaust.

Several of Native American groups also held slaves! Nobody is really a victim, or maybe we all are victims.


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What makes you think black folks and not ABC are responsible for putting Al Sharpton in front of a camera and a mic?

Nice hood.

blunderdog's picture

Good point, but I think you've raised it in the wrong place.

One thing I've found pretty consistently among the people I know here in NYC: *everyone* knows Sharpton is just a major asshole.

To think of him as a "black leader" is to be ensnared in the MSM world of fantasy.  He's never been anything other than a con-man and media whore, and most blacks know this better than them crazy white-folk who believe what they sees on da teevee. 

Free your mind.

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Grow a fucking brain, asshole.

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to Beetle Bailey...a quote from another non-pc forum with which I heartily concur:

(btw this commenter was responding to someone else who had said this: " I never got my bike stolen by a Jew.")


You have to be kidding? Who cares about a silly bike, when us gentiles are getting killed fighting Israels wars?
The banking crisis which is making my money worthless.
The hideious porn industry they run turning our white daughters out as whores, the Two Russian Jew brothers that run the sex slave ring in Russia?
Are the blacks fighting to take down our religious symbols for being offensive?
Do the blacks own the banking system?
If I had to make a choice, I would rather side with the low IQ savage blacks.


I don't concur with his view of "low IQ savage blacks." The Jews have used blacks as their 'stalking horses' for many years. Many blacks are now looking askance at this relationship. I invite you to read this from several years back(2002):


Blacks and Jews: The end of an alliance


Here's a brief excerpt just to get the flavor:



Jewish leaders have clearly decided that, no matter how widespread the outrage among Black people, if Black leaders—fearing Jewish reprisals—continue to cower before them, to rationalize their racism and to apologize for their flagrant disrespect for Blacks, Jews will suffer no consequences for their actions.


History teaches us that Jews are not the allies that so many Blacks think they have been. It is now widely known that Jews were as much involved in the African slave trade as Arabs and Christians. Prior to the Civil Rights Movement, Jews as a whole in the North and South were no more outspoken against racism, segregation and discrimination than White Christians. Even during the Civil Rights Movement (which benefited Jews far more than Black Americans), Dr. King’s "Letter From A Birmingham Jail" was directed as much toward Jewish rabbis as toward White ministers, because Jews were generally no more sympathetic to the Black cause than were White Christians in Alabama.


Over the past 30 years, Jewish racism against Black people has grown exponentially. Whenever a Black leader has spoken out against Israel, criticized Jews or otherwise failed to comply with certain Jewish demands or opinions, organized Jewry has mounted a relentless campaign to destroy him.


You can debate the origins of, and who's behind that source(Final Call) all you want...but that attitude is growing in the black community. The Jews would do well to reassess their position and methods regarding their 'alliance' with blacks. Lets just say 'homey' might be gettin tired of the one way benefits in said alliance. In fact the Jews(the ones who identify with and condone/enable/support the Rothschild wing of militant, supremacist, Zionist money powers of Ashkenazi 'Judaism') may want to reassess their position and methods with all Gentiles. Your 'victim card'(holocaust industry) bullshit is wearing very thin.

I would gladly form alliances with all my Gentile brethren including red and yellow, brown, black and white(and my Jewish brethern who don't identify with what I described above) against the real threat to us all.

Jackson and Sharpton and their ilk are what we could call the Jew's "House Negroes" and many 'regular joe' black folks are on to them.

I'm not a complete supporter of the likes of Farrakahn, but I'll tell you this much he's on the right track on several subjects and many of his words ring more true to me than what I get from a lot of other sources.

Let the red downticks, and charges of 'antisemitism' begin...not that I give a shit. :) Just calling like I see it.

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It all came apart with Jesse Jackson's "Himey Town" comment.

nmewn's picture

"I'm not a complete supporter of the likes of Farrakahn, but I'll tell you this much he's on the right track on several subjects and many of his words ring more true to me than what I get from a lot of other sources."

You are aware Farrakahn is fucking nuts right? And he could very well be responsible for the murder of (through word or deed) Malcom X right?

BeetleBailey's picture

I was speaking specifically about this incessant use of the racist retort when someone points out absolute flaws and undeniable mistakes that black people make.

Black v. White; whether Jew, Catholics, Baptist - whatever.

To stifle critics using the racist slam - and the trite way the shiteater here did it - is fucking dumb - period.

It's a new white guilt liberal douchebag high and mighty self-righteous FUCKED UP LAME way to reply to anyone - and I'll just bet these fucktards have NO other valid response OTHER than this "racist" bullshit.

To that fucktard, this use is "valid" - this douchebag think he/she is so fucking smart. I loathe asshats like this, and will challenge their lame asses each and every time; white, black, green, brown, yellow - whatever.

Where was this fuckers outrage when the cunt Sammie L. Jackson came out and said he voted for Obamacunt just because he's black.

THAT is fucking racist. The MSM? Fucking crickets. White guilt douchebags. Lame cunts.

Or...Morgan Fucking Freeman giving money to Obamacunt........(bet he did it because Obamacunt is "black"?....and don't give me the "oh he supports his agenda bullshit......please).

Imagine a "star"(fucker) coming out and saying he is for Romney because he's white.......


The TwitterTwats and the liberal assbag writers infested in the MSM would soil themselves in their reactions.

ASSHOLES that they are.

So.....on any forum, when some cunt comes out and does what this retard did - I come at them like a tank.....these douchebags need a good dose of reality - and the REALITY OF THE US IS NOW BLACKS ARE MUCH MORE RACIST THAN WHITES ARE; THEY GET AWAY WITH ALL SORTS OF BULLSHIT OUT IN THE FUCKING OPEN, WHILE USING THE RACE CARD TO STIFLE ANY CRITICISM OF OBAMACUNT - AND HE NEEDS TO BE BEATEN WITH THE CRITICAL LOG BLOODY.


I do this all the time; EACH time I hear some black say "white boy" I IMMEDIATELY BLURT OUT "BLACK BOY" in my next sentence. I come right fucking at them...and when they act all distraught, I keep make the fucker THINK of how HE/SHE is making a racist remark - not me.

I see ALL people as HUMANS - period. No color. I give all - Jew, Catholic, Baptist - whatever - the same benefit of the doubt - until they show whom they really are. Once they do, I then make my own judgement of them, and continue to associate - or not - with them.

That's me...calling it like I see and hear it.

falak pema's picture

you're a vociferous candidate for imposing capital punishment on all wanting equal rights, as you sing n shout all about black dogs eating white man's gravy, eternal white man's burden song; only one solution send them all to their eternal resting place like in Huntsville prison now guarded by the wolves. Lets just forget history, shall we, and assume that the US olympic team of over-achievers were and stay pristine white! Never heard of Jesse or Ali...

KKK to you too baby...BTw you never talk about white under-achievers; like those running Wall Street AND THE MIC. AWesome underachievement there when you take into account that they want bonuses to sugar their monumental underachievements and they get them as well! Having lost their wars at awesome human and financial cost and drowned the world in their corpocracy model of TBTF debt tsunami.

Now that is an AWESOME collective achievement in rewarding...UNDER ACHIEVEMENT of global magnitude! 

Compare what the US pays its poor with that the rich whites skim off the top by selling guns and derivatives to the whole world and junk food all grown on stolen oil and genetically modified grain.

We do have an awesome paradigm bequeathed to the world by the white race of "over achievers".