Wow… Romney Introduces Paul Ryan As ‘The Next PRESIDENT Of The United States’ (VIDEO)

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Romney Endorses Ryan for President

Mitt Romney introduced Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as the next "president of the United States," today in Norfolk, Virginia.

"Join me in welcoming the next President of the United States, Paul Ryan."

Then a few moments later, after someone from his staff alerted him to his Freudian slip, he returns to the stage and says this.

“Every now and then I’m known to make a mistake. I did not make a mistake with this guy, but I can tell you that he’s going to be the next Vice President of the United States.”

And this is one of the two best candidates that this country can produce in a presidential election.


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A lot of higher ups are going to be pissed that Mitt gave away the plan.

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This is a Joke!!  Your whining like Saun Hannity in drag.  For Gods sake this isn't news.  Did I screw up and go to the Huffing Whore Post.  Get a life and take this shit down!!

hoolege06's picture

ZH you have slumped to new low allowing this junk to be posted.

startingnow's picture

Maybe it wasn't a Freudian Slip; maybe it was intended as a "talking point"....Who would you rather have as President?  Ryan or Biden?????

dirtbagger's picture

So what - Romney misspoke.   I would challenge anyone attending events from dawn to dusk and giving speeches all day to not make some gaffes and say some really stupid things. 

Amish Hacker's picture

Fox viewers were spared the indignity of watching their candidate mis-speak. An earlier tape of Mittens correctly saying "Vice-president" was used instead.

Owen Crump's picture

November 22, 1963 - That's when things really took the turn for the worse.  Everything about that day and everything since is just confirmation that the country is being run by the corporations and the elite.

JohnKozac's picture

Only the Best will do for the Sheeples.

Snakeeyes's picture

C'mon. Obama did the EXACT same thing! Yet crickets from the Obamaphants.

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Some elections are a vote for something, or a vote against something. This election seems to be a vote against rather than for anything. The advertising and campaign thrusts may  not be completely transparent in the presentations, making it difficult for the average citizen to discern the real condition of the Nation and the choice of continuing on the path of Obama and the Democrats, or a change of unknown content and extent. What we hear is “Hope and Change” or “Fix the Problem”. The known Devil or the unknown Devil. I guess it will be based upon the perception of how well off is the Nation, and will the continued present leadership improve or degrade the situation.


The Media focus appears to be on the White House election. However, there is a critical situation of House and Senate elections that needs much more attention.


If you think things are good and should continue—vote Democrat. If you think the Nation needs Hope, Change, and Jobs, vote Republican or is that Democrat-- cant remember.

Samman's picture

Yes Onlooker...  let's vote GOP and just stop the farce that Republicans want to help anyone but corporations and the wealthy.

DEM's 'had' the senate for about 5 minutes, and even then not really.  Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson...  Then Ted Kennedy dies and we get Scott Brown.  Every thing of consequence has been filibustered by your do-nothing senate and do-nothing no matter how it hurts the country,  congress.

cristo's picture

he's giving you an insight i what the main focus of his presidency will be by introducing his new president in front of a warship


blackbeardz's picture

Rom'nRy - the NASTIEST combination since Mc'imPalin.

divide_by_zero's picture

I 'm pretty sure we've got the NASTIEST combination running the show right now, joeBama

shovelhead's picture

Paul Ryan...Paulie Shore...Paulie 'Walnuts' Gaulteri...

What's the difference?

Paulie Walnuts knows how to 'get things done'.

Plus the white sidewalls look cool.

FromGaltsGulch's picture

Well atleast we know to ignore anything that this idiot posts in the future..sure it was a gaffe..the same exact one that Obama made back in '08..seriously ..Zerohedge shouldn't ruin it's name by giving morons like this space .

Hedgetard55's picture

Anybody, including Joe Shit the Rag Man, is better than Choomboy and Bite-me.

monoloco's picture

Why would anyone give a shit which clown wins the election? It's like arguing over who's going to take the helm on the Titanic on it's way to the bottom.

Element's picture

I remember watching some crazy Taliban boofhead ranting a few years back, and the western interviewer provocatively gets around to asking the obvious money-shot question about the US getting out of the ME and their lands etc., and this guy says something which I thought was pretty much spot-on, at the time.  It went along these lines;   

"Sir, you don't understand this, at all, not at all. We don't just want them out of our lands, we don't just want freedom from their occupation and the bloodshed and killing and torturing and imprisonment of innocent people. That sir is only part of it. The thing we want, even more than this, is to get them the hell out of our heads.  We don't want to hear from them, we don't want their advice, we don't want their approval, we don't want their interference, we don't want their friendship even - we want them to shut-up, and say nothing at all to anyone.  For we do not want to hear anything they have to say, on any matter, and no matter what it may be." 

And this is pretty much the same thing I feel every time I see this appalling, banal MSM invasive-pest, this mental atrocity and affront to all of intelligent humanity, that is embodied by the USSA's constitutional electoral clown-parade(s).

At best, US elections should be held with a deep sense of embarrassment for how utterly unforgivably stupid they are.  I don't think Washington and the TPTB, with their pet-MSM suck-hole propagandists understand how aghast and horrified the majority of the world actually is by this unending ultra-tedious and incessantly catastrophically fucked-in-the-head debacle, and how it actually appears to the rest of us.  And then these miserable parasitic little murdering deficants want to strut the Earth and be respected? 

O M G !

PeeWee Herman has more credibility contained in the totality of the boogers in his left nostril, than any of these despicable, deplorable lying little arseholes prancing about on an MSM mattress of cushy lies whilst pretending to be da-bestest-evah El-prezidente material.

If the Pentagoon is looking for some truly grievous traitorous unrepentant and in-your-face terrorist types, with which to pop with a predator-drone launch hellfire missile, I can nominate a few candidates that absolutely no one would miss if they were gone.


Broadcast that.

i-dog's picture

Bravo!! <clap, clap> Encore!! <*standing ovation*> Bellissimo!!!

americanspirit's picture

Mittens is lookin' more and more like little Danny Quayle.

Roger Knights's picture

Here's a button that should raise some laughs:

"Come back, Dan Quayle, all is forgiven."

nathan1234's picture

Starting from Bush 1, all American Presidents have been not just jokers but a plague on the world.


pies_lancuchowy's picture

4closureretard, this is the best reason you have found to make fun of Romney? go suck something ..then please decease . Zero stars and I hope zerohedge gets rid of you

Bendromeda Strain's picture

What is obviously not being considered here is that these guys have heard the words declared "Next President!" probably hundreds of times before they even pick VPs. They are constantly being introduced as such, so it isn't surprising that they make that slip. When Obama did it he caught it right away, but it should prove that it is not without precedent.

OBAMA DID IT TOO... clear enough, partisan tools?

SubjectivObject's picture

Ewe don't get it.

They're both despised,

for doing nothing substantive outside their preferred special interest.

And we the peons will use any opportunity to voice our derision.

Element's picture

Have mercy!  Give the chimp a teleprompter!

MFLTucson's picture

And this is news?  Fuck you
Sathington Willougby's picture

Well I believe that applies to all of us.  We're all getting fucked in the frenemies game.

rsnoble's picture

And thanks to Diebold........Romney is probably right.

And of course if he isn't we get stuck with Obama again.

I am fucking thru with red vs. blue.

Getting Old Sucks's picture

Isn't it time for the VP to have some kind of role in government?  It'e established the the main role of the VP is just the back up in case the president gets whacked, go bonkers, or dies naturally.  Even first ladies have more of a administrative role than VP's.  In this case, it seems that Paul Ryan was chosen because of his budgetary initiatives.  So why not give him that job responibility in totality? 

nmewn's picture

Well, I'm sure thats precisely why Ryan was picked.

The office of the presidency should be about delegating authority with the buck stopping on the presidents desk ultimately. I'm not in favor of "czars" but presidents get to use the talent around them however they want.

We know the last two O'Barry budgets have garnered exactly ZERO votes and if Biden has a budget plan he certainly isn't talking.

Which is pure comedy gold just thinking about it...The Biden Plan...we start off by gold plating Amtrak trains, give them new curtains with the little furry balls on the ends and expand it to all FIFTY SEVEN STATES, then more Fisker car plants pumping out ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR green cars no one can afford to buy...the mind reels with the

yellowsub's picture

The Republicans don't want to win the Presidency.  They know that they can't do anything to save teh economy in the next 4 years.

Northeaster's picture

I really like and respect the work that "4closureFraud" does, but to nitpick this gaffe wasn't necessary. ZH posters, good and bad, I think know at this point that we're screwed regardless of who gets into office next. Neither President Obama, nor Romney, will do anything regarding massive financial fraud on all fronts.

jez's picture

They're all front men for the bankers. Obama, Romney, Ryan, who the hell cares.

NuYawkFrankie's picture

FIRE the damn teleprompter operator!

BeetleBailey's picture

Yo.......people from outside the YOUR fucking "Leaders" are so damn good.

Fuck off.

Prop one of them up and be so fucking proud of them.....douchebags.

Between the two of them, I'll take Romney over O'Cuntus in a walk.

The best we can do? Of course not - but Romney's a damn side better than most all of your supposed punk-leaders.

Again I say, fuck off.

Lastly, down arrow me, and when you do, think "I am a douchebag", and know that as you do, it's me whispering in your ear;


I am on to you's picture

Thats where, you are, completly wrong.

They aint better,and they aint worse,they come the same sack of dirt,the Technocrats, Cruelman Sacks of Dung,and Morgue forever.

I am on of da guys,you know,i am on of, Da People,i use Oshkosh to???.

The differens is your "thief in command" starts more wars,than ours,and they last forever:Central Implementet Armys,Academi style?,i wont spell it for you in short,you figure this out for yourself.

Beside,cant hear you,might be roaring silence!

i-dog's picture

My only regret is that I have but one red arrow to give you! Enjoy it, "doooouuuuchebag"! (what a vocabulary...your mom must be so proud).

Maybe this will help you:

BeetleBailey's picture

How's this.....asshole;

Prop YOUR fucking glorious leader up...come on....i-dog...tell us.....whom is YOUR leader?

Easy to mock others, when you most likely have none of your own.

Felt good confirming your own douche-baggery huh...shit eater.

BeetleBailey's picture

I see a lot of down arrows.....which confirms there are douchebags aplenty out there.

But...interestingly....NO aternative leader out there......

Seems all the douchebags want to do is confirm that they are douchebags.

jez's picture

Yeah, c'mon i-dog: "whom" is your leader? Huh? Whom is he? For that matter, whom are you?

i-dog's picture

+1 ... LOL.

I am not Chumbawamba! (though we each have the same leader).

Kina's picture

Who would you like to be ruled by. Two fools with a gun or somebody intelligent but entirely dishonest? Great choices you have in teh USA.

Uncle Remus's picture

On the other hand, maybe it wasn't that kind of gaffe...

TyrannoSoros Wrecks's picture

He messed up a line. Big whoop.
I was speaking in front of a group once and I misspoke! I am so retarded derp derp!
I was worried I would be featured on Zerohedge.

Btw did you post about Ovomit's 57 states or Marine CORPSEmen?